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Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 9

Loving You Is A Losing Game Episode 9

(Loving you was never my intention but it became my addiction)




“Was it happenstance or destiny? …that led you by the hand to me…?”


“Upset?” Granps asked the fuming Imelda.

“Don't I deserved to be? Just what exactly is going on Granps?” She queried.

“You remember about the Rams I told you about?” Granps enquired.

“Rams? Yes I do what about them?” She asked and Granps smiles.

“Wait! No way… you can't tell me…” She scoffs in disbelief.

“Even so….but why? Why am I…?”

“You gave me advice and I followed it”

“Wow…now I'm finally getting the picture…all the strange occurrence in my life recently was all because I'm just a tool for your experiment?”

“Don't take it the wrong way young lady… your advice was a good one I only added little to it and I think you the Mastermind is the perfect person to use”

“You do admit you used me”

“I know this may seem like a shock_”

“It is a shock…I was deceived and used” She cuts in.

“I'm sorry miss Imelda but nevertheless I would like if you don't stop and just make those Rams come back to their right senses… especially the brown one.”

“But why should I do that?”

“Cause I know you can… that's why I chose you…Imelda” He said seriously while Imelda just stare not saying anything.


After talking with Grandpa she walks about the party looking for perhaps Hardin which was no where to be found.

“Belle!” She heard a familiar voice and looks back only to find Jesse approaching her.

“Hey” She said flatly turning to meet him but then a man approach her suddenly stopping her in her movement.

“Hi I'm Ethan Joseph a reporter at Morning Dreams papers can I have a word with you?”

“Oh…I just_”

“Come on Imelda… what're you doing? Let's go” Jesse interrupted putting his arms around her.

“Excuse me but_”

“Why don't you back off…she isn't here to quench your silly questions thirst” Jesse smiles at the reporter who surrendered immediately.

“I'm sorry” The reporter said before taking his leave.

“Getting stung by a reporter already”Jesse smiles at her and she removed his hands right away.

“Thanks for helping”

“Oh…come don't act aloof”

“It's not like we were close in the past anyway”

“Are you still angry at me Belle?”

“I'm Imelda not Belle” she corrected.

“You're becoming so you should be Belle” Jesse smiles sweetly at her while she rolled her eyes.

“Wanna have a dance?” He asked holding her hand but someone jerk it away from him.

“Sorry bro but tonight she's mine alone” Hardin said appearing out of nowhere.

Imelda looks at him.

“Let's go” He said simply taking her by the hand .

“Does that mean I can have my way with her some other day?!!” Jesse whisper yelled after them.

“I told you not to shrithe about I was looking for you” Hardin scolded as the move to the center of some people dancing.

“Well I didn't see you…I was just gonna find somewhere to rest when your brother suddenly showed up saving me from a reporter who said he had some questions for me” Imelda replied dryly while Hardin only rolled his eyes.

“Your hand?” He demanded.

“What for?” She creased her brows.

Hardin ignored her and took her left hand placing it on his shoulder.

“I can't dance” She quickly said.

“I didn't expect much… just shut it and follow my lead…many eyes are on us more than you think”

Imelda grumble inaudibly giving in.

He slipped his hand around her waist pulling her closer.

“Put your feet on mine” He ordered and she did .

“Are you comfortable? Not only are you poor but you're also a wallflower?”

“I find parties like this boring”

“You're more boring” He mutters while Imelda just rolled her eyes.

“Whatever…” She mutters as they move slowly to the rhythm of the music.

Imelda's mind wanders off to Miguel. Strangely she's missing him tonight.

Is it because they once danced like this during their prom?

Hardin stares at her…he noticed her mind wasn't there. She was thinking of something and due to the expression on her face right now…he knew she's being emotional right now.

What is she thinking? He thought.

“Your attention isn't here” he brought her back to reality.

“Where else can it be? Not like you'll let be be anywhere else” She mumbles.

“As long as you're with me you're not allowed to think of anything thing else apart from me” he said with authority.

“What? Hey are you being serious right now? Now I don't have the right to think?” She scoffs.

“Don't! You might flop the whole thing if you do. Don't think of anything else… don't look at anything else…only think and look at me… your attention must be on me only.” He said a bit possessively.

Is he being serious right now? Imelda thought but says nothing.

“Can I rest? My feet hurts and I'm thirsty” She said after a while and Hardin sighs.

“Follow me” He held her hand taking her inside the house.

Imelda marveled at the beautiful sight.

It was h*ll sheen.

“Wow” She finds herself gaping at the interior design and everything.

“This is beautiful” She mutters while Hardin just sneer taking her inside hand in hand.

“Hardin darling” A tall beautiful lady suddenly bump into them falling into Hardin's arms making their hands disentangled.

“Kim??” Hardin called in surprised as pulling her away a little.

“What a surprise!” The lady named Kim grins twirling around.

“But why are you_”

“Shush!” She placed a finger on his lips shutting him up.

“Won't you welcome me first?” She pouted.

“Or you aren't happy to see me?”she added.

“Of course not babe…I'm just shocked to see you here you know my old man doesn't like your Sh*t”

“Forget about your old man” She locked her arms around his neck.

“I really really miss you Hardin” She purred.

“I do too… trust me Kim” Hardin replied and Kim grins before locking her lips on his.

Hardin didn't refuse but rather reciprocate forgetting Imelda who just watch them in amazement.

The kiss was getting intense and non of them was ready to stop it so Imelda decided to do that by clearing her throat.

The first. They ignored.

The fourth. They ignored.

The fifth. Kim broke the kiss panting.

“Seriously?” She frowns.

“Who is she Hardin? I noticed she's with you” Kim asked.

“Just someone… don't mind her” Hardin replied taking Kim's hand and they proceed to take their seats in the living room. Imelda scoffs where she stood.

“Just someone? Of course I'm someone” She said to herself marching towards them but had to stop on what position she met them.

Kim sitting straddled on Hardin's lap their tongues battling with each other seriously with Kim grinding herself on him and making some animals sounds.

She scoffs for the umpteenth time and March away from there. She found the fridge and went to it taking a bottle of water which she drain half of it.

“What am I even doing here?” She thought to herself and march back toHardin and Kim who are still eating themselves on the couch.

“I need to go home take me home!”She said but was ignored.

“I swear if you ignored me again I'm gonna go out there and cause a scene” She threatened and Hardin pulled away from Kim reluctantly staring hard at Imelda.

“Take me home” She said as calmly as she could.


“This hurts like mad” Imelda gritted taking off her heels.

“Now I get some freedom” She leaves a sigh resting her back in the car seat.

“You should refrain yourself from mingling with my brothers” Hardin said and Imelda looks at him questionably.

“Why should I do that?”

“Because you have nothing to do with them?”

“Why do I have nothing to do with them? I met them first and also you can't decide who I'll interact with”

“I can…I'm your boyfriend”

“Boyfriend my foot. You must dreaming”

“Do I look like I'm kidding Imelda?” He looks at her with a serious expression.

“Well Mr I never said I'm gonna date you so come off it already and back off!”

“Well… you'll have to start making plans of dating me cause it's what you have to do. There's going back I'm your boyfriend and that's is FINAL!” He said with a note of finality.

“And more so…I don't wanna see you with any guys…it wouldn't be good for you to be seen with another guy except you f**king boyfriend”

“You're crazy”

“I'm warning you Imelda”

“Why don't you talk for yourself? You claim you're trying to save your company and yet you go about romancing a lady right there what if you've been caught? Would you blame it on me? Oh well maybe you'll say I wasn't caring enough as your f**king girlfriend do you went ahead cheating right in front of me with some God knows Lady!”

“Mind what you say”

“You two were quite a sight to behold…. you certainly have no shame and I must say she's really a disgrace to womanhood”

“Don't you dare talk about Kim like that” He gritted getting annoyed.

“Oh sure I should mind the way I talk about your flings so you won't get all shirty and break up with me” Imelda ranted and Hardin stop the car abruptly.

“What??” Imelda asked but he ignored her and got down. He went over to her side opens the door and pull her out.

“Don't you dare… talk sh*t about Kim again” He cautioned sternly before walking back to the car and got in.

Imelda made to open the door but it was locked from within.

“Hey!!” He banged in the glass but Hardin only ignite the engine

“Hey!! You aren't gonna leave me here are you?! Open this door now!!” She yelled and he wind down the glass.

“You didn't a good job at the party today…get home safely… girlfriend” He smirked evilly then drove off.


“Aaargh!!! I hate you! I hate you!! I HATE HIM!!!!” She grumble sitting at a corner on the ground barefooted.


“So you're moving out tomorrow?” Tess asked taking a sit in front of Imelda who is busy on her phone.

“Uh” She replied without taking her eyes off her phone.

“Are you sure about that? You can continue staying you know” Tess said and now she looks at her.

“I'm sure and that's the right thing to do you should also find an apartment to move into until when are you gonna live off them”

“They're my parents… it's only right they cater for me”

“At what age you lazy pig”


“But have you checked the place? You should be careful swindlers are many out there” Mrs Clinton said joining them.

“Don't worry mom I've made my findings about the apartment you need to fret…I just needed to move in…and it's extremely cheap very affordable” Imelda assured.

“Okay dear but I'm sorry we won't be able to help you move… you know the shop”

“It's okay Mom…I don't have many things anyway and also I'll start job hunting as well starting from tomorrow”

“Have that jerk contacted you? Why isn't he visiting?” Tess asked.

“He must be busy”

“Wait! Don't tell me you've finally broken up? Is that why I haven't been seeing him around?”

“Imelda you broke up with Miguel?? Why??”

“It's nothing mom… don't mind her…I'm still gonna help in the shop since I haven't gotten a job so you don't have to worry about working alone” she changed the topic.

“It's okay… Tess can help me with that”

“She said she'll do it just let her why mention me?”

“You just shut up… you should be out there looking for job also!” Mrs Clinton chided her.

“Do I look like someone who can have a stable job to you?” Tess answered walking away.

“I think that girl really need deliverance” Imelda shakes her head.

“I still can't believe she came out from me… goodness!” Mrs Clinton lamented.

“By the way how is Dad?”

“I don't know and I don't care…he must be somewhere” Mrs Clinton replied nonchalantly walking away also.


“It's certainly not easy… I've submitted my files…yeah him? No way?? Don't even bring him up! I thought you hated him??? Well I haven't heard from him ever since he abandoned me in the high way…. don't even go there…no don't do anything… I'll continue trying I guess…okay… will talk to you later then” Imelda ends the call and sighs.

“Imelda?” She heard a familiar voice called her and turns only to see Alfred with a lady.

“Alfred?” She called. Alfred said something to the lady beside him. The lady bow and gave Imelda a smile before leaving.

“Hi…why are you here?” Alfred asked with a warm smile.

“Ohh…job hunting” She replied a little embarrassed.

“Oh really?”

“What about you?”

“This is actually one of my branches” He replied and she mouthed an ‘oh'

“Yeah…”He itch the back of his head not knowing what to say.

“Em Imelda?”


“I was thinking…do you mind having lunch together? That if you're not busy”

“Oh well…of course why not…I should made up for the other day as well”

“Really…. thanks a lot Imelda…shall we?” Imelda made to move but then a beep stop her.

Alfred brought out his phone and take a look at the message that came in. His expression changed.

“Why? Is there a problem?” Imelda asked noticing his bothered countenance.


Ding! He got another message.

“It seems like an emergency… shouldn't you leave?”

“Imelda I…”

“It's okay…the lunch can wait till another day”

Ding! Another came in.

“You really should go…call me when you're less busy… I'll always make time for you” She smiles.

“Thanks Imelda… I'll call you” He said and Imelda nodded. He turns to leave then stop and swivel on a heel.

“Why_” He pulled her into a warm hug cutting her speech short.

“I'll see you later” He smiles at her after disengaging then smiles leaving.

Imelda slap her reddened cheeks.

“His cologne smells good” She said to herself taking her leave also.


“You must be f**king kidding me GRANDPA!” Hardin stood up annoyingly.

“Language young man” Grandpa narrowed his eyes at him.

“Are you being serious right now Grandpa?” Jesse quizzed also.

“Then the will…” Alfred trailed off.

“Goes to no one. I told you guys to marry her and whoever does gets all my assets but none of you succeeded” Grandpa shrugged.

“Then why the fudge am I with her?” Hardin gruffed.

“Mr Hardin Caeser Morrison. We made a deal remember? You're together with her cause you wanna save your so called company not because of my assets. And also I thought you aren't interested in my money since when did you get greedy uh?” Grandpa quizzed closely.

“You tricked me old man”

“Don't forget I'm watching you… don't try anything funny it your little dear company will have to suffer for it Hardin Caeser”

“I hate you Grandpa” Hardin gritted storming out in anger.

“I love you too grandson.” Grandpa shouted after him.

“He's quite pissed”Alfred mutters.

“So Grandpa does the offer still stands or do you have another girl? I may not have gotten Imelda but I'm confident I'm not gonna lose anymore” Jesse confided.

“Sorry dear grandson but I changed my mind…both of you should just focus on your respective companies and remember I'm watching your every move” He said standing up.

“I'm gonna take a kip so you may leave my house now” he added before walking away.

“He never had the intention to give away the assets in the first place” Alfred said.

“It's okay though…he played us but that's okay I actually thought Hardin was gonna take everything and was thinking of ways to snatch it away from him” Jesse paused and chuckles

“Seems there's no course for alarm…I can finally sleep at night” He said smiling while Alfred just rested his back in the couch and sighs.


“So he asked you on a lunch date?” Tess adked the smiling Imelda.

“Yeah… it's nothing special though”

“Nothing special and you wouldn't stop smiling and blushing” Tess teased.

“I'm not! I'm just… Normal”

“Normal my foot… don't tell me you're falling Imelda!!” Tess yelled and Imelda quickly cover her mouth.

“Shut it…I told you I'm not!” Tess removed her hand.

“Hey have you thought it through? You have a f**king finance though he a jerk…you also have a boyfriend which is obviously his brother do you know what you're getting your self into?”

“Hey! I'm not falling for anybody and also I have nothing to do with his brother… Alfred is just a nice guy unlike that devil of a brother he has. He's polite gentlemanly and chivalrous he's got the behavior and doesn't look like a bad guy”

“Sure you've got such a mouth full to say about him”Tess rolled her eyes. Imelda was about talking when the door opens and a guy stepped in with flowers.

Both Tess and Imelda's eyes widened as they saw him.

He smiles and walks up to them stretching the flowers to Imelda.

“Hey babe” He smiles.

Who came in guys.

Happy New week.

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