(She is psycho😒)

Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


(First kiss)

💞 Mara’s POV💞

Those ladies kept kissing him in my presence, I was burning in anger, I felt my heart rip apart. I hated the fact I have started growing feelings for him. The fact that I loved and cared for him, the fact that I choose an arrogant b**CH over a caring person.

“Mara let’s go outside, you are fuming already” liam whispered into my ears and pulled me out.

I felt tears in my eyes as I moved our with him, it hurts so much, Liam warned me but I didn’t listen, now he has done it in my presence.

We got outside and far from the noise at the club.

” Mara you need to calm down” liam said holding my hands.

“Calm down?? You telling me to calm down? When the first person I would ever care for and love would have f**ked those b**ches right in my presence if not for you” I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Mara I told you before, the boss would only hurt you, he is of no use to you, he doesn’t even value you” he added angrily.

“Please liam that is enough!! I don’t need this now okay?” I said in anger mixed with tears

“Mara, please give me a chance, I would never hurt you” he said and moved close to me raising up my face to meet his.

“Please Mara” he whispered and brought his mouth closer to mine. I was about to stop him when he was dragged by the boss.

” Let her go you bastard” the boss said and punched him on his face.

Liam staggered and fell on the floor.

“Liam!” I called in shock and ran to him but Christian Stone’ stopped me.

“Let’s go home” he said in anger.

” Go home?? With you?? Tell me boss, do you think you can just use me and dump me like other girls?? Hunn??? Am not like those b**ches you f**k idiot, now go away” I yelled in tears.

I pushed him from the way and ran to liam, “liam are you okay?” I asked raising him up.

Before he could answer me the boss swept me off my feet and carried me on his shoulders.

” let me go Christian Stone'” I yelled hitting his back but he didn’t even mind me. He took me to the car and threw me at the back sit.

” I will drive, you can go” I heard him say to the driver. He started the car and headed home.

“Stop this car!!! Christian Stone” I yelled but he didn’t answer me. I hit the window but he didn’t answer

Suddenly the car stopped and the door opened. “Christian Stone don’t you dare touch me” I said when I saw him at the door.

He came in and carried me the way he did before into the mansion. I struggled to get down but he didn’t release me.

We got inside then he dropped me carefully, ” how dare you ” I said and slapped him really hard.

His hair scattered on his face and he looked ay ne in anger.

“You want to report me to my mom now right?? Do it!!! You heartless fellow do it!!!” I yelled as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Mara” he called calmly but I didn’t respond, I started walking to my room.

“Mata” he called calmly again but I didn’t look back.

“Mara!!!” He barked making me stop immediately.

He came closer to me and turned me to look at him, and before I knew it he kissed me so hard on the lips like his life depended on it.

I struggled to stop the kiss but instead he held my waist tighter and deepened the kiss. I had no choice but to close my eyes and open up to him , his lips were so soft and succulent.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I opened up for him.

“Mara what are you doing?” A voice rang in my head but I couldn’t help it, He was so tempting.

He disengaged from the kiss slowly and looked into my eyes.

“I love you Mara” he said emotionally.

I was so shocked at his words, Christian Stone?? Love me??

” I wanted to know if you felt the same, that why I decided to play this game, I am sorry” he said calmly.

I slapped him again and ran up to my room, I just gave my first kiss to that s3x freak.

💖Liam’s POV💖

I managed to stand after the boss left with Mara. I was so angry, why would he hit me when he was the one at fault.

I started walking away from the club, my lips and nose were stained with blood due to the boss’ hit.

I didn’t know if it was a good idea to go back to the mansion, I just walked heading nowhere. I was still walking, my head was bent to the floor.

I hit someone coming from the other side.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to” I said and quickly looked up.

“Liam” Cindy called.

“Cindy?? What are you doing here?” I asked smiling.

“I live around here, what happened to you??” She asked touching my sound slightly with her palm.

“I got into a fight, its nothing” I said and moved my face away from her hands.

“You need to get yourself cleaned up” she said worriedly.

“I will be fine Cindy” I said smiling.

“No Liam, I insist, you won’t be fine. Follow me” She said and pulled me slightly to follow her.

I trailed behind her and we got to a house not far from where we met. I pulled md inside and gestured me to sit.

She ran inside and brought out a first aid kit shortly.

“Cindy you really don’t need to do this” I said looking at her.

“Shhhhh!!” She said and placed her index finger on my lip shutting me up.

“You don’t expect me to see you like that and leave you alone, after how you treated me in Christian Stone’s mansion” she said and brought out a cotton wool.

She started dressing the cut on my lips and cleaned it with iodine. She focused so much on my lips and I kept staring at her.

☁She is really beautiful☁

I took my gaze to her lips, they were small and cute, she had a narrow and pointed nose.

All this while, she kept cleaning the wound without looking into my eyes.

“Done” She said and stopped what she was doing.

She looked up and met my gaze on her. I saw her blush really hard and I bursted into laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” She asked forming an angry face.

“When you blush, it tickles me, you look like a baby doing that” I said and continued laughing.

She hit me slightly on the chest, “So tell me liam, who did this to you?” She said sadly.

“Its no one Cindy, I don’t want to talk about it” I said angrily.


😍Chris POV😍

I entered my room with so much happiness. I kissed her and she opened up for me. I love her and she loves me too, isn’t this great.

It was night already,I went to the bathroom to freshen up, I changed my clothes and moved out of my room. I need to see Mara again.

I walked towards her room, but I found her in the kitchen, she was backing me. She was doing something’s on the cabinet.

I moved close to her silently and hugged her from behind. She shivered and bent her neck to look at me.

My hands were right under her b**bs. And my d**k was right on her a**.

“Boss” she called shyly.

“Chris” I replied.

“I can’t call you that, you are my boss” she said facing but looked away shyly.

“Why not Mara?” I asked and moved closer to her.

She looked at me speechless, I carried her with my hands holding her waist and dropped her on the cabinet.

Her eyes widen while I did that but she still couldn’t talk.

“Why not?” I asked again this time my face was just few inches from her.

💞Mara’s POV.💞

I blinked when his breath touched my face again.

“Be..because it is not proper for me to call you that, I am your maid” I said looking away from his gaze.

He laughed slightly and pushed my face slightly to meet his. I started blankly at his lips, they were so tempting. No one has made me feel this way before, and now my boss is.

His lips crushed on mine and immediately I closed my eyes, he deepened the kiss and I found myself playing with his hair.

His tongue played in my mouth while I devoured his lower lip.

“Tell me you love me Mara” he said in a whisper slightly removing his mouth from mine.

“Tell me you feel the way I feel for you” he added staring into my eyes.

I swallowed hard staring at him blankly.

“I love you Christian Stone, I can’t deny the fact tho I try so much, you are always in my head” I said and his lips curved into a smile.

Before I could think I pulled him close to me by the collar of his shirt and kissed him passionately. His head trailed into my gown meeting with my thighs.

I moaned in his mouth as sensations overwhelmed me. He moved his hand to my panties and I moaned again in his mouth.

He moved his hands to my back and was about unhooking my bra when a knock came on the door stopping both of us.

I really didn’t want it to stop, but was I in my real senses? Did I do the right thing??. Oh God help me.

I moved out of the kitchen and peeped into the living room to see a woman who is surely around her fifthes.

Chris hugged her happily and nobody needed to tell me she is Chris mother.

I went into the kitchen and took a glass cup and tray. I placed the glass cup on the tray and went ahead to take an orange juice from the fridge.

I placed it on the tray and adjusted my dress and hair before moving out.

I walked nervously, trying to control my anxiousness.

I walked to where Chris and his mother sat.

“Good day ma’am” I said smiling placing the tray before her.

“Good day dearie, thanks for the drink” she replied smiling.

“My pleasure ma’am” I replied smiling.

I looked at Chris and he winked at me. Oh God, this guy really wants to put md in trouble.

“Chris this is really good, this is the first time a maid will stay this long in your house” she said as I poured the drink into the cup.

“Yes mother, she is different from the rest” he said smiling at me while I carried my face from his shyly.

“This is great, she is even a Lady and I know how much you hate them” she said while I stood up and left them.

I got to the kitchen and breathed out heavily, thank goodness she likes me. I never thought it would go easy like that.

😍Cindy’s POV😍

I wanted to know what really happened to liam but he didn’t want to talk about it.

“So liam, aren’t you going home today? Its late already” I asked him as we both ate my remaining popcorn silently.

” Cindy, I don’t think going home now is a good idea, but no worries, I will look for an hotel to lodge this night”. He said smiling.

“An hotel? That is not a good idea liam, that is another expense. Why not pass the night here and tomorrow you can live” I said smiling.

“What? No no Cindy, you have done more than enough for me, I don’t want to stress you” He said standing up.

“Common liam, you are not stressing me, and moreover I live alone” I said pouting my mouth.

“Are you sure?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, I really want you to pass the night here liam” I said holding his hands carefully.

“Okay” he nodded smiling.

“Great!” I yelled happily. That is going to be fun😍😍.



I love y’all 😍