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[STORY] IT’S NOT LOVE (Episode 06)


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Soon, Bridget gradually recovered but her health detoriated when she learnt that she had lost her unborn child, she had no idea that she was even pregnant in the first place. She wept bitterly when she learnt that she might not conceive again. Bridget knew why she lost her unborn child, apart from the battering she received from her husband, she was always tensed and afraid.

Bridget was always afraid of the person she slept next to every night-her husband, She was worn down completely, she was filled with so much anxiety. She always had stomach issues, panic attacks and was On the verge of insanity.

She wept so bitterly when her parents and even the nurses testified that her husband haven’t come to check on her, ever since she was admitted. Her parents advised her to be strong and they consoled her.

It was from that day, that Bridget realized that she would never be happy with Raphael. Bridget feared that he might kill her one day and she had also realised that their marriage had gotten to a dangerous level
Ever since Bridget woke up from her unconsciousness, it was like her senses were awoken too. Because she began to see herself in the pain of her parent’s eyes.
“I deserved to love myself again, if not for anything but for my parents that love me so much and I have a daughter who needs me” she had told herself. She had realized that her life was miserable and her marriage to Raphael was harming her.

Bridget had realized that she wasn’t setting a good example to her daughter. “What if I ended up dead, what will had become of my daughter, she would feel so disappointed in me when she would learn that I continued to tolerate her abusive father till I lost my life, enough is enough, if I continue to tolerate this, I will be sending a message to my daughter that it is okay for a man to be disrespectful and abusive” Bridget had thought.

Few days later, Bridget was discharged from the hospital, but she returned to her parent’s house instead. she had told herself that if Raphael apologises this time, that he will set her conditions or else she would leave her toxic marriage. She waited for days for Raphael to show up but he never did.

One day she got a text message from him instead
“Thank God I beat the bastard child that you are expecting out of your womb, I will send your belongings and a divorce agreement across to you, I can’t continue to stay married to a loosed woman like you, you are not only a liability to me but a headache, you are not even trustworthy, I think it’s high time we end this rubbish we call marriage. I have been longing to tell you something, For your information I have two sons with my mistress, she is a very obedient woman who is also faithful, and it’s high time I make her my wife” Raphael’s text message reads.
After reading the text message, Bridget broke down in tears.

Soon Life moved on, Bridget and Raphael were divorced and he quickly married his lover.
Bridget felt so awful when she learnt about the wedding but soon she gradually began to accept the reality. “It’s better this way, I’m free at last” She had told herself.
Even though Bridget acted strong but deep down she was broken.
She was trying everything she could to move on but it looked as if it will take a long time for Bridget to heal.

She began to fix her life, she got a job and began to rebuild her life and career.
one day, Bridget was returning from work when she ran into Gideon.
Gideon was so excited to see her again, The first thing Gideon noticed as they conversed was the ring that was missing in her finger and he also noticed that Bridget was looking so beautiful.
Gideon felt so concerned about Bridget, when he found out that Bridget’s marriage had hit the rock.
They exchanged phone numbers and from day that a beautiful friendship took off.

Gideon would always call to find out how She was faring.
Gideon somehow felt responsible for Bridget’s pain that he put it upon himself to make her happy. It was so obvious that they both like each other alot.
Ever since Gideon and Bridget became so close, She began to feel better and happy again.

On the other hand, Bridget had realised that she liked the vibe and the positive energy she gets whenever Gideon was around . Gideon makes her so happy.
Their friendship was totally remarkable. Even Bridget’s parents were beginning to imagine something bigger.

“They look so good together”Bridget’s parents had told each other. But when they remembered all that their daughter had went through, and how it was wrong for her to jump into another relationship immediately, they held their horses.

With the look of things, it seemed as though Bridget and Gideon were gradually falling for each other without even knowing yet. Due to the fact that they still consider themselves childhood friends, they

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