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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 10

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 10

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny? …that led you by the hand to me…?”


“What do you want?” Imelda glared at him while Tess just stayed back to watch what's gonna happen.

“Imelda i_”

“You aren't welcome here Miguel…get out!”

“You must be really angry with me… here I got you flowers” He smiles stretching the flowers to her.

“For the last time get out with you damn flowers” Imelda glared but Miguel swiftly went on his knees.

“Imelda please…I know I've done you wrong… I've been a jerk to you but we can't break up like this…I can't just let you go like this” He begged.

“Oh really now” She folded her arms.

Tess smirks where she is and just then the door opens and Hardin came in.

He saw what's happening and just decided to stay back and watch.

“I love you so much Imelda and I'm sure you do too” He continues.

“See all these happening is normal I tell you…in relationship you have to go through all sorts of things and worse. I'm not the first guy to ever cheat” He confined.

“Look this isn't the first or second time this will happen…why don't you just overlook it and let us get back together already” He said while Hardin just smirks where he is.

“He's a pro” Hardin mutters to himself.

“Is that all you have to say to me?” Imelda asked disappointed.

“See babe let's just forget everything we shouldn't be doing this right now. Partially this is your fault” He said and Imelda frowns.

“Oh really now? My fault?? It's my fault you cheat on me Miguel??” She asked wide-eyed.

“If you hadn't be stubborn and just gave me what I wanted any of these wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have cheated. I wouldn't have gone outside to satisfied myself innit? But you… you keep insisting when we get married…how do you expect me to wait till the uncertain? I'm man too Imelda there are some days where I can't just keep holding myself back.” He said while Imelda just keep quiet watching him rather speechless.

Tess scoffs. “What a wacko…” She mumbles.

Hardin folded his arms with a little frown visible in his handsome face.

Miguel continues.

“You act all innocent and holy all the time… you aren't holy Mary. Whenever I tried touching you you go all wild and crazy so of course I had no choice but to find an alternative. You pushed me to it Imelda” He accused.

Imelda was lost of words to say.

Is this really her fault? She kept thinking.

“I've put up with you enough you see…but you know what? Let's just forget everything and start a fresh… you wanted marriage right?” He brought out a ring from his pocket.

“Marry me Imelda” He announced.

Hardin paid rapid attention expecting to see Imelda's reaction to this sudden proposal she's gotten.

Miguel held her hand softly.

“It seems there's no other way to solve this so… let's just get married Imelda. I'll grant your long life wish” He smile cockily.

“No…Imelda no…” Tess mutters knowing how soft hearted Imelda can be. She won't really be surprised if she accepted his proposal. That's how much of a fool she is.

“Marriage?” She said and Miguel nodded with smiles still plastered on his arrogant face.

“You want me to marry you?” She asked again

“That's what you always wanted…I bet you're damn excited right now”

“What to do? You're too late Miguel?”

“What? What do you…?”

“I've deleted you in my life already…it seems you don't know but you've become my past… you've also fall into the level of those I call my exs… I've got a new guy already…I'm sure You've seen the news?” She said while Miguel looks at her baffled.

“Hey… that's… that's not true… it's just a prank to get back at me innit? First it was Jesse and now he's brother? ” He scoffs.

“When did you become a joker uh? You can't possibly date him within that short period of time we haven't seen each other it's not even up to two weeks” He added.

“Let's just say I cheated also”

Miguel laughs.

“You? Cheated?? Oh come on Imelda are you that angry that you're making up silly excuses? More so I know you aren't into men like that. You hate them more than you hate conflicts. Just marry me already…I miss you okay?”

Imelda sneers.

“Guess I changed… within those shorts period of time”

“Imelda listen i_” She fling his hand away then walk away from him.

Miguel quickly stood turning to go after her.

Hardin straighten up when he discovers she's coming towards him.

“The offer… still stands doesn't it?” She asked in low tones.

“It does…why?” Hardin smirks knowing where's she getting at.

“I need you now…help me…boyfriend” she pleaded with her eyes while Hardin wouldn't stop smirking.

He looks at Miguel who wore a mystified expression and smirks more. He faces Imelda.

“Why not… girlfriend” Was he response as he grab her closer smashing his lips on hers.

Gasps erupt in the shop.

Miguel's mouth went hanging.

Tess wowed.

A drop of tear eluded Imelda's eyes as Hardin's lips locked with hers.

Clearly cheesed off Miguel hit the flowers on the floor wrathfully and marched out of the shop.


Imelda wouldn't stop whimpering as Hardin drove her off to God know where.

“Will you stop already? You're distracting me!” Hardin jawed for the umpteenth time but she only weep more.

He offers her the tissues which she collected blowing her nose.

“Why said all those things if you don't mean it? I don't really understand you girls” He said but Imelda ignored him focusing on her weeping and sniffing.

When she wouldn't stop getting on his nerves he stopped the car.

“I give you five minutes” He said simply getting out of the car. He walks towards the bridge leaving her to cry her heart out but will still take a peep on her to see if she has stop.

Thirty minutes later he went back to the car now impatient with the aim of yelling at her if she doesn't stop but only to find her snoozing off. He scoffs.

“Seriously” He got back to the drivers seat and made to wake her up but then stop Midway. He remembers what happened at the shop a while ago and for a moment felt bad for her. He decided not to disturb her little kip and made forward to fasten her seatbelt which which had been unfasten earlier by her when he went out. This action made him got really close to her that he actually felt her breath fan his face but unfortunately Imelda's eyes came ajar when she noticed some strange movements around her. Her eyes widened and she pushed him away Immediately making him hit his head on the windows glass.

“Ouch!” He winced.

“What were you trying to do?” Imelda glared disapprovingly.

“What does it looks like?” He replied rubbing his head .

“In broad daylight??” She looks like him like he has grown two heads.

“Hey what're you insinuating? It's not what you think?”

“Then can you give me a reasonable excuse as to why you were that close to me just because I'm sleeping??”

“I was just_”

“Just trying to molest me!” She cut him off.

“Taking advantage of me…what a pervert you are” She eyed him warily.


“I should have been careful the moment you suddenly raped my lips earlier” she interrupted getting out of the car not letting him defend himself. Hardin scoffs and got out also.

“You asked for my help!” He defended.

“But I never asked you to ravish my lips! Now because I only dozed off you were already trying to get under my pants…what do I expect? I should be really be careful with whom I associate myself with some people are just perverted freaks!” She lashed at him leaving while Hardin just decided to hold his cool. He can't avoid to confront her now not when he needs her to sigh the f***king contract.

“Get in the car or I'll leave you here!” He yelled after her.

“Who cares! This isn't your first text abandoning me on the highway!”

“Can you stop being stubborn already! We have to talk about the contract!!”

“To hell with you and your damn contract!!! Don't follow me or I'll shout!!!” She yelled back while Hardin just run his hair through his hair in exasperation.


Hardin sit with his legs crossed while Imelda go through the contract.

“So you want me to go into a contractual relationship with you?”

“Were you expecting a real one?” Came his answer. Imelda hissed and gaze at the terms and conditions of the contract.

“So, as it said here I've to go on dates with you when necessary and pretend we're dating and such?”

“Literally deceiving the public we're dating and most especially that old man… although your level is too low for someone like me I'm having no choice but to do this this is a huge sacrifice on my side”

“What?” Imelda asked a. Bit annoyed by his response.

“Also you'll have to change your mode of dressing”

“Why do I have to do that?” She raised a brow

“You can't be my girlfriend and be this fuddy-duddy I can't risk people finding out I'm going out with an improvised lass like you…hey I'm a panjandrum it'll stain my reputation and I certainly don't want that. It's better to get rid of any shameful stain from the onset” He replied arrogantly making Imelda scoffs dropping the contact angrily.

“I never said I wanna go out with a wealthy f**ked_up freak like you!” She snapped.

“I'm only stating the fact” He replied nonchalantly.

“So am I and that makes me say this IM OUT! IM NO MORE DOING THIS YOU'RE SO RUDE THAT I FEEL LIKE GOING CRAZY EVERYTIME GET LOST FREAK!!!” she marched angrily to the door but then Hardin sighs.

“It's already like this. . I can't turn back anylonger…” He said softly making Imelda halted in her tracks.

“All my life I've been working my butt off just as to make this company what it is today… you could say it's literally my life that's why I'm obsessed with it. So many sleepless nights, hard work, hunger and sweat and not to talk of the fifthly mouths that has been run on it. I endured and endured to what it is today. It isn't just about me…many lives… million survival lies in the hand of this company. Have you ever thought…if this company went down…will I be the only one to suffer the loss? At least I'm rich…I can always get back on my feet…but …what about those people? What are they to do? Their only means of survival…how are they to start again? Are you that cruel… to overlook the struggling they're going through? Their income which is literally their lives… are you that inhumane to let it go down just like that?” He asked in a serious tone making Imelda's rethink what she planned on doing initially. She reasoned to what he said.

She thought for a while.

“What am I to do.” Her voice came out after a while.

“First sit down and stop getting unnecessary angry” He took the document and threw it back at her as she got back to her sit

“Sigh” he said more like a command.

“I'm not done reading…” She mumbles her eyes scrutinizing the document.

Hardin rested his back at the chair.

Phew! That was close! He thought.

“You're not to meddle in each other's affairs (Private lives) Party B's job is just to pretend like a sweet girlfriend in public…(no need for that in private) you must not ask personal questions…hold it even if you're curious. Party B is subject to party A. Party A has the absolute right to dissolute the contract anytime he dim fit. Party B mustn't grumble at any request given to her. (No complaint also) And also the most important one. EITHER PARTY IS NOT ALLOWED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE” She read out and Hardin scoffs.

“Wow…I can't believe I just read that. What makes you think that'll ever happen??” She frowns.

“Babe… anything can happen I need to take precautions…six months isn't a short amount of time especially when you'll be spending it with me. In case you don't know I'm such an easy guy to fall for” He confined and Imelda sneers.

“Maybe for some… you don't actually expect me to fall for a rude mannerless guy like you? Hey this isn't some soap operas wake up this should be directed to you not me” she retorts making Hardin laugh for a while.

“Listen dear…I personally think of ladies as a book. If the cover isn't attracting I won't bother to read the book and to say your own book” he paused his eyes scrutinizing her body from head to toe.

“Do you really think I would wanna read your book?” He asked rethoricaly like while Imelda keep quiet.

“Give me your account details”

“For what?”

“For what do you think? Will ten million do?” He asked while Imelda's widened.


“Why? Should I add more?”

Imelda breath in.

“Forget about the money…instead i need three things from you”

“What?” He asked curiously.

“Three things to be precise… first apologize to Mr Dad…I can't be dating a guy who was rude to my Dad and because of you he has become jobless he's old enough to birth two you. Second model for our coffee shop…we ain't doing well you know but I think if our shop has a face like you promoting it we'd surely hit the jackpot you can at least do that much for your girlfriend right? Third..” she paused and breath in.

“No touching' I wanna add that to the contract” She finished. Hardin said nothing for a while making Imelda wondered what's wrong. Then suddenly he burst into a belly laugh.

“Imelda oh Imelda you never ceases to amaze me…first” He crossed his legs.

“Why should I apologise when we've settle matter?”

“When did we?”

“Didn't my PA see you?”

“He did…he was quite rude and I chased him away”

“That's it. We've indeed settled it”

“Excuse me but he offered money which I rejected…what I want is your apology”

“Reject?” He dialed a number.

“Come in” He said while Imelda just watch. Seconds later Emma came in.

“Didn't we settled the matter with the sleeping old man?” Hardin asked his gaze glued to Imelda.

“We did sir”

“I don't remember us doing that” Imelda glared.

“You didn't but the other lady did…she accepted the apology I offered the other day” Emma replied.

“What? Tess did??”

“You may go” Emma bowed and leaves.

“Thinking about you aren't you guys the one owning me an apology?” Hardin said while Imelda swallowed hard.

“Tess…” She cussed beneath her breaths.

“Well I've decided to let go of the past it's best you do to. And second I admit I'm a public figure… but you using me like that is unfair for my image”

“You used me too”

“Your shop is not only shabby but too low and you can't expect me to leave this gigantic building to rat infested shop modeling for it?”


“But don't worry… I'll see to it. After all. It's my dearly girlfriend's request. Thirdly…” He smirked standing up towards her.

“You really think that's possible when we're dating?”

“It's not entirely impossible…we should maintain some distance when we're alone and also even if we're deceiving others it should have a limit. I don't want what happened earlier to repeat itself” she quickly defended. Hardin got to her trapping her on the chair she's seated. He leans close as she leans back.

He raised up her chin making sure they were both staring deep into each other's eyes.

“We're in a f**king relationship Dada…and we aren't practicing some f** king platonic love here… even if it's fake…we still have to be romantic in one way or the other don't you think?” He asked huskily with his face really close to her.

“This…is…act…ing” she shutters.

“Exactly…we have to act it well …so as not to be found out Dada” He smiles sweetly while she just blink her eyes repeatedly like some Barbie toy.

He kissed her cheek and back away going to his seat. Her eyes widened.

“The number three can't work as for the other two I'll see to it. Now sigh” he ordered while Imelda hesitated.

“I'm not sure …I'm in two minds about this” She mutters.

“Don't you dare think of backing out. No I won't let you. It's do or die! Date me or face my wrath” He threatened while Imelda just stare

What has she gotten herself into?

“Oh Lord help me…” She mumbles as she lay down her signature on the document. Hardin smiles standing up.

“From now henceforth you're officially my fake girlfriend” he stretch his hand forward for a handshake while imelda stood taking it.

“I hope it goes well” she replied as they shook hands. A sudden gasp left her mouth when he suddenly pulled her to him.

“Brace yourself cause I'll be getting you more off guards” He mutters while Imelda wiggle her body out of his hold. He wrapped his hands more tightly her head landed in his chest and she can hear his heart palpitations.

“Don't fall for me… there's no cure…” He whispered to her ears smirking non-stop as he hugged her.

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