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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 17


(She is psycho😒)

Authoress Tife📚💞


….🌞 The next morning🌞…

❌ Benita’s POV❌

I woke up tracing the bed with my hand to see if Chris was laying there but I was wrong I couldn’t feel anything.

I opened my eyes and came down from the bed adjusting my night gown. I moved out of the room to look for him.

He promised me that he was going to come later but he didn’t show up. I moved down the stairs to see him laying on the couch snoring,his laptop was on his lap

“Chris”i called smiling.

” hunn…huh…” He grumbled turning on the couch. I walked close to him and carried his laptop placing it on the centre table.

I opened his eyes rubbing his hands on them like a baby. “You fell asleep here yesterday” I said sitting close to him.

“Y..ESS.. I worked through out the night” he replied yawning.

“Awwnn baby looks so tired, you need to sleep very well.” I said touching his face.

“Yes Benita, I will go up now” he said smiling as he moved up the stairs. I smiled behind him and stood up to head to Paul’s room.

“Baby” I called going into his room.

“Mother. Good morning” he said stretching on the bed.

“Good morning baby!! Time to bath” I said carrying him from the bed.

I walked into the toilet and looked the door behind me. I removed his clothes and placed him under the shower.

I prepared his soap and sponge then moved to his face. “Time to remove your face mask baby” I whispered and he turned his back to me as I removed the skinny face mask from his face through the back of his neck.

“Mother must I always wear this??” Paul asked looking sad.

“Paul, don’t you dare question me.” I replied and placed the face mask on the tap.

“Why does the mask make me look like father??” He asked again.

“Paul shut up!! And never said this in front of any human okay!!” I yelled in anger as I started bathing him.

💕 Mara’s POV💕

Chris left my room very early this morning after I forced him too. We had hot s*x yesterday night, he was so hot as before.

I watched him move to the living room after devouring my lip once more. I was about moving back to my room to start my acting when I saw Benita come out of Chris room in that her b**chy gown.

Chris placed the laptop on his laps and slept on the couch just as we had planned it. I watched him display the drama and I couldn’t help but laugh.

He stood up and looked at my direction winking at me before he left for his room. I really didn’t want to release him, I want to feel his touch every minute.

But now, we need to first handle the issues on ground. I moved to the kitchen to make breakfast for us.

“Aunt Mara!” Paul called running to me.

“Hey baby boy” I replied opening my arms to him as he ran into it.

“Did you sleep well?” I added brushing his hair.

“I did aunt Mara.” I replied smiling.

“Hmmm.. You smell nice” I said sniffing his body.

“Yes aunt, I have taken my bath.” He replied and I furrowed my brows. Why doesn’t she want any other person to bath him?? What is she hiding??

“That’s nice Paul. Remember we are going to play games today?” I said happily.

“Yes aunt Mara, I can’t wait.” He replied clapping happily.

“Okay Paul. But you need to excuse me, I want to make breakfast for us okay??” I said carrying him down.

“Hey Mara” Benita called from behind me smiling.

“Good morning ma’am” I replied showing off my best smile.

“You look stunning today” I added admiring her.

“Yes Mara, and that is why Chris doesn’t seem to get me off his mind” she said giggling while I laughed loudly too. For her damn b**chy mind.

“Ma’am, am I allowed to play with Paul after breakfast??” I asked pouting my mouth.

“Sure Mara, but I need to be there” she said making me smrike.

“Okay ma’am. I will prepare breakfast” I said and faced the cooker letting her walk out with Paul.

She is truly hiding something, why must she be with us when we are playing?? I don’t trust her at all.

I continued preparing breakfast wondering why she doesn’t want me to bath for Paul nor play with him in her absence.

I was still cooking when I felt someone hold me from behind.

“Chris” I whispered looking around.

“Baby. She isn’t here, she is at the pool with Paul” he said and pulled me closer to him kissing me passionately.

“Chris we can’t afford to be caught” I said in his mouth.

“I don’t seem to get enough of your body” he said and raised me to sit on the cabinet burying his head in my breast through my uniform, while I fondled with his hair moaning slightly.

He moved his hand to my panties sliding it in and fondling with my c**t. “F..k” I moaned holding my mouth with my hands.

He went ahead to deep one of his finger in my already dripping wet honey pot. “Hmmmm!!!” I moaned throwing my head back in pleasure letting him take all of me.

He pushed in his other finger making it two and I found myself biting him on his shoulders so I won’t scream. This didn’t stop him from what her was doing, he was driving me crazy.

“Aunt Mara” We heard Paul call moving towards the kitchen. He quickly dropped me and moved away pretending he was taking water from the fridge.

While I started staring the water in the pot. “That was damn close” I thought breathing really hard.


💕 Mara’s POV💕

“Yes Paul,” I said smiling widely.

“I want to help you in the kitchen. Mother is busy swimming and I can’t swim” he said like the baby he is. While Chris looked at me winking seductively making me wetter.

“Paul, you are still very young okay?? Go play with papa” I said trying as much as possible to avoid Chris’s tempting gaze.

I feel like taking him right here right now but I just can’t. This is like a punishment.

He looked at Chris fondling with his fingers, “Papa will you play with me” he asked as Chris still kept looking between my thighs.

“Sure he will ” I replied for his widening my eyes at him. He looked away smiling and itching his hair.

“I will play with you Paul,” he said and started pulling him out of the kitchen. When they got outside, he quickly ran back to me and brought his ear to mine after making sure Paul is far from the kitchen.

“Once I have the opportunity to have you, I am going to lick you up till you f**king cum in my mouth” he whispered licking my earlobes making me moan slightly.

He kissed my lips one last time and moved out to meet Paul. “Common baby boy,” he said from outside the kitchen.

I faced the pot blushing hard. Chris has turned me into another thing.

💖 Chris POV💖

I took Paul to my room and brought out some old video games for him to play with. He seemed so happy, while I kept thinking of how to catch Mara somewhere in the house and f**k her brains out.

I stared at Paul and all I wanted to do was get his hair and have a DNA test done as soon as possible.

“Papa” Paul called tapping me and jolting me out of my insane thought.

“Yes,” I replied facing him.

“Do you love me?” He asked to my surprise.

“Paul, why are you asking that question?” I asked with rapt attention.

“Because mother doesn’t love me” he replied sadly.

“She doesn’t??? Why do you say so??” I asked him furrowing my brows.

“She doesn’t have my time, she does what I don’t like and she shuts me up when I try asking a question,” he said folding his hands angrily.

“Now let’s take it slowly. Why do you say she doesn’t have your time??” I asked eagerly.

“She doesn’t play with me like you and aunt Mara does” he replied shaking his head.

“Okay, now what does she do that you don’t like?” I asked sitting properly.

“She shaves my hair almost every time and I don’t like it” he replied sadly.

“Shaves your hair??? But you have hair on your head” I said in confusion.

“I can remove it,” he said and removed it exposing his skinny head.

“What??? You wear a wig!” I yelled in shock.

“Please don’t shout, mama will beat me if she knows I told anyone. She said I shouldn’t tell anyone” he said putting his index finger on my lips.

He wore it back on his head and I helped him adjust it to how it was before.

“Benita is devilish, why would she shave his hair without his support. How will I even be able to have DNA with his hair when he doesn’t have one” I thought in frustration.

This is so hard, “so tell me, what do you ask her that makes her shut you up” I asked hoping it would be helpful.

“I asked her that why….” He said but was cut off by Benita’s call

“Hey Paul, there you are,” she said coming to us and smiling. I tried so hard to smile back tho I wanted to punch her in the face.

“He is an intelligent boy like his father,” I said smiling fakely.

“Yes Baby, I am so happy you now accept him as your son,” she said sitting close to me.

“Why won’t I, you are the only one worthy to carry Stone’s heir,” I said grinning as she brought her lips closer to mine.

“Paul leave there!” I yelled making her face back. I quickly stood up and walked to where Paul is. I can’t imagine kissing this b**ch.

“What happened Chris”, she said moving to the confused Paul.

“He almost injured himself,” I said and walked out of the room. B**CH…

I got to the dining table to see Mara setting the table backing me. I tip-toed to where she was and grabbed her** squeezing it slightly.

She jumped up in shock to see me and she clenched her fist in frustration. “She is inside Chris,” she said with gritted teeth.

“I want to f**k you,” I said pouting my mouth like a baby. I saw her blush slightly making me laugh silently.

“Chris stops making me wet with your words,” she said and ran from my presence giggling. I looked at her as she ran smiling widely.

Once Benita is out of my way, I will make sure I shit her womb.


Good day guys

I love y’all 💕💕

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