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Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚


(Act like a fool😂)

😂 Mara’s POV😂

“Ohh no, its the demi god.” I said again.

“Why must it be him?” I asked as I held my head in my hands.

“Mara do you know him?” My mum asked me.

“Yes mom.” I said.

“We have met before.” I added angrily.

“That’s nice Mara, he will pick you immediately he sees you since you have met before.” She said happily.

I looked at her in disgust, she doesn’t even know how we met and she is talking like this.

I faked a smiled and nodded reluctantly.

“So tell me how did you meet him?” Mum asked facing me properly and smiling

“Mom you know what? let’s forget about that and think of how the interview will go.” I said within gritted teeth.

“Mum when is the interview?” I asked.

“It’s tomorrow morning dear by 8am, don’t worry it will be fine.” She said Happily.

“Okay mom.” I said as I ran to my room and slammed the door.

“Oh God this is bad, So he is Christian Stone.”

I started pacing around my room thinking of what to do. I can’t let mom know I got into trouble with him again.

I picked up my phone and called Cindy, she picked up at the first ring.

📲Hey baby girl.

📲 Hi Cindy I need to tell you something, am in a big mess.

📲 Not again Mara what is it this time.

📲My mom wants me to work as an househelp.

📲What is wrong with that?? You need to pay for what you did Mara.

📲Thats not the problem moron. The problem is working in the same house with a man I kicked in the balls.

📲 What!!! Mara, that’s bad.

📲 That’s why I called you, tell me what to do please am confused.

📲 You know what Mara, behave like a fool when you get to the interview, don’t answer any questions, tell them you have no experience, this won’t let them employe you and you won’t hurt mother as well.

📲 Oh Cindy, it will work, I love you so much thank you. I knew I can count on you.

📲 Its nothing Mara, we are friends. I have to go now infrom me how it went when you get back okay? Good luck.

She hung up and I jumped up, yes!!! This is a great idea, I need to start rehearsing well.

😍 Chris POV😍

I was signing some documents that liam brought to me when my phone rang. I took it and looked at the caller. Its mum.

📲 Hi mom

📲 Hi baby, how are you doing.

📲 Am fine mom, just busy presently.

📲 Okay then let me tell you what I called you for on time so I don’t disturb.

📲 Hope no problem mom, you scaring me already.

📲 No Chris, after talking to you yesterday and you said you were yet to eat because you were busy, I took a step.

📲 what step mom?

📲 I posted a vacancy notice online in search for an house help. I imputed your name and picture and added both genders can participate

📲 What!!! Mom why would you do that! I thought we have discussed about this mom.

📲 Chris,do you love me??

📲 Sighs* Mom you know I do. But..

📲 Then do this for me, the interview is tomorrow morning by 8am, I fixed on a Saturday to make it convenient for you.

📲Tomorrow?? Mom!!!

📲 If you want me to stay alive you would do this for me, love you son

She didn’t even let me reply her before she hund up. “Shit!!! I hate people close to me.” I yelled hitting the table startling Liam.

“Leave me for now liam.” I said and he left the office. I love my mom so much and I can’t let her die, I know what to do. I will employ a guy and after 2 weeks I will sack him.

I continued signing my papers, I finished and called liam to clear my table. I carried my bag and left for my house, mom is so problematic.


😂 Mara’s POV😂

…The next day….

I woke up very early in the morning, I was so nervous about the interview. I was up all night rehearsing how I was going to behave like a fool. I got up and went to the bathroom, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and started blushing.

I took my bath in warm water and moved out to get dressed. I creamed my body and dried my hair, I opened my wardrobe and stood in front of it confused. I don’t even know the cloth to pick.

I searched through it and saw a crazy jean wuth straps attached to it I had not worn for a very long time, I smiled and brought it out, I missed you dummy I said as I kissed the jean trouser. I looked for a top and I saw a very big top with a rock star drawn on it like a cartoon.

Perfect I said as I picked it and wore it, I wore the crazy jean and fixed the straps. I packed my hair the normal way i do pack it, I took a black face cap and wore it. I got to my shoe rack and took a whit snickers from it.

I stood in front of my mirror, yes!!! Am good to go I said. I picked up my phone and checked the time it was 7:00am, am quite early I said as I bounced out of my room to the sitting room.

I got there and found mom waiting for me, she was dressed in one of her favorite, I looked at her surprised and smikied. Mom what’s the occasion?? I asked as I got close to her? Am following you to the interview and I need to look nice.

What!! Following me?? Why mom?? I asked amused. Because I can’t let you cause another trouble she said finally. I sighed and rolled my eyes. And what is this you are putting on she spoke up again.

Mom its a jean and top, I said smiling. To an interview??? Mara!! My mom called. I moved close to her and hugged her mom its fine, I will be picked , the cloth doesn’t matter, I have a good charm that follows me around.

Fine ! If you say so we have to go now, its a 45mins journey to his mansion she said. I nodded as we both moved out of this house. We boarded a cab going to the address on the notice. I looked out of the window.

Ohh God help me, this is going to be tough, first Christian Stone, secondly mom I prayed silently.

We got to the mansion, we got down from the cab and paid the driver off, I looked inside the mansion through the opened gate. Wow!! I said looking at it, its so big and beautiful, I have never seen such a beautiful house in my life.

Mara let’s go in, the interview is starting very soon, my mom said as we both walked inside. Many people were already sitted somewhere around a corner in the compound. Wow they are many mom, when will it ever reach our turn I said frustrated.

Don’t worry Mara, there is good luck around us my mom said as she moved to the place people were sitted. I followed her and I saw how people stared at me, only heaven knows why I thought as I saw a man directing us to where we will sit.

We sat and the man gave me a paper with 39 on it, so am number 39 I thought, he wanted to give my mom but she said she was with me. Can I follow her in for the interview my mom asked the man.

Sure ma’am, just pray he doesn’t send you out like he has been doing to everyone who goes in for the interview. My mom became scared as she heard that, thank you she said to the man as he left our presence.

Don’t worry mom all will be fine I said. We waited and watched how people were coming out in tears from the mansion. I became so scared, because once he sees me he may even call the cops.

Number 39!! A man called from inside the mansion, I quickly stood up and faced my mom, all will be fine she said smiling. I nodded and walked in with my mom holding my hands.

😍Chris POV😍

i was already becoming so tired of the interview shit, look liam am tired of this nonsense, I warned mom but she wouldn’t listen. All the people that have been coming in I don’t like any of them please stop this interview.

I will explain to mom later, I stood up and was about walking to the inner room when another person came in. I was backing the person and liam, Please sir let’s take this last one, it may be a success he said.

I have made my final decision liam I yelled facing back to see the b**ch that kicked my balls looking at me speechless. I became speechless too, how dare her enter my mansion I thought.

She was still dressed in her normal boys cloth, she was looking really cute with her outfit but I didn’t let that get to me, she is nothing.

She was with another elderly woman, immediately I knew it was her mother. Please Sir give us a trial her mother said coming close to me almost crying. We have no source of income sir please we need this badly she said and went on her kneels.

I looked at her and for the first time I felt pity, Mara come here now her mom said and she bounced to my presence without any emotions, she really gat some guts I thought. Ma’am stand up I said and pulled her up.

I don’t even know why am nice now, maybe because I have something to gain which is frustrating the life of that Mara and making this place hell for her, she will go on her kneels and beg me I laughed inside of me.

I looked at the Mara and smiled, ma’am don’t worry I will employ her and pay her well I said smirking wickedly. Seriously the woman’s eyes widen, thank you so much sir she said as she hugged me.

I looked at Mara and smiled wickedly, you are dead I said using my hand to demonstrate it and she smriked too looking at me. Its okay ma’am you can go to liam he will tell her what to do I said pointing to liam.

I walked out from the interviewing room, I laughed loudly that girl is so dead, she will pay for hitting my balls.


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