Lady Who Slept With Dog For 1.5 Million in Lagos Confess, What You Should Know Her (Photos, Screenshots)

Who Slept With Dog For 1.5 Million in Confess, What You Should Know Her (Photos, Screenshots)

The popular of a  who slept with a dog all for the money has been trending lately online. How she was offered a deal of 1.5 million naira to go on bed with a domestic dog in was broadcasted by a friend via WhatsApp. Trends also indicated it's the same lady who slept with dog for 3 million naira.

What You Should Know

Being desperate about anything could make you do the undoable, apparently, Lack of contentment can drive good people to do bad thing. On what grounds will a reasonable human being agree to have sex with an animal?. This days, people are just after the Money while forgetting the repercussions that comes in later time, Maybe these were her thoughts before sleeping with the Dog;

1 Night — N1.5million.

1 week constant Racket from the Dog — N10.5m almost 11 million naira.

Okay, so doing that for a month will amounts to N 42 million straight up.

And guess what, she did it in a way that shows intense and eager enjoyment. Such a dirty interest!!!. Same who would later wish to get married by a Man and stupidly spread incurable infection.

Why She Slept with The Dog – the Lagos Girl

Since her video surfaced the internet, Many Nigerians were thrown into state of confusion as to why an owner of a dog would pay a lady to have sex with his dog and why a girl would take bold move to Sleep with a dog regardless of the how much was vowed. But to the greatest surprise, she dishonestly collected the money. Although, alleged she didn't like the job at first place, but due to her heavy weekly paycheck, the girl went along and took the Risk.

The Back End Story…

According to reports, the Lagos girl had met a verbal agreement with the Rich guy just before the transaction. While there has been debates surrounding the trending subject on social media, a close friend to the lady who slept with the dog by name ‘Whuraola' came online to reveal her prior conversation with the lady in video, confirming that she was offered with huge and lifetime properties which transformed her poor living conditions to a top wealthy person of her class.

After sleeping with 13 Bingo Dogs (Ekuke), she was able to build a house, remitted cash in hand to funding luxury lifestyle and even acquired an expensive Car with the money raised from the job. But at some point, she began to face with “Unpleasant Smell” coming out of her væg!ná. That said ‘body odour'.

Where is the Lady now ?

As we speak, she is attempting su!cide and suffering from chronic disease, incurable sickness, having spent her last money to treat herself but to no avail. The friend also said she has been to hospital and the doctors sent her away after they couldn't trace her virtue of illness.

The affected lady has returned to where she comes from (her hometown) which isn't yet disclosed and told her friend who remained in the city that she contacted a local medical herbalist for a solution but the man said ‘he cannot do anything about it'.

Hear Her Confession…

“Before I know the guy say he go pay one million. Whura money I never see for . I come say Okay but I dey fear. Last Last the dog fv*ç k me two times”

“He come introduce me to his friends. I f****k 13 dogs for January sha, nah then I change my apartment come buy that my lexus jeep early March. I stitch my tot0 But it continues tearing. Later It started smelling and guy wey carry me like this go they complain.

Whuraola, I sell my car last month the thing no stop. I call all this guys they dem swear for me. Now am in my village. Traditionalists say no remedy say nah so I go dey smell, from one disease to another. Life don tire me I drink poison I no die all the money wey I make I spend am on top sickness. If God can save meeeeeee I promise to be a better person o,” — that's from the lady herself.

The incident sprang up to various news blogs on 27th April 2022 and allegedly happened at Folixx Hotel in Lagos Island. “Potty” is the name of the lady who slept with the dog.

See from the screenshots/Photo…

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