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2nd December 2023

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💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋
(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)
💗Episode Four💗

Phoenix’s Pov
I couldn’t stop the tears coming out of my eyes, it felt like my whole world was crumbling right before my eyes.
I love my little sister so much that I can lay down my life for her.
Some times I wish am the one in her condition, but how will she cope if am the one on that hospital bed.
I will do everything in my power to make sure she smiles healthily again.
But sleeping with that blonde hair ugly looking gorilla that calls himself a doctor is never an option.
Since the sudden death of my parents, Elena is the only thing I have in the whole world.
And if she die, I will kill myself.

I looked at the other side of the room where Michelle was sitting and I saw how stressed out she was.
‘Michelle why don’t you go home and take a shower, you look stressed out…’ I said with a week smile.
‘What about your…? you look even more stressed than I am…’ she asked with a small frown.
‘Come on Michelle don’t worry about me, when you’re done freshen up then you can come back while I go home…’ I replied and she nodded and stood up.
‘Okay Phoenix I will be back soon…’ she said before living the hospital room.
Immediately she left I took my eyes back to my little pinky Barbie doll lying lifeless on the hospital bed, with all kinds of medical instruments attached to her body.
And tears rolled down my chubby cheeks.
I layed my head on the small space on the bed Elena was lying, just to rest a little bit.
I closed my eyes but yet sleep didn’t come, instead my mind was in the incident that happened today.
First the Mafia king cephar bridox Clint, a cute scary looking man that owns the club where I dance.
To the pervert blonde hair doctor.
25 days on the Mafia’s bed and I will get the some of $200,000 and just a night with the doctor my sister get treated.
‘Hmmm’ I sighed softly and shot my eyes.
I noticed someone’s presence in the room so I lifted my head up from the bed, only to see the pervert blonde hair gorilla that calls himself a doctor looking at me.
‘Hey pretty, I came to see if you have changed your mind…’ he said looking at me lustfully.

If his eyes was a hand all this while my clothes would have gone missing by now.
‘I’m so sorry to disappoint you doctor but I have made my decision, there is no need persuading me because my mind is made up.’ I replied trying my best not to break down.
‘Okay pretty but bear in mind that your lovely sister has less than four months to live, but anytime you accept my offer my door is wide open…’ he said while I just nodded.
After he left I took Elena’s hand into mine with tears in my eyes.
‘My pinky Barbie doll please hang on for me, I will do what ever it takes to save you…’

‘Elena please don’t hate me when you find out what I did to save your life…’ I said sobbing.
Few hours later……💗💗
Some one tapped me on the shoulder forcing me to open my eyes.
And then it occurred to me that I cried myself to sleep.
At first my vision was blur and when it cleared i saw it was Michelle that woke me up.
‘Hey Michelle you are back already…’ I said with my voice barely a whisper.
Don’t tell me am having a sore throat.
‘Yes Phoenix I have been back since about an hour ago, you where sound at sleep so I didn’t want to wake you up…’ she replied making be smile.

At least I have one person that cares about my wellbeing.
‘Thanks so much Michelle, but what says the time?…’ I asked yawning hungrily.
‘It 5 o’clock…’ she replied and my eye nearly fell out of it surket.
I stood up immediately and started preparing my things.
‘Why so much in a hurry?… Michelle asked.
‘Michelle I have to go look for money for Elena’s surgery, please take care of her for me…’ I replied.
‘I don’t understand Phoenix $100,000 isn’t small money, so how are you going to get it…’ she asked looking so concern.
‘Michelle you know I can’t hide anything from you, the owner of the club where I work as a striper wants me on his bed for 25 day and I get $200,000…’
‘And with such money Michelle Elena’s surgery will be done and our life’s will change for better, I have to do this for Elena…’ I concluded with my eyes clouded with tears.
‘I understand you perfectly but my problem is are you aware that the owner of the club where you work is a Mafia king, named cephar bridox Clint huh?…’ she asked while I lowered my head before nodding.

‘What? Phoenix are you out of your mind, that guy is a blood sucking monster or haven’t you heard about him?…’ she asked.
‘I know but I have no other option than to do this Michelle, all I need from you is to take care of Elena for me please…’ I said in tears.
‘Since your mind is made up Phoenix I won’t stop you but please be careful…’ she said with tears
rolling down her cheek.
I smiled and hugged her tight and she hugged me back like I was never gonna come back.
When we disengaged from the hug, she kissed my forehead.
Michelle has away been like an elder sister to Elena and I ever since our parents died.
I went to the bed where my pinky Barbie was lying lifeless and kissed her forehead.
I exited the hospital building ordered a cab and drove home to prepare, because the Mafia king gave me a deadline of 6 o’clock and I only have few minutes to prepare.
Few minutes later……💗💗
I’m already at the club house wondering how I am going to contact him and tell him I have agreed with the deal.
He never told me how to contact him if I accept the deal and yet his not in the club house.
I need to contact him before 6 o’clock and I just have 25 minutes left.
Since he owns this club.
what if I go to Madam cashie maybe she might give me a hint on how to contact him. I thought.
I walked pass the girls to madam cashie’s office only to see her discussing with Mr cephar.
I never knew the person I have been looking for all this while is with madam cashie.
‘Good evening madam cashie, good evening Mr cephar…’ I greeted feeling really nervous.
‘Phoenix you’re 3 minutes late…’ she said with her grumpy face.
‘Am very sorry madam my sister was rushed to the hospital that’s why I came late…’ I reply looking at my feet trying so much not to cry.
She was about saying something when Mr cephar cut her off.
‘I guess am the one you’re looking for…’ he said while I just nodded.
‘When I ask a question you answer don’t just nod like a lizard!…’ he shouted looking so angry and I moved backwards.
‘Yes Sir…’ I immediately replied.
He stood up from his sit and started moving out of madam cashie’s office.
❤️Cephar’s Pov❤️
Few hours ago……💗💗
After dealing with Nessa, she was still lying on the bed crying in pains.
As if I care.
I opened my drawer and brought out my gun and loaded it with bullet.
I turned towards her direction and immediately she saw the gun she started begging for her life.
‘Please your Highness spare my life I will never go against your orders again…’ she begged crying like a child and that even disgusted me the more.
‘I’m so disappointed in you Nessa, you have been working here for three years now and yet you don’t no me…’
‘Well let me reset your memory, read my lips I DON’T GIVE SECOND CHANCE…’ and with that I shot her two times on the forehead.
And called one of my men to clear the fucking mess.
Few minutes late……💗💗
I was already at my club wait for the striper to come.
I did a little investigation about her and I know she’s going to come.
Can’t just wait to feel her under me moaning and screaming my name.
After few minutes of waiting at cashie the manager of my clubs office she walked in.
And I felt like bending her on the table and f**k the day light out of her.
We were sitted at my VIP sult.
She was keeping quiet which getting me very upset.
‘Sir am here to…ehhh tell you am accepting the deal…’ she succeeded in saying.
‘Oh…’ I simply said.
‘Sir when am I going to start?…’ she asked.
All this while my eyes was on her body, she really has killer curves.
‘Today… I mean right now, come with me…’ I said and stood up keeping a straight face.
She also stood up immediately and followed me from behind.
We stepped out of the club to the garage where my cars were packed, my men where everywhere, I looked towards her direction and saw her shivering due to fear.
She hasn’t even see anything yet.
One of my men opened the car door for us and we stepped in.
My driver on the car and we drove off.
‘I can’t wait…’ I thought.
After few minutes of driving the car finally got to my estate and we drove in.
I can see how shocked the striper is, am sure she has never seen such building since she was born.
After packing the car at the garage my men opened the door for us.
‘Step down…’ I said coldly and she stepped down.
Immediately Owen walked up to me.
‘Your Highness the person that sent the cook to poison you has been caught…’ he said with his head bowed.
‘Good bring him to me, now…’ I said and in few seconds the motherfucker I don’t even know was brought before me.
I didn’t have the strength to talk, so I just pulled out my gun and shot him countless times in the abdomen and he fell in a pool of blood.
Immediately the sexy striper scream and passed out.
‘Such a chicken…’ I murmured softly.
‘Take her in…’ I told Owen and started walking inside the house.
I just can’t wait to f**k her.
T. b. c…..
😒😒 Do you think she made a right decision🥺🥺
Stay tuned for the next episode♣
Story by the Admins of KSW and fans❣️
We love y’all😍
Written by Authoress Vickie.


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