Kashmine Review: Is Kashmine Legit Or Scam? (Must Read Before Joining)

Guys welcome to NaijaLanded, since you are here, you are probably searching to know if Kashmine is Legit or scam, well since you decided to click on this article, let me tell you things YOU probably won’t get elsewhere.

Kashmine members have testimonials everywhere, that have been withdrawing, despite the early launch; Kashmine is one of those platforms that is loaded with REAL CASH, and it is where the money is now

If you are good at referring, then take this opportunity to earn real cash before it goes around Nigeria because I am telling you the truth, Kashmine has the potential of breaking grounds and you can make huge returns either earning through activities or referral earnings.

KASHMINE is a new earning platform that was launched on the 5th of April, 2022. Do you know that You can easily make money for Easter Celebrations? Yeah, it’s mind-blowing, take this opportunity now, because KASHMINE is 100% legit.

Kashmine Review | How It Works and how to buy coupon code

kashmine review, how it works , the minimum withdrawal amount, how to register and buy coupon code.

How to make money online in Nigeria! make money online in nigeria.

KASHMINE longevity is not something to be afraid of, here are the reasons, KASHMINE Technology has about ₦1,000,000 (One Million Naira) dedicated to the mining system and also a VTU system, dedicated to users.

And the more User MINE, the more the System generates money for payout, this means that KASHMINE will be one of the best-Earning systems in Nigeria.

That is why, the system is called KASHMINE, meaning you can mine cash and withdraw your proceeds into your bank account in a matter of seconds.

  • Okay, enough of the praises, let’s look at Kashmine in context, so we will be covering these topics in this Kashmine review, is Kashmine legit? How to withdraw from Kashmine, Kashmine withdrawal threshold, How to Register or Signup on Kashmine, Is Kashmine safe? And lots more

Now going back to the business at hand, Let’s look at the topics below.

best paying site in Nigeria ( make money online.

What is Kashmine?

Kashmine was launched on the 5th of April, 2022. It is an earning platform where you earn by performing simple tasks such as mining cash, sharing sponsored posts, performing Social tasks, and of course referring.

Writing this Kashmine review, we noticed that the platform is totally stress-free and easy to use. The founders of Kashmine designed the platform to be self-explanatory for first-time users.

Kasmine Review; Is Kashmine Legit? Lets see on the next section

Kashmine Review

Is Kashmine Legit? Yes, Kashmine is Legit, Kashmine doesn’t just dash out money, they earn money from you and then the payout, here are the reasons why we say so;

  1. Before anything, Kashmine mining system is funded with about N1,000,000 million naira.
  2. Kashmine has VTU which means members can buy data and airtime, which will also serve as a means of income.
  3. And also member’s registrations fee, also serve as revenue for platforms.

During this Kashmine review, we noticed that the platform has two ideas that they are selling to the public which is Being the best Platform where u earn money and the best platform where you buy Airtime and Data; you can also buy airtime and data for resale.

The means of revenue for is obviously the paid membership plan, Airtime & Data VTU.

Is legit?

Yes, is Legit, has a sustainable business structure that can constantly keep generating revenue for its members.

Is Legit? Normally, this is the question that will ring at the back of your mind when you hear about a platform that pays monetary rewards;

To see some reasons why we said is legit has four means of sustaining itself in the industry of the online business in Nigeria.

The means of revenue for is obviously (1) the paid membership plan, (2) Airtime & Data VTU, and (3) Kashmine mining system.

Moving on…

To answer this question of, if is safe explicitly, we have to look at it from two different angles. Review: Is Safe?

First is if is safe to transact with and second is if is a safe website to visit.

So let’s look at these two points,

Is Safe to Transact with? is entirely safe to transact with, their earning and seamless paying system has made a lot of their member smile to the bank.

Is safe to visit?

As of writing, webpage is secure; they have an SSL installed, which means any vital information entered in the website is safe.

How to Sign in / Register on

Below are the guides on how to register for, note that same thing applies to signing in; Registration
The first thing is to click on this link Sign up / Register

  1. Use this NaijaLanded  as a referral username
    Click Signup
  2. Proceed to fill in a valid email address and phone number.
  3. Choose a strong password, see the guide below
  4. Password must be between 8 and 50 characters long
  5. Password must contain at least one number (0-9)
  6. Password must contain both uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase letters (a-z)
  7. Password must contain at least one special character (!@#$%^&*?_~-£.)

An example of a password is: @Naijalanded

Note that this password is more than 8 characters and contains a special character (@) and then have 3 capital letters (NET) and contains a number (12)

You will be asked to verify your email address, do so and then you can now sign into

After completing the registration steps Proceed to make payment of N1000 for your membership sign in

  1. Click the Login tab to navigate to Kashmine
  2. Fill in your username or email address or phone number
  3. Fill the password you used earlier on.
  4. Click Log in

How does Kashmine work, how to earn on Kashmine || Earning with

In this section, we will look at how to earn on and evaluate how much you can earn from

Kashmine Earning Structure

(1) When you MINE you earn N100 and you can only Mine once a day

(2) You can also share Sponsored Post daily and earn N100.

(3) You can also perform Social Task and earn N10 for commenting and following a page.

(4) You can also earn N500 through referring, which means you can copy your unique referral link and earn with it when a user register with your link.

(5) You can use your referral earnings to Buy Data or Airtime.

KASHMINE is Designed in such a way, that you don’t stress yourself trying to earn on the platform.

How to Withdrawal from Kashmine

Minimum Withdrawal for Activities Earnings is N6000.

You earn N500 per referral and you can withdraw, your earnings once u have up to N1000 (i.e 2 referrals).

Note that you don’t need a referral to withdraw activities, all earning wallets are independent of the other.

Is Kashmine legit? Summary of Kashmine reviews

To summarize this whole Kashmine review, we will say that

  • Kashmine is Legit (Which Mr. Victor a well known Digital Platform analyzer also attested to the fact that Kashmine is legit)
    The registration fee is N1000
  • Referral Bonus is N500
  • Minimum withdrawal

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Kashmine:

What I like about (Prons)

  • The No 1.  thing, I like about Kashmine is the fact that you can share your referral link to someone to register without buying a code (But before that user earn, he much contact a vendor for code) now if you are someone who is into an affiliate, you won’t lose your referral earnings. {Only those in the referral business will understand shall 😊 }
  • I like the fact that took the time to organize the platform well with different features.
  • I also like the fact they promise you money-back guarantee.
  • Payout is by Flutterwave therefore their payout is instantly

What I don’t like about Kashmine (Cons)

  1. What is there not to like about Kashmine? Everything is cool (You can drop yours if you feel otherwise).

Conclusion on Review If Legit or Scam

That is all we can cover for the review if Legit or Scam; if you have read these Kashmine reviews then you are among the smart earners on this platform.


Please leave a comment in the comment section and help us share this to your friends, so there can learn how to earn on and how to withdraw on


Thanks for stopping by and reading this Review if Legit or Scam.

How to make money online in Nigeria! make money online in nigeria.

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