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Kidnapped By A Billionaire





Gary Barlow is a 29 years old business man who is a billionaire he’s got everything he wishes for except one thing which is a wife

Girls always throws themselves at him cause he’s got the looks,swag money and most of all he is popular because he is also into modelling

He is not arrogant and one could hardly believe he is a billionaire cause he treats everyone equally

One of the unfortunate day his father threatened to withdraw his shares at his company and seize all his companies if he doesn’t get married within 2 months

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He had to act fast since he knows his father is a powerful old man who doesn’t go out on his word

What happens when he kidnaps a young beautiful lady with intentions to get married to her ?

Who is Selena Baldwin ?

Selena Baldwin is 25 years old who is being abused by her own foster parents

Her parents died when she was 13 and since then you could say that she started being a slave cause her father’s bestfriend adopted her with intentions of making her his personal maid

Ever since the day she had been adopted she hasn’t been able to get out of the house..You could say she was not allowed to go out

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She had tried running away a multiple times but karma couldn’t allow her to run away as she has been caught each time

One of the faithful days she tried running away and to her greatest surprise she was able to run away without anyone noticing

What happens when she gets abducted on her long run ?

Why does karma hate her ? That’s one of the numerous questions she asked herself
Enough likes and comments yo open the story

You definitely don’t wanna miss this

Written by SEDIEY MOSH

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Kidnapped By A Billionaire

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