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2nd December 2023

💖 Married By Force 💖

( Couple Madness )

Episode 10

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💓 Skyler’s POV 💓
He was transferred to my hospital by the help of the nurses there.
“Quickly everyone we have a life to save ” I yelled at all the staff as they rushed towards him and carried him gently to the operation theater along with the life support.
I walked hastily to my office and changed into a operation uniform.
Deep breaths sky you can do this .
I assured myself.
His parents were already here alongside mine too but I have limited time so I didn’t bother talking to them as I rushed into the operation room.
I wore my hand gloves and face mask as he was being prepared for operation by my team.
” Vital .?”
“Check. ”
“Heart beat !”
“Normal ”
” Blood pressure ?”
“Normal “.
I did a few short prayers before commencing.
I got his wounds cleaned up properly first.
It seems something pierced through his stomach and leg too.
I examined the wound properly and found what I was looking for.
I injected him first with ammonium chloride .
This operation is risky for he has lost too much blood .
I slowly pulled out the tiny piece of glass in his wounds.
His spine were almost damaged .
Jeez it pierced pretty deep , I glanced at the monitor to see what I was doing..
Luckily non of his body system was damaged.
I managed to pull out all the glass but I couldn’t stop his bleeding as his vitals were becoming abnormal.
“Chlorpheniramine maleate and morphine quick!!” I ordered and it was given to me .
I injected all sides of his wounds and he became stable again.
Ptweew that was a success.
I stitched him up and cleaned him up.
Thank goodness for the operation was a success.
I walked outta the operation theater tired as he was being wheeled to the ICU for observation.
I signed tiredly and walked towards the lobby.
His parents would be worried sick.
💓 Skyler’s POV 💓
“What happened dear is he alright ? Please tell me he’s okay” his mom sobbed.
” Calm down ma’am he’ll be alright the operation was a success ” I said assuring her.
” Thank God , where’s he now can I see him?” She wanted Walking away but I stopped her.
” Am sorry ma’am but you can’t he’s still under observation and shouldn’t be Disturbed ” I said formally.
Mom hugged me tightly.
” Be strong okay? He’s gonna be alright” she mumbled.
” Yeah I hope so too ” .
” Ma’am we’re loosing him ” one of the nurses ran towards me.
I left his parents and rushed to the ICU.
“Quickly inject him with another morphine ” I commanded.
He was injected immediately and slowly he calmed down.
“Turns out his body is fighting it” I said to my staffs as I examined him.
Why is he tryna fight off the drugs given to him.
“What do we do ma’am?”
“Double the shot ” I said Sternly and walked towards my office.
I removed the face mask and gloves and slumped on my y chair.
I still don’t know what led to the accident.
Because from the looks of it , he might not be able to walk for awhile.
It’s a temporary situation.
He’s lucky his spine didn’t get hit or it’s game over.
And he needs blood too , none of the family members is compatible with his .
Am gonna donate mine Else he’s gonna die for he has lost so much blood.
I seriously can’t believe am helping someone like him.
To be continued…..

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