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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 2

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 2

( Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction )


The beginning of us….began by fate…


“I'M BACKKKK!!! PAPARAAA!” Imelda hollered as she entered the coffee shop.

“Rise to your feet the Queen is back. PAPARAAA!” She brought her hand to her mouth in a manner that she's blowing a trumpet.

“You're back…welcome” came a solemn reply from Mrs Clinton her foster mother. Instantly, she knew something wasn't right.

“Mom….” She called walking towards her but then she saw her foster father also sitting at a corner with a worried look.

“What happened? Why is Dad here and not work? Were you given a break?” She asked taking a sit while Mr Clinton only gave her a feeble smile.

“He was fired” Mrs Clinton announced.

“What? Why?” Her eyes went big immediately she heard that.

“Apparently they caught him sleeping…the boss fired him” Mrs Clinton replied Indifferently.

“But…Mr Matt wouldn't do such”

“Matt? He wouldn't of course…the president came and caught him…he fired him without a pity…and your so called Matt sent him away without giving him a cent from his salary”


“I get it that he did did wrong by sleeping on duty…but it's almost end of the month shouldn't they at least gave him his work worth? How can they just send him home empty handed?” Mrs Clinton lamented

“Dad…” Imelda held his hand.

“Imelda that's not the problem now…Tess…you should stop her…she went to the headquarters to meet the president…you know nothing good will come out of there” Mr Clinton manage to say.

“What?! You should have stopped her. Why did you let her…”

“You know how she is…Imelda…?” Mr Clinton called with a pleading eyes.

“Oh no…this is trouble…Tess is trouble” she rubbed her temple in frustration.

“Just leave her…she's only trying to get justice for her father” Mrs Clinton said and Imelda sighs.

“I have no time for this….I'll be back Dad” she rush out of the shop flagging down a cab immediately.

“I pray she shouldn't have caused any trouble…” She mutters in the cab.


“Hello madam what can I do for you?” The receptionist asked politely as Tess approached her desk.

“I'm here to see the president of this company” Tess replied with a smile.

“Do you have an appointment with him?”

“No I don't…but I need to see him”

“I'm sorry ma'am but you need to fix up an appointment to see him”

“Then fix it up…right now” Tess said with change of voice.

“sorry ma'am but_”

“Why do you keep on apologizing? I only came here to see someone”

“The president isn't someone you can see just like that and to fix an appointment with him you'll have_”

“Enough of the grammar…tell him I want to see him right now”

“Ma'am please you'll need to come back after fixing an appointment with him

” Do I look look like I'll take no for an answer? You must be kidding me. Drag your so called president out here right now or I turn this place upside down” Tess glared making the receptionist a little intimidated.

“I'm sorry ma'am”

“Ohhh….you aren't gonna let me see him right? Okay…” She moves away from the receptionist desk while she just stare at her.

“I'm so gonna see that president of yours today…how dare he scam my pops?”

She stays at the center of the lounge then sat on the floor crossing her legs.

“What's she doing? She must be nuts” the receptionist mutters.

“I AIN'T MOVING AN INCH HERE UNTIL I SEE THAT @SSHOLE OF A PRESIDENT!” Tess declared as she sat on the floor people stare at her murmuring to themselves.

The security quickly came to her and tried to pull her up.

Being stubborn, she resist fervently fighting back with all her strength.

But it seems luck was on her side as the president stepped In at the same time discussing with his PA.

As soon as Tess saw him she bit one of the security hand and kicked the second gaining freedom she ran to the president blocking his way.

Hardin looks at her from head to toe not saying anything while she glares back.

“What does she want?” He asked his PA.

“I'll take care of it sir…” The PA went closer to Tess trying to get her away.

“Buzz off if you don't wanna become bald” she threatened.

“You! ” she points at Hardin.

“Give me money” she demanded. Hardin looks at her for a while and laughs. He looks at the security who bowed to him and came to grab Tess.

“You freaking fraud! Give me my money! You have a giant company like this and still have the guts to bully us the weak! You're really despicable ain't you? Uh?!” Tess yelled as the security forcefully drag her.

“Who is she?” Hardin asked.

“I'm sorry sir…I'll find out” His PA respond and he looks back at Tess.

“How dare you look at me like that?!” Hardin smirks and proceed walking away but unfortunately Tess bolted from the security men again…she rushed to Hardin jumping on his back abruptly with her arms and legs tightly wrapped around him.

“What the! Get her off me!” Hardin shouted.

“Give me my money! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!” Tess grab a handful of his hair and Hardin cried in pain.

“ARGH!! I'm gonna kill her I swear! Get her away right now!”

People gathered watching as Tess and Hardin display their madness. The security tries to get her off but they got a kick in return from Tess.


“Not after you pay me back my damn money!”

“I own you no money! I don't even know you!”

“Well I'm the daughter of the man you fired for dozing off during work hours now give me his money or you're really gonna become a monk i promise you!”

“Let me go!!” Hardin tries to get her of but seems Tess is determined as she only grab his hair more.

Imelda rushed into the company and face palmed on seeing the drama that has already broke out.

“She eventually land us in trouble” she rushes to them and tries to separate them.

“What are you doing Tess! Let him go!”

“Stay out of those Imel…I'm gonna kill him if he doesn't pay money!”

“Let him go!” Imelda tries to get her off but she only received a punch on her nose instead making her fell flat on the floor.

“Ouch!” She winced.

“Are you okay Imel?” Tess asked and Imelda glanced up at her.

“Oh!” Tess gasped.

“You're bleeding!” She came down and ran to her.

“Are you okay?” Tess asked concerned.

“Let's get out of here Tess” Imelda said with a pleading eyes.

“Not so soon Missy…”

They both look up to the voice just to see two men in uniform.

“You're under arrest for physical harassment…disturbance and threats” one of the cops said.

“What?” Imelda and Tess said together.

“Take her” Emma Hardin's PA said seems like he had called the cops earlier.

“LET HER ROT IN JAIL! TAKE HER AWAY FROM MY COMPANY!!” Hardin howled as they led Tess who wouldn't stop gnashing her teeth in anger and glowering at Hardin.

“I'LL COME BACK! I'LL MAKE YOU PAY AND GET MY MONEY!!!” Tess shouted as they took her out.

“Tess! Tess!!” Imelda followed.

They place became calm.

Hardin dusts himself.

“Are you okay Sir?” Emma asked but only received a death from Hardin.

“I'm gonna see the end of that girl…” He gritted as he walks away.

“Oh wait!” Imelda ran after him on coming back inside.

“WAIT! WAIT!! MR PRESIDENT!!” Imelda called but Hardin wouldn't answer on getting to the elevator Imelda increase her speed and ran to him.

“Wait!” She held his hand panting.

“Why? You're here to yank off my hair too?” Hardin frown.

“No….no…i …I'm…her sister…please I apologize for my sister's behavior she has been rude and_”

“Glad you know…and she'll surely pay for that” Hardin interrupted.

“No please…forgive her…I apologize in her stead..
I'm sorry Mr President…I'm really sorry please don't lock my sister up” Imelda pleads.

“Ding!” Came from the elevator.

Hardin push her away making her fall.

“Ah!” Came a wince from her.

“Mr…” She glance at Hardin who was already in the elevator.

Hardin smirks at her as the elevator door closes.

Imelda sighs.

“What am I gonna do now…?” She mutters as blood drip down her nose. She cleans it with the sleeve of her shirt and stand up.

“Hmmm….Hardin abusing a lady…what a jackpot” a reporter in hiding smiles to himself looking at his camera.

“I just hit the jackpot” he laughs to himself.


“Sir…?” Emma called nervously

“What?” Hardin frowns at his PA disturbance. He is currently watching a movie with the legs crossed on his desk.

“I think…you need to see this” Emma said with a shaken voice reaching the tablet to him.

Hardin hissed in annoyance dropping his phone. He collected the tablet to check the latest news streaming online. He arched his brows.

“What the fudge is this?”

“What should we do Sir?”

Hardin ignored his question reading the comments.

“He's really a jerk isn't he?”

“I always knew he's nothing good…I once met him at a party and I can tell you guys his personality sucks seriously”

“Fine face…stupid attitude”


“Wow…I can't believe he hit that poor lady…”

“He should be arrested”

“Nut case..” And so on.

He dropped the tablet in annoyance almost smashing it.

“I think a reporter filmed this earlier. It's Edwin coker Sir”

“Edwin coker? Him again? What exactly does that goat want from me? How did he got in?”


“Clear that article…everything! you leave one out you leave this company”

“Yes Sir” he took the tablet and turns to leave.

“Wait! That lady…”

“Which lady?” Emma obviously feigned ignorance.

“That nut case that attacked me! Let her go…”

“Oh…that lady…alright Sir” he bowed silently leaving.

“I'm really having some ill luck these past days I must say…” He grifted.


“He dropped the charges?!” Imelda and Tess Chorused.

“You just need to sign some papers then you can leave” the police officer says while Tess scoffs crossing her arms beneath her chest.

“I knew it…he must be out of his mind…locking me up will only ruin his life” Tess said while Imelda slap her shoulder.

“I think you've said enough for today…officer where are the papers?”

“Here it only need to sign here” the officer pointed to an empty space in the paper.

“What if I refuse to sign this?” Tess smirks.

“Then I'll refuse to hold my self back from spanking you…now sign!” Imelda glared.


“What took you guys so long you've been gone almost a day?” Mrs Clinton asked worried as the duo stepped into the shop.

“Busy treating that f**ked up @ssole @ss”

“So did you get the money?” Mrs Clinton asked eagerly and even Mr Clinton seems eager as he straighten up his sitting position.

“He didn't…I only got locked up instead”


“It's good he dropped the charges…Tess really did some crazy stuffs at his company earlier” Imelda said.

“So…you came back empty handed?”

“Don't worry mother…I'm gonna get that money from him…I certainly won't let him off”…just trust me” Tess assured but Mrs Clinton sighs.

“I had high hopes…what are we gonna do now? The shop is on the verge of bankruptcy_”

“I thought it has already went bankrupt?” Tess quizzed taking a can of drink from the fridge.

Mrs Clinton eyed her warily.

“Continue…mother” Tess said.

“No money…no customer…our only hope was his pay…why did you have to sleep exactly! Not like you didn't get enough sleep at home?!” Mrs Clinton chided Mr Clinton.

“Don't blame him mother…he must be really exhausted…you know that work is harsh for someone at his age…I always didn't liked it”

“Hey…he's only 53… He's very strong to work” Tess argued.

“He's 63 not 53” Imelda corrected.

“He should be at home resting not the other way round” she added.

“Enough of it already…in the end he's jobless and penniless…I should really put out the sign now” Mrs Clinton said.

“What sign?”

“I'm gonna sell this place?”

“MOM!” Imelda and Tess Chorused

“Then do you have any other choice?! We'll starve to death we continue this!!”

“I'm sorry…this is fault…” Mr Clinton said slowly while they all just keep silent.

“Don't sell it…I'll look for ways to bring money in somehow” he said again.

Imelda was about talking but then the door opened and a tall skinny fine man walked in. Mrs Clinton sprang up.

“Hello…you're welcome…what can I get for you?” She smiles warmly.

“I'd like to get some peace” he replied softly.

“Peace?” Mrs Clinton looked at the others.

“YOU! …” Tess pointed at Emma and he smiles.

“Can I have some words with you please?”


Mrs Clinton, Tess and Mr Clinton Sat a little bit far away from Imelda and Emma their six eyes glued to them as they try to listen to their conversation.

“I…really didn't know about this…” Imelda said giving back the tablet.

“Well now you do…” Emma said simply.

“So…what do you want me to do now? Hold a press conference that he didn't hit me? But he did pushed me. I was only going to apologized. He was kinda rude. What to do? His image is getting ruined because of me” Imelda said and Emma smiles.

“Why does he keep smiling?” Imelda thought within.

“You don't need to hold a press conference miss Imelda..”


“A reporter is gonna come see you soon…he'll need you to testify you know”

“He already published this…I doubt he would”

“He will…when he comes please can you deny it isn't like that?”

“That he didn't hit me?”

“You said he didn't?”

“But he pushed me”

“It wasn't intentionally”

“Oh really…” She scoffs.

“The president doesn't want this to go out of hand and just wanna bury the matter”

“I'm sure he would…he wouldn't wanna ruin his face after all…” Imelda mutters.

“Actually you're partially at fault…if your friend hadn't caused a scene_”

” she's my sister not my friend?”

“Right…your sister…had she not done that then this situation wouldn't have happened and the president wouldn't be in a tight situation now”

“Ohhh….I see…” She said sarcastically.

Emma signs then dip his hand into his suit pocket. He brought out an envelop.

“He hopes you forget the whole thing” he pass the envelope to Imelda.

She scoffs.

“Now you're trying to bribe me?”

“Tell the reporter the article is false”

“I'm not sure…I was gonna overlook it 43 seconds ago but you had to do this…” She pass the envelop back to him and stand up.

“I think you've done enough…you can leave now Mr Emmanuel”

Emma stood up also.

“Miss Ime_”

“We're actually busy you know…please leave”

Emma sign.

“Alright then…I'll take my leave…think about it miss Imelda” he took the envelope and turns to leave.

Mrs Clinton and Tess immediately ran to Imelda.

“What was that?” Mrs Clinton asked.

“He looks quite pissed off…what did you say to him?” Tess quizzed.

“What was the envelope all about?” Mr Clinton asked from where he's still seated.

Imelda smiled.

“It's nothing…he only came to talk about today…we should just close for today I don't think we're gonna get any customer” she said heading to the kitchen.

Mrs Clinton signaled to Tess who nodded before going outside.


Emma stopped looking back.

“What do you want?” He frown

“Don't worry…it's obviously not you…” She smirks and moves closer to him abruptly.

Emma gasped lightly.

She dip her hand in his pocket and brought out the envelope.

She smiles.

“I'm gonna keep this” she winks before heading back to the shop.

“OMIGOD!” she exclaimed looking at the cheque she brought out from the envelope.

“This is crazy! Imelda seriously…” She shakes her head hiding the cheque before going in to the shop.

“What's with her?” Emma mutters before entering his car and drove off.

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