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🍑 Chris POV🍆

I watched her sway her buttocks as she climbed the stairs, I felt horny immediately, I felt like bending her on my bed and having her from behind I thought. No she is not my type, she is lower than the bi**chs I f**k I said shaking the thought off my mind.

Liam I called, I need him to fetch me a bi**h with a very big a**. Yes boss he said as he came to my presence . liam I need a bi**h as soon as possible, I feel like f**king I said rubbing my d**k.

Yes boss he said looking away, make sure she has a big a** I added as I went into my room. I sat on my bed when my phone rang. It’s mom

📲 Hey mom.

📲 Chris am so happy, I heard you employed a girl as your maid thats good news.

📲 hummm yes mom, I did it because of you, you know I love you and I don’t want to loose you.

📲 Thank you son, I will pay you a visit very soon okay?

📲 Okay mom, thank you so much.

I hung up and laid on my bed. You may be wondering why I always talked about my mom and not my dad. Well he is so wicked, my mother told me he left her when she gave birth to me.

He didn’t want to take responsibility, tho he later begged my mom and came back after I had grown to this level, I don’t still like him. He comes visiting with mom once in a while but we end up having issues before he leaves.

I just don’t like him, he doesn’t call me and I also don’t call him he is a bad father. Sir the Lady is here liam said into the door bell of my room. Send her in I said laying on my bed.

A lady came in shortly, she was wearing a very short gown that exposed her large boobs, her hips were killing, they were threatening to rip the gown apart. I bade her to come forward, she smiled seductively bitng her lower lip.

I got to my front and turned round in front of me, f**k her ass were visible under her gown. I felt my d**k twitch inside the gree short I wore. Turn me on I said within gritted teeth. Tho I was already turned on by her body, I wanted to see how well she could play.

She climbed on the bed and sat on my thighs while I laid flat on the bed, she reached forward and kissed me deeply sliding her tongue into my mouth, I responded immediately she tasted like what I don’t understand.

But she tasted good, she started unbuttoning the shirt I wore still kissing me, soon my chest became exposed, she looked at my chest and a smile crept on her face. She bent and started kissing my chest.

Arrrrhhh I sighed in relieve, she is so good, she moved down to my short, she looked at me and smiled seductively again. She kissed my d**k from the shorts making it twitch again, she smiled as it did that.

She pulled down my short with my boxers, my d**k sprang up to her face, wow!! You are very big and beautiful down here she said as she swallowed it into her mouth, Ahhhhh I groaned as her hot tongue met the cap of my d**k.

She continued moving her mouth up and down my d**k while she used her hands to play with my balls. F**k I muttered as I stood up and drew her close to me, I removed her clothes in haste and buried my face in her b**ba.

Ahhhhh!! She moaned silently, I played with her big tits skillfully and then moved my finger to her g-spot. She was already very wet down there, she raised up her hips and moved to the rhythm of the way my hands went in and out of her.

F**k!!! She yelled as I increased my pace still using my fingers, please take me now she struggled to say. I smiled and brought my d**k to her passage, I moved in earning a scream form her.

I filled her b**chy pu**y quote well, I started going slowly thrusting into her, I made sure I hit the last wall of her p**sy while she continued shouting like a bitch she was. I increase my pace thrusting into her deeply.

Yeah!! F**k me!!! She shouted disgusting, it was so loud and her scream filled the room, I felt my c*m gather up and my ball tightened.

I thrusted the more like a mad man, I groaned and she started pleading for me to stop, stop is she kidding me?? I asked myself am about to come and she is telling me I should stop. I didn’t listen to her until I felt it close to my d**k’s cap.

I withdrew immediately and placed it in her mouth, I exploded into her mouth, while she licked the c*m off me without leaving a single one, she swallowed every bit of it. I collapsed on the bed breathing heavily.

That was great you are so good she said as she laid close to me wanting to kiss me. Get out I said sitting up, what? She asked like she didn’t hear me. I said get out!!!! I yelled, she quickly stood up and wore her clothes.

What of my money?? She asked boldly, annoying b**CH I cursed under my breath, Liam will settle you I replied her while she left the room.

😍Mara’s POV😍

I was arranging my clothes in the wardrobe, when my phone rang its Cindy .

📲 Hey Cindy I said happily.

📲 Baby girl how are you

📲 Am very fine Cindy

📲 So tell me how was the interview.

📲 Cindy my mom followed me to the interview, he wanted to stop the interview but when he saw my mother begging him he decided to employ me. My mom is happy and thats the most important. He even said I will be living here from now on.

📲 But how will you survive up to one month in that house with that guy there, won’t be frustrate you?

📲 Cindy have you forgotten its Mara? I know how to handle people like him and you know this well.

📲 I trust you Mara, just don’t jeopardize this opportunity, its important to your mom okay?

📲 Thank you Cindy, I will try

📲 Bye.

I finished arranging my clothes, I felt thirsty and decided to go fetch some water from the kitchen, I moved out of my room in search of the kitchen when I saw a lady with this killer body coming out from Christian Stone’s room.

She wore a very short gown, it barely covered her bu**s, her hair looked scattered she moved down to the sitting room and started chatting with liam. He handed some money to her and she left.

I looked back to Chris room and saw him smiling stupidly at me, Mara he called, I moved to him with an expressionless face. Yes boss I replied mockingly, come give me a massage he said and moved into his room.


💖 Mara’s POV💖

What? I should massage you? That’s not part of the deal I yelled from outside his door. Come in now and massage me or you loose $100 from your salary he yelled back.

$100!! My eyes widen and I ran inside immediately, he was laying on the bed shirtless, geez this guy loves to torture me I thought as I looked at him, check for the massaging kits in that drawer closer to you he said jolting me out of my thoughts.

I nodded and went to the drawer, I saw different herbal creams and liquids in it. I picked up few and went closer to him, he smile showing his cute dimples and layed properly facing his back to me laying on his chest.

This guy doesn’t know the kind of hand I have I thought smiling wickedly at him , he had closed his eyes already expecting the massage. I went to the bathroom and got warm water and a towel to massage his body.

Mara don’t keep me waiting or you will forfeit your salary, he yelled angrily. Gosh!!! I am doing this for mom and nobody else, I hate him so much I cursed under my breath as I moved close to him, I stood close to his bed and bent to reach his back.

I placed the towel in the bowl of water and squeezed the warm water out of it, I placed it on his back and started cleaning it adding a little pressure on it. Ahhhhh!! I sighed in relieve, bastard I thought as I looked at him angrily.

His eyes were still closed, I moved my hand down to his waistline and I saw a smile crept on his face, his back was so fresh and succulent, they looked like ripe tomatoes, I felt like eating them. I continued doing it and I knew he loved it, I didn’t even know I was this good I thought smiling.

He moaned again like a fool, a whole me massage this d**k headed guy. I placed the towel in the warm water and this time I didn’t squeeze it dry, I placed it on his back and he yelled in pain.

Am sorry I said mockingly, he opened his eyes and looked at me in anger, I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself. How dare you!! He yelled am sorry I didn’t mean to I said making a baby face.

He closed his eyes again, continue he said to my suprise, the fool doesn’t give up easily I thought in anger. His back was already red

I stopped using the warm water, and took one herbal cream from the different ones I placed on the bed. I pressed the tub on his back and started the massage again, you are not doing it well standing he said opening his eyes.

Hun? I looked at him, so how do I do it I asked frustrated, sit on my back he said and closed his eyes again. What!!! Sit on your back?? There is no need for that I will make it more effective while standing I said angrily.

He stretched his hand and took his phone, What are you doing? I asked confused. Am calling your mom that she should come take you away that you are giving me issues he replied pressing his phone.

What!! I tried reaching for his phone but he stretched it far from me, fine I will sit on your back please don’t call my mom I said sadly. Look who is begging, he said smiling.

He dropped his phone and laid again, I reluctantly sat on his back, my thighs brushed his back sending shivers down my spine, I was only wearing panties and because my gown was short I felt my ass touching his bare back.

Gosh!! I cursed and started massaging his shoulders with the cream, he kept on smiling like a fool, am sure he is feeling my ass on his back now, fool I thought angrily. I moved my hands to his waistline while I shifted and sat on his a**.

I was still massaging his back when he turned abruptly facing me, I lost my balance and almost fell of him but he pulled him and I landed on his chest, my head on his shoulders and his hands right under my b**ts.

I was so shocked and I could hear my heartbeat, my breast pressed against his rigid chest and I felt my nipple harden in my bra, he is so hot I thought. Can you please continue I heard him say.

I quickly stood up and now he was facing me and I was facing him, why did you do that?? I almost fell I asked looking away angrily. But you didn’t fall he replied smiling.

I can’t !massage your back with your chest facing me, turn back I said standing up. He pulled me back and I landed right on his d**k, I felt if right on my p**sy. My eyes widened and I looked at him in disgust.

Massage my chest he said smiling widely, he is so annoying I felt his d**k was trying to find passage into me. I waved off the thought and started massaging his chest. His chest is so beautiful I thought silently.

I looked at him, he was busy smiling and looking at me, but he wasn’t looking at my face, I traced his gaze and I saw them right under my gown.

Shit!!! My gown was open and am sure my panties are visible, how come I didn’t notice I thought and got down from him in haste. I was so angry, why would be stare at my panties.He looked at me and started laughing hard.

I threw the tube cream that was with me on his face and stormed out of his room in anger.

💝 Liam’s POV💝

I was heading to my room when I saw Mara storm out of the boss room in anger, what did he do this time?? I asked myself. Boss takes anything called girl to his bed, since I have started working for him and living in his house he has always used girls and dumped them.

I pray Mara is not a victim,she looks so innocent, I moved to her room and knocked on the door, who the hell is there, who so ever it is go f**k yourself she yelled in anger.

I was suprised at her statement, its liam I replied calmly. The door opened shortly and when she saw me she managed to smile. Can I come in I asked smiling, sure she said and made way for me into the room.

I stood in the middle of the room looking at her walk to the bed. Come sit she said patting the bed close to her, I sat beside her and she smiled at me.

Are you okay? I asked her I’m a serious tone, yes sure I am why? she replied smiling. I saw you coming out of the boss room and you looked very angry, did he hurt you? I asked looking at her emotionally.

Oh no Liam, its nothing we just had some misunderstandings, there is no problem at all,bits under control she replied smiling. Are you sure I asked again. Yes Liam and thanks for asking she said holding my hands.

I nodded and smiled back, please be careful when you are with him I replied sadly. I will okay? She replied and patted my shoulders. Can we be friends now I asked hoping she would say yes.

We are already friends liam she replied and I felt so happy okay, I have to go now I said and she nodded okay liam. I stood up and walked to the door, I almost opened it when her voice stopped me.

Liam, who was that Lady that you were talking to this afternoon i saw her coming out from the boss room she asked very serious. Well Mara that’s a personal matter don’t bother yourself with that bye I replied smiling and walked out of her room.



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