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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 14


(She is psycho😒)

Written by Authoress Tife📚💞


(I hate you😭)

💞Chris POV💞

I saw Benita walk in with a small child. This is not good at all, why is she coming now, now I have decided to stick with Mara.

Benita was once my best whore but I stopped everything I had with her whyne she told me she was pregnant for me.

I gave her some money to abort the baby and she collected it promising me that she will. Since then I didn’t see her nor did she call me until today she comes in with a child.

I pray it isn’t what I am thinking, I ran down the stairs to where Benita and the small boy was.She saw me and smiled widely.

“Hey baby” she said and ran to me opening her arms.

“Don’t you dare Benita, what are you doing here?” I asked angrily.

“Common Chris, aren’t you happy to see me??” She asked smiling seductively.

“Benita, just tell me why you are here and get out!” I yelled in anger.

“Well well it looks like you are in a bad mood, let me go straight to the point” she moved back and led the small boy to my presence.

“Who is he??” I asked in confusion.

“Your son Chris, Paul go meet your daddy” she said smiling while the boy came forward to meet me.

“Benita what are you trying to do?? We discussed and settled this issue have you forgotten?” I asked lowering my voice so Mara wouldn’t here me.

“Well I didn’t do what you suppose I did, so stop all this nonsense and accept your son” she said in anger.

“Gosh” I said rubbing my hand in me hair, this Girl is driving me crazy. What is she trying to do?? Now I have decided to settle down with Mara, she comes to spoil everything!!

“So tell me why is should believe all the nonsense you are saying!!! Its been 5 good years Benita and now you come here claiming he is my child??” I said pointing at the small boy who just kept looking at me.

“Can’t you see it Chris, he looks so much like you. He has your eyes, nose, everything!” She said smiling stupidly.

I looked at him and truly he looked exactly like me. Oh no this is not good, Mara mustn’t know about this, she will be so hurt.

💖Mara’s POV💖

I watched Chris and the lady with tears in my eyes. I over heard everything and I regretted ever loving Chris.

I even gave him my virginity. Gosh Mara you are so stupid. Surely this Lady would want Chris to marry her and then thats it. I will be thrown out of Chris house and life.

I looked at the boy and truly he looked so much like Chris. “Daddy” the little boy called looking at Chris.

I felt my head ache immediately he called him that. “I can’t take this anymore” I said and came out from where I was hiding and moved to where Chris and the Lady was.

“Mara” Chris called looking at me with a sorry gaze. My eyes were still filled with tears as I looked at him.

“So she is the reason why you are denying me and your son?” The lady asked Chris looking at me in disgust.

Tears rolled down my eyes again. “Chris, when you take care of this mess call me. I am out of here” I said and ran to my room.

“Mara” he called following me. I got to my room and was about closing the door when he rushed in.

“Mara please listen to me” he said remorsefully.

“No Chris, I don’t want to. I heard everything, why didn’t you tell me?? Dobt you get it?? That boy looks so much like you!!! No doubt he is yours, your past is hunting you and I dobt want to be part of it” I said in tears.

I went to to my bag and took my phone and some money. I need to leave this mansion, I red a brake.

I moved to the door and Chris held me back. “Mara, am sorry “he said in tears.

I felt my eyes heat up again, I looked at him and slapped him hard. ” I hate you” I said in tears and ran out of the room. I hate myself right now, why didn’t I think of all this before.

It never crossed my mind that all his wicked acts will hunt him one day and now I am caught in the middle of it.

I moved outside passing in front of the lady and her son. I have lost it, She will definitely end up as Chris wife when his mother hears this.

“I need to clear my head” I thought as I got to the street. I started walking down the street and I sighted a club house.

“Good idea” I said and walked towards it. Its been long I drank, I need to take some alcohol now, I need it badly.

I entered into the club, everywhere was dark and was decorated by different coloured light. A music was played so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself talk.

I saw different people, some kissing, smoothing and some even making out in the club. I sighed in disgust and went to the bar man.

“Hi, I need a very strong alcoholic drink” I said holding my head in my hands.

“Okay ma’am” he said and left to get me a drink. I looked around me but couldn’t see people’s faces clearer, it was dim.

The bar man came back not quite long and placed the drink in front of me on the table. “Thanks” I said and sipped a little from it.

It seemed nice to my taste and I continued gulping it down in tears. “Chris, why did I fall in love with you??” I mumbled sipping another quantity.

“I shouldn’t have met you” I muttered and gulped all the alcohol at once. I stretched forth the cup asking him to pour more alcohol for me.

😒Regal’s POV😒

I watched the mansion through my window, “Chris is a real bastard for touching my Mara that way” I thought in anger still looking at the mansion.

“I feel like strangling him” I said tightening my fist. I was still looking at the mansion when I saw Mara run out in tears.

“What the hell happened?” I asked myself as I jumped up from where I sat and ran outside. I saw Mara walking down the street while I trailed behind her making sure she didn’t see me.

She got to the club close to our street and entered into it. I walked faster to the club and entered it.

I got in and I lost my track on her, I narrowed my eyes trying to see if I could see her anywhere. I looked right and left but I couldn’t her.

I looked in front of me and there she was, the love of my life drinking and crying because of that Chris I know for sure.

I watched her from afar and an idea struck my mind. “Yes!!!” I yelled inside of me and sat somewhere watching her.

She took the second cup again crying heavily. I felt pity watching her and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I walked up to her and sat beside her, she didn’t even seem to notice me. “Hi” I said smiling at her.

She looked at me and furrowed her brows. “You look familiar” she said drunkenly.

“It’s me Mara, it’s Regal” I said wiping her tears with my handkerchief.

“Regal!!!, I knew it. I knew that face was familiar” she said pointing her hand at me and laughing.

“Mara, you are drunk.” I said looking at her sadly.

“No no no, I am not drunk. I am perfectly okay” she said nodding her head.

“Mara what happened??” I asked worriedly. She smiled and stood up stretching her hands to me.

“Do you care for a dance??” She asked staggering.

“Mara, I don’t think this is a good idea. Please let me take you home” I said holding her.

“No!!! I am not going home, if you are not dancing then let me be!!! I hate you!!!” She yelled as tears filled her eyes again. She held her hand and her hair was scattered all over her face.

“Come with me Mara” I said and pulled her slightly to me and to my suprise she yelled. I lead her out of the club heading home.


💖Liam’s POV💖

Cindy and I thought it was right to go settle scores with my boss after I told her what happened between Mara, Chris and I.

We left the house and headed to Christian Stone’s mansion.

“I can’t wait to tell Mara I finally found someone to call mine” She said holding my hands and resting her head on my shoulders as we walked.

“And I can’t wait to tell the boss I am sorry, I was behaving like a kid” I said and we both giggled.

We almost got to the mansion when we saw a guy holding Mara and pulling her to only heaven knows.

“Who is that?? And why is he pulling Mara??” Cindy asked angrily.

“I don’t know, but what I am sure of is that it isn’t good” I said in anger.

“She seems drunk, we need to trail behind that guy I don’t trust him” Cindy said as we watched Mara struggle with him.

Cindy and I moved behind the guy making sure we are not seen. He walked until he stopped in front of a house adjacent Christian Stone’s mansion.

He opened the door and pulled her in before closing the door. Cindy and I moved to the house and peeped in through the window.

He laid her on the bed and tried kissing her but she pushed him away and stood up staggering.

“Mara, please don’t let me force you. I have waited for you since high school, wanting you to be my girlfriend but you didn’t notice me” The guy said holding Mara and pushing her back to the bed.

“Regal let me go!” She yelled and hit him on his balls. He groaned in pain and stood up to hit her, I rushed to the door and kicked it open.

I went close to him and hit him hard on the mouth, he fell to the ground holding his cheeks which was stained with blood already.

Cindy moved to where Mara was and pulled her up.

“See is mine and will always be mine!” The guy yelled spiting out blood.

I went close to him in anger and hit him again on the stomach.

“No one hurts Christian Stone’s girl!!” I yelled and moved out with Cindy leaving him on the floor.

We moved out and headed to Christian Stone’s mansion. He moved into the main mansion holding the drunk Mara.

The boss sighted us from the living room and ran to us.

“What happened!” He said collecting Mara from me.

“She was almost used by some random guy” Cindy said sadly.

💕 Chris POV💕

I sat in the living room staring at Benita who was laughing like a witch as she watched the TV. I don’t even know what to say or do.

Mara is super angry with me and now a child is brought to me. This is just too much. I was still thinking of Mara when the door opened and Liam came in holding Mara in his hands. I stood up and ran to meet them.

“What happened!” I yelled in fear collecting her from Liam.

“She was almost used by some random guy” Her friend replied sadly.

“What?? Random guy??” I asked confused. I carried her in a bridal style and moved to her room, I laid her on her bed and looked at her in sadness.

She was sleeping beautifully as ever. Her friend came in and sat in the bed beside her.

“I will take care of her now. Liam needs to talk to you” she said touching Mara’s face.

I nodded in confusion. What does liam want to tell me??. I moved out of Mara’s room and met Liam at the door.

“Boss” he said calmly.

“Hi Liam” I replied sadly remembering Mara.

“I am so sorry about the other day, I was not in my right senses” he said bowing his head.

“I am sorry too liam, I overreacted. Thank you for bringing Mara hone too” I said trying to smile.

“She is my boss’s girlfriend, I need to protect her” he said giggling. I really missed the old liam.

“Where did you see her liam” I asked sadly again.

“I saw her drunk, not far from the mansion, an unknown guy was holding her. I traced her to his house and he almost took advantage of her but I intervened” He said.

I sighed holding my forehead, thank God Liam saw her, what would have happened??

“Boss, I saw Benita in the living room, what is she doing here?? What is going on?? Is it because of her Mara left the mansion??” Liam asked.

“Liam,we can’t say this here. Let us move to the swimming pool” I said and we both moved to the swimming pool far from Benita and my Mara.

We moved from the mansion to the pool and sat under the umbrella.

“Liam, you were aware of Benita’s pregnancy five years ago right??” I asked as we sat on the chair.

“Yes boss, I was very aware.” He replied paying rapt attention.

“You also know I asked her to terminate the pregnancy and she promised to do it.” I added again sadly.

“Yes boss, please tell me what is going on.” He said nervously.

“She came back today claiming that child with her is my child, the five years ago child liam” I said bowing my head in sadness.

“Omg!!!! This is so bad boss. Is Mara aware?” He asked again.

“She got to find out that’s why she left the mansion in the afternoon. Liam to be sincere I don’t know what to do, that child looks so much like me” I replied.

“I am also speechless, I am sure Mara us so hurt right now. I want to ask you a question if you permit me boss” he said calmly.

“Liam I have no choice but to answered questions now, spill it” I said looking at him.

“Do you really love Mara” he asked.

“Liam, I love her with my whole life and I am even planning to marry her” I replied confidently.

“So what do you do about Benita, she just came back after five years claiming that child is yours, and because he looks like you, you accept it” he said staring at me.

“What are you insinuating Liam?” I asked confused.

“Find out the real truth boss, don’t judge on the surface, there is 80% probability that child isn’t yours boss” he said and I found sense in what he said.

“So what step should I take liam?” I asked with hope.

“Let her and the child live with you now, show them love and them bamn! Find out the truth after assuring her that you really love her and want to marry her” he said smiling.

I sighed thinking of the good idea. “But what of Mara?? Won’t she be vexed??” I asked sadly.

“Don’t worry about Mara, leave her to Cindy. She will talk to her” he said grinning.

“Thank you so much liam” I said and pulled him into a brotherly hug.


I love y’all 😍

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