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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 10


(She is psycho😒)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


( Let’s go out)

💖Mara’s POV💖

I got to my room with Jake right behind me.

“We are here now Jake so tell me what is the matter” I said facing him

He moved closer to me and held my hands.

“Mara, this may sound awkward but its the truth” he said emotionally.

I nodded for him to go on.

“Mara, since I have known you I can’t get you off my mind, I have tried to but I can’t Mara. I love you Mara” he said.

“Liam” I called not knowing what to say.

“Please Mara, give me a chance, I want us to be more than friends, we deserve each other” he said again.

“Liam I don’t know what to say, I never saw you more than a friend liam”I said looking away from his face.

” Mara I really love you, I won’t use you not dump you, I have true love for you, I would never hurt you, please be my girlfriend ” he said kneeling down.

“Liam, am so sorry but I don’t want to be anyone’s property now, I am in a confused state right now, please Liam give me time” I said moving to my bed.

“Is it because of him!!! Tell me!!” He yelled making me flinch.

“Yes liam, yes its because of him!” I yelled back at him.

“Mara, he doesn’t love you, he just wants to use you” he said calmly moving close to me.

“And that’s my choice to decide Liam, please leave me now , I wish to be alone” I said in anger.

“Mara” he called stretching his hands forward to touch me.

” Get out Liam’!!!” I yelled in anger. And he walked out in anger.

“Why do I have to think about the boss, why can’t I get him off my mind, liam as been so nice to me, I shouldn’t have shouted at him” I thought laying on my bed.

“It’s not Chris fault that he is like that, it is his childhood experience, why can’t liam understand this?? “I thought and closed my eyes to sleep.

Chris’ lips kept coming to view in my head, OH God, this is going to be a very long night

💞Chris POV💞

As Mara left the room, I wasn’t myself.” Chris you almost kissed that girl, what is wrong with you” my inner mind told me.

I feel so relieve been close to her, she gives me ease. If this is how love feels then I love her I can’t deny it anymore.

“Come to think of it Chris, she is your mind” another voice said in my head.

“I don’t care!!” I yelled shuting up the inner voice.

I need to go tell her how I feel, I walked out of my room to hers. I got there and I heard her talking with someone, almost like a shout.

I moved closer and leaned forward to eavesdrop what they were saying.

“So liam likes Mara that is why he has been behaving odd to me” I thought listening to their conversation.

Then he yelled “is it because of him?” I knew immediately that he was talikng about me. “Oh God what will Mara say” I thought in anxiety when she said ” Yes Liam, its because of him”.

I jumped up in happiness, yes!!! She loves me too. I was still jubilating when I heard footsteps approach the door.

I quickly ran to my room before the door opened.

“She loves me!!” I yelled in happiness. I am so happy, thank goodness am not the only one feeling this way.

“But since, I now know she loves me I will pretend like I don’t love her” I thought happily.

“Yes” I jumped into my bed and closed my eyes to sleep still smiling.


😍 Liam’s POV😍

I couldn’t sleep through out the night, the thought of what Mara said kept hunting me.

“Why does it have to be always him, must he always be the one” I yelled scattering all that was on my drawer making them crush to the fall.

“I hate him so much, Mara is mine!!!” I yelled.

My phone rand and I saw the boss calling”. F**k, He should thank his star he is my boss” I yelled

📲Liam, cancel all my schedules today and prepare my limosin.

📲 Yes, boss.

“Shit!!, so annoying” I yelled in anger and got to work. I cancelled all his schedule and cane out of my room to see Mara sweeping the sitting room, her back was facing me and her thighs were exposed.

“F**k” I cursed under my breath.

“Hey liam, good morning” she said when she noticed me.

“Hey Mara, am so sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to loose my temper” I said remorsefully.

“Am sorry too liam, I wasn’t in a good mood so i flared up, am sorry” she said remorsefully too.

“Friends??” I asked smiling.

“Friends!” She replied smiling.

I really wishes she considers me, but I know with time she would I just need to take it easy.

“Looks like we all need a break, let’s go out” boss said walking to us smiling.

“Good morning boss” Mara said blushing silently. I suddenly remembered what she said yesterday. I do hate this guy.

“Good morning !Mara and Liam” he said facing me and smirking. I nodded faking a smile.

“Why don’t we all go out today??” He asked facing Mara.

“Seriously??, I never thought I would have a chance to go out in this house” Mara said smiling and he bursted into laughter.

“I Will take that as a yes, what about you liam?” He asked still smiling.

☁I don’t want to be near him at all, not when he is with Mara☁

“Come on Liam, say yes” Mara said pouting her mouth.

“Okay” I said faking a smile.

“Yes, let’s go” Mara said happily.

“Let’s go prepare” The boss said and left for his room.

“Me too” Mara said and left.

Ahhhhh I sighed in frustration, I hate what I am about to do.


💖Mara’s POV💖

I was so happy to go out, I went to my room to prepare. I went to the bathroom to have my bath, I came out and decided to wear something nice.

I went to my wardrobe and picked up a gown my mother bought for me, I haven’t worn it before, its was still has neat as new.

I wore it and combed my hair to fall freely. I applied some slight makeup and I stood before my mirror, “Yes” I said in satisfaction.

I looked more like a lady, I moved downstairs to see Chris and Liam waiting for me.

“Am so sorry I took long” I said and they both faced me.

They both looked at me and their mouth dropped. They were lost looking at me, I stood were I was wondering why did looked at me that much.

Chris opened his mouth to talk but Liam cut him off.

“You look beautiful Mara” liam said smiling widely. Thank you Liam

“You look nice too”, I said smiling, he was wearing a blue fitted shirt and a Jean trouser.

” Can we go now?” Christian Stone asked impatiently.

I was expecting him to commend me but he didn’t, he really doesn’t have emotions I thought.

“Sure” I said and moved outside in anger. I care for him and he can’t even appreciate my looks, well why does it affect me anyway.

I will just have to stick to Liam througjt out this outing, he is really a true friend, though I don’t see or imagine myself dating him. I don’t have that kind if feeling for him.

“Let me help you” liam said and opened the front door of the car for me.

“Thanks” I replied smiling as u entered the car.

The boss looked at us and I could see anger in his eyes, “who should be the angry one here?” I thought frowning.

The boss got into the back of the car after the driver opened the door for him.

Liam entered the car and sat close to me, the driver started and we zoomed off.

We continued chatting and laughing that I even forgot the boss was in the same car with us.

😒Unknown POV😒

i decided to go meet Mara’s mother to see if I could help her with any work. I got there and met her in shop arranging her goods. I guess she just got there.

” Gods day ma’am” I said smiling.

“Hey boy, good day” she replied smiling.

“Looks like I always come at the right time, let me help you” I said and moved to help her arrange her goods.

“Yes son, you come at the perfect time, thank you” she said and headed to me some groceries to help display on the table.

☁This woman doesn’t know i am doing all this for Mara, I need to make it asje her some questions stylishly today☁

“Ma’am, you have a grown up daughter right?” I asked still arranging the goods.

“Yes son, how did you know” she asked surprisingly.

“Well, I know her very well, we were high school mates, and I know she helps you in shop” I added.

” wow, that’s nice and yes she helped me in shop” she replied smiling

” So why isn’t she here now??” I asked again.

“She has started working somewhere better son” she replied.

“Wow, that’s good, I actually didn’t know I lost her contact some years ago” I said.

” Ohhh sorry about that son” she said sadly.

“Its okay ma’am, So does she stay close to this place? I mean you would be missing her so much” I said.

“Its a 45mins drive from here son, I can go there when less busy but we do talk on phone, I really do miss her” she said sadly.

“Its okay ma’am, I am sure she will come visit one day” I said tapping her shoulders.

” yes son ” she replied

” Ma’am please if she comes I would really like to see her after a very long time, so when she comes please gave her my digits” I said and brought out my phone.

“Sure son,I will” she said and collected my digits on her phone.

“I have to go now ma’am” I said and moved out.

“Sure son, thank you” she said smiling.

☁”My plans are working out fine” I thought and laughed out loud.

💖 Chris POV💖

I hated the way their voices and sound were disturbing me, that liam is really getting on my nerves.

I wanted to tell her she is beautiful first but liam spoiled my plan, I wanted her to sit with me at the back but liam was too forward, so annoying.

We got to where I prepared for us, it was more or less like a club. The driver opened the door for me and I cane down.

I saw liam holding Mara’s hand and I felt anger arise in me. “Chris control yourself, you are in the public and moreover she is your maid” I thought. I will make her feel jealous today.

I walked past them and went in without saying a word. That came right behind me still talking and laughing.

I got into the club and immediately the ladies saw me they came to me and started rubbing my body.

I looked back and saw Mara looking at me in anger. I smiled and sat on the chair close to me, so did liam and Mara.

The music was loud in the club, the ladies came to me and sat on my laps caressing my body and one even kissed me on my lips.

All this while my gaze was fixed on Mara, she was staring at me in disgust. Liam whispered something into her ear and they both stood up and left for the back door.

“What the hell did liam tell her” I thought and pushed the girls off me, I stood up and adjusted myself, I followed the path they passed and I got outside.

I saw Liam talking to Mara from afar, I didn’t want them to see me so I stood far from them. I could see tears in Mara’s eyes from where I stood.

“What is that bastard telling her” I thought tightening my fist.


Good day guys ❤️🌞

I love y’all 😍❤️

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