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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 12

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 12

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny? …that led you by the hand to me…?”


An extreme bang sent Imelda's eyes opened. She held her head as it hurts a lot. Groaning she turned t9 the other side if the bed just to meet with the shirtless Hardin sleeping soundly on the bed. She brought her palm to her eyes rubbing it just to be sure of what she's seeing. What the heck! An unclear memories of how she drank and sang at the club the other night appeared in her mind.

“No… “She muttered shaking her head. In a swift she raised up the duvet checking herself just to find herself only in bra and still in her skimpy skirt which had even rolled over to her waist.

An image of Hardin taking her un his arms to the room flashed through her mind and she went totally berserk.

“Hey….what time is it?” Hardin mumbles rubbing his sleepy eyes. Imelda look at him with bloody eyes.

“What happened? ” She asked almost in a whisper and Hardin grudgingly sat up.

“What do you you think happened? We_”

“Paa!” A resonating slap landed in Hardin's right cheek before he could finished his statement.

He looked at her shocked holding his cheek.

Imelda's eyes was already teary as she gave him that disgusting look. Still not saying anything she got up from the bed covering her chest with the duvet yanking it off from Hardin who is still in his shorts. She took her top on the floor it was and ran tobthe living room. Hardin ran after her after coming back to his senses. He held her hand as she tried to ran out of the house.

“You broke the contract… Don't ever call me again… ” She said solemnly yanking his hand away.

“We need to talk” He said holding her again while she tried to pull away Hardin tightened his grip on her.

“I don't have anything to say to you… Let me go” she glared back.

“You may not but I do…have your seat I'm gonna make you an hangover… It must hurt like hell”

“I hate you”

“Whoa whao.. Whoa girl first I don't like you either and second I'm yryna be nice here why are you treating me like some thrash?”

“Is there any better way to treat you?”

“Seriously…?” He crease his eyebrows.

“You took advantage of me Hardin!!” She hollered charging at him but Hardin was quick to held he din place. She glared at him breathing heavily.

“Oh is it about this? But i never took advantage of you and YOU F**KING ENJOYED IT!! ”

“I regretted ever meeting you Hardin you're despicable!” She spat.

“Hold on right there!”

“Hold on! So you could molest me again?”She raised a brow.

“You asked me to! ” Hardin snapped at her now getting pissed off.

“You asked me to touch you last night! I never took advantage of you I only did that cause you gave your F**KING CONSENT!!” He argued and Imelda scoffs.

“Yeah… Sure I'm sure I did that Hardin!” She snapped back the tears rolling down freely from her eyes walking away from him to the door.

“Take it…I'm willing to give it to you. You said that…last night” his voice came behind her. Imelda stops and look at him for a while.

“Even if I did…you still had no right…to do that to me” She said sadly and finally leaves. Hardin ruffles his hair.

“I told you you'll regret it” He muttered.


“Since when did you start drinking Imelda?” Tess raised a brow at Imelda serving her a tea also.

“It just happened” imelda replied laconically.

“Just happened? Wow Imelda is this really you?”

“Spare me Tess I'm not in the mood for that… My head hurts”

“So you two ha s*x? ” Tess asked bluntly and Imelda quickly covered her mouth to prevent the customers from hearing them.

She actually came right from Hardin's house to the shop to clear her mind. She feels like she's gonna do some crazy things to herself if she's alone. Surprisedly the shop was full when she came in. It was never like that before if not for the ordeal she's currently passing through she would have inquired about it. She explained everything to Tess… It's actually had to hid things from her.

“I don't know…I can't remember anything” She breath out.

“But I'm sure happened… That jerk did touched me”

Tess shakes her head.

“What a naive girl hey if he indeed touched you then you wouldnt be walking straight right now I thought you've never did it before…where is the flow? Where's the blood you moron…you're perfectly fine!” Tess hit her occiput with her palm and she winced.

“Hey! Talk with mouth my head hurts YUNNO!!”

“Now you're gonna shout on me?!”

Imelda hissed rolling her eyes. She reasoned on what Tess said. Seems she indeed get over herself… she's perfectly fine as Tess said so that means…ugh!!! Why can't she just remember anything!!

“Try to think of what happened last night…I'm sure Hardin wouldn't just do that to you… he's not a guy like that”

“Are you close with him to know the kind of person he is? I thought you hated him why does it seems like you're defending him right now?? You so much believe in him uh??”

Tess rolled his eyes.

“Sure…he may be a jerk I'm the past but now I've changed my opinion on him…” She paused folding her arms.

“How do you think we got all these customers?”

Imelda drifted her eyes to the customers.

“Your boyfriend did all these? Apparently yesterday he came to have a cup of coffee he took a picture of himself and posted it on social media…he literally brought all these people…not only that why do you think Dad is not around? It's because he had been given a better job much more better that the one he lost… Dad is now a supervisor at a factory…the same factory he was fired… everything turned beautiful over a night just because of your boyfriend mom is so over the moon right now. Now tell me do you think I can hate that kind of person? Even if I did I'll probably put the hatred on hold” Tess said to Imelda who didn't seem much surprise.

“He's really trying hard” She said flintly.

“Whatever you may have said to him it's better you just go back and apologize don't you dare let him slip away… he's our lucky charm”

“To hell with you all” She stood up and left the shop. Tess just shook his head watching her leave.

“You're in big trouble Imelda…seems you haven't realized it but… you can't be the same Imelda you were before…never…you have been caught in a web”


She got home and went straight to bed after taking some drugs.

“You're going to hell Hardin”

“If I'm indeed going to hell then I'mma drag you along”

“If I give it to you…then would you stay?”

“Are you not gonna regret this?”

“Because I love you…. it's all yours anyway…take it …I'm ready to give it to you”

“You're drunk”

“UGH!!!” She held her head as the memories came to her bit by bit.

“How frustrating!” She sat up taking her bag.

She scroll down the contact list and put Hardin's number in blacklist. She came in contact with Miguel and deleted it also without wasting any seconds.

“Right…I should just focus on my life from now on…no Hardin Miguel…no any damn contract ” she threw her phone somewhere and lay on the bed shutting her eyes tightly.


Imelda was coming back from work when she saw some people gathered. There seems to be a ruckus going on. Two of her neighbors is even crying.

“What's happening? Is there a contest or something?” She said to herself walking towards her apartment.

“Miss?” She heard a voice behind her and swivel on a heel.

“Me?” She points to herself.

“At least you're the only miss standing in front of me” The guys replied nonchalantly making Imelda hissed.

“Perfect way to start a converse uh?”

The guy sneered. “Anyways I see you're the one occupying this apartment?”


“I'll urge you to pack out as this building is to be diminished in two days” the gut replied freely.

“Excuse you what's that supposed to mean? I leased this apartment last week and it's technically mine at least for the next twelve months I paid for it so what's your deal?”

“Can you see those people out there?” The guys pointed to her neighbors who were lamenting.

“Yeah they all said practically the same thing you said just now unfortunately the apartment you claimed to leased the owner doesn't know anything about it. He isn't around and had no clue someone was tampering with his beloved building…I'm sorry miss but I assumed you've all been tricked”

“Excuse me Mr whatever your name is what are you implying?”

“In a nutshell…this building has never been leased to anyone… you've been scammed miss whatever your name is” The guy smiled.

“That's bullshit! I met the owner last week I signed the document with him myself with the real estate agent you can checked with him”

“Yeah they all said the same thing blah blah blah but the agent you claimed to have us nowhere to be found. He scammed you and ran away… you could report to the police like others at least you could get half of your money back… you're expected to vacate this building immediately as it is to be renovated very soon…soon I mean so I expect you out tonight”

“You don't do that! This isn't possible!!”

“Yeah right you must be shocked but that's all I have to say miss …but if you have nowhere to stay for the night you can always crash at my place…I'm a generous person you know” He winks.

“Get lost twit!!”

The guy smirk and walked away.

“Someone should tell me this isn't f**king happening right now!!!” She groaned as her phone rings. She picked it up angrily not checking the caller.

“TELL ME THE F**KING REASON YOU GOT A PHONE UH!! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU PICKED MY DAMN CALLS!!!” The angry voice came at the other end. She looks at the caller ID and it was an unknown number.

She hissed.


“We're having a date tomorrow… where are you?” He said rather calmly this time.

“None of your freaking business and I'm not going on any freaking date with you now buzz off!” She ends the call slumping in her knees.

“This can't be happening….no….my savings…” She weep.


“Wow never knew you'd still be here Miss?” The guy from the other day smirk at Imelda who was sleeping at a corner outside her apartment.

“It's quite nippy… aren't you cold? You should have accepted my offer yesterday”

Imelda stood up and brush herself.

“A perfect way to start my morning uh?”

“Good morning to you too you must have suffered dear Lady”

“Yeah but better than the thought of being with you”

“Come in stop playing hard to get already I can help you know” He held her wrist

“Let go right now” She gritted wiggling her hand out of his grip.

“Whao… pretty tough for a cute lady like you”

“Let go right now” Imelda glared deathly at the incessantly smirking guy holding her wrist.

“I assumed your two f**king ears is working perfectly…she asked you to let go dude” they heard manly voice and turned to see Hardin glaring at them.. especially the guy.

“And you are…oh let me guess…her hero? Wow does this makes me the villian?”

“Yeah and that's why you're gonna have to take the hit” Hardin said landing him a bone wrecking punch in the face.

“And take this as a bonus” Imelda kicked his Adam's Apple and he groaned.

“The next time you try shit with me I'm gonna make sure I render you useless as a man!” She spat.

“You follow me!” Hardin drag her to the car.

“Let me go!!”

“Can you tell me what's friggin going on?! Why can't I reached you! Why did you hung up in me yesterday and why the fudge is my do called girlfriend out here with some f**king dude molesting and harassing her out here early in the morning!!”

“He wasn't doing anything”

“So I saw?”

“So what you did worse!”

“Get in the car” he ordered

“Why should I?” She protested.

“Because we have a f**king date!”

“I'm not going in a date with you I have nothing to do with you stranger!!” She replied defiantly.

“Get into the car now before I lost my cool Imelda” He warned.

“Watch me…” She started walking away while Hardin ran after her. He carried her on his shoulder and took her to the car.

“Let me go freak!!!” She yelled.


“I didn't touch you…” Hardin said after a moment of silence.


His hands coiled up to her back and Imelda leaned down taking his lips in again. She kissed him hungrily like she has always wanted to do that. After a while, Hardin rolled her over with him on top now…he took dominance over the kiss deepening it. Imelda's hands hang around his neck pressing him down on her. Hardin broke the kiss and place his lips at the crook of her neck. She releases soft moans as his lips traces wet kisses all over her neck going to her chest which keeps going up and down. She wanted more . But then Hardin suddenly rolled over her he laid his back on the bed breathing heavHe couldn't do it even though he so much wanted it. He stood from the bed and went to the bathroom. By the time he came out Imelda was already sleeping soundly like nothing ever happened.


“I may be a man of huge sexual desire but I don't go around f**king just anyone… though last night you made me as horny as f**k I still didn't crossed my boundaries” he said while imelda keep shut.

“I don't just f**k anyone Imelda…I have my own preference too” he said again and yet she says nothing.

“You shouldn't do things against your wishes just to please someone else… those things break you in the end believe me…I'm talking from experience here…be wise”He added.

“I'll overlook what happened last night cause you were drunk…but next time it won't just end like this…why drink in the first place when you know you can't handle it”

“Ohh why won't I when you ditched me in some ungodly place?” She retorts.

“That doesn't justify you drinking…I thought you're a holy freak for goodness sake”

“Don't bring my religion into this”

“Short devil” He mutters but Imelda heard.


“And let me get this straight only me has the right go break the contract blabber hogwash about breaking it again and I'm gonna deal with you.” He warned and Imelda remembered about what Tess told her about the shop and her Dad.

“I see you kept the end of your promise”

“If course…I'm a man of my word” He smiles feeling contented.

“Thank you”

“Shall we go dating…. girlfriend?”


“But are we really being watched?” Imelda asked as she ice-skate with Hardin. This is actually the fourth thing they'll be doing that particular day. From dining to watching movie then to the arcade and now this

“Then why do you think I'm working hard right now” He faked smile.

“But what exactly did you do for the public to doubt you?”

“Forgotten the rules already?” He reminded.

“Just focus on your role”

“Sure whatever…what should I do?”

“Kiss me”


“You heard clearly….kiss me now…like a lovely girlfriend would do.!”

“I can't…”

“Kiss me Imelda… Now! ” He ordered and reluctantly she leaned forward to him hanging her arms around his neck but then…

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