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Living With Mr Sex Freak – Episode 9



(She is psycho😒)


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Written by Authoress Ti Fe 💞📚




(No, I don’t love him)


💗 Mara’s POV💗


i went outside the mansion into the compound waiting for Cindy, the gate opened and she came in, she was looking so beautiful as ever.


Cindy, I yelled happily and ran to hug her. Baby girl she replied hugging me too. How are you?? You look great!! She said turning me around.


And you look so beautiful as ever Cindy I said and we both laughed. She was wearing a crop top and an high waist trousers. She has always intimidated the guys in college with her beauty.


Truly she was very beautiful, I am not a match to her at all. We both walked into the mansion holding our hands happily. Baby girl, this mansion is so beautiful and huge, you are lucky she said admiring the sitting room.


Cindy have you forgotten that I am just a maid here and nothing else, so why are you saying I am enjoying I replied rolling my eyes. Baby girl every one would wish to live in this kinda of house under any circumstance she said and we both laughed.


We both sat on the chair, and she continued surveying the sitting room. I allowed her do so will I watched her smiling. Omg!!! She yelled and stood up immediately making me flinch.


I looked at her bewilderment, she ran off and I kept watching her till she came to an halt in front of Christian Stone’s portraits. Ahhh I sighed shaking my heads, his looks reply Worth’s the scream.


Mara this guy is damn hot!!!! She yelled happily, I stood up and went close to her smiling, yes he is and that is my boss. What!!!! You mean this Demigod is your boss!! She yelled in surprise again.


Yes I replied smiling, Oh Mara you are so lucky she said jumping happily. And how am I lucky?? I asked raising one of my eye brows.


Seeing him alone in the morning is enough for breakfast Mara she said and I laughed loudly, you are insane Cindy I said.


She came close to me and whispered into my ears, am sure he will fall for your charm she said giggling. Oh please Cindy, he doesn’t even want to see my face I said smiling. He is my boss remember.


Mara, that does matter it happens she said and I laughed again. Now tell me, do you like him she asked pulling me to the couch and sitting me down while she sat beside me.


Oh common Cindy, he is my boss, I don’t like him I said rolling my eyes. Well it looks like you do, she said and stood up again. Don’t I really like him? I asked myself as I remembered what he said when he hugged me yesterday, Oh God.


Hey Cindy snap out Cindy said snapping her fingers at my face bringing back to reality. I looked away in embarrassment. Mara there is something you are not telling me she looked at me with narrowed eyes.


Cindy, I went to the boss’ room yesternight when he finished having a quarrel with his father, I felt he was going to hurt himself so I went in. I met him drunk already and will I was there trying to caim him down he hurt himself.


I was still cleaning his cut when he started telling me his father’s behavior when he was young in tears,how his father left him and his mother for another woman.


He asked me if he was that bad and I said no that he wasn’t, he hugged me one time and said I shouldn’t leave him too. Since yesterday I can’t take off that statement from my mind, tho I know he was drunk.


My heart doesn’t accept that he was drunk I finally said. Cindy listened attentively to what I said without any word. Mara, you need to take it easy, for his words to be getting to you this much it means you love him and care about him she said touching my hands with her palm.


No Cindy, I don’t love him, I just pity and care about him I said shaking my head. Okay, let’s watch and see she said smiling.




We continued chatting and she helped me do some of my chores till it was night. Oh Cindy its late already and the boss will be back soon, i ….. The knock on the door stopped my speech.


Talk of the devil, I said and moved to the door, I hope he isn’t angry about Cindy been here without his consent.


💖 Liam’s POV💖


We got home from the company, I found it hard to talk to the boss. I hated the fact that he was seeking Mara’s attention in different ways, can’t he just stick to the b**ches he f**k I thought in anger.


Liam what is wrong with the boss’ voice came from the back of the car very coldly. Nothing, I replied coldly too. You seem so quite today, are you having some issues he asked again.


Why can’t he just let me be?? I yelled inside of me. No boss, I am fine . hmmm okay he finally said. We got home shortly and I knocked in the door.


It opened and Mara showed up, Hi I said trying to smile. Hi, she replied smiling, she was looking over my shoulders outside. What are you looking at?? I asked looking back. Where is the boss? She asked to my suprise.


Shit!! He is coming I said in anger and moved to my room, must she always ask of him, can’t she see how caring I am? Why cant see just give md the attention I need.


I was still on my way to my room when I sighted a young beautiful lady at the kitchen door. She looked at me and smiled, Hi she said waving shyly.


Hi I replied smiling too, she sounded so gentle, what are you doing here I asked as I moved to her. I came to visit Mara, just to keep her company since you guys were not around she said blushing seriously.


I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t help it, I bursted into laughter. Why are you laughing?? Are you making jest of me? Am I ugly she said making an angry face and folding her hands under her chest raising them up slightly.


Oh no no I said trying to control my laughter, You look very beautiful I must confess I said smiling widely. Really?? Thanks she replied blushing. Anytime she does that it tickles me.


Liam, I said stretching my hands forward. Cindy she replied and took my hands in hers. Nice meeting you we both said and we laughed together. She is so funny.




💝 Chris POV💝


I walked in shortly after Liam went in, I entered the mansion to see Mara standing in the sitting room waiting for I don’t even know who.


Hi, she said smiling, Hi, I replied coldly. She moved closer to me and took my hand that had the plaster. I stood there watching her, why is she so concerned about me.


Boss I think we need to change this plaster on the cut she said. Boss? Its sounds odd coming from her, well I told her to call me that. I just nodded and she left my hands and left for my room.


Why am I so speechless, I thought and moves to my room, before I entered I saw Liam and a lady chatting and laughing. So he can laugh today after how he behaved in the company I thought rolling my eyes. They didn’t even seem to notice me.


I walked into my room to see Mara standing holding my first aid kit in her hands. She smiled and I felt my heart melt. Goshhh I thought and moved to her looking away. I sat on my bed and unbottened my shirt revealing my bare chest.


I looked at her and caught her staring at me but when she saw I looked at her she quickly looked away. Ahhh I sighed and stretched out my hands to her. Why does she affect me this much I thought looking at her.


She sat at the edge of my bed a little far from me, is she even scared to come near me? She took my hands and removed the plaster carefully. I groaned a little due to the pain and to my surprise she bent her head and blew some air on it with her mouth.


I felt ease immediately she did that and I closed my eyes. I opened it shortly to see her staring at me. I stared back at her and we were both staring at each other in silence. She looked away and started dressing my wound with the cotten wool.


I was staring to hate the awkward silence, Thanks for yesterday I said shyly looking away from her, I was so carried away yesterday by my emotions and I couldn’t help but drink, I am sorry I disturbed you yesterday I said as I felt tears heat up my eyes.


Boss, she called softly, I removed my hands from her and looked away totally, I hated the fact that I am crying before her but I can’t just help it, it hurts so much, the memories hurts I thought in tears.


I lost my dad when I was very young, I didn’t get to know him, my mother told me so many good things about him but I wasn’t privileged to meet him, my mother had to do the work everyday, feeding me and making sure I am okay.


I miss my dad so much, but boss I didn’t continue crying I stood up on my feet and decided to make him proud anywhere he is. Boss, you have a father who still comes to you to explain things to you, you should have to drink like that she said and touch my bare shoulders with her palm.


💖Mara’s POV💖


Immediately I touched him, he looked back at me and I could see nothing but pain in his eyes, his eyes were already red. Mara, I just can’t help it he said and bursted into tears again.


I moved closer to him, tho I was so scared my heart was beating very fast, its okay boss I said and tapped him. He looked back at me in tears and placed his head on my shoulders.


Thank you Mara he said, I touched his head and smiled its okay boss, I need to go now, let’s me go make dinner I said smiling. He nodded and raised his head up, tears stained his face, I brought out the handkerchief in my uniform’s pocket and cleaned his face slightly.


He looked into my eyes then to my lips and his gaze stopped on it. He moved closer to me still staring at my lips, I felt my heart beat very fast, I just stared back at his eyes blankly.


He got very close to me and his face was just 1 inch away, Mara he called me in a whisper, I felt his breath on my face and it sent shivers down my spine. I quickly stood up from him, I can’t let this happen.


I need to go now I said and left the room without looking back. What just happened?? Did he just attempt to kiss me? I did just melt because of his breath?? No no Mara, you can’t let him get to you.


He has no emotions, he uses and dumps ladies, he just wants to get into your skirt I thought shaking my head? I need to keep my distance from him.


💝Liam’s POV💝


I and Cindy really get along well, she is so funny and for some moments I forgot about the boss and his advances to Mara. We were still in the sitting room discussing when I saw Mara come out of the bosses room.


I felt anger rise in me, I wasn’t even listening to Cindy anymore. She looked carried away as she came out of his room she didn’t even seem to notice us.


Hey Mara! Cindy called happily. Hey Cindy you are still around, am so sorry I forgot you were still here, I had to attend to the boss Mara replied smiling. But I knew she wasn’t smiling from inside


Its okay Mara, liam here has been a gentleman keeping my company, Cindy said again.


Awwwn that’s nice of you liam Mara said smiling at me.


I smiled back faintly. Cindy its late already, won’t you get going, I don’t want mama to start getting worried Mara said adjusting Cindy’s hair.


Sure, I will get going now she said and carried her bag. Liam nice meeting you again, you really made my day, surely we will meet again she said blushing.


Oh yes Cindy, it’s my pleasure, good night I said and pecked her on the cheeks making her blush again. Goodnight she replied and moved to Mara.


Let me escort you Mara said and they both moved out. I need to tell Mara how I fell before it is too late, I can’t take it seeing her so close to the boss.


She came in shortly and looked at me, goodnight liam she said smiling and moved to her room. Wait Mara, I said and moved closer to her. She looked back at me without saying any word.


I need to talk to you I said. Okay, she said nodding. Not here Mara, let’s talk in your room I said and she looked at me with a narrowed eyes.


Please Mara, I mean no harm I said holding her hands. Hmmm okay she replied and we both left for her room.




Good morning guys ❤️


I love y’all 😍


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