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Lust Or Love

Lust Or Love Episode 2

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Lust Or Love Episode 2 💗Episode Two💗

Phoenix’s pov
I’m doing it, anything for my little sister. I got up from the ground and rubbed my bums at the spot that I fell down earlier

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Lust Or Love Episode 3

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Lust Or Love Episode 2

Lust Or Love Episode 2

Happy reading Naijalandedier

💄💋LUST 💄💋
💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋

(Rated 🔞)
(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Episode Two💗

Phoenix’s pov
I’m doing it, anything for my little sister. I got up from the ground and rubbed my bums at the spot that I fell down earlier

And left to go get my clothes, I can’t wait for the damn 6pm but I really need to get home to go check up on my little sis

Finished dressing, I took my handbag which I didn’t carry for not longer than a minute before my phone started vibrating inside

What could be wrong? I thought as I helped the phone out of the bag
The caller ID was just there infront of the screen

I swiped it to green icon and brought the phone close to my ear
“What is it Miche”
“Come to the hospital right now, your sister just collapsed”

What! Oh no!
“Where I’m confused Miche which hospital? ”
“I will send you the address now”she said in a hurry and hung up

My sister! Not yet
I ran all the way home

I ran to my room apartment to see my door unlocked I mean ajar
They were in a hurry not to have remembered to lock the door

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I thought she said she’s sending me the address
What’s taking her so long? I brought out my phone and the message popped into my phone screen

LAWSON Hospital
Lawson hospital?? Only that?? Not even an additional address or something?

Lawson hospital? I know the hospital… I used to take my sister there for her check ups

I rushed to my saving box opened it and shuffled in some money into my bag
Sister please wait up.. You can’t leave me just yet

Few minutes later💦

I was standing infront of the hospital, I rushed only to meet the receptionist there
She knows me pretty well, so she didn’t bother for a compliment
“My sister! Which ward”
She eyed me that kinda pity eyed look and muttered
“Ward 301 by the left”
Oh! Thanks
She can’t die she’s too young to die..

She can’t die, not just yet, not when the money is so close to me
Soon I was standing in front of the ward door with 301 template scribbled at the topmost part of the door
I opened it and rushed in

What I saw made me gasp for breath
My sister on a life supporting machine!
She has a life left and I know it
“Phoenix you’re here”niche said as she rushed to me

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“Where are the doctors ”
“They left few minutes ago”
They? Not even a singular but a plural
“How is she”
I rushed to my sis side touching her forehead, she was breathing through an oxygen

Staring at her made a tear drop from my eyes
She’s too young for all this
She can’t be suffering at her age
“The doctor didn’t tell me, one of them said you see them in their office when you come”

I nodded and at the same ran out of the room

Locating the doctor’s office wasn’t really a big deal
I know every bit and part of this hospital
I didn’t even knock, I just bursted in to the office panting heavily
“What happened”
“Calm down Phoenix and sit down”
Sit down? How can I sit down when my only sister is dying
“Just spill it, I can take everything ”
He heaved and dropped his pen on his table

He stared at me rather lustily and smacked his lips
Why that? Aren’t I properly dressed
“You see Phoenix your sister needs a surgery, and you know it
I can give her the surgery for free cuz I see she really needs it” he came to my side and guidede to sit down on a chair

“Yes I don’t think she can live up to the next four months darling”he pressed my shoulder softly
What is he doing
“I can do it for you for you right now with no payment ”

I turned to look at him wide eyed
“You can do it”
“Yes! But on a condition”

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Condition again
His gaze at me was now more intense as if he’s gonna strip me off now and fuvk me
“What condition”I swallowed hard
Let it be an easy condition
“You see Phoenix you’re such a beautiful, sexy, hot girl that every man would crave for… So am saying that if you sleep with me now… Your sister is healed already! ”
He smirked

Goddammit! Sex? Why is sex before everything is done for me?
“Doctor I… I… ”
He placed his first finger across my lips
“Shush! Just one night are you in or not? ”

Who will she choose?
25 days with Mafia King to get the money for her sister’s surgery or a night with That sēx doctor?

Me am confused oo


She has to choose one😑😑

Story by the Admins or KSW and fans
We love you all😘😘

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