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Written by Authoress Tife💞📚


❎ Regal’s POV❎

I can’t believe I let that bastard take Mara from me. She was already mine and she will be mine forever.

I need to get her out of that house even if it means kidnapping her. If I can’t have her no one will.

I know what to do. I picked up my phone and dailed Mrs Gomez’s number, and she picked up on the first ring.

📲 Regal, longest time you know.

📲 Yes ma’am, how are you doing?

📲 Great as always.

📲 Ma’am am sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, it was an impromptu situation.

📲 Its okay Regal. I understand you well

📲 So have Mara visited you?? You know I asked you to please inform me when she is around.

📲 Oh Regal, she is yet to visit, I guess she is very busy. We haven’t even talked for some days now

📲 Ma’am why not try calling her and telling her to come see you soon. Don’t you miss her??

📲 I do Regal, and I will do just as you have said.

📲 Ma’am don’t forget to tell me when she is coming or around.

📲 Sure Regal, thanks for your care.

📲 Okay, bye for now Ma’am.

I hung up smiling wickedly. Let’s see how this goes Christian Stone’😈.

💖 Chris POV💖

I walked to the living room and sat on the couch with my laptop. I need to cover up for the times I have been absent from the office.

I started doing some data analysis when Benita came to sit very close to me.

“Hey baby” she said touching my cheeks seductively.

“Hi” I replied coldly concentrating on what I was doing. She turned my face to hers and brought her face close to mine.

” Benita, you see how busy I am. Please stop this” I said removing her hand from my body disgustingly.

“Chris why are you doing this? You know I am your rightful wife to be, I carried your son for nine months, took care of him for 5 years. Can’t you show me love??” She said sadly.

“Benita, don’t get it twisted. You don’t need to go that far, I am just busy okay??” I said trying so much not to slap her useless face.

“You know I love you Chris” she said holding my hands and resting her head on my shoulders.

“Ahhh.. Yeah.. I love you too” I said irritatedly. She smiled on my shoulders and I felt like vomiting.

I looked up to see Mara and Paul watching us. I couldn’t understand the expression on her face, I smiled at her but she looked at us coldly.

Benita raised her head to look at her and I saw her smiled immediately.

“Dinner is served boss” she said bowing and smiling. Tho I know quite well she wasn’t happy, she should please endure this for me.

Once I have that child’s hair all will be settled.

I smiled back slightly and stood up from the couch moving to the dinning table.

“Papa” Paul called and ran to me.

“Hey” I said smiling widely at him.

“Can Aunt Mara sit with us for dinner?” He asked to my surprise. I looked at her and saw she was smiling at the kid.

“Sure Paul, she can” I said smiling. He smiled back and ran to Benita.

“Mama what about you? Can she stay?” He asked pouting his mouth.

“Yes baby, Mara is our friend” she said smiling and brushing Paul’s hair.

“Thank you Paul” she said and sat close to Paul. He smiled at her and we all started eating.

There was an awkward silence while we were eating and I wasn’t comfortable with it, while I was about to start a conversation with Mara, Benita spoke up.

“So tell me Mara, since when have you been working here?” She asked chewing some food in her mouth.

💖 Mara’s POV💖

“Few months ago.” I said trying to be okay.

“Hmmm that’s nice. You do your job pretty well, your food is delicious. No winder Chris has been looking very handsome lately” she said smiling at Chris who just kept staring at me.

“Its my pleasure Ma’am’ I replied smiling. She looked at Chris and I saw him smile back at her. I know he is pretending to like her but I can’t bear it.

Chris is mind not any b**ch’s own. I quickly finished my food trying not to look up, I looked at Paul and he was almost done with his too.

” Paul, I will give you a night shower when you done okay? ” I said standing up and clearing the table.

He looked at me sadly then to his mother.

“Am sorry Mara, I can’t let you bath Paul. I do that myself, you can do other things but bathing for him is exempted” she said smiling.

I looked at Chris and he furrowed his brows looking at her.

“Okay, I will put him to bed when you are done bathing him then” I said smiling and rubbing Paul’s hair.

“Sure, thank you Mara” she said and faced Chris smiling stupidly.

I so much hate her… Gosh!!!

I cleared the table and we all went to our various rooms. I headed to my room when u remembered I need to put Paul to bed.

“Paul” I called not knowing where he was.

“Aunt Mara, I am here” he sound from a room close to Chris own.

I walked down to the room, I passed in front of Chris room breathing heavily. “Is that b**CH really going to sleep here?? ” I thought in fury.

The door to Chris room was slightly opened. I moved closer and peeped in to see Benita in a skimpy night gown moving to the bed. Tho I didn’t see Chris, I wasn’t comfortable at all.

I can’t imagine him f**king another Lady.


💕 Chris POV💕

I left the dinning table to my room to have a shower. While I was in the bath, I remembered Mara’s beautiful face.

“I wish I can be with her this night. Benita is really a torn in the flesh” I thought rolling my eyes. I regret the day I met her.

I regretted the day I started playing ladies, I never wishes to but I found myself doing it and now I am reaping my bad deeds.

I plan to settle down with Mara and this happens?? I need to get a DNA test of that boy. If he isn’t mine I swear am gonna kill Benita.

And if he is mine…. I don’t know, I will do something about it.

I came out of the bathroom and moved into my room to meet Benita on my bed with a skimpy transparent nightgown.

“Hey” she said seductively and walked towards me.

“Why are you here?? There are many rooms here.” I said looking away from her.

“Common Chris, we both know what I am here for” she said bitibg her lower lip seductively.

“Benita snap out of this nonsense. We just met some hours ago and you come into my room asking for s*x??” I said angrily.

“Everybody knows that I am your wife to be, and your d**k is mine alone” she said sarcastically moving closer to me.

” Benita, why not take things slowly, I need to work something in my laptop today and I won’t be using this room” I said putting my hands on her shoulders.

“So what are you insinuating?” She asked smiling and making curves on her breast with her finger.

“You keep the room to yourself while I work and I promise you I will be back immediately I am done. You know I hate distractions when it comes to work” I said smiling.

“Hmmm, okay promise you will ge back” she said bringing her face to mine.

“I promise” I said and her lips crushed on mine suddenly.” Gosh, so annoying ” I thought and quickly disengaged from the kiss.

“See you soon” I said and moved out of the room. I need to see Mara, I need to know how she is feeling right now.

💋 Mara’s POV💋

“Tell me Paul, did you love the dinner??” I asked him as he laid on his bed holding a Teddy bear.

“Yes, Aunt Mara is a good cook.” He said happily.

“Thank you Paul” I replied smiling staring at his face, he looks so much like Chris. I can’t hate him tho, he is a nice kid.

He is innocent. “So what are you going to give Aunt Mara for the nice food??” I asked smiling widely.

“Let’s play a game” he said smiling.

“This night?? Its too late for that baby.” I said pouting my mouth making him giggle.

“Hmmmm okay” he replied sadly.

“Now its bed time” I said and laid him properly covering him with the duvet. I need to take it slow with him, can’t bombarde him with questions yet.

“Good night Aunt Mara” he said and pecked my cheeks.

“Good night Paul” I said and kissed him forehead. I stood up from his bed and moved to the door. I switched off the light and moved outside.

“Mara” I heard Chris call from behind me.

“Chris? What are you doing here?” I asked looking around to make sure Benita isn’t seeing us. He moved closer to me and pulled me inside my room.

“Chris what is going on?” I asked fearfully.

“I miss you Mara” he said and crushed his lips on mine. I responded immediately fondling with his hair.

His hand moved down my a** squeezing it slightly making me giggle in his mouth. He disengaged and smiled looking into my eyes.

“You are really good at acting” he said pecking my lips.

“I sure am, but it’s always painful seeing you with that Lady. I even saw her in your room Chris” I said folding my arms under my b**be angrily.

“Baby, trust me I don’t like it when I am close to her too. She irritates me, I even had to run away from the room to see you, telling her I wanted to do some work on my laptop” he said sweeping me off my feet and laying me on the bed.

“Chris, what are your plans now. I don’t think I can endure this for long, I may end up bursting her eyes” I said punching the air making him laugh.

“I want to cut some of his hair and then do a DNA test on it. I have a personal doctor to help me with that” he said smiling.

“Hmmm, I love the idea. I will also try getting some information from Paul, he seems to be a smart boy” I said smiling.

“I am sorry for putting you through all this Mara” he said sadly looking away.

“Are you sure she won’t come looking for you?” I asked holding his hands squeezing them slightly.

“No, I have settled that” he said trying to smile.

“Come here” I said and pulled him closer to me crushing my lips on his.

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