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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 13

❤️ Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 13 ♦️

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny…that led you by the hand to me…?”


“Argh!!” Hardin groaned as his butt collided on the hard floor.

“Oh my! Are you okay Hardin?” Imelda faked a concern while Hardin just glared back at her.

“C'mon let me help you up” She took his hand but Hardin used the opportunity in pulling her down together with him. She landed on him.

“Ow!” Came a gasped from her. Hardin rolled her over and he was now on top .

“You think I don't know you did that on purpose uh?” He simper.

“I…I did nothing on purpose… you fell yourself” She lied while Hardin scoffs.

“Why? You hate being touchy with me that much?”

“I don't know what you're talking about” She tried pushing him away while Hardin only leaned closer to her.

“I told you we're being photographed…how can you be so thought less uh?”

“Alright insult me all you want…I careless” She rolled her eyes and Hardin sneered.

“Let's go home now…I think we've done enough…dear girlfriend” He withdraw from her standing. Imelda's face lightened immediately but then dropped on remembering she has no home anymore.

“Come on…” Hardin reached out his hand which she took standing up also.

“Let's go” He smiles interlocking their fingers while Imelda returned the smile. After all it's her job to do. They left the place pretending like a couple in love.


“Won't you get down?” Hardin frowns at Imelda who wouldn't budge from where she's sitting in the car.

“This is your home?”


“Why did you bring me here?”

“I thought you are homeless… come on I'm not that cruel to leave my beloved girlfriend out in the street I wouldn't want some rogues molesting her you know…come in where you feel like” He smirked then head inside.

Imelda breathes out before going inside with her luggage also. She met Hardin in the living room working on his laptop.

“I won't stay long… just give me few days” She said playing on her fingers while Hardin just nodded not looking up to her.

A minute passed


“The second room by your left… you can make use of that” He said curtly and she nodded before heading to the so called room.

“This is gonna be fun…” Hardin smirks as she left.

Imelda sat on the bed sighing. Her life is really taking a drastic turn these days. Many strange things keep happening to her. She lay her back on the bed staring at the whitish celling.

“I hope everything ends good…” She mutters.


Imelda made sure to leave the house before Hardin woke up and even when she comes back from work, she walks in stealthily like some thief avoiding contact with him. Hardin rarely see her since she stays in her room when she's back from work. He wonders how she even eat because she's like a total ghost living with him.


Imelda sat by the pool side. She hums a song sipping her juice also at the same time.

“Hmm… relaxing like this after a long day at work is the best feeling ever. I guess being a tycoon's girlfriend isn't so bad after all” She smiles to herself.

“I'm glad you at least know that” She heard a voice and scruched her face.

“Kill joy” She mumbles.

“Aren't you gonna give your tycoon boyfriend a welcome back hug? It's hard to see you these days” Hardin stated.

“Whatever…” She continues humming her song.

“I heard you got a job at Bellezza Cosmetics?” He quizzed but she ignored him humming her song.

“You didn't bother to inform me about it?”

Humming a song.

“You should stop working there”


“I called them on my way home to notify them of that… you needn't go there anymore” He added making Imelda sprang up from her seat now.

“What the… Who are you to do that??”

“Your boyfriend” He shrugged.

“Excuse me fake boyfriend” She corrected.

“And you don't get the right to boss me around or make decisions for me it's my freaking life!!”

“I paid you which means I have total pro Domino over you. You do whatever the f*ck I ask of you. If you needed a job you should have come to my office not my brother's”

“Hey I haven't even started fake dating you when I applied for the job and even so what's your problem with me working in your brother's company it's not like I'm selling my body there!”

“I don't care what you do there mine is I don't ever wanna see you there ever again!”

“Screw that Hardin!” She pushed his chest angrily. Hardin stumbled backwards and eventually fell into the pool behind.

“F**K YOU AND YOUR F**KING COMPANY!!!” She started marching away angrily.

Hardin started struggling in the water making Imelda looks back. She creased her brows standing there watching till he eventually drowns.

“HARDIN!!!” she dived into the pool and bring him out.

“Hey open your eyes”She slaps his face silently but he wouldn't budge. Getting scared she started performing CPR. After placing her lips on his the fourth time Hardin's eyes snapped wide opened. Imelda halted in her fifth attempt.

“Hardin are you okay?” She asked worried as she sat him up on the floor.

Hardin's lips formed a crooked smile.

“Good to see you care…why act tough when you aren't strong? You should take a look at yourself in the mirror you look like a woman who lost her f**king child” He mocked.


“Just resign from the damn work don't stress me further”

“You…were just pretending?”

Hardin scoffs and stood up.

“Do I look that weak to you? Hey is it possible for a panjandrum not to know little things like swimming? I thought you are just short but seems your brain is short also making your thinking short too” he said only to receive a deafening slap from Imelda

“Hey!!” He held his cheek.

“To the world… you may be a billionaire…celeb or an icon but you know… to an angel of death you're just another name on the list” She paused and kicked his knee.

“Ouch!” He winced rubbing it.

“I may be short but you're worse you claimed to be tall but your head is just there to add to your height… your thinking is totally useless. Don't ever play that prank on ever again…ever!” She warned leaving there in visible anger.

“What's gotten into her?” Hardin thought following her.


“Let me go Hardin” She glared as Hardin held her by the wrist.

“Where are you going?”

“It's none of your damn business…let me go now!”

“I__” Hardin was stopped in his statement when a voice suddenly spoke out.

“What the f**king cow!” Kim spat.

Imelda seems surprised.

“Al… Alfred?” She called.


“When did you arrived?” Imelda asked Alfred. They're currently outside speaking alone.

“Two days ago” He replied laconically.

“Ohh…two days ago…I see. How was the trip?” She asked again.


“Um…I got accepted at the company three weeks ago”

“Really… congrats”

Imelda went silent. Seems he wasn't in the mood to talk.

“About earlier… actually…” She finds herself explaining everything to him. Alfred only nodded in response. Minutes passed by without him saying anything so she just decided to end it like that.

“I'll be going inside” She said to him .

“Sure…” He replied and somehow she felt hurt.

“You should come inside too..” She said heading inside.

“You know you could have just asked for an earlier payment I'm sure they would have given you” His voice came stopping her in her movement.

“You wouldn't need staying with him” He added.

“Ohh… maybe I should have… it's okay though I'll just wait a week more” She smiles while Alfred just nodded.


“This feels like sh*t where's everybody?” Kim frowns looking at Jesse who wouldn't stop eating his fingers with irritation.

“Why do I have to be stuck with him?” She huffed.

Just then Alfred came in with Imelda. Kim stood up and nudge Alfred.

“Move nerd… you follow me” she dragged Imelda outside.

Hardin came out of his room he had actually went to change his wet clothes.

“Hey dude… where's Kim?” He asked.

“Dealing with the new chick” Jesse replied simply.


“Do you have anything to say?” Imelda asked creasing her brows while Kim folds her arms under her chest showing off her huge boobs.

“Have you guys f**ked yet?” She asked rather bluntly. Imelda arched her brows. Kim looked at her sternly anticipating for an answer. Then a sly smirk played on Imelda's lips.

“Forgive me oh Lord… for I'm about to commit a sin..” She prayed inwardly before answering her.

“So what if we have?” She replied folding her arms also looking up at her. Kim is actually more tall.

She scoffs.

“No way! He won't stoop that low to someone like you”

“And i won't stoop so low to someone like him either” Imelda retorts. Kim simper.

“So you haven't f**ked yet?” She said feeling rather calm.

“Why? Do you feel insecure?” Imelda asked


Imelda walks closer step on her toes and whisper to Kim's hearing.

“Don't worry sweetie…sooner or later we're gonna do it. Who knows it might be right after you leave” She smirks.

“B*tch” Kim mutters and Imelda smiles before heading inside.


“Side kick! Side kick!!”

“To the left! Oh no bro…go left motherf**ker!”

“Si_ oh f**k me” Hardin dropped the PS on the table.

“Loser face” Jesse teased putting his leg on the table.

“Your feet down your motherf**ker can't afford that”

“My mothf**jer spank asses bro” Jesse winks and Alfred stood up.

“I'm gonna leave first” He announced and just then Imelda walked in with Kim behind her.

“Where did you whizzed off to?” Hardin looks at Imelda but Kim suddenly grab him gluing her lips on his.

Hardin unlocked.

“Feed me Hardin…I'm really craving for you right now” She said seductively rubbing his exposed chest from the shirt he's wearing.

Imelda sat and took the chips Jesse was eating earlier not minding them.

“Sure babe… can't wait also” Hardin lift her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso.

“To your room” Kim said reconnecting their lips and off they go.

“Aren't you leaving Alfred?” Jesse asked the Alfred who was still standing.

“What are you waiting for? I can make use of the other room” He added smirking at Imelda.

“Shut up Jess… let's go Imelda” He held Imelda's hand taking her out of the house.

“What the f**k man! Am I to f**k myself uh!!” Jesse shouted after him.

Both walk slowly side by side along the estate.

“Aren't you busy?” Imelda asked .

“Actually I am…the launch coming up and everything…I'm super busy” he replied.

“Yeah…the launch…the office is in a disarray because of that” She said and he nodded.

“You guys seems super close” Imelda said after a while.

“Yeah…of course that's how it should be… you're triplets after all stupid me” She brought her hand forward to hit herself on the head but Alfred held it Midway.

She looks at him.

“We aren't that close. We're just…so_so” He replied.

“Is he treating you well?” He asked

“Well so_so I guess” she replied smiling and Alfred surprised her by interlocking their fingers together.

“It's a pity he got you before I did” He mumbled to himself.


He smiles “can you come to the main office tomorrow? I've something to give you” He said.

“Really? What is it?” She asked .

“Tomorrow” He smiles and Imelda pouted.


“I should get going now…” Alfred said and she nodded expecting him to leave but instead he pulled her into his arms.

“Actually…I missed you a lot Imelda…” He mumbles to her hearing then broke the hug.

“See you again” He smiles leaving while Imelda just stood there with her reddened face.

“He missed me?…why?” She smiles to herself as she turns back leaving.

“You're finally here… let's go” Jesse held her hand as soon as she came in.

“What…where?” She asked.

“What took you so f**king long? Were you f**king on the way?” He asked and Imelda quickly defended.

“We…we weren't doing anything wrong!!”

Jesse chuckles.

“Sure… you know what let's just suspend our f**king till another day. I should just go now” He said while Imelda suck on her lower lip.

He leans closer and whisper to her hearing.

“I'll surely get you one day” He kissed her cheek and smiles.

“Bye Belle” He winks before dashing out. Imelda blushes hitting herself on the cheeks.

“Get hold of yourself idiot” She scolded herself.



“What! They pulled out! Why?? Why now??” Hardin asked wide-eyed while Emma just tremble looking down on his feet.

“I don't get it also sir…they just say they aren't interested anymore”

“F**k!” He banged the table.

“How many so far?”

“Mr Brooklyn Floyd and Mr Kay Walterrs”

“The f**k! Those two are our biggest shareholders! No concrete reasons why they're backing out?”

“They won't give…they only said they don't trust the project!”

“Those old fags! That old hag!!” Hardin gritted angrily.


Grandpa Morrison was feeding the fishes when Hardin badged in angrily.

“The f**k Granps! I thought we had an agreement on saving the company?! Why the f**k are the investors pulling out suddenly!!” He demanded angrily.

“Shh… you'll scare the fishes away” Grandpa replied gently.

“I already did what you told me to so JUST WHY?!!”

“You aren't keeping the end of your own promise” Grandpa respond simply.

“What the f**k do you mean? I'm already dating her as per your order! She's even in my f**king house what more do you want?!!”

“I simply didn't keep mine because you didn't keep yours” He responded again making Hardin more furious.


“Seriously… you're gonna block my hearing…I'm old now you know” He joked but Hardin wasn't in a mood for that. He only glare deathly back at him.

“If you did as you said then why is she with another guy your bro at that?” He questioned.

“Well you can't blame me for her promiscuity it isn't my fault she's a slut and she met someone of her kind and decided to go with it. I always knew she'll have something to do with that player of a bro I have. We all know Jesse is after anything under skirt and since she's willing to give it to him it shouldn't be my f**king probs!!”

“And who said anything about Jesse here?” He took some pictures on the table and throw it at him.

Hardin looks at the pictures and his eyes widened.

“Why the f**k is she with him?” He arched his brows looking at Imelda's and Alfred's pictures hugging and smiling to each other.

“You can't even handle a girl…how can you handle a whole company tsk tsk tsk” Grandpa said heading to the main house. Hardin followed suit.

“Two major investors are pulling out I need your help” he said but received no response.

“I promise…I promise not to let her go so please just stop them… overlook this Grandpa” He pleaded as they entered the house and Grandpa threw another pictures at him.

A picture of him and Kim in a very romatizing manner. It was taken in the club. He face palmed.

“How can I trust you?” Grandpa asked.

“Grandpa Kim is_”

“I've always warned you to stay away from her”

Hardin squeeze the pictures angrily with his palm.

“Will that do? Staying away from Kim and taking in Imelda? Is that all what you want?”

“I want the best for you grandson”

“Persuade the investors…or better still order them to stop…I'm glad to inform you… you won … again” he said and took his leave.

“Remember if you break your promise again it won't just end easily like this!” Grandpa shouted after him.

“Stubborn butt…” He muttered.

Hardin got home later in the day to vent his anger on Imelda but only not to meet her home. Her room was empty also.

“What the f**k!” He ruffles his hair in anger and frustration.


Hardin waked into the company asking for Imelda from the receptionist who recognized him straight away.

“Thanks” He smiles walking where he's directed.

“I told her to quit this job… she's really stubborn”

Imelda was busy typing when he got to her desk. Her fellow co-workers were already drooling and gaping at her handsome boyfriend unknown to her. Hardin knock on her desk.

“Yes” She replied not looking up.

“Don't you think you're being too diligent? No one is gonna reward you for that” The voice made her look up.

“Hardin?” She called in surprise.

Hardin signal to her to follow him outside which she did without protesting.

“Do you really want me dead!” He lambasted her on getting outside.


“Why didn't you picked my calls?”

“I didn't see it” She lied and Hardin glared sternly at her. She sighs.

“Ugh!! I'm sorry alright”

“Keep your apologies why did you move out without telling me?”

“I don't think it was necessary”

“You could have just informed me at least”

“Oopsie! Sorry maybe I forgot to”

“You seriously…”

“I pray you don't get hyper” She mutters.

“What?” He asked and she shrugged.

“Come back”

“I'm not coming back”

“Stop being stubborn and just do as I said”

“I'm not and that's final”

“You just like frustrating the hell outta me don't you?”

She kept silent.

“I'll pick you up later…I should at least know where my f**king girlfriend is living”

She kept silent and he hugged her.

She struggled. “Stand still this is your f**king job!”

She stopped struggling.

“I told you to quit this job didn't I? Grandpa must hate me so much for giving me a headache like you” He paused and sighs.

“Don't do that again and stop seeing Alfred”


“Gran_ you two were seen displaying lovey dovey in public…do you know what I had to go through cause of that? Please let me breath”

“Not like you'll go bankrupt cause of it or something” She mutters to herself and rolled her eyes.

“I'm leaving…now see me off like a girlfriend in love” he said and Imelda let out a huge fake grin.

“That's too fake…we have many eyes on us right now” He said and she sighs.

“Oh my lovely boyfriend” She cupped his face with her palms.

“Have a nice day don't stress yourself too much muah muah” She kissed both his cheeks.

He smiles.

“That's much like it” He gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Her eyes widened.

“Bye girlfie…” He leaves smirking.

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