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💕 Mara’s POV💕

I served the food and we all sat to eat after Paul begged Chris and Benita to let me sit with them. We ate in silence and Chris kept stealing glances of my b**bs.

“Gosh, this boy is so insane,” I thought blushing hard.

“Hey baby, do you love the food?” Benita asked smiling stupidly. *I hate her*

“Yes I do baby,” he said with disgust written on his face which only I can see. I looked away trying as hard as possible not to laugh.

“Aunt Mara, don’t forget the game you talked about when we finish eating” he said chewing his food.

“I won’t forget okay?” I said smiling.

“When you going to play tell me so I can follow you,” Benita said facing her food.

“Do you need to follow her??” Chris asked irritatedly.

“Yes baby” she replied firmly.

“Baby common, I need my wife to be close to me every time. Mara won’t hurt him okay?” He said smiling so fakely making her blush stupidly.

“Aww, I love that Chris but I don’t joke with our son too” she replied finally facing her food. I looked at Chris and he sighed heavily.

I knew he was doing that so that I could have Paul to myself and find out what I need to find out. We finished eating and I packed the utensils into the kitchen to wash.

Benita and Paul sat before the TV, but I couldn’t see Chris there. I faced the plate I wanted to wash when I felt Chris hug me from behind.

“He doesn’t have hairs,” he said sighing heavily.

“What are you talking about?” I whispered.

“She shaved off his hair and placed a wig in his head,” he said whispering too.

“What?? Why would she do that??” I asked angrily.

“I don’t know, But what I know is that there is more to it. And I need you to find that out when you are with him” he said moving out of the kitchen.

“Show?? She doesn’t want him to be alone with him” I said frustrated.

“I will distract her,” he said and moved out. I looked outside and I saw Benita’s face glued to the TV.

“This is going to be tough tasks,” I thought sighing heavily.

🚫 Benita’s POV 🚫

Letting Paul out of my sight is a dangerous task, I need to play this game skillfully. I watched Paul staring at the TV, I remembered Philip immediately.

Philip hurt me so much but he helped me come back to Chris. I never stopped loving him and I will never stop loving him.

I am so happy he regards me as his wife now. He loves me too isn’t that great??

“Hey baby” I heard Chris call from behind me.

“Hey love” I stood up kissing him on the lips.

“Let’s go to my room,” he said smiling and I blushed instantly.

“Your room hun??” I asked narrowing my eyes. I can’t believe Chris wants to f**k me, I am so happy, I have waited for this moment for ages.

“Okay” I added smiling moving into his room with him. I got into the room and started removing my clothes.

He looked back and saw me undressing. “Why are you pulling off your clothes??” He asked surprisingly.

“Common Chris, you and I know why you asked me to come to your room,” I said moving close to him kissing his lips.

“Benita you took it the wrong way,” he said pushing me away slightly.

“What do you mean Chris?” I asked confused.

“I called you to check out the wedding goes I saw online for our wedding,” he said and moved to his laptop.

“Really??” I asked happily putting on my clothes. I went close to him and sat on his lap placing my hand in his d**k.

“Benita, you know that is my weak point. Why not let us finish with this and then get to business” he said with gritted teeth.

“Fine fine, I just can’t wait to have you, Chris,” I said moving my lips closer to his.

“So this is the first gown,” he said moving his face from mine and facing the laptop.

“Wow, it is so nice Chris. But hold on this is a Lady duty” I said furrowing my brows.

“Common Benita, it’s no big deal for me. My wife has to look the way I want her to” he said smiling.

“Aww. Thank you, Chris, thank you for loving me” I said emotionally as he reached for my cheeks and kissed my cheeks.


💖 Mara’s POV💖

I watched Chris go in with Benita and I knew it was time to find out what she was hiding. “Hey Paul, let’s go and play,” I said and pulled him to the pool.

“Aunt Mara, what should we play??” He asked happily.

“You first tell me, what did you and your father play??” I asked smiling.

“He gave me some video games to play but I didn’t play it for long because I wasn’t happy,” he said sadly.

“You weren’t happy?? Why??” I asked eagerly.

“I told him mama doesn’t love me,” he said fondling with his fingers.

“Really?? Come let’s sit under this umbrella” I said and we both moved under the shed.

“So tell me, Paul, why do you feel mother doesn’t like you??” I asked anxiously and quickly brought out my phone to record what he wants to say.

“She doesn’t play with me the way papa and you do,” he said sadly.

“Really?? That means she is always busy” I said smiling.

“That is not all aunt Mara. She shaves my hair and doesn’t like me asking her questions” he replied angrily.

“She shaves your hair?? But you have hairs” I said pretending not to know what he meant.

“No aunt Mara, I can remove it,” he said and removed the hair on his head showing his skinny head.

“Omg!!! Am so sorry Paul, put it on” I said quickly putting it back on his head. How the f**k will Chris do the DNA now.

“Paul so what questions do you wish to ask her?? I may be able to answer you know” I said more anxious of his replies.

“I always asked her why she makes me wear this face when I have mine,” he said touching his face.

“What face Paul??” I asked confused. He turned his back to me and raised the wig a little exposing a joining at his neck.

“Pull it, aunt Mara,” he said touching the joint, it looked so much like a wound.

I stretched forth my hands quickly and pulled them off. My eyes widened as I saw a face on my hand exactly like Chris’s own.

He turned to look at me and I saw an entirely different boy tho he was looking so handsome. Benita is a b**ch. She made a skinny face mask of Chris for him😱😱.

“I need to take a picture of you” Paul I said and then stopped the recording to snap his real face. Here we go b**ch.

I placed the face mask on his face and tied it under his hair as it has always been. “Paul doesn’t tell your mother I saw your real face okay?” I said whispering.

“Okay aunt Mara” he replied nodding.

“You look handsome tho,” I said and I saw him smile widely.

“Thank you” he replied happily.

“Now tell me, Paul, what did your mother tell you before bringing you here??” I asked anxiously looking around to see if Benita was coming. I brought out my phone and started recording again.

“She told me that I should not tell anyone about my real papa that I should start calling Mr Chris papa. I love my real papa. He said sadly.

“Bastard” I cursed underneath my breath. Your days are numbered in this house b**CH.

“So who is your real father???” I added again.

“Mama didn’t tell me his real name, she just called him my papa,” he said and I nodded in satisfaction.

“Paul!!” I heard Benita call. I quickly pretended to be laughing with him and save the video as soon as possible.

“I told you to call me when you want to play,” she said examining Paul’s body.

“Ma’am am so sorry. I saw you go in with the boss and I thought I shouldn’t disturb you guys. Moreover, Paul was dying of boredom already” I said smiling.

She bent down to look at Paul’s face while I looked at her with hatred. She is a devil.

“Thank you, Mara,” she said and pulled Paul with her into the house.

“Yes!!!” I yelled happily. Let’s see how she will snatch my baby from me.


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