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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 4


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Authoress Tife💞📚


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💖Mara’s POV💖

As soon as Chris left us in the room, I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy that my mom was happy and I was sad because I know that Chris is going to torture me, its so obvious.

We sat in front of liam, and he gave me a paper of what I will be doing in the house. I read silently as my mom watched me smiling. There were over 20 works to do, my eyes widened as I started going through them.

Serve him coffee every morning, do the laundry, cook, water the flowers, dress him up and so on. This works are too much sir I said looking at liam. Boy that why you are paid $500 every month he said.

Ahhhhh I sighed this is going to be though, can’t I remove the one of dress him up?? I asked again. Mara!!! Don’t complain again and don’t cause any troubles. We were chosen by luck so do whatever is in there okay? My mum said.

Hmm!m I nodded and signed it I gave it back to liam. So you are starting today and you will be living in the mansion he said as he stood up. Wait live here?? Start now??, that wasn’t part of the signed contract I said angrily.

Well that’s how it is, so follow me now to collect your uniform, you can’t wear all this here he said as he walked out of the room. I looked at mom and she gave me a go ahead nod, she stood up, i will go get your stuffs she said and waved me goodbye as she went out.

Ahhh!!! Its now me and my God I thought as I followed liam. He took me to a room looking like a store, he handed over to me a navy blue top and trousers, I held it up and examined it. Its a guys clothing I said looking at him.

I actually love it I thought, yes it is so wear it now boy and you are good to go he said and moved out of the room. I hate it when they call me a boy I muttered as I changed my clothes into that of the uniform.

I check myself out in the mirror, perfect I said, I bonded my hair and wore my face cap,I moved out of the room not knowing where next to go. I came out and started admiring the mansion, the mansion was built with gold. Truth be told, Christian Stone is really rich I thought as I continued strolling.

I got to a room and its door was decorated so beautifully, with flowers, tho I act like a guy I love flowers so much I even used them to decorate my mom’s shop. I went closer and touched the door.

I placed my hands on the flower admiring them, the door opened slightly while my hands were on it, oh its not even locked I thought as I opened the door to see a very beautiful and big room in front of me.

Wow!!!! I said as I walked in,a solemn music was playing, I looked around and saw different nude pictures on the wall, ewwww I said in disgust as I continued examining the room. It had almost everything in navy blue colour, it matched my uniform perfectly.

The bed had blue coverings, only heaven knows the owner of this room, could it be Christian Stone’s room?? Or liam room?? I am sure its not Christian Stone’s room, someone as arrogant as him can’t like blue as a color.

Its Liam’s I concluded and continued walking room the room.

😍Chris POV😍

i was under my shower bathing, I closed my eyes as the hot water poured on me. I heard the music I played in my room clearly, I started singing loudly too that’s how I do everyday. I play music anytime I want to shower and sing along very loudly.

My bathroom is sound proof so as I my room so anyone doesn’t here me from outside but I hear noises from outside clearly in my room. I continued singing under the shower when the music changed to an hip hop song.

Gosh I hate hip hops, I can’t believe that sing is on my music player I muttered. I came out of the shower and tied a towel around my waist, I need to change that f**king sing I said as I stormed outside the bathroom.

I got to my room and the music was so loud, I saw someone backing me and dancing,the person was wearing the male maids uniform, I stood there and watched in anger. The person rolled on the same spot without noticing me but I caught a glimpse of her face. That b**CH.

I must confess, she can dance, her steps were killing but I don’t mind now how dare her come into my room without my consent. She bent down and started swaying her buttocks to the rhythm.

I got so angry and moved to the music player and stopped it, she was so carried away that she didn’t even know when I left the spot I was. Liam why did you stop the music?? Am just starting to enjoy it she said. So she think its Liam’s room.

She turned back and jumped up to see me at her back, Mr Christian she said scared, I smriked wickedly she looked down to my body and quickly turned her back against me. I am so sorry sir, I didn’t know it is your room, I will leave now am so sorry she said as she faced me with her heads bowed.

She started moving out, Stop there!!! I yelled at her immediately she got to my side. She jumped up at the sound of my voice but she didn’t look up, I saw her shaking and I am happy about it.

Look at me i said facing her properly, sir?? She said suprised bit she was still looking down. I said look at me I yelled and she jumped up and looked at my face.

😂 Mara’s POV😂

I quickly looked at him when he yelled, I was so scared, he is the first person I would be scared of in my entire life and I don’t know why. I looked into his face and was determined not to look down.

I saw his smile, Gosh!! I felt shivers run down my spine, his hair was dripping wet and his lips and eyes were so cute, gosh I feel like kiss him right now I thought. My eyes moved down from his face to his neck.

I tired cautioning myself but I couldn’t, my gaze landed on his chest and my mouth dropped open, he was f**king well built, his nipples were pink,his breast plates were looking so rigid and strong I felt like touching them.

Do you like what you see?? I heard him speak, but I couldn’t reply he was mouth watering. I looked down to his abs geeeezzzz they were so enticing, water dripped down them like when a liquid is poured on a staircase.

It was complete 6, I followed the way the water moved from his abs down to his belly button were the towel was tied. I asked you a question!! He yelled making me look back to his face in fear. He started moving close to me.

I wanted to talk but my mouth wasn’t opening, I continued moving back as he continued moving towards me. My back touched the wall and he leaned closer to me.


💕 Chris POV💕

i watched her drool over me and I felt to proud seeing her like that, I can’t believe she has a soft spot after how she behaved when we met. I moved closer to her and she continued walking backwards.

Her gaze never left my abs, its not surprising every lady wishes to touch them when they see them. Now she was against the wall and there was no way for her to continue moving. I moved closed to her and leaned forward.

She was still looking at my abs, I need to tease her I thought, I reached for her face with my hand and raised the up to look into it. I looked into her face, I admired her eyes, nose, lips once again.

She was truly beautiful but she is no match to the bitch I f**k my inner mind said. She was lost staring into my face too. I raised up her chin and brought my lip closer to hers, she closed her eyes immediately.

I smriked wickedly at her as she closed her eyes, I moved my mouth to her ears, you are no match to the b**ches I f**k so stop dreaming I wished to her ear almost touching it with my mouth.

I moved back and I saw her open her eyes in anger, get out of my room now and change this uniform to the appropriate one for you i said disgusted. She nodded and smiled, I wonder why she is smiling.

She moved close to me still smiling, truth be told I was so scared but I stood firm, I am a man. She came close to me and before I knew it she punched me on the stomach and ran out of the room.

Arrrrggghhhh I groaned in pain, Mara you are dead I yelled in pains.

💝 Mara’s POV💝

I was so carried away with his beauty and all I wanted to do was to kiss him, but the fool got me angry and he got what he deserved I thought smiling as I walked down the stairs to the sitting room.

I sighted liam watching a movie as I got down the stairs, liam! I called. He looked back at me, hey boy he said smiling. He is so dumb, how will he call me a big when he saw my name on the signed contract, those a boy bear linda I thought.

I faked a smile and walked up to him, please I need a females uniform, I am not a guy I said rolling my eyes. Like seriously you are not?? He asked surprised as his gaze almost tore my clothes.

I nodded, I need to change now I said still faking a smile, okay he said smiling but still looking at me intensely. He led to the same store and gave me a female uniform, thanks I said. He looked at me and smiled before moving out.

I removed the old uniform and wore the new one, am doing all this to reduce the chances of been sacked just because of mother nothing else I thought. I went to the mirror stand and I looked at myself.

The gown barely touched my knees, Gosh its too short I have never worn something like this. But you have to here a voice came from behind me. Oh liam I said smiling. I took my face cap and wore it.

You look beautiful he said smiling widely and I blushed immediately,no one has ever said that to me. Thanks liam I said smiling. But trust me you won’t be needing the face cap, boss won’t allow it he said pathetically.

Why?? I asked angrily, well its not part of the recommended uniform so its not allowed, he said smiling. Okay fine I said as I removed the face reluctantly and dripped it on the clothes that I had removed at first. Good girl he said laughing.

He is also cute bit not as cute as Christian Stone I thought as I smiled back. I will show you off to your new room he said and led me out to the passage.

We got to a door and he opened it, we both moved inside. Wow!!! I said as I walked forward from him. Its so beautiful I uttered very happy, it was painted pink in color, its my best color I uttered and looked at liam who was busy smiling.

He came In very well and dropped the key on the drawer beside the bed, I have to go now, I have to attend to some things he said. Ohh yes, thank you so much I moved closer to him and brought out my hands to shake him.

He shook my hands and smiled, I love it when you smile I said seriously. Thank you he replied blushing, he left my hands and left the room. I continued examining the room when my phone rang.

📲Hey mom

📲 Hey Mara come down here, I have brought your stuffs.

📲 Okay mom, I will be there in less than 3 mins.

I hung up and rushed out of the room to met mother.

I got down to see my mom chatting with Christian Stone. Oh God hope he hasn’t told her what I did I thought as I got to were they were sitting. Hey Mara, my mother called as she stood up and drew me into a hug.

We disengaged from the hug shortly, your boss told me you have been so nice since you got into the mansion, thank God you haven’t caused any troubles, am proud of you Mara she said smiling.

Mother I made a promise and I mustn’t break it I said as I drew her into another hug, I looked at Christian Stone over my mothers shoulder and he shot me a deadly look. We disengaged from the hug.

She looked at Christian Stone and he quickly wore a fake smile. I will leave now Mister, please take care of my daughter my mother said smiling. I will take care of her very well he said and smriked at me wickedly.

My mother bade me goodbye and left the mansion, I went to my stuffs she brought as carried them, I turned to leave when Christian Stone called me back. Mara! He called shocking me.

He has never called me by my name, I looked back and saw he was looking at me coldly, he looked at me from hair to toe. I drew the end of my gown down making him look up, when I called you, you reply with yes boss do you understand!!! He yelled.

I looked at him and smiled, okay. I said I carried my stuffs and moved upstairs, I felt his gaze on my backside, when I noticed this i intensionally started walking slowly swaying my butts as I moved on the stairs.

TBC ….


Mad people 😋😋😋😂😂

I love y’all 😍

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