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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 27

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 27

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”




“MOTHER!!!” Imelda called excitedly running to hug the mother superior.

“Oh, my dear how have you been fairing?”

“I'm good mother superior…I'm so sorry for not visiting sooner” She said while mother superior smiles looking behind her. She disengage from the hug.

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“Mother superior meet Hardin…Hardin…this is mother superior” She introduced.

“Good day mother…superior”

“Good day to you son…come in” she ushered them inside.


“So…are you sure this time?” Mother superior asked Imelda. They're currently sitting in the church. Hardin isn't with them.

“Honestly…I can't say for sure mother superior…actually…I'm a little bit scared…what if…what if it ends up like others? What am I to do then?”

“Do you wanna let go?” Mother superior asked and she shakes her head.

“Sister…why don't you try pushing away the negative thoughts and just focus on the bright side instead? You should try to think of your happiness too…remember I told you your fate awaits you outside this chapel”

Imelda held her hand softly.

“Frankly I'm really happy…it felt different also…like…this is what I've always wanted”

“It's what you want…don't fret…just do what makes you happy”

“Thanks mother superior….I knew talking to you will surely makes me feel at ease” She hugs her while mother superior pats her back.


“Hey…”Imelda called Hardin's attention who was starring at the children playing.

“You done catching up” He asked turning back to her. She nodded and took a sit beside him.

She smiles watching the children also.

“I was once like them…time really flies fast”

“When did you end up here?”

“Apparently I was abandoned at the gate when I was still an infant…I know not what parents' love is…I only have her by my side” She replied referring to mother superior.

“My parents' love was taken away from me at a young age also…just that I enjoyed little from it”

“You still have a loving grandfather who loves you”

“That old man…” He snickers.

“He only gets on my nerves…but seems i should thank him after all…thanks to him..I get to meet you…the greatest gift I could ever got” he said making Imelda blush.

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“Come here” He pulled her closer. She rested her head on his shoulder and they both watch the children play happily.

“I wish…this time you could really find the happiness you wish for sister” Mother superior said looking at them from a corner.


Hardin laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. He really missed Imelda and wish to see her but he just decided to let her be. He won't die not being with her for some hours. He closed his eyes to sleep but then a knock disrupt it. He furrows his eyebrows leaving the bed to open the door.

“Imelda?” He called surprised.

“Shhh….” She hushed him walking inside with her pillow. He close the door and follow her as she walks to the bed sitting on it.

“Why are you here? Is something wrong?” He asked sitting beside him.

“Nothing…I just feel bored being alone” She replied and he gave her a look.

“Why that look?”

“It's unlike you…you don't just come willingly like that”

“Oh maybe I should just leave…I made a mistake coming here” She said standing up. He stopped her.

“Oh come don't be upset…here” He made her on his lap.

“I just came to play with you a little…I'll be leaving soon I don't plan on staying overnight” She said pouting.

“I'm actually glad you came…if you hadn't I'd have” He said and she grins. She held his face and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“That's illegal”

“Why? Can't kiss my boyfriend anymore?”

“You should do it right…not steal” he said and she arch her brow.

“Like this” He said again and took her lips in. Immediately she responded to the kiss. Biting and sucking he teases her while she giggles nonstop.

A knock suddenly came in and they stopped immediately looking at each other.

“Brother Hardin…it's me mother superior” They heard her faint voice. She sprang up immediately.

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“Oh no! What should I do? She mustn't see here…she would misunderstand” Imelda said pacing around.

“The bathroom” Hardin said.

“Ah…yeah…” She rushed inside immediately. Hardin clears his throat and went to open the door.

“Good evening mother superior” He greeted

“Greetings brother Hardin…I'm sorry to bother you hope you're not offended I just need a little talk with you” She said and he nodded.

“Sure mother…come in” She smiles and went in.

“Have your sit mother” They both took their seats.

“I'll go straight to the point…can I ask a question first?”

“Sure…go on”

“Are you sincere towards her? Can you tell me…everything is all true?”

“Sister is such a pitiful child…ever since she was young she has been experiencing pain…she has always been abandoned all her life…getting hurt all over again. She doesn't have any idea who her parents was…others always mocked her and she cries almost everyday…she had no one literally. Her adopted father adopted her at such a late age but later died two years later. She almost felt like she was cussed. She was deeply heartbroken…her best friend who had been with her for a long time…someone she had loved dearly all her life also left her…it breaks my heart everytime I see her giving up…she doesn't really have to go through all that…people can just be unfair. That's why…” She paused and took Hardin's hands in hers.

“I don't want to see her hurt anymore…I hope with this decision she had made about you…you don't let her down. Don't give her a reason to make her feel worthless…I hope…you could promise me you'll be good and fair to her. Please tell me…if it's all a lie…I want you to stop now…I can't bear…seeing her hurt again…by someone she deeply trusted” she added.

“Mother superior…I understand everything you've said. Initially I never planned everything that's happening now…but somehow it happened. She has become a part of me mother…a part I can never omit out. I can tell you with everything that what I feel towards her is all true. I can't bear to see her hurt also…and I don't think…I'll be able to let her go either…I truly love Imelda”

“I hope…everything you're saying this night…is nothing but the truth…she doesn't deserve to be hurt…anymore”

“I promise mother…I'll try my best…not to make her shed any tears of such…except for the ones of joy of course”

“I'm glad to hear that…there's one more thing brother Hardin”

“What is it mother superior?”

“Are you hiding anything from her?” She asked and Hardin frozen for a while not knowing how to respond.

“Anything it may be…can you do me a favor by amending it now before it gets out of hand. It's better to get rid of any root of doubt before it cultivates. You have to set things right now when you still have to chance brother Hardin…when it's too late…then there's no turning back” She stares intently at Hardin whose mind had wandered off.

Couple of minutes later, Hardin opens the bathroom door and went in. He saw Imelda sitting on the WC she was already sleeping.

He walks closer to her crouching.

He looks at her for a bit mother superior's words rings in his head.

“Would it be okay for me to keep it from you?” He mumbles tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“It'd be better…if you don't know right?…we would be happy and there'll be no problem. It's already gone…so…there isn't a need to bring up the past is there?” He mumbles again.

“I don't want to lose you Dada…I really can't bear to” He mumbles yet again placing his lips on hers gently. Her lips quiver and she opens her eyes slowly.

“Hardin….” She calls slowly.

“You fell asleep” He said and she smiles.

“I dreamt about you”

“How was it?”

“It was sweet”

“Like my lips” He tease and she chuckles.

She held his face.

“Hardin…till now…I still find it hard to believe this is really happening…this isn't a dream right?”

He leans closer gave her a kiss which almost lasted a minute.

“There…you got your answer” He whispers with his face still so close to hers. She traces his lips with her thumb staring intently at it.

“I want more…” She mumbles before clashing her lips on his. This time she took the lead. Exploring his mouth like she's an expert. Her fingers dived into his hair roughly and he slowly got up carrying her also in the process.

He got to the shower and releases it on her. She gasped suddenly as it rushed down on her. And as he did, he didn't hesitate to slam his lips on hers. Holding her tightly to himself. He devours her mouth wildly and she wrapped her arms around him also enjoying it and craving for more. After a while they both unlock breathing heavily. His eyes bore holes on her wet exposed body. Still catching their breaths. He tried to restrain himself…but seems he couldn't anyway. He diverted his gaze to her which was on him the whole time.

“May I?” He asked softly.

“Please…” She shut her eyes still releasing heavy breathes.

“Open your eyes” He ordered.

“I want you to look at me” He added. Slowly she opens it. He took off his top whilst she watch…rather nervously. His builds stare back at her. She gulped down nothing. Without saying a word he attacked her neck with kisses. Her eyes went tightly shut again. Soft moans escape her mouth…she couldn't hold them in. In a jiffy, before she could knew it her short gown was already zipped down. She was left in her underwear. Her heartbeat palpitated more. As if that wasn't enough, before she could get over the shock he had already yanked off the little clothing covering her nudeness. Now she stood in front of him…stark naked. Her eyes went big as his eyes scrutinize every part of her body.

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That was fast!


“We have to ho now Mother…I'll always call you”

“Alright child…be careful…Lord will always be with you my dear” Mother superior said giving her a warm embrace.

Hardin stood watching them. He decided to forget about what mother superior asked him the other night. It's all gone anyway and as long as he kept his mouth shut, there wouldn't be a problem between them.

“Ok now…I won't delay you anymore. Brother Hardin?”

“Yes mother”

” I put her in your care…I'm gonna trust you hope that's okay?”

“I'm not gonna let you down mother.”

“Good bye mother”

“Good bye dear”

They entered the car with Imelda waving at her till she was out of sight.

“I really feel at peace now” She sighs out.

“You must really dote on her a lot”

“Of course I do…so far she's the one that knows me best…even more than I do” She smiles to herself.

“Can you drop me off at the bar? I've got to see Tess real quick”

“No problem…I actually have somewhere to go too anyway” He replied and she gave him a smile.


“TESSY!!!”Imelda ran to her giving her a bone crushing hug.

“Hey…you're suffocating me!” She pushes her away.

“Sorry…”She grins taking her seat while Tess did also.

“You look excited”

“Well I'm always excited”

“This looks different…you seems different”

“Ho…how,? How am.i…diff…erent?”

“You look….” She trailed off sniffing her.

She gulp down nothing.

“Like a woman now. Why? Is it because you're in love? Are people in love always like that?” She asked pouring a glass of whiskey.

Imelda snatch the drink from her gulping it down in a go.

“Hey! That's alcohol!” Tess shouted but it was too late as he already drank everything.

“Ugh! It's hot…” Imelda fan herself while Tess just scoffs.

“You're acting strange you know” Tess said to her while she only giggles.

“Seems Hardin has taken your senses away”

“Tess…when are you gonna get married?”

“Hey…are you mocking me?”

“You aren't getting any longer you know”

“Why don't you get me a husband then? Hardin would be perfect” She snap her fingers while Tess give her a look.

“He's exactly my type” Tess said again

“Just forget I said that” She looks away but hee eyes caught Jesse drinking alone.


“Oh…that playboy has been moody lately…I wonder what happened to him…he looks lost” Tess said looking at him also.


“Hey” Imelda took a sit in front of Jesse.

“I want to be alone” He said without looking up.

“You know drinking won't sort anything……you'll only damage yourself more.”

“What do you know?”

“I may know nothing but what I do know is that you're a great guy…and a great guy like you shouldn't be in pain” She said.

He scoffs. “Great guy my foot…” He tried gulping down another glass of liquor but Imelda snatched it from him gulping it down instead.

“Argh! Bitter” She crunch her face. Jesse Snickers looking at her.

“Why don't you give it a try first? Don't try to run away from it”

“How many times do I have to do that? I've been giving it a try for the past five years…but still nothing fruitful. She hates my guts.”

“So…you'll just give up like that?”

“I'd like to move on now…maybe it's just not meant to be”

Imelda sighs. She actually felt bad for him and she wishes she could at least help him get over whatever he might be passing through.

“How about this…try one last time and if it's still doesn't work out…then you can give up”

“It's useless…”

“Why don't you try it out first…it doesn't hurt to give it a try…right?”


“Welcome to Twinke sheen jewelries. How may I help sir?” An attendant asked as Hardin walks to the counter.

“Best ring for proposing” He smiles.

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Her door bell wouldn't stop ringing, she groan dragging her feet to the door ready to destroy the freak disrupting her peace she has been trying to maintain which is obviously not going well.

“Well…who the f**k is the asshole trying to bring down the whole building!!” She growls opening the door just to find Jesse. Her brows knitted.

“What are you doing here?” She asked unfriendly.

“Kimmy…” He fell on her shoulder. He was clearly drunk.

“Get off me freak!” She pushes him away. He staggered but maintained his posture.

“Take me back already…stop this torture already….let's be happy together again already uh?” He beseech and she just stood there glaring at him.

“Ki_” Without letting him finished his statement she pulled him in by his collar smashing her lips on his. She kissed him roughly for some seconds then unlock.

“I'll surely regret this” She mutters.

“Think about that later Kimmy…” He carried her from the ground. She wrapped her legs around his torso.

“Just think about now…for now” he added smacking his lips on hers again.


“Hardinnn!!” She walked in giddily giggling nonstop at the same time.

“What the f**k! What happened to you?” Hardin exclaimed holding her.

“I drank…aaa…littleee” She grins.

“I can see that already…why did you have to? Has alcohol become your best friend now?” He frowns and she giggles.

“Stop frowning…you look like a goblin” She teased tweaking his nose.

“What a nice thing to say to your boyfriend” He carried her in his arms to her room. She rested he head on his chest and closed her eyes smiling.

“You should take a rest…why would you do this seriously…you're really a handful”He said as he dropped her gently on the bed. She smiles.

“Im scared…this might all ended up being a lie”

He sighs and sit on the bed beside her rubbing her face gently.

“Why are you scared? Don't you trust me? I'd never do anything to hurt you Imelda”

She smiles.

“I do” She signalled for him to lean closer and he did.

“I'm doing this…because I trust you…Hardin” She said pulling him closer.

“Please don't break my trust in you”

“I won't…I promise” He assured and she pulled him more close placing her lips on his neck. It lingers there for a while before she withdrew. They both stare at each other affectionately for some moments before he slams his lips on hers which she responded to with immediate effect.


She sat straddled on his laps as they chat and laugh happily.

“Let's go on a date tomorrow…I have something to tell you”

“You can just say it now”

“No…tomorrow will be perfect…I have to give you something also”

“You're getting me curious already”

“Deal with it…I'm sure you're gonna love it” he wiggles his eyebrows.

“You're getting suspicious…what are you planing uh?”

“What could I be planning to do with you? I think you know better” He responds biting her earlobe.

“Ohhh…you're too naughty!” She twitch his nose.

“Only for you babe” He replied placing wet kiss on her neck. Imelda chuckles and held his face. Then she kissed him making a cute pouting sound. Hardin held her face also and did the same.

“Hardin…” She called.


“I love you…” She said and his eyes glisten with happiness. He had been expecting her to say that a long time now. Finally…she did.

He grins widely pulling her closer he locked lips with her for a while. The door started ringing and Imelda unlock from the kiss.

“I think someone is at the door…” She said but Hardin cared less as he grab her face again placing kisses all over it to her neck bone.

“Come.on stop it…” She giggles as he continues teasing her. The ringing continue. She pushes him away slightly.

“I'll just go get the door now..” She said when the ringing wouldn't stop. She stood up to leave but he pulled her back she landed on his laps again and immediate he smashed his lips on hers in another deep kiss.

“I love you” He said after unlocking and Imelda hit his chest playfully.

“I know silly” She smiles heading to the door. Opening it, she was meet with a young lady whose face looks awfully familiar. A little cute girl was beside her.

“Hello…miss” The lady smiles.

“Hi…what can I do for you please?” Imelda smiles back.

“Is Hardin here?” She asked ignoring her question.

“Yes he is…who are you?” She asked again.

The lady said nothing in return but only goes in together with the little girl.

“What the heck!” Imelda frowns.

Hardin was already busy with his phone by the time the lady went in along with the little girl. Imelda followed behind.

“Hi Hardin…” He heard a familiar voice and slowly snap his head up. His phone fell off his hands…and he stood up quickly.

“Ru…by??” He called shocked while she only smiles.

“Is that him…my father?” The little girl she was holding asked.

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