( If only I hadn’t fallen for you )






The guards unlock the door and king Colbert swam in. Peninah didn’t even bother to move an inch were she was seated. She had refused to take any food or have any sleep. She just stare at space for days making her looked terrible now.

“Aren’t you even gonna greet me now?” The king’s voice sounded behind her.

“What to do…I have no strength to do that…you can punish me however you want…your majesty” she replied plainly.

“Your mother asked me to protect you before she died…she entrusted you to me…I’m only doing what she wants”

“By making me suffer? Is that what a father really does?” She said and he keep quiet.

Peninah scoffs.

“Right…you ain’t my father…I almost got mistaken again”

“You’re my princess peninah…no matter what you may think”

“Ever since I was young…I’ve always wondered why you don’t seem to care…father can you tell me the truth? Who is my real father?”


“Tell me…who is he? What was his status? Was he…a good merman?”

“I’m your father…I’m your father peninah and I love you…much more than you can ever imagine. I’m only doing all this to protect you…you’re my precious princess” The king said good humourdly. Tears slipped down peninah cheeks it turns into pearls as it fell.

The king moves closer and envelope her in his arms. She sobs silently in his arms.

“I’m sorry father…”

“Promise me you won’t disobey me anymore” The king requested and she nodded.

He smiles and held her hand.

“My pretty princess…remember even if you’re not with me…you’ll always be close to my heart”

“What do you mean father? Are you going somewhere? Is something wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong…it just that you’ve grown so much and I’m reluctant to let you go”


“You…have to do good in your new home and remember this would always be your home also”

“Father no!” She shakes his head.

“The Royal wedding will commence in three days…I came to inform you that…you should prepare”

“Father wait! Why…why suddenly? I don’t want to…no father don’t do this to me”

“I’ve made my decision…”

“Is…this your way of protecting me? Sending me off ?”

“It’s bound to happen any day”

“But not now! Father please I don’t wanna get married now…I want to be by your side…don’t send me away please” She pleaded.

“I promise never to sneak out again…I promise to always listen to your instructions I’ll do whatever you want but not this father”

“There’s no use…you’re getting married and that’s final. If you’re gonna continue going against me then you might as well stay here till the wedding day…have some rest” King Colbert said with finality before swimming out of there.

Peninah couldn’t believe what just happened to her. She’s getting married…just like that. No…no she isn’t ready for such…she must escape…at all cost.

Prince Kelsey swam to the dungeon and immediately peninah sights him she held tightly to the cage praying inwardly her plan would work.

“Why did you wanna see me? You miss your handsome brother?” Prince Kelsey asked arrogantly on getting to her.

“I need your help” Peninah said and he burst into laughter.

“Father is trying to marry me off” She said again making him stop.

“That…I heard so…I think it’s for the better actually…I won’t get to see you again”

“Won’t you like to get rid of me totally? I think that would be better” She said desperately and Prince Kelsey furrows his brows.

“Help me brother…I promise I’d disappear forever in your life”

“Why should I do that?”

“Because you want me gone”

“So? Hey even without doing anything you’ll still be gone. I’ll finally gain my peace once you leave to your husband’s home”

“I don’t wanna get married”

“Oh really…well I guess it feels awful to be taken in as the third wife”

“Third wife?”

“Oh my! Didn’t you know? You are going to be the third wife”

“Father seriously…how could he do this to me?”

“Dear sister..just accept your ill fate and deal with it…don’t call me here anymore. I might really get angry.” He turns to swim away but peninah next words stopped him.

“The magical orb…the one father gave me on my last birthday…the one with the magical spells. Didn’t you always wanted that? I could give it to you” she said and Prince Kelsey immediately turns to her.

“If you help me…” Peninah completed with a sly smirk.

“I have nothing to lose now…it’s now or never” She thought.

“Think about it brother…I’ll be waiting for you…right here” She said again. Prince Kelsey cleared his throat and swam away slowly.

Peninah sighs hoping this plan of hers works out. Prince Kelsey could be cunning sometimes so she can’t trust him deeply yet.


“I’ve gotten everything ready…the rest is in your hands and remember if you ever gets caught…don’t you dare drag me in or else I might really kill you” Prince Kelsey threaten while she nodded.

“Thank you…brother” She made to go but he stopped her.

“The orb? Where is it?”

“Go to the cave I always visited…there’s a huge rock at a corner…it’s beneath it”

“You better be saying the truth or you won’t get away with it…now go!” The Prince said and peninah started swimming away with the guard Prince Kelsey had sent with her.


“Your ma…majesty…princess peninah is nowhere to be found….she had vanished!” A guard swam in announcing with his head bowed.

“The maids serving her and the guards guarding her were all found passed out…she…escaped your Majesty”

“Peninah…is this how you wanna play it” The king gritted.

“She must have an accomplice arrest anyone you found strange…despise all the guards all over the kingdom she must be found!” The king ordered.

“Yes your Majesty!” The guard went away and gathered all the guards and address them.


“YES!” The guards bowed and all scattered everywhere the kingdom looking for princess peninah.


“Wow…it’s really here…you’re really something peninah” Prince Kelsey grinned looking at the magical orb in his hand.

“With this I can do anything and get anything I want…you’re really useful…it’s a pity…this is gonna be your end dear sister” He laughs sinisterly.


“I’m sorry princess but I have to go back now?”

“What? Why? But…it’ll be dangerous for only me to escape”

“That’s is the Prince’s order…I hope you take care” The guard bowed and swam away. Peninah sighs in frustration.

“What am I to do now?”

She tried leaving on her own but the guards are now already everywhere. She hid behind a rock watching them.

“Is this really my end?” She thought as tears slid down her cheek and turns to pearls.

“You might need my help” She heard a tiny voice behind her only to see a little creature like a fish.

“What are you?”

“I can help you get out of this place safely…what do you say?”

“I…have nothing to give you in return”

“Don’t worry…you can just think of this as repaying my favor”

“Do I know you?”

“You don’t but I’m indebted to someone you know…I’ve always wanted to pay it back now I think I can” Peninah looked at her for a while before talking.

“How are you gonna help me?”

“That’s is nothing” The little fish swing her little wind after chanting a spell then turns into a seahorse instantly.

“Wow…what was that?”

“Get on…we have to leave here before we get caught.” The seahorse said.

“But I think we’d probably get killed immediately we set out there”

“Trust me and get on” The seahorse insisted and she did hesitantly. Immediately she saton it, the seahorse chanted another spell and they became invisible immediately. In ease the seahorse rides her out of there.


“Wow…what is this place?” Peninah wowed looking around the beautiful glistering place the seahorse took her to.

“Welcome to my abode…princess peninah” She heard a beautiful voice behind her and turns to see a beautiful young lady.

“Hope the ride wasn’t bumpy…the guards can never find you here”

“Wait you…”

“Yeah…im the little fish and the seahorse and this place is invisible to any other creature except me”

“Who…who are you again?”

“I’m the rumoured one thousand years old water goddess Tiani” She swirls around giggling.

“Water goddess TIANI?? I thought she doesn’t exist…”

“Well she does and here she is in front of you” She beamed.

“Wow…this is incredible”

“Isn’t it?”

“Yeah…you look so youngand pretty for a one thousand years…how strange” Peninah said while Tiani chuckles.

“I’ll take that as a compliment”

“But why did you help me earlier?”

“I told you…I’m indebted to someone you know”

“Who? The king?”

“No…your mother”

“My…my mother? You…knew my mother?”

“Young lady Kailani…I know her well”

“You know…my mother?”

“Long ago I once did something unfair to her…I should have told her then”

“What did you do?”

“But now I’m gonna repay her through you. Tell me what’s is your wish? I’ll grant it for you”

“Before that…can you tell me about my mother?”

“Young lady kailani…she was a pretty lady…soft hearted and loving. She had a good nature”

“Is it true…she had an affair…and I’m the product of it?”

“Your mother wanted something else…she had a dream…she always liked it on the land”

“Land? She’s just like me…” Peninah mutters.

“I can guarantee you…she was a good person.” Tiani said and she smiles.

“That’s a relieve then. You asked for my wish right? I do have one dream I’d like to achieve”

“Which is…?”

“Make me a human. I want to live on land”

“WHAT!” Tiani’s eyes went big.

“Why are you so surprised? Is that your first time hearing such? I’m sure you’ve done it countless time”

“But that’s…that’s a little…can’t you choose something else?”

“I disobeyed my father, escaped on my wedding day and the guards are everywhere looking for me…do you think I can continue being here…am I really safe here?”

“I know but…”

“You said you wanna repay my mother right? Then do this for me. Make me turn into a human. I’m gonna leave the sea forever” She said obviously determined while the sea goddess sighs.


Peninah sat on the rock looking at the magical spell drink Tiani gave her.

“Drink this and you’ll have legs” She remembers her words.

“I don’t just wanna have legs…I wanna become human completely.”

“Princess are you sure about this?”

“I am…please Tiani…do this for me” She pleaded.

Tiani sighs in defeat then make some chant. She started forming a kind of orb.

“Open your mouth” She ordered and Peninah did. She made her swallow the orb and Peninah released a gasp as her heart started tightening. The orb penetrate into every nook and cranny of her body and she started shaking holding her chest. She released a painful shout.

After some minutes she calmed down and the pain subsided.

“Drink this when you get out of water…your tail will transform into legs.”

“Is…that all?”

“Of course not. The first male human you come across you’ll have to kiss him”


“You…only have three months to do so. If you don’t get a kiss from the first male human you set your eyes on within three months…then you’re in trouble princes”

“Why do I need three months to get that? It’s just a kiss isn’t it?” She asked and Tiani laughs.

“You’ll come to understand sooner…remember only three months no more…no less and also there are conditions”


“First nobody must learn of your secret within those three months” Tiani said and she nodded.

“Second…make sure to always swim frequently so as to redeem yourself”


“Third, and the most important one…do not make use of your powers rashly. You can use them but…don’t push it alright?”

“Alright Tiani…I’ve heard all what you’ve said”

“Princess…you have to be careful…don’t love too much, don’t care too much and don’t trust too much…you have to be always careful”

“What if I have to see you Tiani?”

“Don’t worry…I’ll always appear when you need me”

“Will I turn to a human completely once I get the kiss?”

“I wish you good luck princess Peninah” She made a Hydrokinesis and within a twinkle of an eye Peninah met herself at the shore. It was already dark . No human was in sight. She sighs and sat on the rock. The things she had stolen from the humans whenever she came to take a peek at them are still all there. She had studied them and know some things about them.

“With these…I can finally be free” She open the lid and in a go she gulped down every content in it. Immediately her tail started transforming and she wowed as she stared at her human legs.

“I have legs!” She screamed inwardly.

Cladding herself in a big top and a large skirt she smiles to herself feeling satisfied.

She wanted to move but find it hard to.

“Why can’t I do it? It was pretty easy for those human” She thought within patting her legs.

“No I can do this…go…move…why ain’t you moving? I order you to move you legs!” She thought rubbing the legs. She suddenly heard a strange groan. It was scary and before she knew it she leaped away from the rock

“What was that?” She thought holding her chest.

“Are there monsters here? How scary” She started walking away but halt when she realized something.

“I’m walking…I’m walking! Yay I’m walking I’m now a human!!” She started leaping about happily.

This action actually disturbed Jason who was at the other side of the rock. He was actually trying to get some sleep but someone wouldn’t stop jumping about giggling.

Grudgingly, he stood up.

“I can’t even have my peace here anymore” He mutters dusting himself.

“Now I just need to find a young human man to kiss me. But I doubt I’ll get one when it’s already dark. No one in sight also. I’ll just try when the sun rises” She thought and continue hopping, jumping and leaping about.

On jumping about she bumped into Jason and they both fell.

“Oh sh*t! Are you blind or what? Hey can’t you watch where you were going? What are you doing jumping around in the dark!” Jason started ranting Peninah brought her face slowly up to him.

Jason finds himself halting as he stares at the lady in front of him.

“Wow…she’s pretty” He thought within admiring her beauty.

“It’s a man!” Peninah said within also looking at him.

Jason snapped out of it.

“Are…are you okay? Did you get hurt?” He asked checking her.

“”A young human man” Peninah said within again as a sudden grin emerge on her face.

“What the heck…is she okay? What’s with that look? why isn’t she talking?” Jason snap his fingers repeatedly at her but she kept grinning.

“I just need to kiss him” She thought staring at his lips as he keeps talking.

“Why is she being so weird it’s giving me creeps seriously…what is she looking at…what…hey…”

“It’s now” She gulp down nothing and before Jason could knew what was happening, she jumped on him.

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