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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 29

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 29

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”




“You really need to stop drinking you gonna get drunk” Alfred snatched the drink away from Kim who pouted.

“Oh come on Affy…it's a beautiful day…don't you get it? I've finally become a woman”

“Were you a man before?” Hardin teased.

“Nopeee…I'mma Lady but now I'mma woman because I'm gonna get married soooooooon” She gushes while Hardin shakes his head.

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“Isn't she getting over herself?” Alfred quizzed.

“My point exactly…” Hardin replied sipping his drink.

“But where's prince Charming? Cinderella has been waiting for a longgg time and he isn't coming” Kim grotched.

“Maybe his chariot had some probs” Alfred joked while Hardin stiffs a laugh.

Kim threw some chips at them pouting.

“Jerks” She mumbles then sighs.

“Why isn't he coming?”

Hardin clears his throat.

“Erm…Kim what aboutt…”He trailed off. Kim raised a brow.


“Ruby…isn't she coming? I thought you said she'll be here” He finally asked.

“I don't know…she must be around somewhere”

“Really…why don't you try calling her?”

“Hey…if you want to see her that much then call her yourself. Seriously you're a big guy now…you can't expect me to court a lady for you” Kim said standing up. Alfred chuckles.

“You shut it” Hardin glared at him.

“Where are you going?”

“To look for prince charming…you sucks” Kim stuck here tongue out and leave them.

“She drank…I'm ain't gonna do anything” Alfred said.

“Whatever…”Hardin groaned following Kim. Probably to drive her.


“I've got an idea”Kim suddenly snapped her fingers together.

“What is it now?” Hardin asked concentrating on the road as he drives.

“Why don't you ask her out on her birthday?”

“What'? That's…that's only in two days”


“Isn't it too early? I mean we just finished college and you know…we aren't that close. I just wanna be close to her first like a friend”

Kim shakes her head.

“What a naive and pathetic guy”


“Hey…if you continue doing that then she'll be snatched away from you. And also how is it early? You've liked her for over a year now”

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“You don't understand”

“Listen Ruby is a simple girl…she's so kindhearted that if you ask her out now she'll say yes right away…I don't know why you keep stalling it…my cousin is really pretty you know…she's gonna get snatched away by some guy sooner”

“Just shut up Kim”


“If you don't shut it I'm gonna drop you here”

“Whatever” She roll her eyes.

“Wake me when we're there” She added closing her eyes.


“You really don't have to do this Ruby” Jesse said to Ruby sitting opposite her.

“No…just take it as my token of gratitude for saving me”

“That's been ages ago…I don't get why you're still unto it. And also you're my girlfriend's cousin…it's my duty” Jesse smiles while she bit her lower lip.

“Do you want anything? Pardon my manners I didn't offer you anything”

“Oh…no it's nothing…I'll like some juice”

“Alright wait a se_”

“No…I…i will get it…you want some also right?”


“I'll get you one also…grape juice that's your favorite” She dashed to the fridge not letting him say anything. Jesse smiles.

Hardin,Alfred, Jesse and Kim has been friends since high school and are super close. Kim and Jesse has also been dating since their high school days. Ruby joined the group when they got to college. She had actually transfered to their college after the death of her mother. Been that she's close with Kim's family and she had been friends with her for so long now she didn't have any problem mingling with her friends. Hardin fell for her at first sight while she fell for Jesse at first sight also. No one knew of these not even her cousin Kim. She kept it and hide it well. However Jesse had never taken a second look at her. He only looks at Kim which made her sad and jealous. She had been liking and hitting on him for a year now with no fruitful result. Now she overheard a conversation about Kim and Jesse getting married after college.she couldn't bear the pain. She loves him so much yet…he didn't notice any of that. She couldn't give up thus…she had came here today to try her last hope. She had to do something in order to get him. And even if he can't be hers…before he became someone else's entirely…she had to at least…gain something for loving him. Thus, she resulted to this decision…to drugged him.

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She added the substance into his juice secretly smiling to herself. She's surely gonna make this day a memorable one.

“Here” She extend the juice to him and he smiles collecting it.

“Kim and others must be waiting…we have to go meet them” Jesse said while she nodded smiling.

“After a quickie I guess” She said within.

Jesse gulped down everything so they could start leaving sooner. He couldn't wait to meet the love of his life. Kim.

“I'm just gonna take a shower…I won't take long” He smiles at her then head to his room. Ruby smiles to herself. After a minute she stood up and head for his room. Jesse was already feeling strange by the time he finished bathing. He suddenly became aroused.

“What's wrong with me?” He thought.

He came out of his bathroom cladded only with towel wrapped around his waist but was shocked by what he met. Ruby in his room…on his bed…naked…completely. She spread her legs wide showing off her fresh p***sy.

“Ruby?” He called surprised.

“Hey Jesse…you look really hot…I can't wait to have you inside me” She said seductively. Jesse rubbed his eyes to be sure of what he's seeing.

“What are you doing Ruby? Get down and put on your clothes” He looks away. Ruby smirks and got away from the bed cat walking to him.

“Jesse do you know…that I really like you” She whispers to his ear tracing her finger on her chest at the same time. He closed his eyes trying to control himself. Ruby saw his bulge and grinned.

“I really can't wait” In a jiffy she yanked his towel off. Jesse's eyes went big.

He grabbed her wrist.

“Stop what youre doing Ruby”He seethed. Ruby only smirks.

A groan escape his mouth when she suddenly grabbed his d**k with her second hand.

“Stop what uh?…don't try to suppress it…I know you're dying to have me right now…” She said clashing her lips on his in a fierce kiss. Seconds later she unlock.

“I'm dying to have you too Jesse” She said pushing him to the bed. In as much as he doesn't want this right now…there was no way controlling it. He got harder by the second but this…shouldn't be happening.

“Ruby….please…hmm” Ruby got on him shutting him up with another rough kiss. There was no way out anymore. Her ass was already grinding on his junior and he couldn't hold it in any longer. He flipped her over and take dominion penetrating into her without wasting any second. Her loud moans fills the room.

“Prince Charming….where are you??”Kim said in a sing song as she enters the house with Hardin.

“Seems he had a visitor” Hardin pointed to the glasses of juice and Kim huhhed. Then she spot Ruby's bag on the chair.

“Ruby?” She said and looks at Hardin.


Kim's hand continue shaking as she place her hand on the door knob. With the screaming she's currently hearing, she need no soothsayer to tell her what's happening right now in the room. She swallowed her own spit trying to be brave but she couldn't do it. She turns back to leave but Hardin stop her. He opens the door and right there…he finds his heart…been shattering to pieces. Not noticing their presence they continue having their fun until Kim called in shaky voice.

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Jesse looks back shocked. He started regretting everything immediately…but not like he had a choice. He made to pull out of her but Ruby held unto him not letting him. She had no guilty face on…instead…a satisfactory smirk display on her lips which Hardin didn't fail to notice. Kim cover her mouth with her palm and ran out In tears. Hardin looks at them with hurt and disappointment before leaving also. Ruby turns his attention back to her claiming his lips but he refused not pulling out. Not because he didn't want to….but because he couldn't.

Even when his love was running away…he couldn't stop…his desire keeps growing and he couldn't have control over it he feels like…he might die if he doesn't do something about it.

“Ruby…what did you do to me?” He thought

Tears escape his eyes as he continue banging her mercilessly.


Ever since Imelda disappeared, Hardin hasn't been himself…he had been sulking and mopping around the house. He misses her greatly. He wants to see her so badly…but…she just disappeared into thin air. No matter how much he looks…he can't find her…he can't.

He sat on the floor inside Imelda's room staring at the ring in its box.

Right now…they were supposed to be happy. Right now…she should have been wearing this ring on her finger. Right now…he shouldn't have had any worries.

“Where are you…?” He mumbles as tears slowly slid down his face.

“Daddy…daddy” He heard Rapunzel's little voice and looks towards the door to see her coming in.

“Daddy…why are you crying?” She asked innocently.

“Because…I lost something important” He replied sadly.

“What is it? Tell me I'll look for it. I don't like to see you sad daddy”

“No Rap…I can't find it…no matter how I searched…she's nowhere to be found”

“Daddy…stop crying” She moves closer and wipe away his tears.

“Daddy…are you angry at mommy?” She asked. Hardin kept mute.

“Don't you love mommy? Don't you want us here?”


“You don't love Rapunzel?”

“Rapunzel loves Daddy a lot. It's okay if Daddy doesn't want Rapunzel…Rapunzel will always support Daddy” she said and Hardin couldn't help more tears streaming down his face. He pulled her into his arms while she hugs him back.

“Don't cry Daddy…it makes Rapunzel sad” She said.

Ruby hid behind the door looking at them secretly. She felt bad for appearing in his life and ruining it. But when she remembers what happened to her years ago…she couldn't help but felt angry. He deserves everything that's happening to him right now!


“If anyone is to be her father…shouldn't it be Jesse? Why points at Hardin?” Grandpa asked with arch brow.

“Because…he did something…to deserve the title…because…he slept with me” she announced and Jesse's eyes went big with shocked.


Days after the incident with Jesse and Ruby. Hardin couldn't get over it. It hurts him like mad. The fact that it isn't someone else but his brother…hurts him like mad. Jesse explained everything that transpired to him and that got him angry.


Opening the door which wouldn't stop ringing,Ruby opened the door just to be met with drunk Hardin.

“Hardin?” She called in surprise.

“What are you doin_” Her speech was cut short as he suddenly slam his lips on hers. It wasn't a pleasant one..Ruby managed to push him away gifting his cheek a hot slap. However, that seems to rekindle the fire in him more as he grabbed her roughly to the bed. Ruby cried and plead not to do it…but his mind was already deaf to her request. He tore off everything covering her Nudenss yanking away his also. He got into her and she yelled out in pains. She was still having pains from Jesse's and now him. She keeps crying as he went aggressive on her. It wasn't about the love he had for her anymore…it was now about hatred, anger and disappointment.


“Ruby I'm sorry…” He apologize leaning closer but she shift back on the bed covering herself tightly with the duvet. She sniffs as tears rolled down uncontrollably.



“Leave! Just leave!! Get out Hardin!!!” She lashed at him. Hardin stood up reluctantly and wore his clothes. He looks at her trying to apologize again but he could see that wasn't in the right time.

“I'll come back to apologize properly…I'm really sorry Ruby” He said. Ruby said nothing and he exit her room. Immediately he did, she began sobbing…nonstop.


“On what grounds are you laying your accusations? The fact that he had his way with you forcefully? Tell me miss Ruby…was he the only one…who bedded you?”

“He may not be the only one but I'm sure he is…the father”

“On what grounds? It could be Jesse…it could be anyone else”

Ruby felt annoyed by grandpa's words but decided to maintain her cool. She had always known this wouldn't be easy.

“Rapunzel…is allergic…to shrimp, craps or anything of sort. Is that enough…for a reason?” She replied back sternly.

Somehow Jesse felt relive. He's now sure the child isn't his. Hardin is the only one allergic to those…and of course grandpa.

Grandpa clears his throat.

“Alright…I've heard you miss Ruby…but I've not accepted. I'm going to conduct a DNA test to be sure. Till then this meeting is adjourned” He finalized and stood up excusing them. Ruby breathes out the breathe she never knew she was holding.

Alfred stood up.

“This is getting more Intresting” He said amusingly taking his leaves. Jesse stood also leaving and Ruby immediately went after him.

“Jesse…”She held his wrist. He turns giving her a dark look.

“I just want to_”

“What Kim did wasn't enough? Why? You want more from me?” He threatened and she let him go slowly.

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“Touch me again…and I'm gonna commit a crime” He said before leaving.

She bit her lower lip. She just wanted to apologize and thank him for the other day. If not for his intervention, Kim would have crave some brutal bruises all over her body. Thank goodness he was able to stop her in time.

She went back inside and saw Hardin with his eyes closed. She tap him gently.

“We have to go home now Hardin” She said and he gave her a cold look.

Before she knew it, he gripped her wrist so tightly…hurting her in the process.

“Listen well…just because I'm keeping quiet doesn't mean I'm a fool…I'm only holding myself back…for my sake” He seethe

“Let me gooo it's hurts. This is all your fault to begin with. If you hadn't done that…if you hadn't ruined my life…do you think all these would be happening? You deserve it…you deserve it all….her leaving you…you deserves it. You don't deserve to be happy Hardin…because all you've done…is causing everyone around you pain” She said back and he glared hard at her.

“Let go of me!” She winced.

“Daddy…mommy…when are we leaving?” Rapunzel asked coming in. Hardin calmed down and let go of her. She rubbed her wrist which had already became red. Hardin crouched and stroke Rapunzel's hair.

“Are you bored already?” He asked and she nodded.

“Come on…I'll take you out…do you want that?”

She grinned.

“Yay…I can't wait…will mommy go too?”

“Your mommy has something important to do…come on…let's go” He perched her on his arms leaving while Ruby lingers behind.


Imelda was cleaning up the house as usual…she has been doing this get her mind off things lately. Apparently, Only Tess knew where she is. And she begged her not to let anyone know after explaining the situation to her. She broke contact with everyone just to be alone. She didn't wanna think of anything and just wish to forget everything that happened rather. But that's such not an easy thing to do as its really taking a big toll on her. Even when she tries not to think about it…it keeps coming back to her.

She felt dizzy again and held her head. She had been feeling this for some days now.

“I brought groceries” Tess announced coming in.

“You're late today”Imelda said to her massaging her head.

“Dizzy again?” Tess quizzed giving her a knowing look.

“What did you buy?” She avoided the question knowing where it's leading to. Bringing out the ingredients she brought, she suddenly had the urge to puke when she smelt in the scent of fish. She ran to the zinc while Tess ran after her. Tess Pat her back as she puke.

“So? Going to deny it again?” Tess folded her arms.

“Come on Tess don't go there again alright” She replied after washing her face and mouth.

“I still can't believe you let him did this to you”


“What? Are you tryna deny he never touched you?”

“He did…but not in the way you're thinking”

“What way then? Uh? Tell me…he saw your nakedness or not?”


“Answer me” Tess demanded but she kept mute.

“He touched you or not?”

“He did touch me but it_”

“And you allowed him to?”

“It wasn't_”

“I can't believe you Imelda…you're unbelievable!”Tess said walking away to the counter. She lingered behind.

“It's not what you are thinking believe me”

“Don't kid me Imelda! I'm not a kid okay”

“Listen Tess it's really not like that why can't you just believe me?”

“How can I believe you when it's already obvious?”Tess replied why Imelda rubbed her temples.

“You know you're really surprising me what happened to the Imelda I know? Weren't you always against this s*x of a thing before marriage? Isn't that why you never had a stable relationship? Girl you broke up with Miguel whom you loved so much because you couldn't give him this! That prompted him to cheat on you remember?!”

“I know why are bringing this up?”

“Why? Why? You Imelda…you were always against it but what happened now? You gave your self to a guy you barely know. A guy you just started dating two months ago. What you couldn't give your boyfriend of two years you gave him! Don't you understand?!!”

“Stop it already…you're making me have headache! I'm already feeling giddy as it is” Imelda said taking her sit now.

“How could you let this happened? How could you let him touch you?”


“So? What now? You left him and now you're pregnant with his child”

“I'm not pregnant Tess I'm sure of that”

“How sure are you? These are the f**king symptoms! I'm not a fool”

“I'm really not…I can't be”

“There's always a way to solve this…let's go to the hospital…Imelda”


“Don't! We're going for a test…and that's final” She said with a note of finality while Imelda just sigh facepalming.

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