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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 1

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 1

( Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction )


The beginning of us….began by fate…


Alfred fingers furiously dances around on the keyboard as his eyeballs dances around in their sockets with it.

Droplets of sweats drip down his forehead and some gathered at the center of his forehead. He would have wiped them off…but he's just too busy to do that.

“GRRRR! GRRRR!!” The telephone also dances furiously waiting for its owner to pick it up.

“Yes Alfred Morrison speaking…not to worry Mr cliff…I'll be there before noon. Yeah they presentation is still on…give us one more chance…” He continues speaking to the telephone while the door opens and his secretary walked in.

She makes a slight bow then drop some files on the table.

“Yeah…we'll sort it out…have a pleasant day Mr cliff” he disconnects the call.

“These are the files for the new recruitments you asked for…this is the original copy of the new brand…and this is the contract from OASIS Foundation. And these are the complaints from the protesters” she gesture to different flies on his desk.

“Alright you may go…and get the car ready we're leaving in five minutes” Alfred said his eyes glued to the laptop not giving her a look.

“Yes sir” Belinda the secretary bowed before exiting his office.

Within three minutes he rounded up what he was doing. Took a quick look at some files then took his laptop.

He wore his business suit then head out of his office. His secretary was already waiting.

“Juliana Walter will arrive from France 5pm tomorrow”

“Have you set up an appointment with her?” They chatted as they head to the elevator.

“I did but she insist on you coming…she won't see anybody else except you”

“I can't…I'm busy”

“So is she. That's what she says” Belinda replied and Alfred sighs.

“We can just look up another model sir”

“No…it has to be her…tell her I'll meet her”

“Yes sir…”

“…Radiating skin and the best you could ever invest on” Alfred finished his presentation with a stamped smile across his face. The investors clapped.

“That's good but Mr Morrison with the current situation on ground now I think it'll be best to be careful” one of the investors Mr Spain said.

“I promise you you won't certainly regret it Mr Spain”

“You know I trust you…but I just can't seem to trust your products after the last incident…money isn't easy to make…if one is doing charity then it should be clear don't you think?” He raised his brow while Alfred adjusted his glasses.

“My fellow friends what do you think?” Mr Spain faced the other investors.

They began murmuring.

“Mr Morrison I certainly believe your judgement but as Mr Spain here said…the risk is kind of high” Mrs Albert said.

“And to think you aren't over the crises yet…I really think you should put this on hold for now” Mr Smith added.

“Or better still sell it. We can discuss this between ourselves Mr Morrison” Mr Spain smirked.

“I know all your fears and I promise to do the right thing. Don't fret…this is a good business plan you don't wanna miss out. I'm gonna go through with it. I'm meeting Juliana Walter tomorrow for the contract signing”

” Juliana Walter?”

“The France model?”

“Yeah…she's gonna model this product…so I assure you…everything is all fine…as for the crises…very soon it'll all be cleared off…it certainly won't get in the way of the new product…we already talked to OASIS FOUNDATION also…and they seems like they wanna work together with us for the new product…I think it'll be quite a big hit” Alfred convinced while some investors just clear their throats.

“So…now shall we proceed we should discuss the pros and cons…” The meeting continues.

He walks into the factory with his usual cold aura omitting from him. The place became cold instantly the nervous workers all Scampered away in fear back to their respective positions. The ones who had seen him from afar quickly ran to alert others.

“Red code! Red code!! HE'S HERE!” Immediately the workers heard this without any hesitation they returned being the most serious hardworking workers one could ever see. Of course they should or it'll earn them their only way of survival. They surely don't want that. No one does.

“The goods?” He asked balancing his golden wristwatch properly on his wrist.

“Everything on track sir?” The fidgeting supervisor replied nervously and he nodded.

He walks around the factory inspecting the men as they work. He nodded in satisfaction.he turns to leave the men breathe out in relieve secretly but suddenly he swivels on his heels and walked into a corner…and right there…he saw it. Another prey. He smirks walking towards it. The supervisor bit his lower lips and rush after him.

“Ge…get up! The president is here…” The supervisor kicked the middle aged man who was fast asleep. He opens his eyes Grumpily on seeing the president he leaped up.

“Wel…well..come sir” the middle aged man bowed.

“It's hard isn't it?” Hardin asked looking around.

“No…not at all” the man shakes his head.

“No it's okay I understand…working in a factory twenty four hours nonstop…you barely get any sleep….it's must be extremely hard esp at your age”

“It was a mistake…for…give me president…it won't happen again”

“Yeah it won't…it shouldn't right?” He faced the supervisor.

“How much is your salary?”

“Si…sir…me? 200_”

“Then I guess you'll have to manage your budget well this month since you'll be getting half” he cuts in.

“Sir!” His eyes dilated

“Send him home…let him sleep more” Hardin dropped the bomb. The man swifty went on his knees.

“No…no sir…please pardon me…I was too exhausted that's why…I really won't do it again…give me one last chance” the man begged clutching unto his trouser.

“You know what I hate most right?” Hardin asked the supervisor.

“Ex…excuses?” The supervisor replied.

Hardin smiles facing the man

“My regards to your family…tell them how I saved you from dying of exhaustion here at the factory” he kicked his hand on his trouser away taking his leave.

“You people won't be the end of me seriously…how could you sleep?” The supervisor gritted.

“Matt…help me beg him he'll listen to you” the man pleaded.

“You can say that after cutting my salary into two? Move” he nudges the man aside and ran after Hardin.

The remaining workers didn't even bother paying attention to them. They all face their work. They can't avoid to be fired also. They went through hoops to be hired.

“How long has he been sleeping?” Hardin asked as he walk out of the factory together with the supervisor.

“I heard fifteen minutes sir?”

“You know…within that fifteen minutes millions can be gained as well as lost. That fifteen minutes is more than enough to bring down a company you've been building for fifteen years…I don't keep lazy and irresponsible people as my allies…just so you know next time it won't just end with your salary…the goods”

“They'll be arriving next week”

“Make it three days”

“Sir? But sir…the distance betwe_”

Hardin stops and face him.

“You can't?”

“No sir…it'll arrive in three days”

“Good…go…go back to work…or better still to sleep” he smirks patting him on the shoulder before leaving.

“That…what does he take me for? Three days? Will I perform magic or what?! That rotten d**k HEY! YOU AND MY FIRST SON ARE MATES!!!” The supervisor yelled after making sure his car has left the factory.

“Eish!” He kicked the air.

Jess Sat on the couch with his latest girlfriend in town rubbing his chest gently. They're actually having a slumber party at her house.
Sharon, Jesse's girlfriend's lil sis catwalk to and fro shaking her little hips to his face.
Jesse smiles and gulp down his wine. After some minutes sharon head upstairs with Jesse's eyes following her.

“Enjoying the party?” Jem asked and Jesse smiles.

“I'm gonna use the restroom real quick”

“Should I follow you?”

“I'm all yours for the night…I'll be back” he winks and head upstairs with his face plastered with a knowing smirk. However she was gone by the time he reached upstairs. He was confused on which room was hers. Still looking around a hand drag him inside a room he smirks knowing who it was. On getting inside he smash his lips on hers and it was more like a battle of the tongues. It lasted a while before they unlock. Sharon smirk then locked the door from within. She catwalks to the stereo and played a song then finally rested her back against her desk playing with her hair. Jesse smirks going closer.

“You shouldn't be doing this…” sharon said in a seductive as he draws Jesse who steps closer to her by his tie.


“Aren't you dating my sister?” She bit her lower lip in a sexy manner.

“I'm ain't marrying her…and I think…” He leans closer and whispers to her ear.

“…you're a better option” Sharon's face reddened immediately.

“I think you're too good for her as well…” She said almost whispering.

“Cut the shit now get down there and make me feel like a man” he ordered and sharon smirked before going on her knees. Her hand went to his trouser she unzipped it and his rod bounced out standing fully erected. She smirked. She tease him for a while drawing circles on the cap then drop a kiss on it.

“Damn she's good” Jesse thought.
She continues teasing but Jesse wasn't in for that. Without any warning, he grab an handful of her hair and shove the thing into her mouth almost chocking her.

“Hmm…” He groans as she suck his rod from head to the balls. She glance up at him time to time Jesse seems to be enjoying every little thing with his hand still on her hair he keeps thrusting on and forth in her mouth. After some moments, Sharon unenveloped her mouth from it stroking it instead.

“Ahh…” Jesse groans throwing his head back in the air as Sharon stroke his little man. She spat on it repeatedly before taking it back into her mouth.

“Umm….” He continues groaning and when he discover he's reaching his climax, he pulled out and released it all on her face.

He sighs feeling relived. Sharon lick it all smiling at him. Jesse smiles back helping her up.

“That was fun” she said in her usual seductive tone while jesse smirked zipping back his trouser.

He moves closer like he was gonna kiss her.

“Call me…it ain't over yet” he winks and head out of the room. Sharon smiles to herself.

“What a pretty good catch…” She mutters.

“It's dusk already…I need to be fast to catch the last bus” Imelda mutters to herself and she make her way out of the forest.

On rushing, her leg got tangled with some leaves strings which eventually made her fall and rolled down a landslide.

“Ouch!” She rubs her knee which she got a cut on fanning it.

“It hurts like mad…” She picked up a stick she saw nearby and tries to support herself standing up. But on standing up she had to hit her butt on the ground back immediately when she saw a body lying lifelessly on the ground just few metres from her.

“OH MY!!” She gasped loudly.


“Are you really okay?” Imelda asked for the umpteen time.

“I'm fine miss…thanks a lot” the old man replied smiling warmly.

“But do you stay here alone? What about your children?”

“I stay alone…but don't worry about me…just go”

“I'd love to do that but…I've missed the last bus already and…” She held her stomach.

“I'm kinda hungry…” She bit her lower lips while the old man snickers.

“Wait a minute…I think I've got some food here” the old man stood up while Imelda followed him.


“Really? He isn't your real father?” The old man asked while Imelda nodded.

“Yeah…he adopted me when I was seventeen. Weird right? I mean who does that? He died last year due to some disease…Glio…goli…bast?” She said unsure

“Glilobastoma?” The old man corrected and she snap her fingers.

“Yeah that! Granps how did you know? I really hate medical vocabulary” she said fanning the hot potato she's eating

The old man only smiles.

“Chew slowly”

“Granps tell me…why are you here alone? Did you come to visit your wife?”

“Both my wife and my children” the old man replied.

“What? Children?”

“They died six years ago…in an unfortunate accident”

“Ohh too bad…I'm sorry you must be so sad and lonely”

“What a cheerful lady…” He smiles.

“Can I ask for a favor?” He asked.

“As long as it doesn't have to do with me laying down my life…my life belongs to God you know” she joked eating the potato.

“Just joking…what is it granps?”

“You know I have these three rams I really cherished a lot. But these rams gives me a lot of problems which gives me headache everytime”

“Really? They are bad. Lemme hear about them” she drop the potato giving the old man her full attention.

“One is White, one is black and the last is brown. The black one which is the youngest is always roaming about…it doesn't have a specific thing it doing other than cause troubles. The white one is the complete opposite to it. It's of no fun…always busy doing one thing or the other. no playing…no going out always cooped up somewhere alone. The last one which is brown is the worst of them all. It always angry for no reason, scaring people away from it. No one can go near it. It chases everyone away even I am scared of it sometimes…tell me what should I do?”

“Hmmm….just kill them and eat” Imelda replied simply.

“What? I can't do that! They're my lifelines”

“You said they're a pain in the ass…okay then why don't you do this? Take everything away from them and let them go”

“Take everything?”

“Huh. Think about it. It's because you're caring too much about them that's why they're probably misbehaving. If you teach them a little lesson then they'll come back to their senses”

“But what if they all run away?”

“Haven't you heard of the prodigal son's story?”

“His father released him with something”

“I know…Just…an example” Imelda twitch making the old man chuckles for moment.

“That's the only way I think you can deal with them…or do you have any other way? Well maybe selling or killing them” she said but the old man was already lost in his own thought.

“Hmmm…” The old man put his hand on his chin and thought for a while. I think you have a point. I just got a brilliant idea” he beamed.

“You're really a lovable lady”

Imelda grins.

“That I am…so…can I get more of these please?” She point to the potatoes.

“Take it…it's all yours”

“Wow…thank you Granps” she grins widely while the old man just smile sweetly at her.

Three rams uh?

It took pretty long right?

M sowwyyy.

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