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2nd December 2023


Naijalanded writer ✍️😍

💚🥀💚 EPISODE 5 🌹💚🥀

Mum walked into the sitting room, with a heavily coloured and drawn face. My heart leapt as i noticed her condition.
“Mum! are you alright?” i asked curiously,
“Don’t mind me jare, i just received a very terrible news from a relative” she replied and walked to her room. I nervously ran after her.
“Just let me be dear, your dad will be in a better position to break the news to you” she begged when she saw me enter her room. Her words panicked and got me more curious, instead of calming me like she expected.
“Mum you are now getting me more worried” i held her hands, staring into her eyes. My heart pounded furiously as i wondered what could make her look so sick and nervous.
“Mum i insist you tell me, please” i begged and shook her hands.
“Alright fetch me a glass of water, i’m very thirsty” she ordered. I ran to the kitchen, filled a glass cup with water and ran back to her room.
She smiled reassuringly after drinking the water, breathed heavily and caressed my hair,
“I will tell you the news i just got, my dear. It really isn’t terrible like i earlier said, but just a bit surprising. So promise me you will behave like a proper lady when i open up to you” she asked of me.
“I promise i will behave mum” i managed to mutter anxiously.
“Emmanuel has a child, do you know?” she broke the news to me like a question. I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Which Emmanuel?” i asked fearfully,
“Your Emmanuel of course” she replied, “we had to ask around, in order to get first hand information about the family we are giving out our daughter to, and ended up getting this piece of information from a relative married in his Village” she explained, while i bit my lips as sadness, disbelief and pain instantly filled my heart.
Mum clearly understood my condition, drew my head to her chest and patted me like a baby.
“You shouldn’t feel very bad, you can still go ahead with the marriage if you love him well enough to overlook the little hindrance. The child is a girl and i heard the parents never accepted both the little girl and her mother” she consoled me,
“Mum please don’t talk like that” i cried, “how did it even happen?” i heard myself asking.
“According to my source, she said he got the girl pregnant before going for his NYSC. That should make the child a year or more, i guess” she replied. I felt empty, sad and weak.
“No wonder he was very anxious to marry me quickly and his mum even hid it from me” I cried bitterly. …
I FELT PLAYED AND BETRAYED , very uncertain of my future with him. It was at this point i knew i had lost my future and i regretted ever leaving Samuel the more.
The next evening, Emmanuel was in our house as if someone alerted him of what we discovered. He came straight to my room, sat on the bed and stared at me nervously. I sat up and stared back at him with a ferocious look, breathing heavily as i tried so hard to control my emotions.
“Dearie please calm down, the love i have for you is very sincere, listen to me darling, please listen to me” he pleaded nervously.
“You are just so heartless. You thought you could hide such a big scandal from me didn’t you, or have you cooked up another lie, common spin it out” i said angrily. He shuddered as my words hit him hard, forcing him to look down remorsefully.
“I couldn’t get myself to tell you about it because i was very scared of your reaction, i couldn’t risk losing you over a silly mistake” he murmured earnestly, “the girl was a mistake and i have nothing to do with the mother anymore, please believe me. It was only a one night stand i regret ever doing, please don’t judge me over it. Judge me for who i’m and not for who i was please” he begged,
“I want to see the little girl and her mother. I want to see them before i say anything else to you” i requested seriously. His hands shook as he tried to hold my waist, he breathed deeply and stared at me curiously.
“Don’t tell me you are already changing your mind over us?” he asked with a coloured face. I scoffed and looked away.
“I’m not happy with you and i have nothing else to say till i see your little daughter and her mum” I concluded bitterly.
“This is so unfair Mary, why do you insist on seeing them? I can’t let you see them, i just can’t” he murmured sadly, while i forced out a dry smile.
I demanded to see the girl and her mother because i wanted to get first hand information, concerning the level of relationship they enjoy with him. Moreover i really couldn’t bear standing between anyone’s happiness especially when a child is involved. I hate seeing a child grow up without a father. I know to some people it matters not, but to me it matters alot.
“What you are asking of me is very outrageous, i can’t do it. Moreover they are not living with me and i can’t take you to her house” he explained seriously,
“Then invite her to yours or somewhere conducive for us to meet” i insisted.
“Meet over what?”, “and what exactly do you expect me to tell her huh?, that my fiancee want’s to see her, you are very insensitive to another person’s plight, you only think about yourself which isn’t good.” “I understood and was reasonable with you when you were virtually living with Samuel, why can’t you respect my feelings?, infact i can’t stand you this evening, i’m leaving” he poured out angrily, stood up and left the room, while i silently reflected over his words.
“Oh my God, he just accused me of being insensitive and selfish. Is he right?” i gasped and wondered.
Mum ran into my room few minutes later, with concern written all over her face,
“Hope you weren’t hard on him?” she curiously asked, while i picked my nose.
“The poor boy is in bad shape, looking very troubled and sad in the sitting room. Tell me, what did you say to him?” she inquired seriously.
“I only asked to see his daughter before deciding anything, but he suddenly grew very intense and annoying. Imagine the boldness” I complained to Mum, who calmly sat beside me, held my left hand and smiled at me.
“You should have been more understanding and diplomatic with your request. Go talk to him dear, I believe you guys can sort things out or are you changing your mind about him already?” She asked. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her.
“Oh mum don’t ask me that question, but the truth is that i can’t help but feel for the child and her mother. I can’t imagine what he told the poor girl before doing the deed which got her pregnant” I explained.
“You are right my dear” she said with a nod, “You are always very considerate of other people’s feelings” she said softly. I smiled,
“But Emmanuel just accused me of being selfish and insensitive” i murmured,
“Oh please, go and settle with him jare” she stood up and dragged me to the sitting room, where Emmanuel sat with a drawn face. I quietly sat beside him, mum smiled and left us alone.
“I’m very sorry for being rude, i never intended to disrespect you nor hurt your feelings, but as your future wife it’s my duty to know everything about you and i believe i have every right to know your daughter and her mother, please don’t deny that to me, i beg of you” I pleaded calmly with all my heart. He looked away thoughtfully, breathed deeply and stared into my eyes.
“Alright your wish will be granted, you leave me with no choice than to make it happen, but i do have a very bad feeling about it” he said with a forced smile, while i heaved a sigh of relief.
“I will invite her to my apartment in town on Saturday, but i will be here on Friday evening to pick you up” He added.
“No dear, i’ll prefer you come on Saturday morning so i can bring my school things along” i requested humbly.
“Alright i will be here very early on Saturday” he accepted with a dry smile.
“It wasn’t that hard after all, was it?” mum asked with a smile as soon as he left. I rolled my eyes and ran to the kitchen without answering her, praying silently that things work out between Emmanuel and i, because with the direction things were heading, i really was a bit scared of my future with him.
Nervously, i waited for Saturday which slowly approached like a snail. I woke up that fateful day with a huge boil under my armpit.
Creepy isn’t it?


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