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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 21


(She is psycho😒)

Authoress Tife💞📚



💞 Chris POV💞

I heard something drop at my back as I kept searching for Mara. I looked back and I saw a wallet on the floor.

I moved to where it was and I saw it was Mara’s. “Mara!” I yelled.

“Chris!!!!” I heared her yell in tears from the third floor.

“Mara” I called in fears thinking about her welfare. I thought of entering through the main door but I couldn’t trust that way.

Armed men may be there or even something worse. I saw a tree that extended its branches close to the wound I heard Mara’s voice.

I ran to the tree and started climbing on it with great speed and in no time I got close to window. I climbed to the window and I saw a guy on top of Mara naked.

I saw her struggling with him and I saw him tear her top right in front of me. He looked at the window and saw me on the tree.

“Mara” i yelled and jumped inside. I ran to where he was and lifted him from Mara in anger, I pushed him to the wall and I made sure a powerful fist landed on his face.

His lips bursted immediately and I saw blood gosh out of his mouth and nose. “How dare you touch my woman” I yelled in anger moving towards him.

He tried standing up but I caught up with him again hitting him very hard on his tummy making him fall. He groaned loudly and I ran to Mara who was weeping.

“Mara, I am so sorry” I said pulling her into my arms.

“Chris he..he almost raped me” she stammered in tears.

“I am here now baby. Everything will be okay” I said brushing her hair.

“Believe me I tried fighting back but I couldn’t, I am so weak” she said sniffing Carter.

“You dare come into my territory hun?” I heard him laugh sarcastically. My clenched my jaw in anger and left Mara moving towards him.

“Regal please stop all this nonsense” Mara replied in tears and I felt pain immediately.

“I will f**king kill you in your territory” I said and grabbed his throat with so much force. He struggled to release my hand but he couldn’t. No one hurts my Mara and goes Scot free.

“Now!!” I heard him yell and the door flung open revealing a guy holding a gun. Instantly, I moved the so called Regal from the wall and placed him at my front.

“One shot and he is gone” I said holding him to myself and walking towards Mara.

“Stay behind me Mara” I said and she did immediately.

“Lower your gun” Regal said breathing heavily,and I saw the guy lower his gun.

“Drop your gun now and raise your hands up!” I yelled and he did immediately. I moved closer to where the gun was with Regal still in front of me.

I kicked the gun far away from where I was. We started hearing gunshots and I knew the cops have arrived.

“Regal your end is now” I said. He raised up his hand and hit me on my ribs with his elbow making me loose the grip in him.

I groaned in pain as Mara ran to me. “Chris are you okay??” She asked but my gaze was glued on Regal. I saw his pick up the gun and point it to Mara who was backing him.

“No no” I said shaking my head as he pulled the trigger. I pushed Mara from me and I felt a great pain on my arm. I was shot on my arm.

“Ahhhhh” I yelled in pain and I saw Mara look at me in shock. She fell to the ground unconscious suddenly. “Mara!!” I yelled in tears.

“Hands up everybody” I heard the cops say as they rushed into the room we were. Regal quickly dropped his gun and they captured him and the other guy immediately.

I saw Liam run inside the room. Immediately he saw me his eyes widened, “Chris!” He yelled running to me.

I was losing lots of blood but I have to be strong for Mara. “I am okay Liam, please rush Mara to the hospital” I said in tears.

“We are taking you both” he said lifting me up and I saw Some other cops lift Mara and moved her outside.

“I wish I can kill that bastard” I said within gritted teeth.

“No Chris, this is the best thing for him,Let the cops deal with him. Atleast the mark you have given him can never be erased till he dies” he said as we got outside the house.

There was an ambulance waiting outside for us already. The nurses ran to me and tied my hand before laying me on the stretcher.

I was moved into the ambulance and I saw Mara on the stretcher too, she was been attended to. I was put close to her.

I held her hands in mine praying for her and my unborn child silently.


💞 Cindy’s POV💞

I sat close to Mara’s hospital bed with my big belly praying earnestly for her. I knew weeks back that she was pregnant but she didn’t believe me. I knew because I am also pregnant.

Liam saw that I was getting big and he was tempted to tell me to do some tests and when it was out, I was tested pregnant.

I never knew that before Liam proposed to me I had taken in already. I am so so happy for Mara and me, I just pray she wakes up soon.

Chris later asked me that have I noticed the sudden change in Mara. She had grown big and her legs were getting fat.

I told him she was pregnant and he was extra happy, but I told him to pretend he doesn’t know. It will be part of the surprise on the day he will propose to her.

Chris, Liam and I had planned how the proposal was going to be and I can’t wait for that day.

I was still holding her hands when I saw her open her eyes tiredly. “Mara” I called happily.

“Cindy” she replied smiling and squeezing my hand a little. “How is Chris??” She added quickly.

“He is fine Mara,” I said smiling.

“How are you feeling?” I added happily.

“I am okay Cindy, but will be very fine if my baby is with me right now,” she said shyly.

“Chris is fine, Liam is with him presently. He is good, he will be here soon” I said and I saw her smile.

She nodded looking around her. “I feel weak Cindy I don’t know why,” she said yawning.

“You just recovering that’s why,” I said smiling. She looked at my tummy and I saw her smile widely.

“How is little liam,” she asked touching my belly.

“He is fine. Can’t wait to touch your belly too” I replied grinning.

“Common Cindy, that is not now,” she said as we both giggled.

💕 Chris POV💕

I sat on my hospital bed chatting with Liam about our plans for the proposal.

“You know, I want it to be at a shopping mall where they are many people,” I said picturing the scenario.

“That is a great idea. I will take care of the choristers and visitors” Liam said happily.

“Thank you liam for everything. For always been there when I needed you the most” I said holding his hand in mine.

“Chris don’t mention. I am just so happy you finally thought of settling down. Not only that, settling down with Mara. She is the best partner for you” he said smiling and I couldn’t help but pull him into a hug.

“Thank you daddy Junior liam,” I said and we both laughed happily.

“And I am so happy for you guys. Mara is pregnant and I know your baby will be so beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you liam,” I said blushing.

“Just one thing bothers me” he said.

“What??” I asked nervously.

“The child will be so powerful, am scared that if he or she punches someone it could lead to death,” he said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Imagine combining your strength with that of Mara” he said raising his eyes brows.

“I can imagine,” I said amidst laughter.


💞 Mara’s POV💞

I kept feeling weak every day so I decided to ask the doctor personally for a test. He did the test and confirmed me two weeks pregnant.

It was like a dream, I was so happy when I heard the news. I can’t believe I am finally going to give birth to Chris’s child. “I won’t tell him yet. I want it to be a surprise” I thought happily

Chris and I were discharged from the hospital and I am so happy to see he was fine and as handsome as ever.

I couldn’t take it when he took the bullet for me, I went unconscious due to the shock. I thought I would never see him again.

Chris held me by my waist out of the hospital and so did Liam to our pregnant Cindy, I am so happy for them. Can’t wait to surprise Chris

We started walking out of the hospital and I noticed the car wasn’t outside.

“Where is the car, Chris?” I asked with my head on his shoulders.

“Mara we are taking a stroll with Liam and Cindy today” he replied smiling as he kissed my lips.

“Sounds nice,” I said smiling. We goy to the street and started walking down.

“Mara come let’s walk together,” Cindy said smiling.

“Yes, let us leave the guys alone,” I said kissing Chris before moving to Cindy. Liam moved to Chris and they started chatting walking in front of us.

“How is the baby Cindy,” I asked smiling.

“Fine” she replied touching her stomach.

“I want to tell you something. Promise me you won’t tell Chris” I whispered in her ears.

“What is that?” She whispered back eagerly.

“I am pregnant” I whispered happily Into her ears.

“Really!!” She whispered happily. I was about whispering into her ears again when a car stopped beside me and some masked guys came out and pulled Cindy and me into the car.

“Chris!!” I yelled fearfully.

“Liam” Cindy called too.

“Mara!!! Cindy!!!” They both called In shock and before they could run to us the car zoomed off.

Happy new month guys 😍❤

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