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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 17

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 17

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”


“Are you guys fighting?” Grandpa asked staring keenly at Hardin.

“And why would we fight?” He asked back slipping his hand around Imelda's waist. She looks at him.

“I do think we are figh_” a quick peck on the lips interrupted Imelda. Hardin smile at her.

“I know you don't want me to leave but I really have to go back to work. I promise to be back home early alright?” He said smiling while Imelda just stare back.

“It's okay to come home late though…not like I_” Hardin pinched her and she kept quiet.

“I don't know why you're here but I have to go back to work. You can spend some time with her before leaving” Hardin said to his Grandpa before facing Imelda again.

“See you later love” He hugs her.

“Don't you dare do anything funny and just get yourself together don't get me into trouble” He whispers to her before dis engaging.

“Later old man” He exit the house while Grandpa clear his throat.

“Can I come in now?” He said and Imelda quickly pave way for him.


“What's with you two?”

“It's nothing…you saw earlier we're good” Imelda fake grinned.

“I heard voices earlier…just say the truth the acting doesn't work on me” Grandpa said and Imelda sighs.

“I mean he only saw me with Alfred and he started acting out…not like we two were doing something immoral he was only caring for me. Does he have to go all crazy for that” Imelda whinged while Grandpa shakes his head.

“Hardin I know have always been unnecessary jealous…he doesn't like sharing what's his with others and go all bonkers whenever it's been tampered with”

“But I'm not…his” She says the last part in a slow silent tone. Grandpa smiles.

“I knew I didn't made a mistake pairing you two together….I really love my decision” He smiles at Imelda who had a confuse face on.

“But Grandpa why are you here?”

“I cane here to see a grandson of mine but he ditched me. What should I do miss?”

“Grandpa I'm actually glad you're here I have something I'm curious on”

“Whst could that be?”

“Em…it's actually something big”

“You're going to ask anyway…stop stalling and go straight to the point”

“Then I apologize for any discomfort I cause later in advance” He said and he nodded.

“How did…his parents died?” She asked and Grandpa looks shocked for a moment.

“I mean I think I've already gotten a clue of them involving in a fire accident but…why is Hardin so bothered by that? Was he…perhaps in the fire with them then also?” She asked the silent Grandpa.

“Granps….you don't have to answer it's just a lil_”

“They were coming back from my place…that day I had an argument with them over a matter…they left in anger. His dad actually. Alfred and Jesse stayed behind at my place while Hardin followed them. Hardin actually does on his father a lot…he goes practically everywhere he went. He feels the same thing his father feels. He father was annoyed at me that day so was he even without not knowing the reason. I couldn't persuade him to stay…and on their way…the accident happened. Though they managed to push him out of the car in time they couldn't help themselves and he both watched them burn along with the car. It must be terrifying. I caused it. That's why…till now…he still seems to bear the anger and hatred for me. He was unconscious for hours and when he woke up and learned of their deaths…he went totally crazy. He blamed it all on me. he became sick for days. It was something he couldn't get over.” Grandpa narrated feeling dejected while Imelda sigh.

“That's the story…Grandps are you okay?”

“It's ages story…I've got to be”

“He'll come around…and it isn't your fault. They were just unfortunate that night. It was bound to happen don't feel bad about it” Imelda consoled he smiles.

“It's good to get solace from you dear…but he needs it more. He may act tough but inside I know he's really not okay. And the fact that I can't do anything…really depress me…a lot”

“Don't worry…he'll be fine”

“Miss Imelda…he may seems possessive but I want you to understand him. He has been hurt a lot…he has a lot he's going through though he doesn't show it. I chose him cause I knew he needed you the most. He's had been through a lot cause of me and everybody else so I hope…he could find strength in you”

“Granps you may be mistaken…what if I'm not the person he needs…I just_”

“My judgement doesn't fail me. Miss Imelda I'm entrusting him to you…no matter what he does or how unbearable he may become…promise you'll always stick with him”

“Granps that's too…”

“Promise me Miss Imelda”

“Alright…I'll try…granps” she sighs while Grandpa smiles.


Imelda opens her eyes when she heard some giggling. She sat up from the couch and see Hardin and Kim whispering something to their ears and chuckling. She creased her brows.

“Hardin…” She called and he looks at her.

“She's still here…haven't she got a home?” Kim asked rudely while Hardin took his eyes off Imelda to Kim.

“Come on now…just leave her and face what you're here for” he said slipping his hand dexterously around her waist.

“I feel bothered with her here”

“Just pretend she isn't here” He said taking her lips in.

“Hmm…” She moans into the kiss while Imelda just watch them.

After a while they unlock and Hardin moves to the stereo system playing some music. The house started banging with loud music.

They started dancing with kim grinding her butt on him and him slapping her butt simultaneously.

Imelda stood up shaking her head she head outside while Kim burst out laughing. Hardin's eyes follows her as she went out not saying anything.


Imelda stroll to the pool and sat on a wooden chair there. She sighs breathing in the fresh air.

“I miss Tess…I should go see her…I miss mother also…and father too…” She mutters to herself continuously. She rested her back on the chair and close her eyes. Image of Kim and Hardin splayed in her head.

“Those sinners…” She mutters to herself.

Minutes later she was feeling hungry and decided to go have something to eat. On entering the house she met Hardin and Kim making out right on the couch.

There's no way she can make herself food with those two making animal sounds on the couch. Groaning she walked past them kicking the couch before marching to her room.

“Bloody sinners!” She spat on entering her room.

Over an hour later she heard a knock and stood up grudgingly from the bed to the door. On getting to the door she met Kim with her arms folded.

“What do you want?” She asked rolling her eyes.

“You out of Hardin's life”

“Yeah good luck on that” She replied dryly trying to close the door back but Kim held it.

“Hardin is so sweet…I just love him so much he's the best so far” She gushed while Imelda starred at her like she has grown more heads.

Kim clears her throat when he sees Imelda wasn't interested in her. She pushed her luggage which was behind her to her.

“I'll advise you to stop whatever you may be planning now and just get lost cause you're not welcome in his life”

“What are you? His spokesman? Do you live his life for him to know if I'm welcome or not. Don't get over yourself girl you're only an item of fun to him…sooner he'll probably ditched you. It'll be funny to see your pitful face then” Imelda retailaited taking her luggage in and closing the door on her face.

Kim scoffs.

“Who does she thinks she is?”


“Hardin…I don't like her send her away” Kim ranted on getting to the sitting room to meet Hardin who was already busy on his laptop.

“What is it again now?”

“I really don't like her”

“Did something happened? So why did you have to intend on giving the luggage to her I said I will”

“Until when is she gonna stay…you know what I think I'm just gonna stay here also”

“You can't”

“Why? Come on she can but I can't?”

“Grandpa came over…do you understand?”

“But I don't like her being here. I don't like that lady at all she's too shabby. Hardin she's degrading for you”

“You think I don't know that! Come on stop gripping and just let me work”

“Ugh! Anyways she should be out of here soon or I'll send her out myself I'm sure you wouldn't like that”

“Sure….I wouldn't want you to go through the stress”


He sighs.

“I think it's time you leave now…it's getting late also”

“Leave? Oh come on it's late already…can I just stay overnight?”

“I'm sure you'd like that come on I'll see you tomorrow…get up”

“Hardin….” She pouted.

“I want to work Kim…see you tomorrow” He said keenly and she huffed.

“Whatever…enjoy your damn night with her I'm outta here!” She took her bag storming out of the house angrily. Hardin sighs taking his jacket he went after her.


Imelda couldn't take the hunger anymore now.

She had tried to sleep but couldn't. She's so hungry. Getting away from the bed, she went out of her room sneaking to the kitchen trying not to wake anyone up. She's not up for any drama she just wanna make herself something to eat and go back to sleep.

Hardin's eyes keep wandering in their sockets as his fingers moves around the keyboard. He has been working in his room ever since he dropped Kim off.

He heard some sounds but decided to ignore it. But he couldn't the second time as he heard some crashing sound he groans leaving his work to check out whatever it is.

He got to the kitchen just to see her trying to take a plate above her. She was jumping and stepping on her toes. On the floor was some broken plates. He sighs folding his arms watching her. After watching her struggle for a while she went behind her taking the plate. Imelda looks back only to find him so close to her. They both stared at each other and she quickly stepped back after some moments.

Hardin dropped the plate on the counter then swept her off her feet suddenly making her release a gasp. She placed her on the counter also.

He says nothing as he pack the broken plates on the floor to the trash bin.

“I'm sorry…I just wanted to make something…” She mutters biting her lower lips.

“I'm sure you must have been hungry…” He gave her a look. “What do I expect from a short devil like you?”

“Excuse me…”

“Am I wrong? You're short…that's why you broke that”

Imelda said nothing but sulk on her lip.

“You're clumsy also…look at what you did”

“I didn't mean to…I was startled and…”

“Why were you startled? Did you see a ghost?”

“Hey you suddenly came behind me how can I not be creeped out?”

Hardin shakes his head.

“Short people and their problems….what are you trying to make?”


“You could have just gotten a stood to stand on”

“I didn't think of that”

“Since your brain is short just like you are”

“I'm not short!” Hardin halted on what he's doing looking at her.

“You're not what?”

“I'm just a little creature created by God”

“And I'm a handsome giant creature”

“Shut up Hardin!” She glared and he chuckles.


“But…don't you need to go back to her….she must be waiting and I don't want her thinking I'm keeping you here” Imelda said eating her pasta.

“Yeah….nice of you to say now…she left”

“Did she?”

“How's it?”


“Sure….eat a lot…it's all yours”

“I'm aint a glutton”

“Sure you're not. That's why you're out here in the middle of the night scooping pasta” He said while Imelda drop the fork.

“I didn't take dinner cause you were screwing some lady out here is that my fault? And normally I don't eat much just that I had only chips for lunch.” She said and he kept quiet.

“About Kim…I wanted to get back at you…but now I think it wasn't necessary…I feel like I just made a fool out of myself” He said after a moment.

“Why would you wanna get back at me?”

“I…wanted you to feel the same…I wanted to make you angry seeing me with other lady”

“It didn't worked”

“I know…”

“See…I really don't care what you do about other ladies it's your life I hope you know that”


“And I don't get why you get so worked up whenever I'm with Alfred I mean you guys are brothers.”

“Alfred is dangerous”

“What are you saying?”

“Just know that…stay away from him I mean it Imelda”

“Look I'm saying this not because I'm following your orders or something. I just feel bad. I'm sorry and what I said this morning I didn't mean it…I only said that out of anger”


“But I'll still meet him”


“He's my friend Hardin”

“Promise me you won't have anything to do with him…he won't sleep over also”

“The latter I can promise”


“I'm not sure”

“You're stubborn”

“I thought you knew”


She nodded and pick up her fork.

“And also it seems you don't know but short people consume less food than average people. They also use less car fuel. Most of them can fit on earth. We're eco friendly human understand?” She said and he nodded.

“But I thought you said you weren't short? You're a little creature of God right?”

“Shut up Hardin”

He chuckles.

“Should I burst your brain more” She paused eating.

“Girls who lack heights are the prettiest…argue with your brain”

“I don't think I need to argue on that cause I think I agree with you on that you're pretty Imelda that I agree on” he said shocking her her to the bone.

“You….you find me pretty”She asked not believing it.

“I've always find you pretty” He confessed making her choke on the water. She started coughing and he offers her water which she took drinking. He also got beside her patting her back.

“Why is he being suddenly nice?” Imelda thought as she took the water.

“You're a petite cute lady…you can be sexy also and I when you wore my dress I swear you were drop dead hot_” Imelda spat out the water on him cutting him short. He gasp a little.

“Oh…oh no I'm so sorry….i mean you keep blabbing hogwash and I couldn't help….”

“What do I expect? Hey if I'm complimenting you you should be happy and all that but you do this to appreciate it instead”

“Who asked for the compliment…” She rolled her eyes and he started taking off his shirt.

“Sure you aren't pretty at all…you're too old fashioned that I get scarred to take you out sometimes” He said as he successfully took off the shirt. His tone muscular body came to view. Imelda looks at it for a while then moves her face away.

“Why is your favorite red?” He asked.

“What's…it's it's not!” She touches her cheeks

“Why are you shuttering and why are you looking away?”

“I just want to…do I need your permission for that?”

“Are you drooling?” He teased further.

“What! I'm…never_” she couldn't complete her statement because Hardin suddenly interrupted her with a abrupt kiss.

Her eyes went big and she froze for some moments before gaining back her senses and when she did she didn't hesitate to push him off her. However he seems determined as his grip on her tightened. She started giving his chest punches trying to get him away but the more she did the more his hold tightened and the kiss deestood. After some moments he finally unlock with the two panting hard especially Imelda.

“Do I really need to teach you how to inhale and exhale in this kind of situation?” He asked their face still so close. Imelda made to push him away but he held her neck smashing his lips on hers again. This time more fierce he bit her lips and she open up. He gained entrance into her mouth sliding his tongue in as it did some wonders there. Imelda eventually succumb to the kiss wrapping her arms around his neck and he lift her up placing her gently on the table. Her hands gallivant around his body as she releases moans in between the kisses. He went between her legs rubbing her visible thighs also. She threw her head back as his tongue teases her earlobe down to her neck. He traces kisses to her rising and falling chest and she held unto him breathing heavily.

“HARDIN!!” Imelda called for the fourth time tapping him.

“Uh?” He jerk off where he was standing.

“What are you thinking? Move out of the way I'm done” She said nudging him out of the way.

“By the way thanks for the pasta…good night” she smiles making way out of there.

Hardin stood over the same spot for some moments.

“Damn! What am I thinking?” He ruffles his hair before going to his room also.

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