Is Edy Mulyadi On Wikipedia?

Currently, Edy Mulyadi is not updated on the official page of Wikipedia. Also, his career details are not much covered by the media sources as he recently became the talk of the town after making a controversial statement.

As per a report, Mulyadi serves as a Senior Journalist at Forum News Network ( FNN ). Apart from that, the Journalist has worked in numerous well-known media. Furthermore, Edy’s works can be seen in Media Indonesia, Metro TV, and TPI.

Not only that, his work has been featured in Warta Ekonomi. On May 22, 1995, he was registered with the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI). After that, he served as a writer in the Kompasiana column.

Through reports in Kompasiana, Mulyadi often criticizes the execution of President Jokowi. In addition, he is a former PKS candidate.

Edy Mulyadi Age and Ethnicity Revealed

Born on August 8, 1966, Edy Mulyadi’s age is 55 years now. He is a native of Jakarta and holds Indonesian nationality. Besides, Muldyadi belongs to the Asian ethnicity. 


According to Portal Jember, Mulyadi follows the Islamic religion. Apart from his career as a Journalist, Mulyadi once tried to swap candidates for legislative representatives with support from PKS.

Also, he took part in the election as a contender for the DPR RI in the Jakarta 3 Dapil. However, he could not make it to enter politics. 

A Look At Edy Mulyadi Famliy Life

Indonesian Journalist Edy Mulyadi lives a private life with his family. He might be a married man, but the fact about his marital life is still a riddle to all of us. Further, Edy often gets involved in controversies.



But he has managed to keep his personal life away from the media as he is aware of his privacy. Apart from that, Mulyadi got into a problem after making a public conversation concerning the statement; transfer of the State Capital (IKN) from Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

Edy Mulyadi Net Worth Explored

Edy Mulyadi has a fair net worth preserved from his profession as a Journalist. In Indonesia, a Journalist earns around $393.87 per month. So, Mulyadi must make in the same range with his work.