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2nd December 2023

💖 Married By Force 💖

{Crazy couple}
Episode 14

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💘 Jaylen 💘
I watched everyone leaves before turning to her.
“Why are you doing this huh?” I asked coldly.
“Oh please don’t act like you don’t know what am talking about.” I spat angrily.
” The only thing I did was saving your *ss from the hands of death. ” She said bluntly.
” You making a big deal outta it so everyone would be on your side. Acting so innocent when you’re not. ” I said.
” Oh yeah? Is that what you think of me?” She asked with a cracked voice.
” That’s not what I think that’s who you’re. I wish I could believe all this act. Thanks for saving my life I won’t forget that.” I said and close my eyes.
I hate seeing tears , it makes my heart ache.
“You what jaylen Cortez? Screw you!! Whatever I do today is for the families sake , I didn’t put my life at risk because I wanted to prove myself to you. But if that’s what you think fine then, go f*ck yourself. ” She yelled out in tears and left angrily.
One minute I wanna believe she’s what people say she’s.
The next minute I keep doubting her innocence.
I closed my eyes like someone sleeping but I was awake.
Jeremih’s voice made me open my eyes.
What’s he doing here?
” I don’t know what you want to happen again before you can see sky for who she really is.” He said Calmly.
” Am not ready for this Jeremih just go away.” I barked but he didn’t budge.
“I won’t go till I finish saying what I have to say.” He scoff.
” God. ” I rubbed my temple faustrated.
” This same person that got married to you against her will.
“On a norms she would killed you and possibly run away with your money if she was what you termed her to be but she didn’t instead she put her own safety in line for you. ” He smiled at me.
” What are you trying to say? ” I furrowed my brows.
” That the same person you hate so much has her blood running through your vein. ” He stated.
” Wait! What ? ”
Jaylen pov
“What are you saying Jerry??” I asked unable to believe what he just said.
” You heard me bro , just think about it would she do that if she really wants you dead. ” He said Calmly.
” I refused to believe all of this man. ” I rolled my eyes.
“Have said more than enough bro just give it a deep thought.” He stood up and left leaving me in my thoughts.
Did she really do all this?
If this is true then I need to apologise to her for everything.
The door pulled open and she walked in .
“It’s time for your check up.” She said avoiding eye contact with me.
“Hey…. I erm..
” It’s okay Jay just forget it no need of explaining anything to me.” She shut me up.
Guilt is the only thing that’s gonna kill me now.
Did her job and wanted walking away but I pulled her back by the arm.
“I…. I.. am… Erm.. sorry” I stammered.
She looked at me with a straight face and Freed her hands from mine before walking away ..
God what have I done.
💋 Skyler’s POV 💋
I ran into my office and shot the door before slumping to the floor in tears.
Why is life so unfair to me huh?
In as much as I hate him I found out in this past few days that I’ve fallen for him.
But he’s not worthy of my love, he’s just a Playboy who will always choose his girlfriends over me.
Gosh you’re so stupid sky how could you have fallen for someone like him huh.
I stayed that way crying my eyes out.
I need to kill this feeling , he’s not worth it.
I must keep it in mind that he has a girlfriend.
Jaylen pov
It’s been over a month since I was discharged from the hospital.
Haven’t been myself and Skyler has been avoiding me.
She only speak to me when she feels it’s important.
I sat down on the couch watching TV but still bored.
She sat down at the far end busy with her PC.
Unlike before she was always cheerful.
Right now I don’t know what to do to get her to forgive me.
The bell rang and she rushed to the door.
I wonder who’s at the door.
She pushed sky outta the way and walked majestically into my house.
It was the devil herself.
“Baby” she pretended.
Right now all I wanted to do was kill her ..
I’m very violent when am angry.
I grabbed hold of her neck and wanted strangling her.
“How dare you come to my house b*tch!!” I growled angrily as my heart began to ache.
” Let her go Jay you gonna hurt her.” Sky shouted but I wasn’t done…
I let go of her neck and dragged her by her hair aggressively to the exit.
I pushed her outta my property .
“I don’t want to ever see your filthy body in my house, you should be lucky I didn’t kill you. The next I see you around me or my family believe me when I say am gonna kill you. ” I yelled angrily making my heart hurts even more.
I held my chest and groan.
” Are you okay ? What’s wrong?” Sky asked with concern.
I couldn’t say anything as I staggered towards the couch and sunk into it.
I closed my eyes as it was becoming two much.
Am in this terrible condition because of Kim she practically ruined my life.
💋 Skyler’s POV 💋
Omg I just found out why he feels heart pains.
Well since his accident I brought home most of my equipment in case of complications.
He has a fragile heart and is not able to feel too much pain.
This only happens when he has met with a terrible heart break , or lost someone closer to him.
Am afraid if this happens a second time he might lose his life.
I managed to stabilize him and help him upstairs to his room.
He is still unconscious.
I went back downstairs and headed straight for the kitchen.
Is this the reason why he was acting all cold towards me ?
Well that aside for now. He’s gonna me hungry when he wakes up.
I made vegetable soup and fruit salad. Made sure I added a hot cup of tea too.
It’s gonna help feel better.
I took everything in a tray upstairs to his room.
He groaned softly as he flushed his eyes open.
“Hey you’re awake.” I said Calmly.
“What happened? Did I pass out?” He asked sadly.
“Not really but am sure you’re fine now.” He replied casually and picked up the cup of tea.
“Here have this it’s gonna help.” I handed him the cup of tea.
” Thanks.” He mumbled as he collected it from me and sip and gave it back.
” No mister you’ll have to finish everything.” I said sternly.
” But I don’t tea . besides am better now.” He nagged.
” Is either you drink or am gonna force you.” I glared at him.
“Alright ma’am I’ll.” He collected the cup and gulp down everything.
“Now that’s better.” I smiled and picked out the soup.
“What’s that?” He asked pointing at the bowl of soup.
“Soup what else?” I raised my eyebrow.
“Am not gonna take that even if you force me.” He folded his arms around his chest.
To be continued……
I’ve been getting complaints abt the story been short ,so I made this one longer.
hope you all are enjoying the story 😇😇😇

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