MTN is one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications firms! It’s a multibillion-dollar enterprise that touches practically every Nigerian family! It offers intriguing plans for Android and iPhone users looking for a low-cost data package! Their flat rates are the most competitive in Africa! Find out how to purchase all MTN data plans and bundles.

MTN Nigeria is one of the country’s leading telecommunications service providers. It is well-known since it offers a variety of affordable and attractive tariff plans that include internet access for its customers.

How to buy MTN data plans and bundles MTN has made it simple for its customers to obtain affordable data plans, allowing them to access the internet easily. In Nigeria, getting an MTN data package is one of the best ways to get a fast and stable internet connection. The following are some of the MTN data packages and bundles available:

Daily Plans 2-Day Plans 3-Day Plans Weekly Plans

Monthly Plans 2-Monthly Plans 3-Monthly Plans 6 Months Yearly Plans PAY ATTENTION: Share your outstanding story with our editors! Please reach us through! MTN data plans include simple terms and conditions that are easy to understand. However, users of the bundles’ plans should be aware that while rolling over the prior internet bundle balance, it is recommended to renew the subscribed bundles. To activate your internet service plan, first dial *131#, then choose and activate your desired data bundle.

Daily Plans

Daily data are the most popular MTN cheapest data plan. The offer is valid for 24 hours. 40 MB for N50, Text 114 to 1313 Always-on-data 200 MB for N60, Text 160 to 131 100 MB for N100, Text 104 to 131 1 GB for N300, Text 155 to 131 2-Day Plans These are cheap bundles that can serve you for two days.

2 GB for N200, Text 154 to 131 2.5 GB for N500, Text 154 to 131 3-Day Plans This is yet another short plan that lasts three days. The 200 MB is available for N300. To purchase the plan, text 113 to 131.

Weekly Plans

Photo: @MTNNigeria Source: Facebook Most users favour MTN weekly data plans, which may be due to the low costs. These plans are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time on their mobile devices surfing the web. Always-On Data 450 MB for N120, Text 161 to 131 350 MB + 350 MB for YouTube for N300, Text 102 to 131 750 MB + 1 GB for YouTube for N500, Text 103 to 131 750 MB + 1-Hour YouTube Daily for N500, Text 750 to 131 1 GB + 1 GB for YouTube for N500, Text 142 to 131 2 GB + 2 GB for YouTube for N1,000, Dial *131*105# 6 GB for N1,500, Text 143 to 131.

Monthly Plans If you utilise a lot of data, you will probably need more than what standard packs can provide. The company offers unique MTN monthly data plan for the most active internet customers. The following are good for 30 days: 1.5 GB + 2 GB for YouTube for N1,000, Text 106 to 131 2 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N1,200, Text 130 to 131 3 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N1,500, Text 131 to 131 4.5 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N2,000, Text 110 to 131 6 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N2,500, Text 147 to 131 10 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N3,000 Always-On Data 15 GB for N3,000, Text 162 to 131 12 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N3,500, Text 107 to 131 20 GB + 4 GB for YouTube for N5,000, Text 116 to 131 25 GB for N6,000 Always-On Data 45 GB for N6,000, Text 163 to 131 40 GB for N10,000, Text 117 to 131 75 GB for N15,000, Text 150 to 131 120 GB for N20,000, Text 149 to 131 200 GB for N30,000.

2-Monthly Plans

This is another affordable and reliable plan. It runs for two months. 30 GB for N8,000, Text 119 to 131 100 GB for N20,000, Text 118 to 131 160 GB for N30,000, Text 138 to 131 3-Monthly Plans If you find the monthly or bi-monthly plans unreliable, this package is for you. 400 GB for N50,000, Text 133 to 131 600 GB for N75,000, Text 134 to 131 6 Months