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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 11

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 11

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny…that led you by the hand to me…?”


“No…I understand it's okay it can't be helped if you have to go on a business trip…we can just go when you're back…yeah…I'm good…safe journey Alfred” Imelda suck on her lower lip as she disconnect the call.

“He must be really busy…” She mutters to herself as she walks home but stopped when she sighted Hardin resting on a car which is obviously his.

“What is he doing here?” She thought. She made to turn leaving before he saw her. But it was too late as Hardin saw and called her frowning.

“Why weren't you picking your damn calls?” He frowns.

“Why are you here and how did you find out this place?” She questioned back.

“I went to your restaurant…Tess told me about it” He replied.

“What do you want?” She sighs.

“Do you wanna go in?” She added while Hardin made a disgusting face.

“No way! This place stinks”

“What do you want Hardin?”

“Get in we have a date tonight” he said simply.

“What! You didn't inform me of that before”

“Now you know”

“You can't just show up and order me around I may have plans also”

“If you had picked up your freaking calls then you'd have known…it keeps saying line busy who were you talking to?”

“It's…none of your business”

“Whatever get in… we've got no time”

“Ugh! I really hate this” She grumble getting into the car whilst Hardin did also.

“Find somewhere else to live…this place isn't befitting at all” Hardin said while she only rolled her eyes.

“Where are we going?” She asked but got no response.


Imelda walked in behind Hardin into the clubhouse. She kept drawing down the uncomfortable skimpy skirt Hardin had forced on her. Right now she felt like a total sh*t with that on her. She had had a heated fight earlier with Hardin over the dress but he managed to win and that's probably why she's in the dress now. The club was full of battalion of people.

“Bunch of unholy sinners” She mutters looking at the strippers and some making out in public.

Blustering music, shouts and all… the place was hammering so hard that such the noise could deafen someone. She followed Hardin who trudge among the throng of people keeping her head down and trying to avoid bumping into some people on their way as if she's gonna get infected with their promiscuity.

Hardin whistle immediately he reached his destination.

“Hey yo bro!”

“Xup man”

“Hey babe” Kim stood up giving him a peck.

Imelda just stood awkwardly playing with the hem of her skirt as Hardin chat and laugh with his unholy friends.

She scrutinized the place.



Ladies dressed half naked.

She scruched her nose.

“This people are definitely going to hell” She thought within.

“Hi s**y” Hardin's friend smiles at her.

“Hi” She said avoiding a contact with him.

“Why did you bring her here? I was thinking I'm gonna have you all to myself tonight” Kim creased her brows.

“I have to display a romantic boyfriend…gat no choice” He pulled her hand making her sit on the chair.

“Hi I'm Mike his best friend” Mike smiles warmly at her and she nodded.

“And I'm Jan his worst friend” Another said while she only nodded again.

“You're s**y I like you” Jan said again while Imelda gave him a disapproving look.

“Guys don't talk to her she's holy Mary” Hardin said.

“Wow…and I wonder why holy Mary is here … shouldn't they be in the temple?” Jan quizzed whilst Mike hit his occiput.

“They're seen in churches not temple” Mike corrected.

“Is there a difference?” Jan rolled his eyes standing up leaving them while Kim chuckles.

“Hey babe…” Kim called her and she faced her. She was wearing this cloth which exposed most part of her body chewing gum like a b**tch at the same time.

“What your father do?” She began interrogating.

“Jobless… thanks to someone” She gave Hardin a sore look.

“Mmm… mother?”

“Runs a coffee shop… you should stop over our coffee is really good” Imelda replied making Kim chuckles.

“I see…” She faced Hardin.

“She's way below your level babe”

“I know right” Hardin replied making Imelda a little annoyed.

“I wonder what your old man was thinking…this must be tough on you” Kim said rubbing his chin.

“Only you knows my pain Kim”

Kim smiles and looks back at her.

“Wanna have some drink?” She offered her a tequila while Imelda scoffs inwardly. Offering her drink after disregarding her.

“Her taste buds is probably allergic to that” Hardin said curtly before she could reply.

“Yeah…I'm not into that… thanks for the offer anyway”

“Babe… let's go over there” Kim grinned ignoring Imelda she pulled Hardin up and in no time they disappear into the multitude of people dancing.

Imelda sighs.

“What the hell am I doing here?” She mumbles.

“This place must be quite uncomfortable for you? ” She heard a voice.

Right…one of Hardin's friend is actually still there.

He smiles.

“Wanna go dance?”

“Thanks…but I'll pass”

“Sure… enjoy the night then…miss Imelda” He smirks also getting up and disappearing into the crowd of people.

“I wish I could get out of here” She mutters.

A notification buzz on her phone. She looks at it and sighs sadly.

It's actually a reminder of her dating anniversary with Miguel.


Her butt has started to hurt now. She has been sitting for over an hour staring at the numerous ungodly activities going on. She just wants to leave but Hardin is out of sight. He won't pick up either. She stood up…her throat was drying up and she needed something to quench her thirst. She can't possibly take alcohol but she knew there will actually be some drinks which is non alcoholic available. She walked to the bar.

“Can I get some water please?” She said to the bartender who gave her a weird look.

She sighs.

“Alright… something sweet” She just desperately need something to burn this thirst of her before it kills her.

The bartender smiles.

“Coming right up”

It started from tipples…but now she had drained up four glasses.

She kept bobbling her head up and down chuckling silently to herself.

No doubt she is already squiffy.

Her eyes darted to the dance hall and she blurb loudly before dragging her wobbly legs over to it.

She sauntered over to the stage and position herself like a soldier. Within a twinkle of an eye she boomed.

“YOU'RE ALL GOING TO HELLLLL!!!!!” Despite the loud music going on. Everyone stop in their various activities and focused on her.

She staggered to the center of the club. Silenced creeped in even the DJ stopped playing.

“You! You!! You!!! everybody!!! Hell is your home HELL!!!!” She boomed again

“Hell! Hell!! Hell!!!” She started chanting but instead of the people to go angry at her. They started chanting along with her. Finding it fun.



“Hell!!!” They chanted.

“STOP!!!!” She halt them. Staggered backwards a little then gulp.

“You all repeat after me…” She clears her throat and started singing.

“Hell is your home hell is your home!” She sings.

“Hell is your home…hell is your home!” They sing after her.

“No!! You!! Not me you!!! You have to personized it It's yours not MINE!” She yelled while the people ohhhed.

“Let's do it!!” Someone shouted amidst the crowd of people and Imelda smirks.

“Hell is your home…he is your home!”


“Hell is your permanent home!!!!”





“HELL IS MY HOME! HELL IS MY HOME..HELL IS MY PERMANENT HOME!!! HEL! HELL!! HELLL!!!” They started singing as they place went totally crazy. The DJ also put in some beats supporting it making it go crazier.

Imelda jump to the dance floor and started dancing wildly amongst them.


Hardin slumped on the bed sweaty. He was breathing heavily same with Kim beside him.

His chest rose and fall whilst Kim brought her finger to his chest drawing circles on it.

“I missed this” She drop a slight kiss on his chest.

“Let's meet up now and then… you're still as wild as always” Hardin replied taking her lips in his.

His phone buzz for the millionth time and he was forced to pull away.

“Don't pick it…it must be her” Kim pouted.

Hardin ignored her and took his phone.

“F**k” He had sixteen missed call from Imelda.

He clicked on the unread messages he has.

“Where the f**k are you dude! Your gf is f**king mad right now!!!”

“I thought she was a f**king nun!!”

“Get your butt here and do something!!”

The message rushed in.

Hardin creased his brows.

Just then another message pop in. It was a video. He tap on it and his eyes widened.

“S**t!” He sprang up from the bed Immediately throwing his clothes on.

“Babe what happened?” Kim asked concerned but he didn't answer and rushed out of his room.

Hardin rushed over and his eyes widened more on the sight that behold him.

“What the f**k is she doing?!!”

“Dude you're here… just where have you been?” Jan asked still dancing to the crazy music going on.

“What did you do to her?” He asked unfriendly.

“Chill dude…I did nothing…she suddenly started displaying this madness” Jan defended. Hardin rolled his eyes before marching to where Imelda is.

Something must have happened. There's no way she'll suddenly go Gaga like this. Why can't she just stay still he was only not around for merely an hour. Groaning he grabbed her hand and Imelda turns to him. Her face lightens up Immediately.

“HERE COMES OUR NUMBER ONE CANDIDATE TO HELL!!!!” she howled while Hardin frowns.

“You're going to hell rude guy” She started chuckling staggering at the same time.

“You're f**king slouched!” Hardin gave a disapproving look smelling her mouth which reeks of both tequila and mahatta.

How did she …

“Let's go home” He dragged the drunk Imelda out of the dance floor.

“Hardin what happened why did you suddenly rushed off like that?!” Kim ran to him on seeing him.

“Oh… it's another candidate to hell!”Imelda points to Kim whose face turned immediately.

“What did you just say b*tch?!” She raised her hand to slap Imelda but Hardin was quick to held her back.

“Just leave her Kim she's boozy… I'll take her home…see you later” Hardin said taking her away from there.

Kim fumed where she stood watching them leave.

He pushed the Imelda who wouldn't stop blabbering nonsense to his car and drove home.


They got home and Hardin carried her inside when she couldn't even stand straight.

He dropped her on a nearby couch and straighten his back.

“Short but heavy” He mutters while Imelda grunted on the couch. He looks at her for a while then squat in front of her.

“Why did you drink?” He asked staring directly at her.

“Because you're going to hell…” She replied and he hissed.

“You're going to hell Hardin…I'm sure of that” She said again.

“Who are you to say that?”

“I'm sure…hell is your home”

“You aren't less annoying even when you aren't in your right state of mind” He stated while she pouted.

“Even if I'm indeed going to hell then I'mma drag you along” He added .

“No! You can't do that!” She said in a haste.

“Why? It's okay for me to go but not you?”

“Hmm…I must go to heaven no matter what?”

“No matter what?”

“Mm…but lately I've been doing some sinful things”

“See… you're definitely going to hell too”

“No…I can't…I really can't… Hardin… you keep making me sin… that's why you must go” Hardin chuckles.

“You're drunk” He stood up.

“Sleep…I'm gonna freshen up” He said and went to his room.

Hardin got into his room and went to freshen up.

Minutes later he came out of the bathroom and clad himself in shorts he didn't bother to put a shirt on. He went to his bed and then remembered Imelda is out there in the living room.

“I'm sure she'll take care of herself” He mutters as he lay on the bed and close his eyes.

Imelda sleeping position on the couch will remember one of a full grown foetus. Her skimpy skirt has already pulled up revealing her exposed laps.

Hardin walks towards her with his hands pocketed in his shorts. He looks at her for a moment before taking her in his arms.

He place her gently on the bed and sighs.

“Imelda you….are in seriously trouble the moment you woke up tomorrow morning” He mumbles and turn to leave but Imelda held his hand. He looks at her.

“You weren't sleeping” He said to the wide waked Imelda.

“If I give you what you want…then will you stay?” She mumbles and Hardin creased his brows.

“That's what you want…if I give it to you…will you still love me the same?”

“You're gonna give it to me?”



“Because I love you…I love you so much Miguel…and it hurts to let you go”

“So you're gonna keep him by your side with this…. just because he wanted it?” Hardin asked and she nodded.

“You aren't gonna regret it?”

She nodded affirmatively.

He leans closer to her on the bed.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked again and she nodded still.

“Don't regret this later Imelda… don't” He mutters with his face so close to her.

“I'm giving it to you…like you said it's yours anyway…you gonna take it later it's best I give it to you now” she mumbles slowly.

“No Imelda… you're wrong…it isn't his anymore…now…I think it belongs to me…I'm the rightful owner now”Hardin replied with his hand on her face.

“Take it…I'm willing to give it to you…now”

“Won't you regret it?” He asked leaning closer.

“I won't” She mumbles back.

“You sure?” He asked so close to her now that her breath fan his face.

“I won't” She replied almost in a whisper and immediately she did Hardin slam his lips on hers.

In a Swift, her arms locked around his shoulder pressing him more on her.

Hardin kissed and grind his body on her at the same time. He suck on her lower lip for a while before exploring her lips.

Imelda open up giving him the entrance he needed.

They kissed wildly rolling from one side of the bed to another. Hardin unlocked and look at her for a while. She was breathing heavily and lust was all written on her eyes clearly.

Still looking, Imelda pulled him down locking her lips with his again. Their tongues started dancing with each other. His hands roam every part of her body while her hands ruffles his hair. Within a twinkle Imelda spun him over sitting on top him. Before Hardin could say jack she took off her top and throw it somewhere leaving her only in bra. Hardin's eyes widened. His eyes ran through her exposed body and for a while it stayed glued to her boobs which the bra is still accompanying. Lust quickly gathered up in his eyes. He brought his hands to her waist tracing her fingers seductively on it. Imelda's breath hitched then his hands finds its way to her @ss. She was still in her skimpy skirt which has already folded up so her little underwear is the only thing visible. He rub his hands on it continuously making her release breathy moans. He was already so hard and Imelda wasn't helping matter as she sat directly on his little man which was already poking her thighs. His hands coiled up to her back and Imelda leaned down taking his lips in again. She kissed him hungrily like she has always wanted to do that. After a while, Hardin rolled her over with him on top now…he took dominance over the kiss deepening it.

Hardin… you're definitely going to hell.

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