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Lust Or Love Episode 3

 161 total views,  4 views today

Lust Or Love Episode 3 💗Chapter three💗

Phoenix’s POV❤.

He made to kiss me after slowly lifting his fingers on my shivering lips.

I quickly pushed him away from me as I shock wave of thoughts came through me.

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Lust Or Love Episode 3

 162 total views,  5 views today

Lust Or Love Episode 3

Lust Or Love Episode 3

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💄💋LUST 💄💋
💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋
(Rated 🔞)
(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Chapter three💗

Phoenix’s POV❤.

He made to kiss me after slowly lifting his fingers on my shivering lips.

I quickly pushed him away from me as I shock wave of thoughts came through me.

Yes my only and lovely sister is dying but….

The mafia king wants me to be his whore for 25 days and then this blonde doctor….

$200,000 dollars from the Mafia king will change our lives forever.

And just one night with this pervert doctor will or will not heal my dying sister.

I stood there like a log of wood, the perverting doctor casting his lustful eyes on my breath taking body but I didn’t mind, my mind was in the world of thoughts.

She may get well but we will remain broke. Her fees, feeding , the house rent , and all other money absorbing problems which are yet to be paid will remain pending..

$200,000 will get us everything we want and live a better life.

I will get myself a decent job, or open a restaurant. I huge change in my life.

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I won’t have to strip and dance in the club just to get money to earn a living.

I am in for the Mafia king, I won’t accept this pervert doctor just for the health of my little sis.

‘So what do say…’ He asked smacking his lips and shoving his hands in the large pockets of his white lab coat.

I realised a goofy smiling and also shoving my hands in my pockets before answering him.

‘I’m sorry but I can’t , I won’t I’ll go get the money myself…’ I spoke at his face in a high whisper and roamed my eyes on his face in search for an expected disappointment..

His arched his bushy brows a bit before speaking out.

‘You are making a mistake babe, think again just one night and your sister will be smiling heartily with Health’ he persuaded and I almost laughed as I watched his blonde moustache participating in his persuasion..

‘I’ve made up my mind’ I said bluntly before walking out of the office.

I could feel his eyes on my body as I walked, but I didn’t mind.

My problem now was how to face the Mafia king.

I hope it will be a pleasant one.

A flashback of his dark eyes and blunt manner sent premature shudders to spine.

I walked into the word which my little Elena was.

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She was with a life supporting machine and was on the verge of loosing her life.

Mitch was sitting close to her and I quickly went to her.


Tears rolled down my chubby cheeks as I stared at her.

I wonder the kind of pains she is going though.

‘How was it with the doctor’ Mitch asked.

I let out a loud sigh before opening my mouth.

‘Its the usual…he wants a night with me.’ I said amidst tears.

‘So what’s your answer.. Are you doing it..’ She asked.

‘There’s no way I’m selling my body to that man, I’ll find another way.

‘Okay if you say so…I’ll help you with the little I have..’ She said and I hugged her.

We kept staring at Elena as she struggled to live.

I just hope she will be alright.

And I also hope it will turn out well for me with the Mafia king.

Cephar’s POV❤.

I slowly placed the dagger on the neck of the new cook, swiftly slitting it and her body fell in a loud thud.

‘What do we with her your Highness…’ My guards asked almost in unison..

‘I want her butchered and fed to the dogs..’ I said wiping off the blood from the dagger with a handkerchief.

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‘Yes your highness..’ They said in unison before getting to work.

‘Owen, I want the servants gathered, I have an announcement to make…’ I said to my attendant who had a mop of blonde hair and soon, he hopped away.

Minutes later…..💗💗

‘I have called you all here to give you a resounding warning…any form.of disrespect cost your life. As you can see, you fellow servant just lost her life for trying to poison me…’

‘Yes your Highness..’

‘I want this to be a-‘ I stopped as I noticed the youngest , Nessa giggling to her neighbour.


‘Now dismiss, Nessa stay behind and follow me to my chambers..’ I said and I noticed her shivering.

Hmmm, you’ll suffer in my hands today.

Minutes later…💗💗

‘I’m sorry my lord…’ She pleaded but instead I forced her to my bed.

She screamed and screamed but it was no use…



How cold hearted…???

Will phoe survive this….???.

Stay tunned.
.Love y’all💗💗💗

Written by Biba Writes

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