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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 22

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 22

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”



The kiss got more intense he wasn't ready to stop but then due to the shortness of breaths he had to unlock to catch his breath but seems he shouldn't have done that. Imelda's eyes scrutinize his frantically. She hiccups and he before he could knew it she jump down from his arms and ran out of the bathroom leaving him in his misery…again.

After changing her drenched clothes she wouldn't stop cussing herself on what just happened.

“I need to leave this house” She concluded after everything. The next morning before Hardin could come out of his room Imelda had left the house. She had decided to avoid him till further notice. Who knows what might happen if she got entangle with him again. After work she decided to visit Tess…she wouldn't be okay until she tells her everything.

“So he marked you?” Tess said washing the glasses as Imelda follows her on every move she makes.

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“Marked?” She asked confused.

“Your neck” She said and Imelda touch her neck..


“Imelda you're surprising me lately”

“What do you mean?”

“Forget it” She smiles and continue her work.

“But what do I do Tess…this…is getting out of control”

“Then control it. Try your best to control it”

“I can't…he…ends up taking dominion everytime…I'm scared” She said slowly and Tess stop what she's doing facing her now. She sighs.


“I'm scared Tess…things is getting out of out…I'm…im doing things against my will…because of him…I'm doing the things I vowed never to…he keeps making me sin…over and over again”

“Imel…don't you think it's just what you want?”


“Think about it…if it isn't then none of this wouldn't have happened in the first place…you giving in everytime…isn't it because that's what you truly desire?”

“I'm not like that….it's not”

“Imel….remember I'm someone who knows you more than you do to yourself…I can read you totally imel and trust me when I say you're trapped. Unless you admit to it…then this torture will never cease”

“I'm going to leave him”

“So you wanna run away from it”

“I'm not…it's only the right thing”

“No….you're being a coward right now…you don't wanna face it head on…that'll lead you nowhere girl” she said while she only kept quiet.

“Why are you so scared Imelda…this isn't the first time”

“But it's different…this is different Tess….not someone like him…I….i don't want to” she shakes her head.

“Alright Imelda…I'll give you some time….think about it”

“There's nothing to think about Tess….I'm done with the whole thing” She affirms whilst Tess only sighs looking at her.

“I've got to go….my regards to mom and Dad…tell them…I'm gonna stay over by weekend”

“Alright….we'll be expecting you” Tess smiles and Imelda gave her a small smile before leaving. She tries to leave the bar but however bumped into someone making the files he's holding scattered on the floor.

“Oh my I'm so sorry…” She bent down packing the flies with the man.

“I'm really so sorry Mister I didn't mean to do that” She apologize while the man looked at her.

“Miss Imelda?” He called and Imelda was surprised cause she clearly didn't know him.

“Do you know me?” She asked and the man beamed in smiles.


“I'm Edwin coker a reporter at Daily News” The man said extending his card to her which she slowly collected.

“Edwin Coker?” She said while the man smiles adjusting his glasses.

“But how do you know me?”

“Oh please everyone knows the girlfriend of the powerful Hardin Morrison” He chuckles.

“Ohhh” She mouthed.

“Actually I'm glad I bumped into you….I've been meaning to have an interview with you for a long time now. I believe we have a lot to discuss”

“Why? If it's about my relationship with Hardin then we have no problems…excuse me but I have to get going now” She said standing up.

“Aren't you curious….about what happened two years ago?”

She stopped.

“Two years ago?” She quizzed and the reporter stood up also.

“The dark secret your boyfriend is hiding…the reason why I believe you're in this relationship with him”

“Excuse me….what do you mean?”

“Miss Imelda…I don't know about other people but you can't fool me…I know this sudden relationship of yours is just to cover up the article that came out months ago about what happened two years ago”

“I don't know what you're talking about” she said and the reporter smirks.

“It's okay miss Imelda…there's no rush we can take our time to talk about this…how about setting a date?”

“Excuse me Mr reporter I don't know what you're talking about and I'm quite pissed off with your accusations. Do you reporters go around making such false assumptions? I wouldn't be meeting you again cause there's no reason for that ” she reached out his card back to him.

“I won't tolerate you talking nonsense about my relationship with Hardin…I'd advice you to stop sabotaging our relationship if you don't want me to retaliate…good day” She declared and turns to leave but the reporter stopped her.

“Two years ago….whenever you're ready to hear about it I'm always here to talk about it miss Imelda” He walked up to her and squeeze the business card in her palm smiles before leaving.

Imelda stood for a while looking at the card.

“What's he talking about?” She thought.

Her phone rang and she looked at the caller ID

It was Alfred. She ignored the call and walk out of the bar.

She got home and discover Hardin haven't returned yet. She breath out in relief and head to her room after having a simple dinner. Her mind flashed through what the reporter said earlier. She got from her bed and opened the laptop.


“This story is no longer available” Was all she brought out. She did all she could to find it out but found nothing. She even went through his profile but still got nothing. She sigh out in annoyance. It seems the story was cleared off.

Now she became curious.

What could have happened two years ago?

If it's something big the Hardin will never tell her. She doesn't wanna talk to Alfred and there's no way Jesse would tell her anything either.

Seriously…what could have really happened?


“Imelda!” Alfred double crossed Imelda with his car.

“Alfred?” She called surprised.

“Can you get in please?” He said while Imelda felt reluctant to do so.

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“You're avoiding me lately…is that Hardin's order?” Alfred asked the Imelda sitting opposite him in the cafe.

“It has nothing to do with him….I did it cause I wanted to” She replied flatly.

“What? But….but why?”

“I heard what you did Alfred” She said seriously.

“Imelda that is…”

“You know I've always trusted you. I forgave you that night cause I felt you were drunk and out of your senses but…Alfred were you drunk that night also? You took advantage of me”

“Can I explain please?”

“I thought we were friends? Friends aren't supposed to deceive and do bad things to each other” She cut him off.

“Do you remember what I said that night? about the girl I liked?” He asked

“And why would you bring that up now?”

“I said then….that you know her. Aren't you curious…who she is?” He quizzed and she kept quiet.

“I won't best about the bush Imelda….the lady…is you. The reason why I'm doing all those things…both the launch night and the company dinner….is all because I like you. But you belong to my brother which hurts me to know….it's hard for you to be mine” He confessed while she just stares.

He held her hand.

“Imelda…you're such a unique lady to be truthful I fell for you the moment I first saw you…but unfortunately I lost you to Hardin. Though it's hurt but….everyday…i still hope one day…we could be together” he said again this time waiting for her response.

“Alfred…we're friends…right?” She said.

“Friends” She repeated removing her hands from his.

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“I've got to go…see you later” She stood up and took her bag.

“Imelda wait!” He held her wrist.

“You're a good friend Alfred” She smiles and he let go of her. She then took her leave.

“Did she just rejected me with a word?” Alfred asked himself.

“Seriously…” He scoffs.

Imelda got home feeling exhausted…all she wanted right now is rest.

She head inside only to meet with Hardin who seems to be waiting for her.

She halted staring at him who stares at her for a while.

“It's….been a while” He said breaking the awkward silence.

“Um…yeah…im going to my room” She said leaving but he held her back.

“You've been avoiding me”

“I know”


“Nothing…I think…we need some space. From each other” She said removing her wrist from his grip but instead he held both her shoulder facing her fully.

“Don't avoid me” He stares directly at her. She looks away.

“Why aren't you looking at me?”

“Hardin…I'm…i want to rest…please” she said softly but he pulled her into his embrace.

“Don't! Don't stay away…don't even think of it. I won't allow that”

“Excuse me…” Imelda said stepping back

“By the way…I'm spending the weekend at my mom's…just letting you know” she walked to her room.

Hardin pocketed his hands watching her leave.


The door opened slowly and he walked into the dark room. Only three times light of the lamp beside the bed reflected. He closed the door gently making sure not to wake her up and walk to the bed. He watch her sleep soundly and sat on the bed. She squinted her eyes as if she noticed someone's presence.

Slowly, her eyes lids open.

“Hardin?” She called in surprise looking at the Hardin who just stares without saying nothing.

She sat up on the bed.

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“What are you doing here?” She asked sleep still visible in her eyes. She yawns.

“Because you're avoiding me” He replied simply and she raised a brow at him.


“You keep avoiding me Imelda…you don't wanna talk to me and that's drives me loco”

“What are you saying?”

“Why are you doing that?”

“Go to sleep we'll talk tomorrow” She looks away.

“Why are you being distant again?”

“Hardin…please…i wanna sleep. Or should I just leave?” She made to stand from the bed but he held her back holding her face.

“You haven't answered any of my questions” He said with his face close to hers.

“Can you just…please leave?” She whispers.

“”I'm ain't leaving without getting any of my answers Imelda” he shakes his head.

“Do you really wanna know?”


“Then answer my question first”

“Which is?”

“That…two…two…” She bit her lower lips. Strangely she couldn't do it. She felt scared suddenly…to know what happened two years ago.

“Forget it” She finally said.

“Will you answer my question now?”

“Not now…go back to your room”

“I'm staying here tonight”


He leans closer to kiss her but she moves her face away.

“Go to your room Hardin” She said. He moves away slowly then stood.

“I told you I'm staying over” He said walking beside the other side of the bed getting on it.

“Then I'll leave” She stood from the bed but he grap her hand. She land on the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around her.

He said nothing but just closed her eyes while Imelda tries to wiggle out of his hold. When she got tired she stopped sighing.


“When will you be back?”

“Tomorrow's morning”

“Alright…I'll drop you”

“No…it's okay. I…i can just go by myself I have somewhere to go first also you needn't worry”

Hardin looks at her for a while.

“If that's what you want…be careful”

She nodded then turn to leave. But the she stopped in her attempt and face him.

“Hardin…we both know the rules of the contract and we know also that…you've done things contrary to what the contract says”

He kept quiet.

“I think if I do just one thing contrary to it as well it shouldn't be a problem right?”

“Sure…that's fair enough” He nodded.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“I would like if you'd be honest with me…to years ago….what happened with you? Is this relationship…has to do with that?” She asked and Hardin's face changed instantly…to a dark one.

“Where did you heard that?”

“Answer my question first Hardin…what happened two years ago?”She asked while Hardin clenched his fists.

“Go Imelda” He said in a completely cold voice leaving to his room. Imelda watch him leave and sighs.

“This is really getting more strange” She mutters before leaving also.

Jesse walked into the restaurant with swag as usual. He took off his glasses as his eyes scrutinize the entire restaurant.

“There she is?” He grinned when he saw her pressing his phone. He whistles the walked up to her taking a sit in front of her. Imelda look up from her phone to him.

“You're here….Jesse” She said.

“Yeah babe…I'm actually surprised you called to meet first. What's the occasion? Changed your mind in f**king me?” He asked naughty.

“I'll go straight to the point Jesse….tell me what happened two years ago…everything” She asked determined.


It was already dark by the time Hardin returned home. He got to the living room and saw no sigh of Imelda. She must be in her room. He decided to changed first before going to see her.

Imelda's hand shakes on the mouse. Her eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing.

How is it possible?

The door suddenly opened and he walked in. She sprang up immediately.

Hardin crease his brows.

What was she doing in his room? He thought.

“Imelda?” He called but she was just glaring at him with a complete different expression which he clearly didn't like.

He walked closer to her and she moves back fidgeting.

“What's wrong?” He asked the Imelda whose face was inscribed with shock and some some expressions he couldn't fathom.

“Don't come near me!” She said with shaky voices as he approach her.

“Don't come closer….please” She said again to the confused Hardin.

“What happened?” He quizzed but instead of replying…she ran out of his room. Hardin couldn't understand anything happening. His eyes caught his laptop and he went towards it. His eyes almost flew out of its sockets at what he saw.




“Oh f**k!” He grunts as he ran after Imelda but it was already too late as she was nowhere to be found. He called her phone but she left it at home.

“DAMN!!!”He kicked the nearby trash bin in annoyance. Where's gonna find her this night.

He dialled a number.

“Hello…” A masculine voice came at the other end.

“Alfred…she found out the truth…about t years ago” He announced.

“WHAT!!” Alfred's shocked voice came.

Imelda couldn't help the tears falling.

So that was it

That was the kind of person he is after all.

All these while she had been in a relationship with a monster.

“What am I going to do?” She sobbed quietly at the back seat of the taxi.


“Imelda?” Tess called surprised on seeing Imelda at the room doorstep.

“Imelda what are you doing here so late?” She asked and Imelda threw her arms around her neck hugging her.

“Tess….I'm doomed. What I feared the most….what I've been trying to avoid has finally happened….I'm fallen into the wrong hands again Tess….” She weeps in her arms.



Hardin couldn't sleep overnight…he kept waiting for the morning to arrive so he could look for Imelda. He felt restless and scared.

What will happen now that she found out about him?

She's is definitely leaving him.

“Hello?” A feminine voice came at the other end of the phone.

“Tess….Imelda….” He trailed off

“She's at the bar Hardin…talking to a man whom I presume to be a reporter” Tess said over the phone.

“She told me about revealing some truth..” Tess said and he heard a bang on his head.

“”Hardin did something happened last night? She came crying but wouldn't tell me a thing”

“She's meeting a reporter?” He asked.

“Yeah….they're currently talking”

“Which bar is it?” He asked with his head already turning. He clenched his fist nervously.


“You made the right decision miss Imelda…can you see now….the kind of person he really is?”

“What happened two years ago….is it really true?” She asked hoping he'll say no.

“He was caught red handed miss Imelda…though he tried denying it and pull some strings to avoid being jailed…the fact that he committed a huge sin…can never change”

“Is she dead?”

“She was badly injured….she was found unconscious…there are also rumors he takes drugs…” The reporter said and she held unto the table tightly.

Did Hardin really does all these?

“Miss Imelda…I really need your cooperation…can you tell me the truth about what's going on between you two? Did he forced you into this relationship? We all know Hardin isn't the type to suddenly go public about being in love…he has always denied and avoid every rumors about dating…how come you two are suddenly together?”


“He abused you right? I saw when he pushed you back at the elevator and also that night at the hotel…why did you ran out of his room in tears? You were clearly a worker then…what really happened that night?” The reporter bombard her with questions and she swallowed nothing.

“You can trust me miss Imelda….you have to do this…it's only right”

“I….I'll tell you everything reporter”

Tess watch with full attention wondering on what they could be talking about.

Hardin rushed into the bar breathing heavily. His eyes roamed about the bar and finally saw Imelda with a reporter talking. He walked closer slowly to then but then stopped when he heard her talk.

“….is a contract….it was all a lie to deceive the public” She said.

“Hmm…I thought as much…so miss Imelda how do you feel with the whole thing? And also if it was a contract like you said then you shouldn't be telling no one…why did you decide to confess this?”

“Let's just say….after a careful thought about it I discovered i don't wanna be….another victim of his…I'm only trying to save myself before…I encounter the same fate.” She said while the reporter nodded. He made to adjust his glasses and turn to his side at the attempt. He saw Hardin.

“Oh it's Hardin Morrison” He said and Imelda quickly snap her head to him. She looked at him while he stares at her with a pained expression. Before he knew it…a tear escape his eyes.

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