Is Brian Pumper In Jail?

Brian Pumper is in jail due to his arrest charges in August 2020. According to his record, he is facing serious time for his issues, as the pornographic actor’s bail was set at $2,225,000.

On August 25, 2020, he was arrested by LAPD officers, his record state that he is an actor and his real name is Michael Felton, he has not been released as he is awaiting trial for his accusations.

Moreover, he is charged with three charges regarding sexual assault, his charges have not been disclosed but he has been locked up since, it is likely that his inability to pay the bill is hindering his trial prospects.

Thus, it is likely that Brian Pumper ended up in jail due to the reasonable charges for his unreasonable and unfathomable crimes.

Michael Felton aka Brian Pumper Arrest Charges, What Did He Do Exactly?

Brian Pumper aka Michael Felton is arrested with three charges related to sexual assault. His charges have not been disclosed but it is speculated to be related to forceful penetration, trafficking, and harassment.

Brian Pumper was quite the celebrity among the ladies due to his physique and his provocative sexual videos. However, his misconduct while performing such videos has garnered worldwide attention to the artist due to his unhealthy behavior.

Initially, Felton’s bail was set to 75,000 dollars but due to his other misconduct, his bail price was marked to more than 2 million dollars.

The identity of the victim has not been disclosed but his unorthodox and illegal behavior of Michal has given the state enough evidence to set the bail amount at such a high.



Backstory: Adult film performer Brian Pumper is reportedly still in jail after his arrest in August 2020. Judging by his arrest record, he’s facing serious charges that have resulted in his bail being set at $2,225,000.