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Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 30

Loving You Is A Losing Game – Episode 30

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Maybe perhaps…'re the one I'm waiting for as my other half”




Tess remained silent as they went out of the doctor's office. Imelda took a deep breath and face her.

“I told you nothing happened…you can be really be unnecessary obstinate sometimes really” Imelda said with a straight face and turned to leave but Tess held her back.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Imelda…you don't have to pretend in front of me…we both heard what the doctor said. If this continue…you'll fall into depression” Tess said worried.

Imelda gave her a small smile.

“I'm okay…don't worry” She removed her hand and walks away. Tess sighs and watch her as she leaves.

“Hey wait up!” She ran up to her.


“Jess” Kim called as she opens the door looking at the dejected Jess. Jess went him wrapping his arms around her immediately closing his eyes also. They stood like that for a while hugging not saying anything to each other.


“Are you worried? That she might be yours?” Kim asked Jess who hasn't said anything but seems lost in thought.

“What'll happen to us Kim? I just finally got you back but…now this?” His was voice full of hurt as he answered her.

Kim stood from where she sat and went towards him sitting beside him. She held up his face making him look at her.

“I love you…even after our break up…I never stopped loving you. My biggest mistake is not giving you a chance to explain then. Not holding onto you until the very end. Letting my anger get the best of me and making you wait endlessly for the past five years” She said slowly staring deep into his eyes. Jesse held her hand on his face.

“I love you so much Kim…I never do and everyday I do…please…don't ever leave me again…I can't bear losing you one more time…please Kim…you have to stay by my side uh?” He entreat as tears slowly find the or way down his face. Kim looks at him hurt fully also. They both know if the child really turns out to be his…then they have no chance anymore now. He hugs her.

“Let's leave here…let's go somewhere far…somewhere we're completely unknown…we'll get married…have our kids and live peacefully…we won't have any worries Kim…let's go start a new life…somewhere far away from this place” He sobbed in her chest while Kim couldn't help the tears that escape her eyes also.

“I love you so much Kim…i love you…believe me”


She stood at the window staring deeply at the night sky. What the doctor said earlier about over thinking was true. She couldn't help but think even if she tries not to. She had certainly been sure this time…that he would never hurt her. She had believed all his lies and fake promises to her. She had let her guard down thinking…perhaps…he might be the right one this time. It's quite obvious she loves him so much. So far she hadn't think she had loved someone so much like this…even Miguel it wasn't like this with him. But why? They were only together for a short period of time. Why does it hurts so much to be away from him? She misses him so much…she misses everything about him. How he teases her…his jokes…his laugh…his smile…his kiss…his arms around her…and his touch. She couldn't bear it. She wishes to be with him…but she's hurting also. She had actually secretly went to see him once…but then couldn't show herself as she sees…he seems to be moving on already. He seems happy…with his new found daughter. But what does she did to deserve this? Was it wrong for her to love him? Why must she be the one hurting this much? Her back slowly slipped down the wall landing on her butt. The memories of them being happy together keeps rushing to her…but the thought of he being another's won't leave her also. She had trusted him with the last strength she had left…and he had truncated that. She had loved him…only to be betrayed instead. Because of him,she became someone she wasn't really is…because of him, she had done several things against her principle…she became so weak to him that…she lost herself while trying to love him. But in the end…this is what she gets…in the end…she had only been used and lied to…In the end…she became the fool again…She covers her mouth with her palms as she cries trying hard not to let the sleeping Tess notice.

After weeping for minutes she washed her face and walk to the bed where Tess is sleeping. She looks at her for a while before writing a short note which she placed on the desk. She then walks to where she put her package luggage taking them. She looked back in tears one more time…before exiting the room…exiting the house…and exiting their lives at the same time.


Tess woke up not to find Imelda next to her anymore. She would have thought she's in the bathroom if not for the note she saw.

“…I think…I really need to be alone…I'm sorry Tess” The note says. Tess sprang to from the bed immediately and went to the closet only to find it empty.

“Imelda…” Her voice mixed with tears as her back slumped down the closet. She knew there was no need chasing or looking for her. She already made her decision…and she doesn't seems to want to be found.

“Imel…” She sobs silently.


Jesse rubs his sweaty palms together nervously as he stared at the results which was placed on the table in front of all. Hardin had an indifference look. His face was dull and puffed. It looks like he had no sleep and there were eyebags under his eyes. One could tell easily that he cried himself to stupor. He was looking really pitiful. Ruby on the other hand had a satisfactory look. She seems sure and contended ready for whatever the results maybe. Grandpa clears his throat and started talking.

“Before I announce who the father of Ruby's child is…I would like you to know…that he…is going do his rightful duties…by getting married to her. In my family…I won't tolerate anything such as broken families…you'll have to take responsibility…for every action you take” he paused and took the results then un enveloped it. He stares at it for a while…then sighs.

“The father of Ruby's child is…”

Jesse's heartbeat accelerated…he gulp down nothing repeatedly. Hardin folded his fist tightly while Alfred just watched with a bored expression.

“Jesse Morrison” Grandpa announced. And right there…he felt his blood drying up.

Hardin released a relief sigh. Ruby's eyes widened. Alfred smirks.

“What..?” Jesse's voice came almost jn a whisper.

“Your DNA matched hers completely…you are the father of Ruby's daughter. It's your child…not Hardin's”

“That…that can't be true…she said it…her daughter has Hardin allergies…it can't be MINE!” Jesse raved.

“Like I said earlier…you're getting married to her…you will make…a complete family” Grandpa said nonchalantly while he shakes his head repeatedly.

“I'm…I'm never marrying her…I don't care who the father is! I'm…never…starting a family with her!”He said as he stood up trying to take his leave.

“If you can't do as I said…then you can forget about being…a Morrison” Grandpa finalized and went to his room. They all released a gasps. They know their Grandpa well. He means everything he says…and if one dares go against him…the outcome won't surely be good. Jesse ran out of the house while Ruby watch him leave with worries. Tears filled ho her eyes. It was obvious she still have feelings for him. Maybe this is what she actually wanted. She had hoped Jesse would be the father. But Rapunzel taking Hardin's allergies and being similar to him in some ways made her thought otherwise. Now she's getting married to him…this could be a dream…she never thought would come true. Alfred stood up and moves closer to her.

“You seems quite satisfied…why? You happy? Sure…enjoy it while it lasts…but something you must take note of…your life…is gonna become harder and messier…from now on…b*tch” He whispers to her ears. Ruby looks at him. Alfred gave her a sinister smile before leaving also.

“I admit I did you wrong…I'm sorry…I was gonna make it up by being a better father to Rapunzel…i hope you have a healthy and happy marriage…though I doubt that will ever come true. From now on…remember you're on your own…you ruined someone's lives…don't expect yours to be any better” He walks closer to her.

“Thank you…for ruining my relationship with Imelda…I think…I've already paid whatever debt I may have…with that” He ogled at her before leaving also. Leaving her in her misery. A marriage with Jesse wouldn't surely be a pleasant one…especially when he's being forced. She couldn't help…breaking down in tears.

Hardin doesn't know what to feel…happy that he doesn't needs to give up any longer. Or sad for his brother…who'll have to give up on his love and married someone…he has no feelings to just like he had initially thought he would do.

A sudden marriage.

An abrupt family.

What he never planned for.

He doesn't deserves any of these…but yet…he's being tortured by it all.


Knowing his pass code, Kim opened the door and went in. She wasn't surprised at how messy the house is. She had expected it. She had actually called Alfred earlier to know about the outcome of everything and he told her about grandpa's plan.

Walking along the things all over the floor, she heard muffles cries and walked closer to where it's coming from only to see Jesse at a corner…with drinks in front of him. Seems she was lucky cause he was just about to start drinking.

“Kimmy…”He called surprised on seeing her. Kim looks at him closely. He looks haggard and rough. One could tell he had ruffled his hair severally at how messy it is now. Kim brought her hand to his hair and straighten it.

“What are you doing? I've been waiting for you to call me” She said loftly.


“Shhh…come” she took his hand standing him up.

“I want you to do something for me”


“Go inside the room…and have your bath,dress nicely also cause we're going on a date” She grinned. Jesse looks at her in confusion.


“How dare you show your stupid face here uh!” Tess growls at Hardin as he steps in.

She had been in a bad mood ever since Imelda left unannounced. She felt angry and sad.

She felt like killing the person who caused all these. Imelda had been through many hardships and he just had to make it worse. Because of him…she's losing her only sister and friend. She's just holding herself back not to go to him right now. But…he dared walk into her den…on his own.

“Tess please listen to me…just tell me where Imelda is…I know you know it. I know she's with you…please I have to see her please!!”

“Get out before I lose my cool”


“Out! Get out! Out you animal!!” She pushes him roughly outside.

“Don't ever set your legs here…ever again.”

“SHE ISN'T MY DAUGHTER!” He yelled making her halt.

“She's…she's not mine…a DNA had already been conducted…I have no child Tess…so please…I'm begging you…take me to her…I…i really have to see Imelda” He begged desperately holding her hand tightly. Tess only stares at him.

“I'm sorry Hardin…but she can't seeher anymore now…Imelda left…I don't know where she is now”

“You know…please do this for me this time Tess…I'm begging” He said wistfully.

Tess removed her hand in his.

“I'm sorry…”

“She left…for real this time”


“You…will never see her again…Hardin”


The date went absolutely well…Jesse actually forgot about all his worries…all that mattered was Kim…and this exciting moment he's having with her. They had went to different places. None of them mentioned anything about what they're currently going through…right now…they know they are happy and just want it to remain like that.

Kim suggested they stay at an hotel spending the night there. Jesse agreed without thinking twice. They're actually having a sweet dinner…just like that of a newlyweds.

Jesse stood from his seat to Kim's. He knelt of one of his knees and brought out a shinny box.

Kim gasped at the beautiful ring staring back at her.

“I don't care about other things now…this is something I've always wanted from the start…i may be condemned, rebuked or abandoned..right now none of those matters. What matters to me now is you and all I want is you…I don't want to let you go any more…and I'm ain't gonna do that anytime soon…I want us to spend the rest of our lives…loving and having each other by our sides…it took me five years to say this but Kim…will you…for the love I have for you…marry me? Marry me kim”

“Jesse…”Kim called with tears filled eyes. Slowly he slipped the ring into her fourth finger.

“I love you so much Kim” He mutters and she hug him tightly.

“I'm sorry…I'm so sorry for doing that then…I'm sorry for leaving you…I'm sorry for not giving you the chance to explain yourself…I'm sorry for giving up on you just like that…I'm sorry for hurting you all over again…I love you Jesse…I've always loved you” she cries on his shoulder.


Kim opens her eyes…it was still very dark outside and Jesse is fast asleep. She wiggled out of his hold slowly making sure not to wake him. She got down from the bed. Her eyes caught the ring on her finger and she looks at it with a sad smile plastered in her face. She turns to him and kissed his forehead. Then she took a pen and a paper and starting writing.

“You're one of the best thing that have happened to me so far…I feel sorry for hurting you all over again. I'm sorry but I can't be part of your dreams…I hope you are happy with your right family…” Tears cascade he eyes as she writes and it slipped down simultaneously.

She'll look back at him as she writes…with her heart breaking and hurting.

“Give this to the right owner…no matter how I thought about it…it doesn't fit me…maybe…you don't fit me also…we don't fit each other…don't look for me…I love you…Jesse Morrison…”

She couldn't hold it any longer as she writes the note. It hurts like mad. She doesn't want this…she doesn't. She stood up and rushed to the bathroom turning on the shower. She got under it and sob…and sobbed for hours.


Jesse woke up smiling to himself. He couldn't be more happier right now. He doesn't care about having any daughter…he doesn't care about being disowned, be doesn't care…if everything is being taken away from him…cause right now…he has gotten everything he ever needed. He's going to take her far away…and they'll live happily as one family. Kim wasn't beside him so he thought she might be in the bathroom. He sat up stretching, a wide grin spread on his lips…he couldn't wait. He walked to the bathroom but couldn't find her. He became alarmed. He rushed back to the desk to take his phone but then his eyes caught it. The ring…her ring. A note was beneath it. He took the ring and took the note. His expression changed instantly.

The note fell from his hands. He held unto the ring tightly shaking his head as tears rushed down his face.

“No Kim…NO!!!” He yelled out in pains.


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