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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 20


(She is psycho😒)

Authoress Tife📚💞


💋 Mara’s POV💋

I made sure Chris left the mansion before I headed to my house. I know Chris well, we may trail behind me to make sure I am safe.

I come out of the mansion feeling really dizzy. What is wrong with me?? I suddenly felt like throwing up, I rushed to the toilet to throw up.

I feel so weak but I need to get to Mother as soon as possible, she would be expecting me and I can’t keep her waiting.

I rinsed my face which was looking pale already. I have have to be fine for mother and Chris. I moved out of the mansion trying to feel better.

I dropped my phone inside my bag and headed down the street.” I need to take a cab here” I thought and I stopped a taxi.

I told him the address and he started moving, I kept pressing my phone without looking up.

I looked up and I saw I was in an unknown street. I looked at the driver and I saw he looking at me from the mirror on top of his head. He had a nose cover on

“Where are you taking me to?? This is not the way!” I yelled in fear. He looked back very fast and pressed something like a flit inside the car.

I inhaled it without knowing and immediately I started feeling dizzy. “What did you..” I said and fell on the chair as my phone slipped from my hand. And that was it,Everything went blank.

❎ Regal’s POV ❎

📲 Hey boss, it is done.

My friend said and hung up. I smriked wickedly and dressed up quickly. I headed to Mrs Gomez’s House. I need to make sure I am not suspended.

I got to her door and knocked on it smiling widely. “Who is there?” I heard Mrs Gomez ask from inside.

“It is Regal” I said and the door opened shortly revealing the sad looking Mrs Gomez. “Ma’am, what is wrong??” I asked looking her concerned.

“Mara is yet to arrive. She told me she would be coming soon but she isn’t here till now” she said sadly.

“Really?? It is almost 4 hours since you called. Don’t you think her boss may be delaying her?” I said narrowing my eyes.

“Her boss!” She said and moved to the table to pick up her phone. “I need to call him, can’t he let me see my daughter! ” she yelled angrily.

I nodded sadly but inwardly I was laughing at her foolish mother. She doesn’t know who she is dealing with.

She moved away and I could here her talking to Christian Stone. I need to get to Mason now. I stood up and moved out of her house making sure she didn’t see me.

Now Mara will finally meet the man that Worth’s her. I brought out my phone and called Mason, he picked up on the first ring.

📲 Make sure you don’t touch her. Not a strand of her hair should be hurt.

📲 Yes boss, she is in the room already.

📲 Good of you, I will be with you soon. Don’t let her leave your sight.

💟 Chris POV💟

I sat in my office with Liam discussing about our my suprise proposal to Mara will be.

“Liam , I want it very big and I need you and Cindy to be present” I said smiling.

“Sure boss we will” he replied nodding.

“I told you I don’t want to hear you call me boss. I am Christian not boss” I said angrily.

“I am sorry, I am not yet used to calling you like that” he said as we both laughed.

“I understand” I added. My phone rang suddenly interrupting our conversation.

I picked up my phone and I saw Mara’s mom calling. “Liam I think Mara already told her mother about me” I said happily as I picked up the call.

📲 Mother *happily*

📲 Sir, my daughter told me she would be coming to see me today and she is yet to arrive. Please release her, I miss her so much.* sadly*

📲 Mother, she left home 4 hoursep ago, the same time I left for my office . *confused*

📲 She is yet to get here and it is just a 40 minutes ride from there ,*scared*

📲 Mother calm down, I will get back to you soon.

I hung up and I saw Liam looking at me in confusion. “Mara has not gotten home since morning” I said as I dug into my phone for information.

“What??? Since morning??” He exclaimed in fears.

“I don’t feel good about this. Hope this isn’t Benita” I said as I moved to my GPS app. I saw a red dot on an unfamiliar street, five miles from where we were.

“Mara is here, I out a tracker on her phone this morning incase Benita tries something stupid” I saw as liam ran to my side to see what I was talking about.

“I need to get there now!!” I yelled and stood up, I took my car keys and moved to the door.

“I will be right behind you with the cops” loam said trailing behind me.

“Thank you so much liam ” I said and ran down to my car.

“Hold on Mara, your love is coming to get you. Please be safe for me” I said and zoomed off using my phone as I guide.

I got to the location after 2 hours of rough riding. It was a deserted area and all I saw were trees around me.

I brought looked at my phone and I saw the red dot blinking very close to where I was. I raised my head up to catch a glimpse of her but I couldn’t.

I stared moving close to the red dot until I was there and I saw a taxi in front of me. I ran to the taxi to see if she was inside, bit to my suprise it was empty.

I looked in through the glass of the window which have been rolled up already. I saw a red light blinking at the back seat and I quickly moved there.

“Mara phone?” I asked as I saw her phone on the floor.

“Where in heavens sake is she??? Who the hell did this???” I yelled in anger.

I looked at my phone to see if there were any houses close by and then I sighted a house some meters away from where I stood.

It was the only house there. “I am sure she ia around here” I thought as I moved to the direction of the house.


💕 Mara’s POV💕

I opened my eyes slowly in an unfamiliar room. I looked around me and I couldn’t see anyone. I was on the bed and I was covered by a duvet.

I sat up staring at the room and trying to recollect how I got here. I remembered when I entered the taxi and when the driver pressed something to me at the back seat.

“Hello!!” I yelled in fear and moved towards the door. I got to the door and turned the handle but it was locked.

“Hello!!! Help me!!!” I yelled hitting the door. I felt dizzy as I did and I moved back holding my head.

I closed my eyes and I heard the door open. I opened my eyes and I saw someone walk in. My vision was blurry at first but it later became clear.

“Regal??” I said looking at him in shock.

“Mara” he called and walked up to me helping me sit.

“Regal thank God you are here. I was kidnapped, please help me out” I said happily.

“Mara I brought you here,” he said smiling and I felt my mouth fall open.

“What?? You sent that man to kidnap me?? Why??” I asked still very surprised.

“Because I want you to be mine, Mara. Since high school, I had always loved you but I was scared to come to meet you” he said sitting on a chair right in front of me.

“Regal..” I said but was cut off by him.

“I later heard you were in Christian Stone’s mansion, I became so angry. I knew very well that Christian Stone’ is a player” he said holding my hands but I withdrew ot from his hand.

“Chris is not a player anymore okay?? I took you as my friend Regal” I said shaking my head in disgust.

“He isn’t and you ran out of his mansion in tears the other day. If not for me do you know what would have happened in that club?” He asked angrily.

I held my head trying to remember the incident. “So you are the guy that Cindy told me almost used me,” I said pointing to him.

“Mara I didn’t want to use you. I love you so much I can’t hurt you” he said bringing his face closer to mine.

“I love Christian Stone,” I said making him pause.

“What?? Mara that guy is a player. He will hurt you” he said yelling.

“He would never Regal!!!! Please release me and let me go pleased” I said sadly.

“Never!!!!!” He yelled hitting the bed making me flinch.

“If I can’t have you, then no one will” he added firmly. I wanted to talk again but I felt an urgent urge to puke.

“Where is the restroom?” I asked in haste. He looked at me and pointed to a door at my left.

I ran to the toilet and threw up in the basin. I raised my head breathing hard. I need to escape, I am not feeling well at all.

“Are you okay??” He asked from outside the toilet.

“I am fine” I replied looking around for an escape route but there was none except a window right on top of the water closest.

An idea dropped in my mind immediately and I decided to try it because it is worth trying. I miss mother and Chris already.

I climbed on the lavatory and stretched my hands to the window. It had no burglary so it would be easy to jump out.

I climbed to the wall and I peeped out of the window. I was on the third floor, “gracious God, how am I going to jump this” I thought in fear.

I looked around and I saw a tree close to the window, it was a little bit far. Oh no, how will I make it if I jumped on the tree from here?

“Mara are you there?” Regal said from outside the toilet but I didn’t reply. “Mara” he called again but I was silently praying for God’s safety as I was going to jump.

“One, two, three” I counted in my mind and jumped towards the tree as I heard the toilet door flung open.

I landed on the tree with my hands on a thick branch. I breathed out heavily and jumped down from the tree.

“She is trying to escape” I heard Regal yell as he watched me from the window in annoyance. I started running to only heaven knows.

I just wanted to leave that place. Mother and Chris would be very worried by now, I need to see them.

I ran past a narrow path and as I got to the narrow path I saw Chris searching everywhere but he was backing me so he didn’t see me.

I was about to call him when I felt a plan block my mouth. “Hmmmmm” I groaned but he didn’t release his hand.

I tried biting his palm but I couldn’t. He pulled me back into the house and I couldn’t help but cry, Chris should have at least looked back.

I was dragged into the room I was with Regal before, the man that brought me there locked the door behind me leaving me with Regal.

“Regal please let me go,” I said in tears as I saw him move to me in anger.

“You can’t run away from me” he yelled and dragged me to him kissing me aggressively. I bit his lips and he released his grip on me.

I ran to the window and looked out to see Chris searching around the house. I faced Regal and saw him moving to me in anger.

I quickly brought out my wallet from my pocket and threw it to the fall still staring at Regal in tears.

He came to me and dragged me to his bed as he started removing his clothes.


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