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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 8

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 8

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny…that led you by the hand to me…?”


Imelda snapped her clothes from the sales attendants and marched into the dressing room angrily.

Hardin paced to and fro ruffling his hair in frustration.

Damn! It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Why did she have to flared up suddenly?

This isn't the time for her to get angry.

He needs to take her to the f**king party in some minutes and here she is acting like some possessed devil.

She's really a devil. If not for his company he wouldn't be here doing this. He thought.

Sh*t! He marched into the dressing room also.

Imelda stood in the dressing room staring sadly at the dress on her.

It's such a pity. She really liked it. When will she ever get to wear such pretty dress again. But no! She can't sell her pride to that arrogant soul.

“Freak” She mutters zipping down the gown but just then the door came open abruptly and he stepped in.

What the… Her eyes widened immediately but before she could make an utterance he trudge forward pulling her in his arms. She released a sudden gasp as her head collided with his broad chest. Her breathe literally hitched she has never been this close to a guy like this except Miguel.

He rested his chin on her hair with one of his hand cupping her hair behind.

“Help me…” He said softly and strangely that melted her anger. Hardin realizing that got her smiled to himself. She wasn't pulling away or cussing at him which means only one thing. She's vulnerable and he's gonna use that against her at every chances he got. He just got hold of one of her weaknesses and can't wait to find out more. He zipped up her gown then disengage. They look into each other's eyes for a while before Imelda broke it. He smirks. Seems like she's really easier than he thought.

“Come out… we'll be late” He said and stepped out. Imelda released a breath she didn't knew she was holding fanning herself.

“I've got this” She mutters to herself before stepping out also. Hardin also got dressed and he looked super handsome. Imelda admired him for some moments. He made all the payments of their expenses and then they proceed… to the party.


The ride remained silent and Imelda start to get uncomfortable…or should I say scared.

“Erm…but where are we going?” She asked but received no answer.

“You're not going to sell me off right? I have bad kidneys” She said again and this time Hardin looks at her.

“Who groom up someone he's going to sell?” He frowns.

“You know… you may want me to look attractive to them. You spent quite a lot” She suck on her lower lip

Hardin scoffs.

“Who am I selling you to?”

“A brothel?” She twitch.

“Don't worry… you don't have the quality to go to a place like that”

“Phew… but where are we going?”

“To the moon”

“It ain't funny”

Hardin sighs.

“Remember what I told you the other day?”

“That you'll deal with Tess?”She feigned ignorance and Hardin attack her with a bad stare.

“You have to be at that old man's party to clarify things”

“What old man?”

“Some old man… forget that hey just make sure to behave when you get there… you can't act rashly like you did few minutes ago” He warned.


“Reporters will be there also…if they ask any questions just say we have no problems… we're doing fine together”


“Yeah together as couple”He gritted.

“What?…wait! Are we dating?”

“Apparently we are so just do as I told you to”

“When did that start? Why am I dating you? And why are we together? Why do I have to explain to those people we're_”

“Shush will you? Listen we're not actually dating… it's fake alright? I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for those people to back off”

“When did I agreed to this?”

“Your opinion doesn't matter you just have to do as you are told”

“That's bullsh*t”

“The situation is bullsh*t”

“I'm not doing this”

“Oh yeah babe you are already started it and there's no backing out” He smirks while Imelda scoffs.

“This is illegal… you can't make me do this…not only are you not lying to the public you're also deceiving and using me. You're using me for your advantage…this is a sin you just can't coerce me as you want I'm ain't your tool!”She blurts out in disbelief.

“I'm ain't coercing you if you didn't wanted to do this then you wouldn't have followed me…who in their right mind follows a guy around just like that when you have nothing to do together”

“Hey!! You literally dragged me with you!”She squelch in disbelief.

The car stopped. He looks at her.

“We're here…my life literally is in your hands now” He stared at her for a while before getting down. He came over to her side and made to open the door but Imelda beat it to him he groaned as the car door hit his leg.

“Oops!” She mouthed.

“Hey!! You should wait for me to open the damn door!” He gruffed rubbing his knee.

“I never knew you had that gentlemanly aspect in you” She said sacarstically coming out of the car.

“You know what don't do anything at the party…in fact don't talk!”

“Why? I'm ain't an statue… I've got a mouth for a purpose you know” She replied defiantly.

“Just do as I TOLD!” He said curtly.

“Why are you getting shirty? You'll get hyper you know…I think you're still too young for that” She mutters the last part to herself.

Hardin's eyes changed as he grip her wrist tightly almost piercing her skin.

“Listen… to you this might be nothing or just a game but my company's life is on the line here. You caused this mess going through my life here the moment you stepped into my room that night and now you have to fix it yourself because I can't afford to let an inexperienced skint like you ruined it understand!” He admonished harshly while Imelda just wiggle her wrist from his grip.

“I got it so let go” She winced and he released her wrist. Imelda glared at him.

“It's all because of your company right? Don't worry I won't say a thing that will ruin your perfect company Mr Moneyed la_di_da freak!” She retorts zipping her mouth.

Hardin breath in.

“Whatever” He rolled his eyes.

“Now let's go” He brought out his arms and Imelda link hands with him with a fake smile.

“Just to attend a party right? No problem I'll just consider this as a favor I do for helpless people once in a while. After this party I'm done with you arrogant freak” She thought within as they walk to the party which was already going on.

Both Hardin and Imelda walked to the house looking graceful and exquisite. The people made way for them as they walked arms in arms.

Imelda was tempted to wowed on the sight that behold her.

Not only was the house gigantic and beautiful the people there was a sight to behold.

All dressed elegantly and rich. She felt out of place. Now she understood why this freak beside her went through all those hoops in dolling her up. He wanted her to match up to his level . He must really be Rich. But whose party is it? Who is really this guy beside him. She looks at him and he offers her a fake smile.

“How freaky deaky”She eventually exclamined and he glares at her giving her a warning look.

“Hey brother!”They heard behind them and they both look back.

“You're late” Jesse said on approaching them. Imelda eyes widened as he saw her.

“Was caught up in a hassle of something” Hardin replied flatly.

“He's quite angry” Jesse tip him off.

“His anger will melt away…the moment he gets what he wants” He looks at the bewildered Imelda who keeps staring at Jesse.

“But who's this la hot babe? It isn't like you to bring in ladies to places like this”

“Who do you think she is? The origin of my problems” Hardin replied plainly and Imelda averted her eyes to him.

“Gracias belle…I'm Jesse… Jesse as in ‘Wealthy' ” Jesse said taking her hands and kissing the back of her palm.

“What's an angel like you doing with a he_devil? You don't match at all…how about we discuss… privately?” He winks at Imelda who was just staring and Jesse creased his eyebrows.

“Dude…why isn't she replying? I'm sure a beauty like her can't be deaf and dumb…wait! Don't tell me you're bullying her right now?” He frown.

“What hookum are you saying?” Hardin looks at Imelda.

“If not then why is she silent? Belle don't worry you can be free .. he's isn't gonna do a thing.” He smiles

“But strangely your face look familiar…where have I seen this beauty before…” It took him a while to register her face and recover it.

Imelda looks at Hardin and he sighs giving her the permission to talk.

“YOU!!” They said in unison.

“Imelda?! Wow…this is crazy i swear!” He giggles looking at her.

“Jesse Morrison… Hardin Morrison…I guess my guess was right after all… you guys are brothers!” Imelda said stiffly.

“I'm so sorry for not being open but I never knew you'll end up with him”

“I knew there was a game you were playing when you suddenly approached me and start saying nonsense…and also I ended up with no one. I'm only here to save his poor @ss” Imelda said making Jesse chuckle.

“But it's really surprising to see you here and like this. Trust me when I say this you look gorgeous…now I regret not chasing you harder…but who knew he'll get you when he was the one adamant to go for you?”

“I'm literally forced here…I have no idea why I'm being threatened to attend this damn party with him.”

“Hardin seriously… you really get your way in doing things…too bad busy bee isn't here he left just a while ago”

“He must be angry since I literally snatch her away from him” Hardin said.

“Busy bee? Wait! Alfred is also your brother? Wow…what game are you guys really playing?”

“I think it's best Hardin explain that to you since he eventually won…but it's strange how Alfred didn't get you…apart from me girls also go crazy for his charm” Jesse stated.

“Alfred isn't a mean jerk like him”

“I'm no jerk watch your mouth” Hardin cautioned.

“Are you the youngest? Because you lack some senses?”


“I'm actually the youngest… he's seven minutes older than me” Jesse said.

“Seven minutes? Wait! You guys are twins?”

“Not exactly twins but triplets… Alfred is the oldest”

“Tri…” Her eyes widened.

Wait! What?!


“Um…umm” Jesse nodded.

“But…but you guys look nothing alike and does that mean I've been tricked by three brothers??”

“You just realized that?” Hardin Curts.

“Where's the old man?” He asked Jesse.

“Probably talking with some oldies of his kind somewhere” Jesse shrugged.

“Let's go… to your partner in crime” Hardin held the Imelda who was in a daze and took her away from there.

“Damn…I can't believe I lost her” Jesse bit his lower lip.

“Snap out of it… don't you dare mess this up” Hardin warned and Imelda came back to her senses.

Mr Morrison spot Hardin coming with a lady and left the people he was discussing with to meet them.

Imelda's eyes widened the more as she saw the old man she saved the other day dressed luxuriously.

The old man smiles walking close to them.

“You're late” He frowns on reaching them as Imelda stares in disbelief… even words refuse to come out.

“If course I'd be ..I had to get her cleaned up. You don't expect me to bring her here looking unsightly I had to make her style worthy” He grimly replied while Imelda's blood just boil where she stood.

Not only was she deceived.

Not only was she being used.

Not only was she insulted several times.

Not only was she being taken for a fool.

Now she is like someone with no worth at all.

She clasp her fists in anger where she stood.

“You shouldn't say that to a human being like you…. you're being rude and hurting her feelings” Mr Morrison chided.

“As if I lied… she's here isn't she? She can just testify to it herself” Hardin said nonchalantly.

“I think it's time you shut your mouth now… nothing good come out of it anyway.” Mr Morrison said while Hardin clears his throat.

“But why is your hand empty… you can't come late and also come empty handed? Where's is my gift?”

“Here it is” he pushed Imelda to him and Mr Morrison quickly hold her before she stumble.

“You wanted her didn't you? There…goes your earnest gift have some great time alone” He dipped his hands into his pockets and smirks leaving.

“That boy…” He looks at the silent Imelda.

“Miss Imelda” he called in smiles.

“You lied to me…Granps”

Too many surprises in a day.

Our dear Imelda has been caught up in the Morrison's web.

Now I don't think there's is a coming out.

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