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,👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🥵😭 Episode 07 😭🥵👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Kennedy was a gentleman he didn’t utter a word to Ikenna and I was so impressed.
When Ikenna walked away, I asked Kennedy why he was silent.

“My love, my grand papa always talk say if you dey follow fool dey argue, other people go think say both of una na fools, why I go talk when I know say na me you choose and you don tell me how that idiot abandon you, when you need am the most, the only problem wey I get now, na how I go take win your papa heart, me I know say the man no like me, how I go take marry you now, if your papa no approve” Kennedy said and he gave a quick frown.

I tried all my best to console Kennedy and i assured him that nothing will ever come between us not even my father or Ikenna.
“Everything will fall into place” I told him and finally he smiled softly and we drove off.

The next day, my father’s voice woke me up from sleep, it seemed like he was arguing with my mom.
Immediately I could understood what was going on.
That morning, Ikenna had called my father and told him everything and my mom was only trying hard to convince my father to let me choose who I want to be with.

The next minute, my father thundered.
“Nkiru! Nkiru”
And ran out almost immediately, my father had never been this loud.
“What’s going on with him? Why is he taking everything personal? I thought I had the right to choose who to marry, after all I was the one who brought Ikenna home to him, so why is he so upset because I refused to reconnect with Ikenna?” I asked myself.

To avoid more problems, I ran out almost immediately to the sitting room to meet my father, his face was wearing a frown and my mother was sitting very far from him.
“Good morning daddy” I greeted nervously.
“What is going on between you and that illiterate?” My father entered almost immediately, without responding to my greeting.

I kept mute and my father continued.
“I Don’t want to see you with him anymore, I Don’t know what that guy might have done to you because It seems like you have lost your mind, how can you choose an illiterate over a smart and successful person like Ikenna?”

“Dad, I have been quiet enough, but I think it’s high time, I speak up. Dad yes I choose Kennedy because he is way too kind and smart than that beloved Ikenna of yours, Ikenna and I are over, and I have made up my mind. Kennedy is the one, I want and desire and I will be so happy, if you accept him because we are engaged already” I entered

“Never, I will never accept that illiterate as your husband, you better tell him to back off, or else he will have me to contend with” My father responded and walked away.
I was so furious, my mom tried to calm me down but failed. I called up Ikenna and I gave him the piece of my mind.

“You have just ended the friendship that was left between us, what gave you the right to speak to Kennedy the way you did last night and to top it all, you called my father to complain about me and Kennedy, I’m highly disappointed in you, I thought you were smart and that you are wise, I never knew you could stoop this low, I thank God that we never got married because it’s your type that report their wife to everyone, I hate you, assuming I knew you will become a thorn in my flesh, I wouldn’t have forgiven you when I did, have you forgotten what you did to me?, you left me when I needed you the most, you told me you wanted to move on with out me but immediately you heard I regained my sight, you came back like you never left, Ikenna please leave me alone, I have moved on and of course I have moved on without you, deal with it” I growled at the phone and hanged up afterwards without giving Ikenna a chance to respond.

After that call, I felt a bit relieved because it seemed like I had poured out my anger on Ikenna over the phone and sure he deserves it for being so rude to Kennedy and for instigating my father against me.

One day, I was with Kennedy when his phone suddenly began to ring, like always he told me not be upset that he will be brief and I smiled.
“Guy, pick your call, you Don’t need to take permission from me before you accept your call, I will never be upset because someone called your phone” I told him in smiles and he smiled back.
“Nne, I love you” he told me as he quickly accepted the call.

“Hello, good evening, who is speaking” Kennedy responded and the next minute he became extremely quiet.
And the next thing I heard was.
“Sir, I love your daughter oh, I will always make her happy” He finally spoke up.

The two things that I understood from that sentence was that the caller was my father and that Kennedy spoke that English sentence correctly.
“Wow, I’m a good teacher” I told myself but still I was wondering why my father had called and how did he get Kennedy’s number. And then I remembered the day I left my phone beside my father and how I had returned and found my phone in my father’s hands.
Even though it was strange but still
I didn’t even bother to ask him, what he was checking for on my phone because I never suspected a thing.

I walked closer to Kennedy and quietly, I took the phone from his ears and I placed the call on loud speaker, so I can hear what my father was saying to him.
“Stay away from my daughter, she is not your type” my father entered at the other end of the phone and hanged up afterwards.
I was speechless and furious at the same time.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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