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[STORY] IT’S NOT LOVE (Episode 08)


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πŸ‘™πŸ‘‘πŸ’‹ Episode 08 πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘™


One-day, Raphael almost had heart attack when Stephanie revealed that the two boys that he had thought was his sons were actually not his children.
“You are not my children’s father, they have a father, he is a soldier, he comes around once in a while, so you better behave” Stephanie had confessed. Raphael felt like strangling her but the fear of her brothers,caused him to comport himself.

A year later, one cold night, Stephanie was out partying, when Raphael packed few of his belongings and ran away.
Leaving his house and his cars.
One thing that Raphael had realized was that men also could be abused by their wives.
Raphael had also realized that Bridget was the best thing that had happened in his life. And losing her was the greatest mistake he has ever made.

Raphael got a new apartment and he made sure to send divorce papers to Stephanie but she declined to sign the divorce papers.
Raphael was thrown in to a deep regret.
He wished he valued what he had- A loving wife and a healthy daughter.

“Upon how terrible I was to Bridget, she always respected and accepted all my wishes as a command, I can’t believe I settled for a disrespectful and wayward wife like Stephanie, this must be Karma, I need to get Bridget back into my life, I need her so much” Raphael thought in tears.

On the other hand, Gideon and Bridget were planning for their wedding as Gideon had proposed few months ago.
When Bridget broke the good news of her engagement to her parents. Her parents received the engagement news with gladness of heart and prayed for only nothing but the best for their daughter.
The aged couple were excited to know that what they once wished for, was about to happen.

Gideon and Bridget had talked about the kind of wedding they wanted and after much deliberation, they decided to do court wedding and traditional wedding. Bridget wanted just her parents and close friends at the wedding and same with Gideon.
But ever since they started planning for their wedding, Bridget’s conscience had been dealing with her.

Bridget felt horrible that she had not told Gideon that she might not be able to bear him children.
She was so scared that Gideon might call off their wedding plans if she tells him the truth.

Just as Gideon was planning on how to surprise Bridget with a new house that he built in her name, Bridget was also planning to tell Gideon the whole truth and hoping against hope that Gideon will still want to be with her.

One-day, Gideon called Bridget and told her to meet him at a certain address.
“My love, it’s important, please come, I am waiting for you my love” he told her.
In less than an hour, Bridget arrived to the address, she was so surprised when Gideon took her on a tour, around a well furnished duplex.
Bridget kept asking “Gideon why are we here? Who owes this house?” But Gideon will smile mischievously.
“My love, this is your house, here is the document, it has your name on it, this house will be our little love nest, when we get married” Gideon finally said in smiles
Bridget who didn’t see that coming burst into tears.
Gideon who didn’t understand why Bridget was in tears. Inquired why she was crying.

“Gideon you have shown me what true love is all about, when I met Raphael my ex husband he had nothing, except his potentials, through my connections, he became so wealthy in our second year of marriage and that was how pride set in, you will not believe he had never included me in his plans, he only got me worthless gifts whenever he had battered me, one time he claimed he bought a new car for me, but I was so shocked when I found out that my name was not in the car’s documents, Raphael had never done such for me, I was like his furniture, he had no regard or respect me, but look out how you do everything for me, but I’m scared, I have something that I wànt to tell you and I Don’t know if I will lose you afterwards” Bridget entered in tears

But Gideon wiped her tears and urged her to feel free and express herself.
“I’m not going anywhere, I love you too much” Gideon added
“What will happen if I’m not able to give you, your own children?” Bridget entered calmly while Gideon stared at her in confusion.
“What do you mean?” Gideon threw in immediately.

To Be Continued…

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