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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 16

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 16

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny? …that led you by the hand to me…?”


Opening her drowsy eyes she yawns and stretch at the same time smiling to herself.

” What a lovely morning…I feel light…somehow it seems today's gonna be a good one” she chuckles standing from the bed to the bathroom. She opens the faucet in aim of washing her face but it suddenly broke making the water spills all over her body.

“ARGH!!!” She hurled as the water rush on her.

“What the bloodly hell!” She gasp just then Hardin rushed in almost immediately just to see her battling with the water still rushing out of the faucet.

Resting on the doorpost Hardin folded his arms watching her as she displays some sort of drama.

He shakes his head then after a while he pushed her away from the faucet closing the tube underneath. The water stop gushing out.

“Tha…thanks” She mutters cleaning her eyes.

Hardin looks at her and his eyes landed on her chest. Her top was wet and see through. Imelda Crane her neck up and caught him quickly she cover herself with her arms.

Hardin scoffs and head outside.

“Were you always this clumsy or this is a new habit you just exhibit?” He asked as Imelda followed him back to the room.

“It wasn't intentional…eish I've got no spare clothes…good day my foot! It started all wrong” she hissed.

“How pathetic…”Hardin shakes his head.


“Go to my room you'll find some clothes there…take your pick”

“Wow…thanks for being gentlemanly boyfriend” She faked a smile rushing to his room.

On getting to his room she decided to just take her bath at once. She locked the door and exit to the bathroom. Moments later she came out dripping wet wrapping herself with one of his towels. Going to the wardrobe she opens it just to be meet with his shirts and suits. She closed it and head to the second but on opening it her mouth widened.

Right there was different body exposed lingerie in different colors.

“What the_ what does he take me for? A whore? How can a lady in her right state of mind wear this?” she frowns and the door suddenly opened.

“The fudge! I locked that!”

“But I've got the extra keys” He replied showing her the keys in his hand.

“What are you doing here?”

“You were taking too long so I thought you got flooded away by the water”

“Can you go out so I can get dressed?” She said trying to calm her nerves

“Why should I? This is my room” Hardin replied with a smirk

“Then I will” She start to march to the door but he pulled her back.

“Why aren't you wearing the clothes?”

“You expect me to wear that rag?”

“Then you prefer to stay like this?”

“Don't you have better ones?”

“Those are good”

“I never took you for this but you're a f**king man whore…how could you have those in your wardrobes?”

“Cause of situation like this babe” he winked and she sighs

“I hate you” She breath out.

“You'll come to love me once you know what I'm capable of”

“Can you let go?” She said rather calmly but Hardin attention was on her little exposed chest.

“Get that disgusting eyes away!” She gritted and he smirks.

“How are you feeling now?”

“You wanna know?” She smirks then wrapped her arms around his neck. Hardin seems taken aback by her action but just stood still.

Within a second her leg went in between his legs hitting him directly on his other half.

He groans clutching to his genitals.

“I feel like shit with you holding me like that now get out so I can dress up!” She howled pushing him out of the room.

Not having anything to put on she resolved in wearing one of his shirts which looks big on her. It stops right on her knees.

“I didn't give you the consent to wear that” He gave her a cold look while Imelda just itch her hair.

“Just…lend me” She said while Hardin gave her a flinty look before going to his room.


Imelda Sat fiddling with her phone when Hardin came out dressed for work she quickly stood sauntering over to him.

Hardin gave her a look when she wouldn't say anything but just fiddling with her fingers now.


“You can stay here for the meantime…till you sort out your problems i think” he said before she could.

“Thanks….I promise it won't be for long” she said and he nodded. He proceeded to leave but got stopped.

“Em….sorry but…I…” She stalled sulking on her lower lip.

“I'm running out of time here” Hardin said impatiently.

“The thing is…I don't have…can you branch and bring over my luggage please?”

“I'm too busy for that I can't” He said leaving while Imelda follow him.

“Come on I don't have clothes and I've to go back to work also…just help me branch on your way back from work you can just do that” She jawed.

“I'll see to it” Was only his response before leaving the house.


Imelda lay on the sofa tapping on her phone screen repeatedly. She's tired of playing games and doesn't want to sleep. She had cleaned up the house earlier when she was feeling super bored and now she has nothing do. She scrolls down her contact list finding who to call.

“Tessy…no I don't want her to know about my situation now” she mutters and continue scrolling. She got to a particular name then stopped. She peered at it for a while.

“He must be busy….is he at work? It's been a while….should I just try calling? No…” She contemplated on calling Alfred but after a while she dropped the phone sighing.

“It's feels awful to be jobless….no I'm not jobless per se…just work less for now”

“Ding dong!” The door rings and she stood up to attend to it.

“Ding dong!” It came again.

“Coming!” She opens the door and her expression changes to a surprise one.

“Imelda?” He also calls in surprise.

“Alfred….why are you here?”


“All that happened? Are you okay now?”

“Yes I am…” She replied and he sighs.

“No wonder you didn't pick up I was really worried”

“Were you?” She said to herself smiling shyly.

Alfred looks at her keenly his eyes roam on every part of her body till it landed on her exposed laps. Imelda shifted on the sofa placing her palms on her laps on discovering this and he clears his throat.

“Are you sure you aren't sick anymore? You still look kinda pale”

“I'm okay…by the way what brings you here?”

“Oh…to see Hardin but it seems he isn't at home?”

“He went to work already”

“He wasn't at work yesterday and his secretary said he called in sick. He also won't pick up so I came worried”

“Oh…how nice of you” She smiles while Alfred stood up.

“Come on…” He held her hand.

“What is that?”

“Let's go”

“ where?”

“The hospital. Even though you claimed to be okay I'm still restless you don't look too good so we should make a trip there”

“But I…I'm really…”

“I insist Imelda….unless you don't want me to. I thought we're friends?”

“No…not that it just….” She looks down on her knees.

“I can't go like this” She said shyly and Alfred looks at her understanding.

“Don't worry about that…you look alright” He assured.


“Don't you trust me?” He quizzed staring at her. She kept her gaze low shyly. Somehow she can't keep eyes contact with him.

“Imelda?” He called.

“Let's go uh?” He said and she nodded following him out.


“Though you could made it through without the drugs we can't be too sure everything is okay now. You might just have been lucky so you shouldn't try stopping. Once the test results are out we'll discuss more on it” The doctor said as they walk out of his office while Hardin just nodded.

“I told you to come with her why didn't you bring her along? We should probably run some tests on her also?” The doctor asked him but his attention was no longer with him rather it is on the lady he left at home early in the morning who is now a few metres away from him holding hands and laughing with another guy which turns out to be his brother as well. They haven't noticed his presence as they both talk rather freely laughing at the same time.

“Hardin is anything the matter?” The doctor asked but he remained stagnant peering at those pair with anger clouding in his eyes.

Imelda was the first to see him and the laughter she was having seconds ago quickly dissipate on seeing him.

Hardin looks at her from head to toe she was still in his shirt and was holding Alfred's hand tightly.

“Why?” Alfred looks at her questionably on seeing her change expression. By the time he'd caught on Hardin was already sending death glares. Imelda instinctively let go of his hand.

Hardin marched closer to them.

“Bro i_”

Hardin gave him a cold look before pulling Imelda away from there literally dragging her away.


“Hardin look it ain't what you think we were just _agh!!” She gasped when hardin suddenly slammed her against the wall.

“Not what I think? Then what exactly was that's uh? You two were actually displaying some happy couple out there! Why is he with you in the first place uh? I thought I said I don't wanna see you two together!!” He gruffred pinning her to the wall.

“We were just there to get Mr checked out we weren't doing anything wrong!”



“Am I too easy? Am.i being too easy on you? Is that why you're doing what you like? Is that why you guys are FLIRTING AROUND!”

“Im not Hardin” She gritted

“Sure you're not! That explain why my f**king girlfriend was holding hands with a f**king brother of mine! And you went out LIKE THAT IMELDA!” He ranted while Imelda scoffs.

“Don't go hyper alright”

“I told you to stay away from him”

“I met him before I met you” You have absolutely no right to tell me so Hardin”

“I own you Imelda”

“You don't! I don't have anything to do with you!”



“I have pro domino over you I have total authority over you you have to listen to me whether you love it or not you Stubborn girlfriend!”

“You don't own me. I'm not yours and never yours I'm not a thing you possess YOU TWAT. And guess what about Alfred I'm never going to leave him. I'm gonna keep sticking around him. His company is far more nicer than yours so I'm never letting him go. Guess what he slept over my place last time we're so much close than you ever imagine I think I'm already falling for him YOU PIGHEADED RRAMM!” she shot back while Hardin's eyes went big.

“He slept over? Did you guys slept together?”

“Wouldn't you like to know?”

“That…can never be true”

“Believe whatever you want I don't give a damn!” She said marching to the door.

“IMELDAAA!!!” Hardin yelled almost bringing down the whole house while Imelda only smirks.

“I'm going to him now!”

“COME BACK HERE!” He chased after Herr while she ran to the door.

“Goodbye bofie..” She sneers and open the door only to meet with someone there already.

She paused and stare at him who had a baffle look on.

“I SAID YOU'RE GOING NOWHE_ Grandpa?” Hardin called in surprise on sighting his grandpa by the door.

“What's going on here?”

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