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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 22


(She is psycho😒)

Authoress Ti Fe💞📚



💞 Mara’s POV💞

Our eyes were tied with clothes in the car as we moved. I held unto Cindy in fear and she did the same to me too.

I was so shocked to speak up, and I could feel Cindy breathing hard against me. I tapped her gently trying to calm her down.

The car came to a halt suddenly and I heard the door open. I looked in the direction of the sound holding Cindy tighter.

“Come down miss” I heard a man say.

“Come down to do what?” I asked trying to be bold.

“Ma’am, we were instructed not to hurt you please come down,” he said and I felt Cindy leave my side.

“Cindy!! Hold on I am coming with you” I said and moved to where the light was coming from. I felt someone hold my hand out of the car.

“Who the hell sent you guys!! I will kill that person” I yelled as they lead me with my eyes still tied to only heaven knows.

I heard a door open and I was moved again. The person removed his hand from me and I shook in fear.

“Congratulations ma’am,” he said and I heard him leave.

“Congratulations that I was kidnapped!!!! I promise you, you will be dead by the time my Chris gets here” I yelled in anger.

“Cindy are you here” I called again.

“I am here Mara” she answered and sighed in relief. “Don’t worry they would find us soon” I said trying to be bold.

“They have found us,” she said and I felt someone lose the cloth on my face. I shivered and opened my eyes gently. Everywhere was dark and I couldn’t see anything.

“Cindy where are they?” I asked looming around.

“Here,” she said and the lights came on immediately revealing a beautiful hall of different amazing decorations.

I saw some people standing very arranged and before I knew it they started singing so beautifully.

“What is going on?” I asked looking back to see Cindy smiling behind me.

“Congratulations Mara,” she said and I looked at her confused.

I looked around and I saw Chris coming out from a door, he was wearing a beautiful white suit. He looked so handsome, just like a god.

I smiled immediately I saw him, tho I was still confused about what was going on, but seeing him gave me joy.

He walked to me smiling and when he was before me the lights went off and a spotlight was on us. The choristers kept singing beautifully.

“Chris” I called as he knelt before me and bringing out a small box, he opened it and I saw a beautiful ring in it. It was glowing under the light.

“Mara, will you be my wife?” He said smiling and I stood in shock looking at him.

“Is this really happening?? Am in really getting engaged to Chris??” I thought smiling.

“Yes Chris, I will!” I said happily stretching out my finger to him. He placed it on my finger and I jumped on him hugging him tightly.

“I love you, Chris,” I said feeling so excited.

“I love you and our unborn baby too,” he said and I became shocked. How did he know?

I looked back to where Cindy was narrowing my eyes. “I am innocent,” she said giggling.

I looked at Chris and he kissed me deeply.



I sat on the bed wearing Baby Frederick’s diapers when I felt pain in my tummy. “Cindy” I called in pain and she ran to me quickly.

“What is wrong Mara?” She asked holding me.

“I think the baby is coming,” I said as my water bag burst.

“Liam!!!! Chris!!! Mara is in labor!!” She yelled moving me out of the room.

🌹Chris POV🌹

I rushed Mara to the hospital in my car with the help of Liam and Cindy. She was taken by the nurses into the labor room.

I kept pacing in front of where I am and Cindy sat. “Bro, calm down she will be fine. Mara is a strong girl” he said following the way I walked with his eyes.

“I am trying to be calm but I can’t. I am so scared Liam, I have never felt like this” I said still pacing.

The door opened and the doctor came out of the ward. We all ran to him as fast as we could.

“How is my wife doctor?” I asked nervously.

“Congratulations Mr. Chris, your wife has giving birth to a bouncing baby boy,” he said smiling.

“Yes!!!” I yelled happily hugging him tightly. I quickly disengaged from the hug after remembering that it was the doctor.

“Am sorry, I am just so happy” I said shyly. “It’s okay I understand. You can see her now. Excuse me” he said and walked away.

I looked at Liam and Cindy and they gave me a go-ahead. I walked into the ward and I saw Mara on the bed.

I saw a cradle close to her, I rushed to her and she looked at me smiling.

“We did it, Mara. Our baby is here” I said happily as I moved to where the baby laid.

“Yes, Chris. We did it” she replied happily but tired.

“We will name him Moris. Moris Stone” I said carrying him from the cradle.

“Nice name baby,” she said as I moved close to her kissing the baby before kissing her.


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