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Lust Or Love

Lust Or Love Episode 5

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Lust Or Love Episode 5 💗Episode Five💗

Phoniex’s POV🍑

We made our way into the mansion where we passed many doors until he opened up one in particular.

The walls were blue and it caused my heart

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Lust Or Love Episode 3

 221 total views,  5 views today

Lust Or Love Episode 5

Lust Or Love Episode 5




💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋


(A collaboration story brought to you by the Admins of KSW and fans)

💗Episode Five💗

Phoniex’s POV🍑

We made our way into the mansion where we passed many doors until he opened up one in particular.

The walls were blue and it caused my heart to still. When my hand reached over and touched the wall, I could feel her skin.

My eyes moved over to him and I was sure he could see that I wanted to cry. He didn’t say anything he just nodded over to the bed.

I walked over to it before sitting down at the edge.

My heart was sinking and I had no clue on how to keep it afloat.

Suddenly, he grabbed me and planted his lips against mine.

A moan ripped out of me as his hand crept up the gigantic shirt I wearing before he leaned me back against the bed.

Taken by surprise, he pulled away from me. I was preparing to say something but he walked away and opened the door.

My eyes were trained on him as he froze.

“This is one of the guest bedrooms. Go to sleep and don’t leave this room,” he stated.

Once again, my mouth opened to say something, but he shut the door.

Climbing into the bed, I pulled the thick blanket over my body as a frown cane onto my face.

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Now I see why my mother had taken so much money, forgetting only lasted for a couple of minutes.

The sunlight peeped into the room, waking me up from the deep slumber I was in. I quickly got up and shut the curtains before crawling back into bed.

I wanted to swallow up in a pit of darkness while allowing my depressing thoughts to roam free.

It didn’t seem to last long as the door opened up and a woman walked in.

She smiled kindly at me before waving her hand over to follow her.

“Can’t I just stay in here?” I groaned out

Her features fell slightly along with her shoulders. I noticed the way her smile was still there, but there was desperation in her eyes.

“Master, ordered me to get you something to eat. Please, come with me,” she spoke.

The woman didn’t have an Italian accent like him.

She sounded American, and it caused my eyebrows to come together in confusion.

“I’m not hungry,” I whispered before throwing off the blanket

Then, I bent down and picked up my shoes before sliding them onto my feet. “I’ll just leave.”

“You can leave but maybe after breakfast. Master, was extremely adamant about you coming to eat,” she said calmly, but I caught onto the plead within her voice.

Letting out a sigh, I nodded my head and stood up.

My eyes were trained on the room as I followed her out. It was blue, just like my sister.

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We walked down the long wide hallway all the way until we made it to the kitchen. I noticed how she was already preparing something to eat.

“Master, mentioned you were Australian so I wanted to make you something that could help remind you of home,”

she explained before sitting a plate right in front of me. On it was perfectly seasoned eggs, bacon, buttered brown toast, and a side of fruit.

“Thank you, but in Australia all I’ve ever eaten was cereal, bread, and milk,” I chuckled out quietly.

Based on the look she had given me, I could tell that it wasn’t exactly the most graceful thing to say.

“Oh, no, the food looks amazing,” I added. She sent me a smile before beginning to clean up her mess. I began eating the food she had made and almost moaned out loud from how good it tasted. She was an amazing cook

“It’s rude of me not to know the name of the person who went out of their way to cook such a great meal for me,” I said kindly..I was beginning to sound like my little sister and I wanted to laugh from how much she seemed to rub off on me even though she was almost gone.

“My name is Sarah. I’m the official cook of the mansion.

Anytime you need me to make anything, I’ll always be right here,” She said. My eyebrows dawned together in confusion as I took another bite of my food.

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“So, you’re telling me that you’ll always be right here? Do you ever go to the restroom or to sleep?” I questioned.

She laughed a little before shaking her head back and forth. Then, she began to wash the dishes she had just used.

“I do sleep. My hours of occupation are from 6am to 9pm. I am allowed ten-minute breaks between every three hours to use the restroom.

The brothers seemed to be a lot more powerful than I believed them to be.

“Everything as in, what?” I asked her. She opened to her mouth speak, but then her eyes trained in on something behind me. I quickly turned around and caught the sight of the particular tatted man. His eyes were narrowed in anger as she looked at me.

One thing I noticed is that he always seemed so angry.

“, when did you start bringing sluts to the house? ” He growled out angrily before turning around and facing Mr.Capher who had just entered the room.

His eyes traveled over to me before turning cold to look at his brother.
episode written by Sam Antha💎

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