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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 24

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 24

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”


Hardin stopped dancing immediately be couldn't spot Imelda where she's sitting anymore. He left the dance floor immediately and went in search for her.

Imelda's head fell on Alfred's head and he simper. She pout and lips and murmurs some unclear words. It was clear she's already drunk.

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He push the hair which was on her face away gently.

“If Hardin saw me with you…he'll probably go haywire again right? But you know…you came to me first…” He said to her while she opens her eyes to stare at him.

“Don't look at m like that Imelda…I'll be left with no choice if you keep doing that” He mutters to her while she smiles.

“It's Alfred…my good friend” She says smiling.

He couldn't help smiling also.

“Yeah…it's me…I'm your good friend right?”He asked and she nodded like a kid.

“Cam you do your friend a little favor?” He opted again and she nodded.

“Can I touch you?” He asked but she just stares.

“I'll take that as a yes” He said then leans closer placing his lips on her neck. She gasp. It lingers there for a while before withdrawing.

“Do you like it?” He smiles at her.

“Hardin is gonna get mad”She mutters.

“Don't worry about him…he won't be able to do a thing” He assured.

“I should pro…bab…llly go…look for…har…din” she shuttered drunkenly trying to stand.

“I think…my legs are…numb” She pouted cutely.

“Come on instead of going to Hardin…let me tell you what happened two years ago. You wanna know that right?” He asked and she nodded simultaneously like a kid clasping her palms together.

“Come on…I'll take you to where I can explain better” He said and sweep her off her feet.

“Be a good girl okay?” He smiles at her and she nodded still.

Hardin scattered his hair in utmost frustration. He dialed her number and it started ringing but he had to turn back when he heard a ring a somewhere around him. He traced it then saw a familiar face taking her in his arms.

“ALFRED!!”He roared going to him.

“Oh no! We've been caught” Alfred mutters looking at the angrily Hardin marching to him.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!”He punched him and he staggers backward with Imelda still in his arms. Hardin took Imelda from him putting her one side before going back to charge at him. He received several punches from the furious Hardin without being able to even throw one at him.

“I told you to stay away didn't I?! What the f**k do you think you're doing with her!!” He bellows punching Alfred whose face has now become bloody. He heard a sound and looks back of to see Imelda on the floor. He left Alfred and went to her. She reeks of alcohol.

“My legs are gone!!” She cries.

Hardin carried her without saying anything. He proceed to leave but Alfred's words stopped him.

“She wouldn't stop asking about that night…so I was just gonna explain it to her…in details” He smirks with his bleeding mouth.

“Bastard…” Hardin glowers before taking her away.


Hardin took the drunk Imelda into the house. She wouldn't stop babbling rubbish and hopping around unsteadily.

He can't even get angry at her even though he's an angry as f**k. He got hold of her making her face him. She grins.

“I…2…3…wow…you've got a lot of heads Hardin” She grins drunkenly.

“Hardin 1…Hardin 2… Hardin 3….Hardi_” He held her hand making her stop.

“What were you doing with Alfred?” He asked unfriendly.

“Alfred?” She mutters and smiles coyly. Before he knew it, She stood on her toes and kiss his neck…his eyes widened. Her lips linger there for a while before she withdrew.

“Do you like it?” She said exactly what Alfred said. He was tempted to just grabbed her sucking the hell outta her but he held himself in.

“You…shouldn't do that Imelda”

“Why? You don't like it?” She whined.

“But I like it…it feels so good…” She grinned staggering. Hardin sigh.

“You should just go to sleep…we'll talk tomorrow”

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“I'm wobbly…” She pouted stretching out her arms like a kid.

“You're really driving me crazy…” He said before carrying her to her room.

He took off her shoes and lay her gently on the bed.

“Hardin?” She called slowly and softly.


“What kind of a person are you? What have you done?” She asked and he kept quiet for a while.

“I'm restless” She mumbles again.

“Do you really wanna know that much?” He finally said and she nodded slowly.

“Alright…if you wanna know that much then…I'll tell you”


“Everything” He said and she sat up smiling.

“Tell me…tell me now Hardin”

“I hope all will still be well…even after you found out everything.”


Imelda stretched widely yawning at the same time. She looks to her side and saw a cup of honey tea. For her hangover maybe. She took it and gulp down every content. Standing from the bed she head to the bathroom cussing herself for drinking.

“But why do I feel like I forgot something important” She thought brushing her teeth.

“Ahh it's killing me…why can't I just remember…I don't like this feeling”

After taking her shower, she checked the time and her eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

“Oh sh*t I'm late!!!” She rushed out of the room after dressing up.

“Come here….I made breakfast” Hardin said on sighting him.

“Oh no…I'm terribly late I can't”

“You don't have to worry…I called them you won't be able to come to work cause you're feeling under the weather”

“What? You shouldn't have done that behind me”

“Then…you want to go to work feeling like that? I'm sure you're having a terrible headache right now”


“Come on…” He went to her collecting her bag and dropping it somewhere. He took her to the dining and sat her down. He took his sit also.

“How are you feeling?”

“A little better…thanks for the tea”

“Eat” He said and started eating.

“Erm Hardin?” She called an the looks at her.

“I was wondering…did…” She sighs.

“It's nothing” She continue her food.

“I'll do the dishes” Imelda said after finishing the awkward meal.

“It's okay I can just_”

“Let me do it…it's only fair…thanks for the meal” She interrupted and he nodded.

“why is he being sudden nice?” She mumbles as she did the dishes.

“What really happened yesterday…?” She thought off and unconsciously hurt her hand.

“Ouch!” She winced darting her eyes to the little blood coming out of her pinky finger.

She keeps staring at it doing nothing.

“Drenched in her own blood…I carried her in my arms…I wanted to hide it…I wanted to do that secretly without being found out but…it was too late. I was caught before I could do so…I became afraid. Holding her damaged body in my arms she was just hanging on to live…she was on the verge of death already…I wanted to run away from there but there was no escaping…since the cat is already out of the bag…” Hardin's confession the other night rushed through her mind.

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“What…?” She said almost inaudibly to herself. Still trying to process everything Hardin came in and saw her bleeding finger.

“Imelda are you okay?” He asked for concerned. She looks at him.

“Is something wrong?” He asked noticing her expression.

“You monster…”

“Imelda…” She slapped him.

“You're an animal! A dirty fifthly ANIMAL!!” She fired to his face.

“How could you…”

“Imelda listen I…”

She shakes her head stepping away from him.


“You're despicable Hardin…You are just nothing but a beast. Don't ever come near me”

She ran out of there and Hardin didn't bother to run after her as she said. He Facepalmed sighing deeply.

Imelda rushed out of the house in anger. She dialled Tess number and she picked up almost immediately.


“Hello Tess…”

“Hey what's wrong with your voice?”

“Tess…he…he isn't a human…he's an animal an animal!”

“Imelda calm down and tell me what the matter is”

“Tess he_” She couldn't finish her statement when another memory flashes through her mind. She halt in her speech.

“Imelda! Imelda!” Tess keep calling her over the phone. Imelda's hand on her ear went down after everything became clear. She looks back.

“Hardin…” She mumbles.


“Hardin…” Imelda called Hardin who was was pouring himself a drink.

He looks back.

“I'm sorry…” She said running to him and wrapping her arms around him.

“I'm very sorry…I'm sorry Hardin” She apologize repeatedly.


Alfred unknot his tie in frustration slumping on the chair at the same time. He just lost a huge project and he's feeling like sh*t. He came to the hotel to meet the investor but was turned down. Later did he discovered he was backstabbed by one of his trusted workers.

“Where are you?” He said grumpily over the phone.

“I'm…I'm al…most there sir” Dave shuttered at the other end of the phone. Alfred hissed and end to call.

Minutes later a knock came through the door and he went to open it.

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“The stuffs” He gruffed and Davehand over a nylon full of things inside.

“Leave…I don't need you anymore” He ordered and Dave bowed before leaving. Alfred walked to the chair and brought out the drinks and drugs he had sent Emma to bring earlier after the meeting he had.

He does this eeverytime he's feeling terribly angry.

He started sniffing in the powder making some funny faces as well. He drinks and sniffs.

His eyes turned red after a while and his breathing became hard. His hair is already ruffled and he was sweating profusely at the same.

A slight knock came and he stood up staggering to the door. He opens the door and saw a Petite lady staring back at him with a smile.

“Good day sir sorry for disturbing you the hotel is actually holding an occasion and you're invited to attend later” She said extending a card to him.

“What kind of occasion?” He asked heading back to the room while the lady follows.


“Forget it…stay here I'll be back” He saif and went to the bathroom. After washing his face he sighs. He feels a little better. He went outside and saw the lady still waiting for him. On the mere on laying his eyes on her he instantly became hard. He straighten his neck then moves to the door locking it.

“Do you have anything you would like me to do sir?” She asked politely.

“Yes I do…take off your clothes”

“Sir?” The lady eyes widened.

“You heard me…strip!”

“E…excuse me sir…but I have to go now” She tried rushing out but he held her back.

“Please sir…let me go…don't do this to me” She started weeping but he wasn't in his right senses for that.

“Should of do it for you?”

“HELP! Hel_” A sound slap landed on her cheek and she fell on the floor.

He dragged her up by her shout as she weep for mercy and help.

He gave her a punch on the stomach weakling her. She couldn't shout any longer then he carried her to the bed. With the last strength in her she struggled and struggled but only to receive punches in her stomach. Eventually she gave up as her strength already left her. Alfred tore off her clothes and forcefully kissed her.

“Haaaa!!!”A cry of pain escape her mouth as he penetrates into her painfully. In and out he thrusts in without mercy.

After like an hour of torture he finally left her. She weeps slowly on the bed. He took sime cash and throw it on her.

“Keep your mouth shut” He said coldly to her liting a cigarette going to the bathroom.

The lady crawled in pain to the door bleeding in between her legs. Alfred came out and was surprised not to see her.

No she can't leave like that. He thought heading to the door where he spot her at the door. Angrily he dragged her back by the hair and she yelp in pain and agony.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING B**CH!!” He roared pushing her to the bed and once again he inflicted pain on her for hours.

Later at night.

Alfred woke up from his slumber and saw the lady lying lifelessly on the floor beside the bed. He groaned ruffling his hair. Without even checking her breathing he took his phone nervously and dialled two numbers at a time.

“Guys…I'm in trouble” He said.

Alfred was already pacing to and fro when he heard a knock. He moved nervously to the door and opened it nervously.

“Thank goodness you're here what took you so f**king long!!”

Jesse and Hardin rushed into the room and they gasped on what beholden them.

“I told you not to take drugs anymore!!!”Hardin hollers giving him a heavy punch. He landed on the floor.

“Does that matter now! Find something to do with that thing before we got caught!!b” he yelled back.

Hardin felt like ripping him off but Jesse help him back.

“Let's take care of this first” He said calmly.


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“Just take me the f**k outta here” Alfred said nonchalantly.

“Jesse take care of me there seems to be an event going on so be careful…I'll take care of the mess here”

“Alright bro…becareful okay”

“I've got this” Jesse Pat his shoulder Alfred has already wore some new clothes and together they got out of the hotel without being suspicious.

Hardin looks back to the room and breathe out. He called his PA and gave him some orders.

He started tiding up the room his PA is already waiting for him at the car garage. He just needs to take her out without any one knowing.

He carried the bloody injured lady in his arms. He heard a knock on the door his heart Leaped.

Before he could say jerk…the door burst open and they trooped in.

“I said it! I knew something eerie was happening in this hotel” A reporter said taking Hardin's picture as he carried the poor lady in his arms with a bewildered look.

“No…no this isn't…” He shakes his head repeatedly.

“You dare murder a person here….I'm certain you won't get out of this!” The manager roared angrily.


“That's why you always forbid me from interacting with him” Imelda said feeling guilty.

“You were looking out for me after all….and yet I proved stubborness several times…I'm really sorry Hardin”She added.

“I can't believe I suspected you…I even slapped you…it's good I remembered before things got out of hand”

“But…is that the thing you remembered?”

“Why? Is there something more to it I'm supposed to know?” She asked in curiosity but gasped when Hardin moves closer and kiss her neck. His lips remains there.

Her eyes grew bigger each seconds. He finally withdraw and she released the breath she hadn't known she was holding.

“Why…why did…you…do that?”

“You really don't remember?”

“I…I've got…to…” She stammered standing up but he held her back making her sit on his laps. He held her tightly not giving her a chance to escape.

“What…do you want…from me?”

“I think…I've breached the contract Imelda” He said softly

“What do you mean?…wait! Are you ending it?”

“No dummy” He knocked her head.

“Ouch!” She rubs it.

“I've done something contrary to the contract”

“Well this isn't your first time doing that” She replied flatly.

“You seems not to care?”

“Not like I can do anything about it anyway. You always get things do in your way not caring about the contract remember?”

“You think so?”

“Not that I think but it's the fact”

“Then…is it okay for me to do this?”

“What exactly…?”

“I love you”

Silence creeped in.

“I've come to love you Imelda…I do” He said again and this time she burst into laughter.

“You're crazy Hardin”

“You think I'm joking?”

“Then do you think you're being serious right now?”

“I am. Am in love with you it's true” He said in a serious tone leaving her speechless.

“Don't you feel the same? We've been together for a while now I'm sure your feelings for me changed also…am I wrong?”

“Isn't that why you do nothing everytime I do things to you? Because you feel the same way I do? You love me back Imelda” he added staring directly at her.

“In your wildest dreams Hardin” She spat standing up forcefully now.

Hardin drag her back making her land her butt again on his laps. This time he captured her lips in his. Imelda unlock from it and gave him a resounding slap before dashing out of the house.


Later at night Imelda snuck inside the room she had just came back from Tess' who was just advising her to go for it. Honestly she's just as confused. Her phone beeped and she picked it up. It's a text message.

“I'll give you tonight to think about it…starting tomorrow I'm gonna do things my way” The text says. She sighs and close her eyes.

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