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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 5

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 5

( Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction )


The beginning of us….began by fate…


“Imelda Timbers_”

“Weird name” Hardin mutters.

“Twenty four_”

“Too young…she's gonna be immature” he cuts in again shaking his head.

“Orphan, grew up in Hope orphanage_”

“What?! an ORPHAN!” Hardin interrupted and Emma nodded.


“Christian? Does Christian goes around barging into someone's room? I thought they were supposed to be holy?” He interrupted again.

“Just cool down guy…continue Emma” Genesis said


“I hate short girls the most” he shakes his head.

“You aren't getting married to her” Genesis blurted.

“Pretty, can be a freak sometimes but mostly act innocent_”

“She's a pretender…green shake under the green grass…slow poison” Hardin pointed out.

“Just shut it and let him talk!” Genesis snapped at him.

“Why are you yelling at me!!” He snap back.

Genesis Facepamed and instruct Emma to continue.

“loves singing and dancing. Works hard to make ends meet…currently living with her foster parents… has a crazy sister by name Tess also has a finace has been in a relationship for two years now. Have bad luck with guys…none of them lasted long they all dumped her_”

“She's stupid also…tsk tsk tsk” he shakes his head.

“Has_” Genesis motioned for him to stop which he did.

“That's enough”

“In a word she's a pauper?” Hardin concluded.

“Is that the only thing you heard?” Genesis asked back.

“should I find out more?” Emma quizzes and Hardin motion for him to go out. He bowed and excuse them.

“So what's your plan?” Genesis asked while he rubs his temple.

“I gat no choice…I drew up a contract…she has to be my fake girlfriend to solve this problem on ground”

“Will you be okay? From what I notice she isn't your spec?”

“Do I have the luxury to decide whether she's my spec or not? I can just shut her up with money. I only need her for some time to cool down the press and public we can say she dump me later..that way I'll earn the public sympathy and they'll let go of what happened two years ago”

“And you think that'll work out?”

“You gat any other way out? Denying it won't solve anything…it indeed true she ran out of my room in tears”

“But what are you gonna do about the goods? I pulled some strings and it turned out your old man was behind it”

“I knew it…I had my suspicions…that darn old man”


“I'll take care of it.”

“Look at you…how will you do that? Just go and beg him he's the only solution to this”

“You know him…he does nothing for free…no he'll probably laid down some ridiculous conditions…I can't do it”

“Think about it man…you have to let go of your ego if you wanna save your company…think about it well…by the way Jemima is coming back next week…just letting you know”

“Let's go to the club…I'm frustrated”

“On Monday?”

“Fuck you…I'm off” he stood up take his car keys and went out leaving Genesis who scoffs

“That punk…wait for me!”

Imelda wandered about aimlessly…she still couldn't get over what Miguel did to her at the party.

He called her no body.


How dare him.

Tears pickled down her face every time she remembers how he had hurt her.

She really doesn't deserves that.

Even after what happened, he hadn't called once. It has been days but he cared less.

She wandered through the pedestrian lane completely out of her senses.

Alfred watch her through the rear mirror from the car.

His car has been stalking her for some time now but she seems oblivious of that fact.

“She looks completely out of it” he shakes his head.

“What should i do sir?” The driver asked.

“Step on it” he ordered.


“STEP ON IT!” He ordered strictly. The driver swallow nothing and ignite the engine.



Imelda's feet remained glued to the ground as the car raced towards her. Her heart sank. She couldn't move.

Just as the car was about hitting her, she slumps to the ground.

“Argh!!” She closed her eyes waiting for the next thing but nothing came.

She looks up breathing heavily.

Just then a fine young man came out of the car running to her.

“Are you okay Missy?” He had a worried look on.

As if.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” He asked helping her up. Imelda only shook her head.

“I always told you to be careful you could have hurt someone here!” Alfred landed a slap on the driver's cheek who stood beside him. Imelda flinched.

“I'm…I' sorry” the driver apologize holding his cheek.

“I sincerely apologize for my driver's misbehavior you could have gotten hurt. Tell me if you have I'm ready to take the responsibility…I'm sorry” he apologize while Imelda sighs.

“It's…okay…I'm not hurt. I should be the one apologizing…I zoned off and didn't see the oncoming car I'm sorry” she apologize to the driver.

“But are you really okay?” Alfred asked and she turns to him smiling.

“I am thank you”

“Where are you going? I'll drop you off…and I think we should visit the hospital to be sure”

“I'm really okay you don't have to worry”

“Then let me drop you off to where you're going”


“I insist”

Imelda signs.

“Alright…thank you”

“After you” Alfred step back while Imelda entered the car. Alfred smirk before entering the car also.


Imelda's head rested on Mother Superior's lap as she gently stroke her hair.

“Mother superior?” She called softly.


“Should I have just stayed? I should have just continued as a nun here…then I wouldn't be like this now”


“I should have just stayed here with you…I would have been happy”

“Everything…that happens in life all happens for a reason…it happens so you could grow and learn from it”

“But it happens so many times already…now I'm beginning to think maybe I'm just unfortunate”

“Sister…what makes you think you're unfortunate?”

“Because…I'm unlucky…I get used every time”

“And that will only make you stronger…whatever life throws at you…you should always learn how to grab one or two things from it…that way…you'll not repeat the same mistake all over again”

“Can't I just stay here with you?”

“No…this place isn't for you…your destiny does not lies here sister…you're not meant to be here”

“I'm tired…”

“You shouldn't be…because you are just getting started…sister your destiny awaits you outside this chapel…you have to go for it…you have to”


“Why isn't she coming out?” Alfred check his time repeatedly.

“I have things to do woman…” He mutters to himself.

“Brother Alfred?” One of the sisters called his attention and he snort.

“Not now woman…” He turns to her and smiles.

“Good afternoon sister” he faked a smile.

“Oh brother Alfred…I heard you donated a lot to the orphanage again this time…you're really a godsend” the sister beamed and he fake a smile.

“If I don't do this…then I won't have peace of mind…your happiness here is mine also” he replied and just then he spot imeda and a middle aged woman coming out of the chapel. He smiles within.

“Oh! It's that man!” Imelda pointed.

“Sister do you know him?” Mother superior asked.

“Oh…I met him on my way here…he insisted on dropping me but I guess he still haven't left”

“That man has been an angel to us over the years…thanks to him the orphanage still stands…he has really done a lot for us over here…I guess he's here to do as he always does” Mother superior smiles.

“He donates here?” Imelda asked herself as she looks at the smiling Alfred.

“Brother Alfred?” Mother superior called going to him.

“Oh mother superior…good to see you again” he greeted.

“You should have dropped by…were you planning on leaving without seeing me…”

“Oh…I heard you had a visitor and thought of not Perturbing you”

“How considerate of you…”

“Hello” Imelda smiles approaching them.

“Oh Missy…I'm surprised to see you here..”

“Trust me…I'm more surprised…until some moments ago I thought you were here because of me but I just found out you are actually this orphanage's savior”

“Ohh…don't call me that…I'm just doing what's right…I'm Alfred by the way…Alfred Morrison” he stretches his hand forward for a handshake.

“Imelda Timbers” she took his hand.

“Nice meeting you miss Imelda” he offers a warm smile while Imelda returns it.

“My pleasure”

“I grew up in the orphanage…it was my home” Imelda said as the driver drove them back home.

“Ohh…I see…it good…you didn't forget about it”

“I can never…it's part of me…something I can't erase..” Alfred stares at her…she was already getting sentimental. He thought.

He place his palm on hers.

Imelda jerk up. It was sudden.

“Oh…sorry I…I just…” Alfred smiles warmly she blushes.

What the heck.

She's pretty easy. He thought within.

“It's okay…it'll all be fine” he comforts.

She raised up her brow.


“Life don't always go as we wanted…sometimes…we just have to go along with it…if you don't…then you won't progress. So don't worry about what it may be making you pass through right now. To every bitter begining…lies a sweet end” he held her succulent hand.

“So endure…endure the thorny path now…to walk through a flowery one later” he said while Imelda just stares at him.

Who is this guy?


Why do I feel so comforted by him…?

Why does his voice only….soothe my soul?

Why does his touch….warms me so?

Why does his smiles…held so much effect on me?

“Miss Imelda?!” Alfred called the incessantly smiling Imelda for the umpteen time.

“Uh?” She snaps out of her reverie when Alfred shakes her shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh…umm……” She tuck her hair behind her hair looking elsewhere.

Alfred smiles.

Looks like his mission is going perfect.

Just one more step…then he'll be able to get her.

He just needs to get her to his Grandpa's birthday which is coming up in two days.

“Thank you for dropping me off…have a safe ride back” Imelda bow silently turning to go into the shop.

“Miss Imelda?” Alfred stops her.

She swivels on a heel.


“Uhm…” Alfred itch his hair stepping closer.

“I don't know if this is right…I mean we just met and you literally know nothing about me. But strangely I feel like you are someone I need just in my life right now” he said and Imelda's eyes went wide.


Alfred snickers.

“I mean no harm..I just want to be friends” he gestures and Imelda's mouth form an ‘O' shape.

She looks down on her finger nibbling on it.

“Actually…it's my grandpa's birthday this Wednesday and he's gonna throw a party…I was wondering…if you could accompany me…it isn't a must…if you don't trust me enough to then it's okay…we can take our time in knowing each other” he finished expecting an answer.

Imelda's eyes remained glued to the ground drawing patterns with her foot.

“Miss Imelda?” Alfred called noticing her absence of mind.


“The party…”

“Oh…em…party yeah…okay…um…” She shutters.

“Okay? Then you agreed? You agreed wow…I never knew you'll say yes…thanks a lot Imelda” he hugs her.

Her eyes grew bigger.

Get yourself together girl! What are you doing with a stranger! Her subconscious scolded her.


She stepped back.

“Oh…sorry..i was just…” He itch his hair.

What is she gonna do now? She didn't actually mean she'll attend.

“Here…your contact?” Alfred extend his phone to her.

Hesitantly, she collected it and saved her contact.

“I'll contact you later…thanks so much..Imelda”

He smiles.

“Pleasure is all mine…” She smiles back.

“I'mma get going now…see ya later” he got into the car while Imelda waves peering at the car till it was out of sight.

“Wow….that's just great” she heard a clap and looks back only to see Tess smirking at her standing by the doorpost.

Oh God!


“So…care to narrate the drama going on in your life nowadays?” Tess asked with folded arms. Imelda continues wiping the dust free table ignoring her.

“Who was that guy earlier? What have you been doing these days Imelda? Why is there so much drama going on about you?”

“What drama are you rambling about?I'm up to nothing”

“Yeah my foot…who was that guy who dropped you earlier? He looks rich and you were smiling non stop”

“He's just a friend…he helped me on my way here”

“And you're already into him?”

“Hogwash! I'm not!” She snaps.

“We'll talk about that later…what's your deal with Jesse Morrison? Why does he keeps looking for you?”

“Jesse Morrison?”

“Yeah…the guy who celebrated your birthday the CEO of BEATS ON ENTERTAINMENT”

“Did you just say Morrison?” She remembers Alfred's name.

“He's also Morrison…” She mutters.

“Are you even listening to me right now?”

“It could be a coincidence” she shrugged it off.

“There's nothing between us…it's true he indeed offers a relationship but I declined”

“WHAT! Jesse offered you a RELATIONSHIP!!”

“HEY!! You're being loud!”

“You refused?!”

“Why did he come see me…I made things clear that night…” She murmurs.

“Wow…what a lucky brat! No…that aside…explain this” Tess showed her an article on her phone.

“What again?! Wha_” she stops when her eyes caught a picture of her running out of Hardin's room.

“What's this?! Why is…why am I here?”

“I should be asking you…why are you running out of his room in tears? What did that bastard do to you!”

“No…it's…it was when I was running from Miguel at the hotel…I ran into his room then”


“Why is this published?”

“You…what really happened that night?”

“Nothing happened…I told you!”

“Then explain this” she scroll up to show her another article of Hardin pushing her at the elevator.

“Is that jerk abusing you?”

“This…this is just…”

“Firing Dad wasn't enough…not paying him wasn't enough! Locking me up…wasn't enough! He dares abuse my sister too!” Tess grits.

“It's really not…”

“I'M GONNA KILL HIM! HARDIN…I'LL KILL YOU!” she gnashed in anger as lines of anger became visible on her forehead and veins become apparent on her neck.

“Tess….” Imelda tries to calm her down but just then the door open and he steps in.

He looks at the two ladies, looks around the shop then return his gaze to them.

“You…” He points to Imelda who was holding the fuming Tess.

“You've won a lottery….let's get married” he said with a lopsided smile tucking his hands back to his pockets.

“HARDIN…I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!” Tess growl set free from Imelda's hold and charge towards him.

“TESS NOO!!!” Imelda hollered after her.

“What the…Aaarghhhh!!!” Came a shout from him.

Bad timing Mr Hardin.

Imelda Don dey fall for wrong hand again make someone pls slap her back to her senses.

How will Hardin escape from the lioness now?

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