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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 21

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 21

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”


It wasn't only her…Hardin seems to got the shock also as his eyes grew big in its sockets. He releases a groan and without thinking twice Imelda quickly took her hand off. Her heartbeat palpitate in both shock and nervousness. In a jiffy she turned to get out of the pool but seems she wasn't fast enough. He got hold of her by wrapping his arms over her from behind. Over gasping is an understatement. Her eyes grew bigger as his d**k poke her harder from behind.

“Where are you going Imelda” He whispers to her slowly sending shivers down her spine. You could say she got goosebumps that particular moment her eyes flew tightly shut. Right now her back is glued to his bare chest and his holding her hands tightly just below her b**bs.

His lips gently and softly rested on her neck.

She shudders as she felt something different. A great sensation aroused in her. It was strange and new.

“What's have you done you naughty girl” He whispers huskily to her neck his lips brushing it over making her breath hitched.

She started releasing heavy breaths but she maintain her right senses. Wiggling her body she tries to get out of his hold. But seems that's a wrong action cause the more she did…the more he groans in pleasure. That action actually made her grind her @ss on his rod.

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“F**k Imelda…you're really tempting me right now..” He said in a groansome manner.

“Hardin…this…this…isn't…in the…con..hmm” She couldn't help releasing a moan with his lips on her neckline gallivanting around to her earlobe. She had to crane her neck to the side her palms clutching tightly to his around her waist almost piercing his. Her eyes remained shut clenching her teeth trying hard to resist the strange urge she's getting right that moment. Placing visible hickeys all over her neck, his fingers started playing around her belly button she threw her head back to her chest releasing breathy moans. Her heart palpitate faster now as his fingers roam about her belly and his tongue playing around her earlobe.

“Don't ever dress like this again Imelda…it won't just end with this next time” He said seductively to her hearing.

“Do you understand?” He asked in his husky voice and she nodded. Then he withdrew. She sighs in still breathing heavily. He spun her over and place his palm on her face. Stares for some moments then lean over and kissed her forehead. His lips lingers there for a while with her eyes closed.

“I think we've done enough for the night…let's go home now” He said expressionlessly getting out of the water. His member still hard. He needs to relieve himself.

It took her a while for her to get hold of herself and when she did she slapped herself back to her senses.

“Oh no! What have I done? You're in trouble Imelda!” She face palmed.

Throughout the drive home Hardin didn't utter a word to her. Imelda at the other hand keep eating and playing with her finger.

The ride was awfully silent and somehow she felt uncomfortable.

“Are you okay?” Was the first word he said to her as he stopped the car in the compound.

“I…I…im…am” She stammered

“Why are you shuttering if you are okay?”


“Forget it” He got out of the car and head inside while she quickly followed suit.

Somehow she felt she needed to talk to him about what happened earlier. It wasn't in the contract and she needs to make things clear. This shouldn't repeat itself again.

“Hardin…” She stops him and he looks back to her.


“We…we need to…talk” She said with her head down she couldn't keep eye contact with him.

“Can we do that later? Because of someone…I've to have a cold shower” He said and Imelda snap her head up to him.

He smirks then head to his room.

She sighs deeply.

“I'm going crazy seriously…” She mussed up her hair dashing to her room also.


She stood in front of the mirror touching her neck. She sighs for the umpteen time before covering it with a scarf. On doing that her eyes caught her right palm and she stares at it remembering the other night. She continues staring at her palm till her cheeks grew red.

“What're you doing Imelda?” She slap herself mentally.

“You must be crazy!” She took her bag took a sigh before exiting the room.

“Just act like nothing happened…nothing happened” She said to herself repeatedly as she walks to the living room. She didn't see any sigh of Hardin she breath out in relief. She walked to the fridge. Opening it she took some milk and some bread. She then turned to proceed to the dinning but then saw Hardin already behind her. She gasped dropping the milk in her hand.

Hardin eyed her.

“Hardin?” She called.

“Why do you look so startled?” He furrows his eyebrow.


He steps closer while she froze on the same spot she is. She gulped down her own spit as he leans closer his eyes glued to hers.

“What is this? Is he going to kiss me?” She thought within. Hardin looks at her as she keep gulping down her spit also sucking on her lower lips. He took his eyes away from hers then open the fridge behind her. He took a bottle of water and close it back. He smirks at her before withdrawing opening the bottle and drinking water from it.

She inhaled fanning herself.

“Why is it suddenly so hot?” She asked within.

“Are you going to work?” He asked.

“Where else?” She asked back.

“How was your night?”

“It was splendid”

“Really…I had a tough night…cause of someone” he smiles at her.


“Wait up…I'll drop you” He said then head to his room not giving her a chance to talk.

“What's his problem?” She asked herself.


She made to open the car door but then discovered it was locked. She looked back at him in question.

He gestured to his lips smiling.

“What?” She furrows her brows.

“Goodbye kiss” He said simply


“Isn't that your responsibility as a loving girlfriend?”


“I noticed we haven't the doing the proper thing as couples. I mean couples are supposed to be loving and romantic to each other”

“We're different from other couples”

“But we're still couples.”

“This is a contractual relationship”

“Then do it well”

“There aren't anyone to deceive here”

“Why isn't? Hey people are watching even without our knowledge…you think what you see is everything? Eyes are everywhere darling so do it well”


“I thought about it…you haven't been doing the worth of my pay…you aren't doing your job well Imelda. Even I'm not convinced how will the public be?”


“Listen…from now on I've decided we're gonna do everything couples do…everything I mean…the date…the romance and every other things included…” He declares while Imelda just stare at him in amazement.

What has suddenly gotten into him?

Is he plan on punishing her?

But for what? Several thoughts ran through her mind.

“Now girlfriend…I want a passionate goodbye kiss” He pucker his lips.

“Open the damn door” She glared.

“Oiy! You shouldn't glare at your boyfriend like that”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Aren't you late for work?”

She breaths out.

“Open the door first”

“I know how to play this game”

“It's only a kiss…it's no big deal unlock the door first. I don't want you asking for something more illogical so I'm only tryna be careful here”

“Why is it illogical? And also asking for more? What more can I possibly ask for? not that I can f**k you in here” He said and she quickly cover his mouth with her palm giving him a look. He removed it.

“Not your palm…but your lips do it before I demand for something more like you said”

“I will do it Hardin but first…unlock the door” She said seriously.

“Okay” He smiles and unlock the door.

“The kiss” He pucker his lips.

She smiles.

“Sure boyfriend” She leans closer but instead of kissing she bit his lips. He quickly pushes her away.


She smirks.

“Couples do that too” She stuck her tongue out at him then opened the door and got out before he could do anything.

“That serves him right” She smiles to herself entering the company.


“Alright guys…thanks for your cooperation and I'm sorry for appearing like this suddenly…you must be quite taken a back” Alfred smiles at them.

“I want celebrate our success on the product we launched and also appreciate you guys for your hard work…dinner how about that?”


“We love it”

“We love you boss!”

“You're the best!”

“That's great!”

They all said and he claps his palms stopping them.

“Alright…choose the place bill on me” He said and they Jubilated.

“Sir will you be present there?”

“Would you guys love to have me there?”

“Of course…it's an honor sir”

“Then expect me…text me the address”

“Yeah cool…”

“He's so cool”

“The meeting is over…you can all go back to work” He said and then start dispersing.

“Imelda” He held Imelda's hand stopping her in her mo.

“Do you need anything sir?” She asked politely.

“Um….you'll be there tonight right?”

“Yes sir since I'm part of the team” She replied. He smiles

“See you tonight then” He releases her hand and she made a slight bow before leaving the smiling Alfred.

She sighs as she got out.

Bella ran to her.

“I saw that I saw that what did you guys talk about?” She asked curiously.

Imelda only smiles at her before excusing her.

“Ohh…that lucky brat! Well today is the day I've been waiting for….i can't wait for tonight really” She squealed leaving also.


Hardin was working on his laptop when the door opened and Kim cat walk in.

“Hey” He looks up from his laptop.

“Hardin darling…” She smiles sexily walking towards him. He stopped at what he's doing.

“Why are you here Kim?”

“Why else? For you of course”

“Not now…you know I don't joke with work”

“Oh come on babe…”She sat on his lap.

“Don't you want me here?” She whispers seductively.

“What do you want exactly?”

“I want to sleep over”

“You know that's_”

“Come on don't reject me…I'm hurt”

“I'm just being careful…grandpa is watching my every move”

“Then stay with me tonight….I want to spend it with you” She said and lick his lips grinding her @ss on his member slowly as well. As expected he started becoming hard.

“Well then…I'm all yours” He said and she smirks and smacks her lips with his . They roughly kissed.


“CHEERS!!!” They all chorus clicking their glasses together sixth time.

Each gulp down their drinks except Imelda.

“Why aren't you drinking?” Alfred whispers asked secretly.

“I don't drink” She whispers back.


“The last time I did…I did something crazy” She said and Alfred nodded.

“President can I ask a question?” Bella said drunkenly.

“Sure ask away” He smiles.

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“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked and Sarah tries to hold her back.

“What….” She frowns. Alfred chuckles

“No I don't” He replied.

“Why? I mean you're so handsome and perfect why don't you have a girlfriend? Don't you have anyone you like? Are you really what they say you are?”

“Which is?”

“Oh don't listen to her sir…she's sprewing trash” Sarah said covering her mouth.

Bella took her hand away.

“Let me go!” She wipe her lips.

“It's okay let her talk”

“You'll regret this…”

“Are you into men? Is that why a handsome hot guy like you is single?” She blurts out. Alfred chuckles and took a drink. Every eyes focused on him for his answer.

“I'm not into men…I actually love ladies” He replied and they heave a sigh of relief. Bella grinned.

“Then…Dear president would you like to date me? I think I'm crazy for you” she grinned again.

“Oh my she's crazy” Adah mutters.

“What to do damsel? I'm already crazy for someone else” He replied. Imelda looks at him.

He has someone he likes. That's unexpected.


He took his gaze to Imelda.

Imelda quickly took her eyes away…she started feeling uncomfortable immediately. Strangely she felt thirsty

Instinctively, she took the glass of beer and gulp it down at once. Alfred smiles at her.

“Someone…very beautiful” he finally said.

“Do we know her?”

“I doubt that…” He faces them now.

“But she does” She gestured to Imelda.

“Me.?” She asked.

“Yeah you do…you've met her before” he replied her while she gave him a look.

“Ohhh…I wonder who the lucky lady is….I'm so envious” Bella placed her head on the table.

Alfred keep smiling at Imelda. She felt somehow uncomfortable.

“Why isn't he here yet?” She thought within. She had texted Hardin earlier informing him of the dinner. She doesn't want a situation where he'll get misunderstood again so she texted him to pick her to since he wouldn't picked up her call.

“Are you okay Imelda?” Alfred asked and she nodded taking her beer again. She gulp down another glass.

Hardin and Kim settled at an hotel…they're both on the bed with Kim rubbing his chest slowly.

“I love being with you like this” She mutters.

“Tell me if she hadn't appeared in our lives…would I have been in that position she is right now? Maybe I shouldn't have travelled…I wouldn't have lose you to her”

“Get your mind of it Kim…you can never be in her position…you're Kim remember” He said and she smiles.

“Of course I know…but it's okay though…as long as I've got you…she's nothing”

“Tell me after six months ended..will you continue meeting her?”

“If there's a reason to I will…but if there isn't…we end things there”

“There won't be a reason to…I guarantee that”

Talking of her, Hardin decided to inform her he wouldn't be coming home. He took his phone which was beside him on the table.

“F**k” He spat when he saw he had missed her calls. He clicked on the message and his eyes almost popped out.

“HARDIN WE'RE HAVING A COMPANY DINNER ALONG WITH ALFRED COME PICK ME TO BY 8 ICE BAR” The text said. He checked the time and it's already 9:30

“Sh*t!” He pulled Kim away taking his clothes.

“Why? What happened?” She asked.

“I'll see you later Kim…I've got to go” He said taking his things and rushing out. He dialed her number at third ring it was picked.

“Hello” Came an hoarse voice at the other end. He froze for a moment.

“Why are you the one picking up?” He recognized that voice.

“Because I'm with her” Alfred replied simply.

Imelda had actually went to the restroom when he called and since others are busy chatting and laughing he decided to pick it up.

“Give her the phone”

“Don't worry Hardin…I'll take care of her” He said and end the call on sighting Imelda coming.

Hardin clenched his fist.

He still heard some voices which only means they are still at the bar. He rushes there immediately.


“Then we'll get going sir…thank you so much for tonight” Sarah thanked and he nodded.

“Be careful” He said as Sarah took the drunk Bella with her.

“Imelda” Adah tries to wake the drunk Imelda up.

“Umm leave her…I'll take care of her”

“Ohh…will you?” She asked unsure and he smiles.

“Alright then…goodbye sir” She bowed silently and leaves also.

Alfred sighs.

“Now…it's finally us alone” He looks at Imelda who was murmuring some incoherent words.

He moves some strands of hair away from her face and smiles. Imelda tries loosening her clothes due to the hotness. Alfred notice this and decided to help her by taking off the scarf and when he did his expression changed at what he saw. Love bites.

“Did he gave you this? What have you done with him Imelda?” He asked the drunk Imelda who keep pouting her lips. His eyes darted to her lips. He felt attracted and leans closer just about placing his lips on hers he heard his name being called.

“Alfred!!” He halted in his attempt.

Hardin walks angrily to him pulled him up by his shirt and landed a heavy punch on his face. He fell to the ground.

“Don't dare go closer…I might do the unthinkable” He warned while Alfred cleans the little blood on his lips. Hardin turns to Imelda and find her wasted. Without wasting much time he carried her out of there whilst Alfred only watch them leave.

On getting home Hardin dragged Imelda to the bathroom and open the shower on her. She gasped and flinched.

“Stop….stop it's…cold stop!!” Hardin paid deaf ears he held her not letting her escape as the water rushed on her.

After some moments of torturing her she closed the tap.

Imelda breathes heavily.

“Are you I your right senses now?” He asked gruffly.

“Are you crazy!!” She barked at him.

“You're the crazy one here Imelda! What the f**k were you doing with Alfred! He was f**king kissing you!!!”

“What? That's not true”

“Of course it is I saw it with my own eyes!!!”

“I…I didn't know…I” He got hold her her arm.

“I told you right no guy has any right to touch you…AM ONLY ALLOWED TO DO SO!”

“Let me go Hardin you're hurting me?”

“I hate it when you're around him…and I hate it more when he touches you anyhow…I feel like gauging his eyes out every time he kisses you…I hate it! I hate it Imelda don't you understand!!!”


He releases the water on her again.

“Hardin! Hardin stop this!!”

“Promise me Imelda…that you won't let him touch you anymore”

“I promise so stop this madness already Hardin!” She glared at him. He held her face.

“I'm the only one allowed to touch you Imelda…I don't want any other guys having their way with you…don't ever break your promise”He said and the next thing he smash his lips on hers. She gasp into the kiss. He held her face firmly not giving her a chance to act defiantly. Biting her lower lip she was forced opened up for him. He slide in his tongue as kissed her as she never expected. Imelda clutch to his already wet shirt tightly there was no escaping to this anyway so why not go along with it. It didn't take her long to adjust to the it Suprisely it wasn't that bad. She kept opening her mouth accommodating his tongue in. Hardin pulled her closer and she crawled her hands to his neck wrapping it around tightly. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He kissed her temptuously as the water rush down on them.

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