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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 15

❤️ Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 15 ♦️

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny…that led you by the hand to me…?”


“Your heart is beating fast” He mumbles to her chest retracting his head slowly. He looks at her.

Imelda gulped down nothing. He brought his hand to her face and started leaning in his eyes focused on her lips. Just a little more for their lips to be meeting Imelda swiftly stood up pushing him away. His back fell to the couch. She clears her throat.

“You're clearly sick” She said fanning herself.

Hardin coiled his arms around himself as his chapped lips started to waver.

“I'm hot Dada” He mouthed.

“It's so hot” He started rubbing his body crying in pain. Imelda looks at him confused. She couldn't understand what was going on. She moves close to him and held his face. It's so fu**king hot.

“Look at me Hardin…what's going on with you?”

“I'm hot…” He only cried.

“Oh no what should I do? Hot…hot…” She mutters repeatedly before pulling him up.

“Come on…come with me” She helped him up and took him to the bathroom.

“Water should help” She mumbles taking him to the bathtub which was already filled with water. She dipped her hand in it and fortunately it was cold. Just what she needed. She helped him get into it sitting him in it. She blew off the candle lights and packed them aside. She didn't bother to take out the roses in the water gently she pours the water on his head with her palm.

“This should calm you…you should stay in here for a while you'll be better” She said to him and he nodded. Imelda sighs looking at him. He looks so much different now. Totally different from the rude Hardin who was so full of himself. Right now he looks helpless and strange.

He held her hand and mutters.

“Come in with me”

“Oh no please…why should I? More so this is so f**king cold. There's no way I'll risk that” She replied back.

“Please…” He murmurs feebly closing his eyes.

“I can't…” She paused and sighs.

“Just for some sec” She said and stepped in slowly. Hardin adjusted a little and she just knelt in it since the bathtub was kinda small for them both.

“What really happened? Why are you suddenly like this?” She asked softly pouring the water on him still with her palm.

“It happens everytime I came here…my medications are at home” He replied weakly.

“But why? Why do you have to get sick everytime you come to your parents?”

“They burned to death…right in front of me” He said keeping his eyes shut as the memories years back replayed in his head.

“They were burning….screaming for help…crying…the fire…fire…” He kept saying as hot tears escape from his eyes.

Imelda watch him slowly and carefully.

Is this some kind of trauma? She thought.

“I can hear their voices…they are crying…crying in pains Dada…it keeps getting louder…and louder…” He held both his ears suddenly shaking his head at the same time.

“Help!…no….mom…it hurts…help Dad! Dad” he started weeping now keeping his eyes tightly shut.

“Oh no! Hardin! Hardin snap out of it!” Imelda tries to get his hands from his ears but it's impossible.

“Argh!! Help them please” He kept weeping while Imelda pulled him to herself.

“It's okay…they're okay…it's all an illusion”

“No…no one can hear them…I can hear their cries and agonies! It's ripping them off”

“HARDIN!”She yelled holding his face.

“Look at me…no one is dying…no one is crying…there's no fire anywhere…it's just…you and i only here…you're fine! Get rid of the voices in your head it's all…an illusion…alright?” She said looking directly at his teary eyes. It seems that calmed him down a little as he brought his hands down from his ears.

“You're fine Hardin…” She said again and he wrapped his arms around her drawing her to himself.

“It's so hot…Imelda…” He whimper and she pat his back slowly. He hugs her more that she starts to feel uncomfortable now.

“Hardin…” She called.

“I…i can't…breathe” She tries to say and he pulled away Silently.

“I'm sorry…” He mutters while she just nodded.

“Will you be okay?”

“Just…stay…please” He pulled her down making her sit on his laps. He rested his head on her shoulder and close his eyes. Imelda brought her hand up to his wet hair stroking it.

“Don't think of anything else…okay?” She whispers.


Imelda shifted to a more comfortable position resting her head properly on Hardin's chest. She inhales then realize something is strange. On opening her eyes it met with that of him who were staring down at her without uttering a word. She quickly pulls away. “Oh no…i slept here” She mutters to herself then took her eyes back to him who is still staring. She placed her hand on his forehead feeling his temperature.

“It's gone…are you okay now?” She asked and he nodded.

“Thanks…for last night” He said.

“Achoo!!” she sneezed in response

“Are you okay?” Hardin asked and she sniffs standing up she got out of the bathtub her clothes already soaked in water. Hardin stood also and came out. Water dripping from their respective clothes.

Imelda stood uncomfortable where she is.

“Shower first” Hardin said before going out of the bathroom.

“What do I do now? My clothes are drenched” She grumbles.

After taking her bath, she put on the bathroom robe and got out of the bathroom. Hardin was no where to be found.

“Achoo!” She sneezed walking to the couch.

Where could he be? She thought within.

Minutes later Hardin returned back to the room. He saw her sleeping on the couch and walk to her. Memories of last night came to him and he squatted in front of her. He brushed some strands of hair away from her face and she opens her eyes.

“I got some clothes for you…we have to get going” He said while she just look at him.


“Aaachoo!!” She sneezed for the umpteen time in the taxi and Hardin looks at her.

“I think you caught the cold” He said to her while she sniffs.

“Don't worry I'll be fine…it's nothing” She gave him a small smile.

“I have some drugs at home for that” She added and he nodded looking out the window.

Imelda rested her head on the other side of the car window. She feels a slight headache and it somehow hurts. Some sweats had already gathered on her forehead while a little rolled down. She sniffs again and close her eyes.


“We're here” Hardin announced and she opens her eyes.

“I'll get going then” She took her bag and was about opening the door but Hardin held her back.

“Are you really okay? Should we just go to the hospital? Is this because of the water? Are you running a fever? How do you feel exactly?” He bombard her with questions and she gave him a small smile.

“I'm fine Hardin you should be the one taking care of yourself not me…I have to go now make sure you take your medicines” She said and got out of the car. She held her head on getting out.

“Am I really running a fever?” She asked herself then walked into her neighborhood. On getting there she met a crowd of people gathered.

“What could be happening again?” She thought walking closer. Just then an ambulance drove passed her. She walk curiously to her apartment only to be met with a shock.

She gasp loudly on the sight in front of her.

Blood was splattered on the ground and a body was lying lifelessly on the ground.

“Why would she suddenly jumped…this is so painful”

“How pathetic she's too young to commit suicide”

“I wonder what made her go do this”

“This is really saddening”

“Yeah she's the lady staying upstairs…I heard she just moved in”

Imelda head started spinning where she stood.

She retracted her steps slowly holding her head. Her head was hurting badly and her eyesight started becoming blur.

Even though she told him she's okay he still couldn't put his mind off her. She's definitely not feeling okay and it's all because of him. He got out of the taxi and walks towards her house just to see people gathered murmuring among themselves.

“How pathetic she's too young to commit suicide”

“I wonder what made her go do this”

“This is really saddening”

“Yeah she's the lady staying upstairs…I heard she just moved in” he heard those words and went totally berserk. There's no way.

He started looking for her amidst the crowd panting at the same time.

He brought out his phone and dialed her number when he couldn't found her. He heard a ring and walks towards the direction it's coming from. He breathe out in relive on seeing her. He must be crazy to have thought that. He walks closer to her and tap the dizzy Imelda.

She looks back and mutters his name weakly.

“Hardin…” She mutters then went down while he quickly held her.

“Imelda what's wrong?” He asked worried but before she could talk she found herself slipping into unconsciousness.

“Imelda…” She heard his faint voice before blacking out totally.


“She got a shock and also running a fever…I've given her the necessary treatments she should be fine soon” The doctor said to Hardin who just nodded looking at the unconscious Imelda lying on the bed.

“Hardin…you didn't picked up my calls throughout yesterday I was worried. Have you taken your medicine?” The doctor asked and he divert his attention to him.

“Im fine doctor…” He replied laconically.

“You should come over to the hospital when you're free…we can never be sure” He said and he nodded.

“When would she wake up?”

“It should be soon…she should take her medicine and also make sure you keep an eye on her call me if anything happens” He said and he nodded seeing him out.

After seeing the doctor off he came back to the room to found her still sleeping. He sat beside her on the bed stroking her hair.

“I'm sorry….I made you sick” He kissed her forehead before leaving the room.

An hour later.

Imelda opens her eyes and sat up. She took in her surroundings and recognize it right away. The door opens and Hardin walks in.

“Hardin…” She called.

“You're up”

“What happened?”

“You blacked out” He told her and she remembers the accident in her house. She groans.

“Don't think about anything” He touches her forehead.

“You're still running a fever” He said.

“Have you taken your drugs?” She asked.

“You're in no position to worry about someone here”

“Who's worried? I'm just asking” She looks away.

“Here…take your drugs” He gave her some drugs which she took.

“You should rest…I'll leave you” He stood up.

“By the way shouldn't you eat something? You shouldn't take drugs on empty stomach”

“It's weird to see you care” She said.

“Don't ruin it” He replied.

“Im okay and I'm not hungry thanks for your considerations”

“Don't mention it I wouldn't want my lovely girlfriend starving to death”

“By the way…I'm sorry…I caused this” He added.

“It's nice to see you apologize” She smiles

“Rest” He went out and she sighs laying back on the bed.

“That was terrifying” She mutters remembering the accident again.

Imelda slept throughout the day and Hardin didn't went out also. He called his PA to pick up his car and did some work at home. Several calls came in especially from Kim but he didn't bother to pick up.when it was becoming a nuisance he switched off his phone.


Hardin was working on his laptop when he suddenly heard some noises. He stood from the bed and went out he went to the living room and turned on the light only to find Imelda on the floor.

“IMELDA!!” He shrieked running to her. She had this pale expression and her temperature was running hot.

“Water…” She mumbles weakly.

“Wa…ter” she keeps mumbling breathing heavily at the same time.

Hardin carried her in his arms to the chair. He went to the fridge and got her a glass of water. She drained it down in a go and asked for more.

“Give me more…i….i want more…” She demanded weakly.

“Again? Imelda this is the eighth glass…why are you drinking so much?” He creases his eyebrow.


“This is getting strange now…you're getting no more water”


“Just…just stay here” He went to his room and got his phone.

“Okay doc…I'm sorry for disturbing you so late at night…have a night rest” He ends the call and keep his phone.

“Hardin…” She called weakly and he sighs.

The doctor had warned him not to give her anymore water since it's dangerous if she keeps taking more right now.

“Come on Imelda…tomorrow we'll go to the hospital…just…sleep for now” He said while she shakes her head in disagreement.

“Can I get some water please? I promise this is the last”

“I'm sorry but I was told not to give you that” He carried her in his arms while she just sighs weakly in his arms.

On getting to her room he dropped her gently on the bed while she pants weakly.

“This is all my fault” Hardin mutters.

“Can you turn off the AC? It's cold.”

“You're cold? ” He asked in surprise.

“Weren't you hot just some minutes ago?”

“Hardin…please turn it off”

“Alright…” He stood from the bed and turn the AC off.

He checked her temperature and found it cold.

“What's really happening with you?” He asked.

“I asked you the same last night” She mutters.

“Mine is different…it's just…” He paused.

“I'm very cold Hardin…i wanna lie down” she said and he lay her down and cover her with the duvet.

“Will you be okay?” He asked.

“I'll be fine” She replied.

“I'm sorry for troubling you” She added. Hardin looks at her for a while then sighs. He took off his top then in a jiffy he also got under the duvet with her.

“What are you doing…?”

He envelopes her in his arms.

“Sharing my body temperature…just take this as the repayment of what you did last night” He replied.

“I'm okay though” She said shifting closer to him.

“Sorry for troubling you Hardin” She mutters burying her head in his chest.

“Just sleep” He said patting her hair.

“Good night Hardin…” She mutters closing her eyes.

“Good night…Dada”

Good night everyone ❤

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