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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 14

❤️ Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 14 ♦️

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny…that led you by the hand to me…?”


“Why aren't you picking?” Alfred asked Imelda who wouldn't pick her incessantly ringing phone.

“It's unimportant” She lower the volume.

“I don't think so”

She smiles. “Right I got a new apartment…I moved this morning”

“So soon?”

“Yeah… I've actually been looking into it for a while now and immediately I got my pay that was the first thing I did” she grinned.

“I'm glad then…I guess I should stop by for housewarming”

“Oh…no need…by the way why did you asked me to stop by?”

” I wanna have dinner with you… without any interruption this time and also…I have something to give you” he smiles.

“Oh really…” She smiles back.


📲 “Why do I have to take her there? Introduction?? (Scoffs ) you never cease to surprise me old man in my twenty six f**king years of living I've never seen someone threatening his own f**king blood why only me uh? The others are the–hello hel- sh*t!” Hardin dropped the phone angrily when grandpa hung up on him.

“Cool down bro… Chill you've got no choice anyway ” Mike said.

“Must he be so annoying seriously”

“Relax babe should I just follow you instead? We don't have to go together we can just meet up there” Kim suggested rubbing his chest.

Hardin shakes his head in disagreement.

“No…I know him I'm sure he'll monitor my every move throughout the journey. He must not know I'm still seeing you don't do anything stupid and just lie low for now” Hardin responded sternly.

“That darn Grandpa” Kim cussed while Hardin gave her a hard stare.

“Whatever..I don't like him one bit”

“And I'm pretty sure he feels the same that's why he's tryna get you away from him” Mike said.

“Just what did he see from that commoner? His old age must be really affecting his thinking. Babe you can't ever fall for her promise me” She pouted.

“Enough Kim don't be pathetic it's not like I'm gonna marry you” Hardin shun her off nonchalantly while Mike laughs secretly.

Kim puffed and huffed.

“Whatever it is that short devil might have done to him… I'll make sure to get to the bottom of it” Hardin clenched his teeth bringing the drink to his mouth but Kim hijacked it.

“Okay now babe stop thinking about that stinkpot and let's enjoy ourselves instead” She brought her lips to hid ear and whisper.

“I'm hungry” She lick his burr seductively. Hardin smirks.

“I should get you feed up … you shouldn't get hungry” Was all he said before taking her lips in engaging in a steamy rough kiss.

“Hey!! Before you take anything off go to the room first!” Mike kicked Hardin's leg then stood up.

“I really can't stand watching you guys licking each other over like some kind of dogs…see ya later” He added before walking out of the club while Kim's moans mixed together with the music playing.


📞”Not really…ohh no he insisted on having a housewarming party..yeah we went groceries together and_ oh no Tess it ain't a date…I'm telling you…at my house…we cooked together it turned out he was a great cook…we talked and eat that's all…nothing else he left after some time later…come on…WE NEVER KISSED!! Tess you know what I think it's better I stop here…I've to get ready for work yunno…I told you nothing happened! Oh God!! He's just fun to be with that's all…whatever I'm hanging up…get lost Tess” Imelda hung up the call and smiles.

“Naughty girl…” She stood from the bed and sighs looking around her messy tiny apartment.

“When I'm back I'll do you justice alright?” She made to walk to the bathroom but the someone started banging on the door.

“Who could it be?” She thought as the banging increases.

“Hardin?” She called in surprise on opening the door.

“You were the one trying to break my hard earned precious door?” She scowl.

“Yeah it's me can you move aside?” He pushed her aside finding his way in.

“Wait! You can't go in!”

“What the f*ck! You never told me you moved into a pigsty?” He said dramatically while Imelda rolled her eyes.

“This is my apartment. I leased it with my own money”

“You can this house?” He looks around. “Figures…what do I expect from someone like you…”

“What brings you here and how did you even found out about this place?”

“You should at least offer a seat first” He said walking through some pile of clothes scattered on the floor to the chair.

“What do you want?” She asked sternly.

Hardin was about sitting but had to stop when he spot her undies on the chair. She saw it also and quickly took it away.

“I wouldn't be surprised if I see your panties hanging on the fan” He jeered.

“I was just…a little busy to clean…up”

“Who asked?” He took his seat.

“Get dressed we have somewhere to go”

“Where are we going?”

“Don't question me young lady…I'm already holding my temper just get your damn butt into the bathroom and wash up”

“I have to go to work…can't it wait?”

“It can't so now hurry”

“You should have known I'm working excuse me boyfriend but I don't think this outing is possible”

“I already took a leave for you so can you just follow my instructions without any grutch?”

“You took a leave?” She asked in astonishment.

“Without my consent?” She added.

“Do I need your consent before I do things now? Get into the damn bathroom or I drag you there myself” He threatens and Imelda breath out. No use arguing.

“Alright…wait outside” She said and he looks at her.

“I don't trust you” She added.

Hardin scoffs and stood walking towards her.

“You don't trust me?” He asked with a smirk as she steps back. She released a gasp when he pulled her to himself abruptly.

“Should I just make you trust me then?” He zipped down her dress behind making her gasp for the umpteen time. He keeps smirking that before he knew it her leg ran in between his legs and he released her clutching to his genitals.

She quickly pushed him outside.

“Give me some minutes I'll be done soon” She said to the groaning Hardin before shutting the door.


“You should have told me you were coming here…I would have brought something along” Imelda said as they got out of the car after some hours journey.

“They don't need your gifts” Hardin replied curtly taking the bouquet of flowers at the back seat.

“Pft” Imelda huffed as they made their way into the woods.


“Oh! It seems your brothers had come here…look at those flowers” Imelda pointed to the flowers placed in two graves with the inscribed”THE LATE MR MICHAEL THEO MORRISON AND MRS JULIE KIRA MORRISON” which are obviously Hardin's parents.

“You guys should have just come together I think it's only proper that way. They'll be happy to see you together also and_”

“If you say one more word I'm really gonna do something you'll regret” Hardin warned and she zipped her mouth. Literally.

Hardin breath in and knelt in front of the tombs he placed the flowers on them gently.

“Mom…Dad…i took long didn't I? I should have come two days ago but_”

“Their death anniversary was two days ago and you're just com_”

He glared at her and she stopped.

“Sorry continue…” She murmurs but Hardin just pulled her closer to the tombs

“This is her…the lady your dad is tryna force on me. I don't know what she casted on him but for now…I'll just leave things to see how it goes…I'll manage her and_” Imelda slapped his back and he stopped.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Morrison I'm Imelda Timbers the angel sent to change this arrogant grumpy handsome devil you named Hardin. Don't worry I'm gonna talk some senses into him. He's just being stubborn but no matter what he can be no match for me…” She said and Hardin pushed her away.


“Get lost” He said and she stuck her tongue out at him before excusing him while Hardin keeps talking to the graves.

Minutes later he was done. He looked around for Imelda but couldn't catch her Shadow.

“Where the fudge is she?” He grumble looking for her. After a while he finally found her sitting beside a tomb. She seems lost in thought. He stood there looking at her for a while then a sky smirk display on his face.

“Should I teach my little short devil a sweet lesson?” He thought within.

“IMELDA!! IMELDA!! BEHIND YOU! GET UP!!” He started shouting and Imelda snapped out of it looking back to see him a little far away from her.

“SNAKE! BEHIND YOU!!!” She heard and immediately she sprang up picking a race.

“FASTER! IT'S CATCHING UP!!”He continued yelling as Imelda became frightened.

“HARDIN! HARDIN!! HELP!!!” She hollers running towards him and on getting to where he is she took his hand running together with him. Hardin couldn't suppressed his laughter. He guffaw boisterously. Imelda looks at him confused. Then it dawn on her. She had been tricked.

She stopped.

“Is it funny? Am I a joke to you uh!!” She pushed him by the chest angrily. He stumbled backwards.


“Jerk!” She started walking away angrily her eyes watered from embarrassment. Hardin ran to her holding her hand.

“Hey…it was just a prank no need to get all shirty”

Imelda fling his hand away.

“Buzz off!” She ran away from him. Hardin watch her ran off. He couldn't helped it. He burst into another round of laughter.

“She seriously looks f**king funny running like that” he mutters amidst laughter.


“Come on get in now…are you still angry? Uh? Dada…I'm gonna dump you here…should I? Stop being angry now…it's getting dark…” Hardin keep persuading the fuming Imelda who walks while he drives.

“Dada…Da love my lovely short girlfriend…Da_” Imelda stopped and glower at him.

“Just get in already…you don't wanna sleep here” Imelda sighs and finally she got into the car.

“Don't talk to me” She glared and Hardin smiles taking off. He haven't drove for twenty minutes when they heard a sound then the car wouldn't move anymore.

“What happened?” Imelda asked and Hardin got out of the car to check the problem only to find the tyre Puntured.

It wasn't just one but two at the same time.

“F**k!” He hit it angrily and Imelda got down also.

She looked at the deflated tyres.

“What do we do? We're in the middle of nowhere” She lamented while Hardin just rub his temples.

“It was fine before we left for the woods” He broke the silence.

“Then what suddenly happened to it?” Imelda asked while Hardin just sighs.

“First we should look for a place to stay overnight”

“Oh! I know of a place we can stay” Imelda grins. After walking for over an hour finally they arrived in front of a crumble hut.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Hardin glare at her.

“Oh no what happened? It was perfectly okay the last time I came here with granps” She sighs looking at the totally ruined hut.

“You stayed here with my grandpa?” He furrows his eyebrows.

“Oh….there was an issue” She itches her hair. Hardin just sighs and turns back.

“Where are you going?” She runs after him.

“We should look for an hotel to stay overnight at least if you don't wanna get eaten up by some beasts”

“There aren't beasts here”

“Then stay”

“Then stay” Imelda mimicked him but then heard some kind of growls.

“Oh my!” She ran to Hardin tugging on his sleeves. He looks at her and she pouted.

“Are there really monsters here?” She asked while Hardin just flickered her forehead with his fingers.

“Ouch!” She winced.

“Idiot” He mutters leaving while she ran after him holding onto his sleeve tightly.

Still walking, Hardin began to felt a pang on his head. This actually happens everytime he came to visit his dead parents. He gets sick. And the worst part he didn't bring along his medications since he thought he would return early. Who knew an absolutely perfect tyre would suddenly get deflated and he would be stuck in an unknown area with a lady called his girlfriend looking for a shelter at an ungodly hour.

“That darn old man” He cussed beneath his breath and Imelda looks at him.

“Uh?” She asked.

“It's nothing” He mutters and continue walking.

“But are you okay? You look pale” Imelda asked noticing his faint expression.

“I'm okay” He lied.

“There it is” He point forward and Imelda divert her eyes only to see an Inn.

“Finally!” She exclaimed leaving his shirt and running towards it. Hardin couldn't help snickering as he followed suit.

“No more rooms!” Imelda exclaimed and the receptionist nodded.

“But…but why? We need a place to stay overnight…please can you check again any room would be okay” Imelda said and the receptionist smiles.

“Actually there's a spare room…a couple were to celebrate their anniversary today and had made arrangement for that but suddenly it got cancelled” The receptionist said.

“We'll take that…” Hardin said before Imelda would say anything.

“Sure…you're lucky” The receptionist brought out the keys.

“Room 46” She said and Hardin collected the keys.

“Thank you…” Imelda smiles and they made their way to find the room.

Imelda's stomach growl.

“I haven't had anything since morning…we should have ordered for some food don't you think I'll just go and_”

“Just…go inside…I'll take care of it” Hardin threw her the keys and went back. On about reaching the receptionist table he saw some people there and he frowns when he heard their conversation.

“Of course…how many rooms sir?” The receptionist asked.


“Right on it…wait a minute”

Hardin furrow his eyebrows and turned going back to the room.

“OH MY GRACIOUS GOD!” Imelda exclaimed on entering the room. It is so beautifully decorated with candles and flowers.

“Whao….this is crazy…my Goddd!” She ran to the table where delicious food was placed.

“This looks mouthwatering…” She licks her lips.

She was still salivating on the food when the door opened and Hardin came in.

“Hardin there's actually food here…come on take a look” She grins and Hardin looks around the room.

“I actually feel bad for the couples who owns these…it such a pity they had to cancel their anniversary I bet it would have been an unforgettable romantic night for them don't you think Hardin?”

“I'm gonna shower first…” He said dryly walking to the bathroom. On entering it, his eyes caught the bath tub which was surrounded with candles an decorated with flowers. He sighs and walked straight into the shower.

Minutes later he was done. He came out only in his shorts and met Imelda eating and moaning on the food at the same time.

Despite the AC on she unbutton two of her shirt buttons fanning herself as she eats the delicious delicacy in front of her. She paused and look at him.

“Aren't you eating?” She quizzed with a mouthful of food.

“You eat” He replied flatly walking to the couch and sitting on it. He bowed his head as water drip down from his hair to the floor.

He was now having a languid breathing and he felt hot also even after having a cold shower.

Imelda stops eating and looks at him.

Something doesn't feel right.

He's awfully quiet.

He's acting strangely also. She stood up and went to him.

“Are you okay Hardin?” She asked already in front of him but receive no answer.

“Hardin?” She lift up his head only to be met with his pale face.

“OH MY GOD! what happened to you? Are you sick?” She touch his forehead and gasp.

“You're burning up!” She exclaimed.

“My head hurts” He mutters.

“Why didn't you talk? What am I to do now? Oh no! Hospital…no I should call for emergency first” She made to go get her phone but he held her hand back making her land her butt on his lap.

She wouldn't stop gasping.

His hand slipped through her waist hugging her closely and his head collided on her shoulder softly. Her hands instinctively went to his bare chest. He breath in and out gently his breathe fanning her neck. Her chest rose and fell simultaneously.

“Hardin…are you okay? What exactly…is wrong with…you?” She asked slowly.

“I'm sick” He mutters into her shoulder sending shivers down her spine.

“Sick? Why?…since….since when…?” She asked and he withdraw his head from his shoulder he balanced it well on her chest pulling her closer.

“I…don't know…” He mutters burying his head in her chest. She balled her fists on his shoulders. Her breath hitched on their proximity.

“Hardin you should_” He pressed his lips softly on her little exposed chest cutting her speech short.

Her eyes widened.

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