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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 3

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 3

( Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction )


The beginning of us….began by fate…


Imelda stares at her phone probably waiting for it to ring.

“Why isn't he calling…?” She sighs.

“Is it that busy…?”

“Imel…what are you doing? Let's go we're getting late!” Tess shouted as she stuck her head through the door.

Imeda jerk up.

“I'm….let's go…”

“Hurry girl…stop staring at your phone like dummy and get your damn butt here right now…I can't afford to be told off ” she warned before dashing outside the house.

Imelda kept her phone in her pocket and head out.

“Come on…stop slouching like a bride going to the alter and walk like a normal human being gosh!” Tess complained.

“Tess…calm does Will you? My legs aren't as long as yours…you're grouchy” Imelda hissed.


“What's with the sudden meeting Grandpa…did something happened?” Jesse asked feigning concern.

“Where did you go…? you disappeared for a month…where were you?” Alfred asked concerned.

“Look at you guys acting like you care…just continue living your lives selfishly like you've been…don't worry about me…I'm good” Mr Morrison replied while Jesse cleared his throat.

“I was really worried…” Alfred mutters.

The maid enters serving them each their drinks. Starting from Grandpa and lastly to Jesse.

Jesse smiled at the chubby maid whose face reddened immediately before sashaying away from there the maid looks back and Jesse winks at her.

“What's wrong with your eyes Jesse Morrison?” Grandpa asked.

“Oh…oh nothing…I just…I think something went into it…” He rubs his eyes in pretense.

A call came in…Grandpa divert his eyes to the direction it was coming from. Alfred quickly turned off the phone.

“Gra..” He looks at Grandpa who glares at him. Immediately he went on his knees with his head down.
Grandpa took his eyes off him to Hardin who sat comfortably like a king on the sofa with his legs crossed.

“Sit comfortably young man this is my palace not yours” Grandpa said and he seperate his crossed leg sitting like a child ready to be scolded.

One thing about the Morrison's…though they can be a pain in the neck…the only person they dare not mess around with is their only family which is obviously their Grandpa. Whether they like it or not…they must succumb to him…though Hardin proves stubborn sometimes.

“How have your companies been doing?” Grandpa quizzed taking his glass of wine.

“Good as always…everything is going perfectly fine” Jesse was the first to replied.

“Really…with the stocks that plummeted recently? Aren't you on the verge of bankruptcy?” Grandpa quipped.

“How did you know all that?” Jesse' eyes widened.

“Well…it's no biggie…I have a wealthy Grandpa so I doubt it will go bankrupt” he smiles.

Mr Morrison rolled his eyes and turns to Alfred.

“So far so good…no probs Grandpa” Alfred replied knowing it's his turn.

“Have you gotten rid of the protesters? Are you really gonna launch the new product at this rate? I think your company is gonna shut down” Grandpa points to him disappointed.

“Grandpa…did you plant a spy on us?” Jesse asked not believing it.

“I'll take care of it” Alfred replied solemnly.

“Pathetic…” Grandpa shakes his head.

“What about you Hardin?”

“I don't think I'm obliged to report my company situations to you” Hardin blurted out.

“Your company?” Grandpa asked unbelievably.

“The last time I checked it is” he replied sharply.

Grandpa laughs.

“Yeah…it's indeed your company right? Good luck”

“But what's today's meeting all about Grandpa?” Jesse asked.

Grandpa brought out a brown envelope behind him and dropped it on the table.

Jesse took it and looks over the files and pictures in it.

“Who is this Grandpa?” He asked.

“My assets….” He trailed off.

“Your assets?” Jesse cut him off.

“Goes to the person who gets that Lady” Grandpa finished.

“What??” Alfred and Jesse choruses. Hardin just arch his brows where he's seated.

“What are you planning now Grandpa?Jesse asked.

” Grandpa what do you mean?” Alfred asked also.

“Whoever gets to marry that lady…gets to own all my assets…everything” he explained.

Hardin scoffs.

“What game are you playing now old man?” Hardin asked.

“Guess…?” Grandpa smirk bringing the rim of the glass to his lips.

“So…you wants us to marry her in order to own our own properties?” Alfred asked again to be sure.

“Who is she Grandpa?” Jesse asked.

“When and how did you meet her?” Alfred asked again.

“That's a story for another day…so…who's in?” Grandpa asked and Jesse raised his hand up immediately.

“I don't understand while I have to marry some lady to get what's rightfully mine but I'm gonna do it”

“It's not yours…it's mine and I'm not forcing you” Grandpa respond.

Hardin stood up.

“I'm done here…sell your properties or give it away I don't give a damn” he said leaving not bothering to check the pictures or files.

“Sure…think it over!” Grandpa shouted after him.

“So you guys only have till my birthday to bring her home..till then let's not see each other…” Grandpa smiles then stood up heading to his room.

“Who the hell is she…?” Alfred thought standing up.

“I'm definitely getting this so called assets…seducing women is my specialty…this is just a piece of cake…” Jesse laughed inwardly.


“But what's this party all about?” Imelda asked as she wipe the tables.

“They're spending so much on just the decorations and everything…” She added.

“According to what I heard, apparently the guy organised this as a surprise birthday party for his boo” Tess replied.

“Really? Just a birthday party? Wow…this is stupid”

“What do you mean stupid? You think every guy is like Miguel who can't spend a penny on a lady he's dating?”

“Why are you bringing him up? And also he can do that much” Imelda frowns.

“You've got to be kidding me…but the lady must be so lucky to have a rich boyfriend to do this for her. I wish I could myself one too…you know even if it's a one night stand I won't mind” Tess gushed while Imelda slapped her shoulder..

“How can you say that? You can't just give your body away like that. Remember our body is the tem_”

“Temple of the Lord blah blah blah…gosh! I think I've heard enough of that already…I was only joking you don't need to lecture me with your so called word of God” Tess cuts in.

“I'm just saying…you shouldn't do things that'll make you sin”

“You should be the one doing things to stop your so-called boyfriend from committing sin. Do you even know what he's doing right now?”

“He went on a business trip with his colleagues at work”

“Sure…I'm sure that's the excuse he gave you and stupid you believed him. Girl stop being naive already…your innocence and holy holy won't get you anywhere…in the end you'll be jilted on your wedding day…”


“Why don't you just call your so-called boyfriend to find out what he's really doing…or should I guess? He isn't picking up? He must be busy screwing ladies at one corner or maybe his so called colleagues wake up girl…stop being a frustrating being already hmph!” Tess huffed before marching away while Imelda just stood in a daze.

“Should I give you a tip?” Tess stops.

“Go to the bar over that corner…and you'll meet your fate” she said before finally leaving.

After a while she came back to her senses then bring out her phone. She was about calling him when she caught a glimpse of someone.

She looks back up immediately and her legs grew weak instantly.

“Miguel…” She mutters.

“Why is he…?” She was about going to meet him but halt on her tracks when she saw a lady giving him a pack on the lips.

“Tonia…” She said looking at the lady.

She gulped down her own spit and dialed his number.

It rang…he didn't pick.

She texted him and watch him look at his phone.

💬sorry babe but I'm in a meeting…I'll call you later 💬 He texted back

Imelda couldn't believe it.

She turns away holding her phone tightly.

“No…” She mutters to herself.

“Hey waiter…can we get some drinks over here?” She heard a masculine voice and need no soothsayer to tell her it's Miguel.

“Excuse me…ex-”

She ran away immediately.

“What's with her?” Miguel thought as he watched her run away.

“Babe…don't her back looks familiar?” Tonia asked.


“Babe…it's not her right?” Tonia asked a little scared.

“Go after her….hurry!” Tonia pushed him and he went after her.

Imelda keeps running as Miguel ran after her.

Tears already streaming down her face.

“Hey! Excuse me!!” Miguel called. She branched. By the time Miguel did she was no where to be found.

“Shit!!” He stomped his leg on the floor angrily.

Imeda slouched on the floor resting her back on the door. Her palms covered her mouth as she cries silently.

“Hey! Who are you?!” Hardin asked the lady who suddenly barged into his room when he was about going out.

“No…he'd never do such a isn't him…it can be…” She shakes her head repeatedly.

Hardin drops to a squat in front of her.

“Hey” he poked her shoulder.

Imelda lift her gaze to him glaring at him with red eyes.

“Oh my!” He lands on his butt.

Imelda stood up.

“Enjoy your night sir” she made a bow and ran out.

“What was that?!” Hardin scoffs.

“That little…” He seethe getting up immediately. He went out and saw her running off.

“What a strange woman…” He mutters itching his hair.

“Oh…yeah…i knew it. Hardin Morrison what have you done this time around?” A reporter in hiding said to himself looking at the pictures of Imelda he took as she ran out of his room and Hardin who stood in front of his room scratching his hair.

Actually the reporter has spotted Imelda earlier and has been meaning to talk to her but then she ran off suddenly. He ran after her and saw her running into a room pushing someone inside. He waited eagerly at a corner till she came out running away and he didn't hesitate to take her pictures.

Not long Hardin came out also.


“So…because of that you ran off…without being paid?” Tess quizzed after Imelda explained everything to her.

“You don't seem surprised at all?”

“Why would I? I told you before didn't I? You just wouldn't listen I'm glad you saw it with your own eyes perhaps you'll believe me now. here I got your pay but only half of it”

Imelda sighs.

“Is he busy? He hasn't called”

“IMELDA!!!” Tess yelled and she flinched

“Holy geez! What's wrong Tess? You scared the shit out of me”

“You're still waiting for him after yesterday?”

“I'm sure he isn't the one…it must be his doppleganger”

“Don't bullshit Imelda come on girl I thought you were smarter than this? I told you before right? He made a move on me”

“It's because you don't like him…that's why you misunderstood him…he's a nice guy I can assure you”

“That's your problem..this is not because I don't like him. Girl that guy is never gonna Marry you look If I really wanna ruin your relationship then I'd have dated him. Girl sober up let this guy go…he can never change remember he did this before and you caught him red handed”

“That was ages ago and he asked for forgiveness…it isn't like him to do that…he promised to change which he did”

“You're really hopeless…but I know you're not stupid enough not to know the truth” she pauses and poked her shoulder.

“I know you're just ignoring that fact but I bet it won't take you anywhere”

“Sweetheart?” They heard and look behind them.

He smiles and waves at them.

“Here comes the devil”

“Mi…Miguel” Imelda called and Miguel smiles stretching his arms widely for her.

Imelda rush to his embrace.

“I missed you…” Miguel whispers while Tess rolled her eyes.

“Think about what I told you Imel…and act fast before it all comes back to you” she nudges them before leaving.

“What's her problem?” Miguel frowns

“Don't mind her…she's only in a bad mood”

“Damn her…here…i got this for you” he gave her a bouquet of flowers.

“Thanks Miguel” she smiles.


“Imelda…can I ask you something?”


“Yesterday…where were you?”

“I? I was in church. Why?” She lied.

“Uh? Oh…just asking…”

“What about you? I called…you didn't answer”

“Ohh…I was in a meeting…I couldn't…that's why I rushed to see you immediately I arrived”


“Babe…you look dull…is something wrong? Did I do something again?”


“Yes love”

“Let's get married now”


“Isn't it time? I mean it not like we aren't going to anyway”

Miguel sighs before holding her hand softly.

“We talked about this before right? Give it a rest already…this isn't the right time…let me be financially stable first…so I can take care of you”

“But you're okay now aren't you? I've saved up…it doesn't have to be a grand wedding…it can be simple among ourselves and we can rent an apartment and both work hard…we can still be okay” Imelda convinced and he stood up.

“why are you such in a rush? I said it isn't the right time…let's just continue like this for now uh?”

Imelda says nothing looking at him.

“You see babe…I'm all yours nobody can ever seperate us so…don't worry about a thing. We'll get married and have children of our own…a perfect family you've always dreamed of…but not now. I promise it'll be soon…I love you” he said lovingly making imeda give in.

She hugs him.

“I love you” she whispers back.

One word for Imelda.

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